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  1. I had it for a time. But to me, it was only worth it if the only line I sailed with was Carnival. But we sail a number of different lines, and although I could redeem the points on other lines of the Carnival family, they were only worth 3/4 of what I got when I used them on Carnival. So I let it lapse. EM
  2. And here I thought this thread was going to be about babies being conceived aboard a Carnival cruise... My first Carnival was in 1999, on board Fantasy for 4 days. I had been on Royal Princess (1) in Jan. to South America, and just wanted to cruise again. There was quite a difference... But it didn't deter me from sailing Carnival many more times, because I can drive to two ports. EM
  3. Suggest you check the S class cabin sticky at the top of the page. EM
  4. Best answers will be on the Royal Caribbean forum here. More traffic there. EM
  5. Unless you are under the exercise room of the gym - treadmills - there shouldn't be any noise. EM
  6. Just go to your App Store and type Marine Traffic into the search. The one with the blue ship is it. EM
  7. I believe we had Manaus a few pages back... and Santarem, too. EM
  8. You will get a quicker answer if you ask this on the board here for Royal Caribbean... A lot more people visit that board. EM
  9. Or in nursing school when you had to give the first shots to classmates. As well as bedbaths... EM
  10. Second one must be Western Med or North Africa, as that is where those ferries sail... That's as far as my sleuthing goes... EM
  11. Looks like Celebrity Reflection and Silhouette are headed there from Barbados. Serenade otS is headed away... EM
  12. I had used the Amex offers on at least three cruises that were cancelled and neither cash nor points were taken back. EM
  13. I think yes, because they are the largest cruise lines, and cater to families and younger folk who can’t afford longer cruises, or those that require extended travel to get to the port. Those also can’t afford the time for longer, more distant cruises.
  14. Where are you from? Will the EU be allowing non EU members in at that time? Will MSC be allowed to sail with non-Italian guests? EM
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