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  1. Sorry to hear that - wow. I recall being booked on a Carnival cruise which was its first or second sailing. Although there's something to be said for that "new ship smell", there were several areas of the ship which were not finished, and you could tell the crew were not all working well as a team yet. That was enough to convince me to steer clear of early voyages - that said, it looks like you were a few voyages after the initial sailing. Again -- WELCOME !! Tom
  2. What happened with your previous sailing - have not been following things (but, WELCOME) !! Tom
  3. The steakhouse menu is the same each evening... lol (sorry, had to throw that out there). Have not been to the MDR on any line in perhaps 10 years! Tom
  4. Here's hoping that the upper tier suites will see some type of refresh as occurred in the Millennium class! However, I doubt that will be the case. We'll be onboard for a late March cruise, and other than bedding (and I suppose them taking out the piano?), I'm not counting on much. Tom
  5. I take a couple of large suitcases and actually use the pillows (not small!) crammed on top to help stabilize everything else. Tom
  6. He might want to consider a sleep study. I do bring ear plugs - as you can never tell how loud your neighbors might be and also for the occasional rowdy/loud hall folks (trying to find their cabins - late night)! In ~100 sailings, we've encountered some fairly unique situations. Better to be prepared. Tom
  7. Shot glass to go with the two bottles of vodka in our cabin, just in case there's not one included with the bar accessories. That, and.. Small bluetooth speaker Thermometer (to actually quantify if the room is not cool enough) Pillows Our preferred toilet paper and kleenex misc. other items... 🙂 Tom
  8. I'll also use my lemon (from water) to give it that essence which it often lacks. Tom
  9. That technique usually works for me (sauce on side), except the second time I tried it on the Liberty a couple of months ago... eggs were solid. Carnival is the only line which I have to utilize this "trick" on, sadly..😞
  10. In my opinion, ANY ship (NCL) prior to the Epic is not of interest to me. They're all just too tired and uninspiring. Of course, that's just my opinion - others seem to love them. Tom
  11. Same thing happened to us on Carnival. Multiple venues were closed/off-limits to "regular" guests during the cruise. It was some national fraternity meeting (Fantasy class ship.. can't recall which one). That was a rowdy and boisterous cruise. Another one on Carnival (Red Hat society, or something like that)... that one, even though areas were blocked off again, was not as "in your face" as the other group (they probably drank a LOT less)! (edit... we were not informed ahead of time) Tom
  12. Through our cruising years, we've migrated to sailing in (almost exclusively) suites. It's there were significant differences become obvious between (mainly) Carnival, and all others. On NCL ships (Epic and newer) they have "The Haven", which is basically a ship within a ship for suite guests. Pool, bar, restaurant, butlers, etc. The restaurant is pretty much like specialty dining for all meals, though it's "included". Disclaimer: you're going to be paying more for suites on NCL, and other lines, compared to Carnival... nothing comes without an associated cost. There are still plenty of great things which Carnival offers but we know that, when sailing with them, we're sacrificing many appealing amenities -- with full room service hot breakfast being one which comes to mind, if only because it's one of the first orders of the day. That said, when we do sail with Carnival, there's little incentive to sail in a suite... other than having a larger room or a slightly larger balcony. I think that Carnival is ever so slightly starting to acknowledge that they might be missing out on some business, as evidenced by the Mardi Gras - with suites on all corners forward and aft and a suites only sun deck area. Hey, it's a start! 🙂 Thus, from my perspective - the gulf between Carnival and NCL is even wider than it is for many others. Moral of this story then, I suppose, don't take my word for it !!! LOL Tom
  13. Many times though, in years past, I was able to order Quarter Pounders with Big Mac sauce. Tom
  14. I'll see if I can get a couple of photos of the flavored liquors next week. I guess the below would not qualify as low carb, huh? LOL -- In the "real world" I normally avoid almost all added sugar, and double down on the nuts, avocados, coconut oil, veggies, and some fruit. Along with wild caught fish, poultry, and grass fed beef. Then, there's VACATION. "Livin' for the weekend", so to speak! 😄 Tom
  15. Oddly, last few years at least, one also hears a lot about E coli associated with lettuce and such. Guess I shouldn't have the shredded lettuce on my burgers, lol 😄 Tom
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