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  1. It's pretty simple. You go to the main boards page, scroll down to ROLL CALLS; click on Princess Roll Calls. then choose Sky Princess, and scroll through the threads until you find the one with your dates. It's the original way to find a roll call, before there was the defective roll call finder tool. Your roll call is at the bottom of the first page:
  2. By definition, you are crossing an ocean. Usually there are 7-8 days with no land in sight. What do you like to do on sea days? TA sea days may not be warm enough to spend the time on your balcony, or in the pool. Do you take part in the activities scheduled on board? Or are you self entertaining? Unfortunately we are opportunists, looking for a bargain. So sometimes we book a TA and find that the line does not offer some of the things we look forward to. We love enrichment lecturers and had wonderful people on our TransPacific, and first TA and South America cruse. But the TA on Carnival Dream had none, so we were disappointed. Choose your TA based on itinerary, if there are ports at the beginning or the end; by price; by activities offered. EM
  3. Regent even Seas Navigator stops in Pago Pago on Jan 7 and Apia on Jan 9. EM
  4. I have no problem getting on to the website and accessing my booking. But the booking is a week old and I am unable to access online checkin. Either I have a blank page with the copyright logo at the top, or I get a notice that there is a glitch and to try again later. Has been going on for a week. EM
  5. Armonia = harmony. Armenia = a country...
  6. Yes you can, but you might be so close to the next table for 2 that you can't squeeze between the tables. EM
  7. It used to be that you got the bracelet free, but if you wanted the charm for that location, you paid $5. And you got the card that was shown, and had to have it to get the charm and they would check it off (so you couldn't get duplicates). they stopped that several years ago. EM
  8. Sometimes I book with the cruise line, sometimes with an agent. Depends on what I think I can get at the time. EM
  9. You didn't need to pull up one that old...there was one just five threads down..
  10. She appears to be on Nautica Capetown to Singapore. https://www.cruisetimetables.com/cruisesonnautica-feb2020.html
  11. If you go to https://www.cruisedeckplans.com/DP/deckplans/decks.php?ship=Noordam On the left, scroll down to the Neptune Suites, click on Handicap cabins and then click on the little camera icon next to 6175. there are several pictures. In fact, if you change to the other ships in the Vista class, (Oosterdam, Westerdam, Zuiderdam) you will find pictures of this cabin on each. EM
  12. Essiesmom


    Within the tourist complex created for cruise ships, there are several restaurants and a free salt water pool. It is empty because we were on a small ship, the only one in port that day... Other visits, it was more crowded: Those are different restaurants on either side of the pool. There are other snack areas in the compound, and around the outer perimeter. Be sure to explore... EM
  13. It isn't working because I didn't post a link, just a suggestion to go to the POC boards here on CC. EM
  14. I was in a Fantastica balcony and purchased the wristband for $5 at guest services. They are also available at the logo shop, but they are coded with your muster station, and the logo shop didn't have my muster station letter, so I had to go to guest services. I liked it because I am usually the one to open the cabin door, so my card went into the slot to turn on the lights. But my sister sleeps late, so if I left the cabin I would have to search our her card and replace mine in the power slot before leaving. With the band, I could just leave my card in the cabin. EM
  15. This is best asked on the forum here for Royal Caribbean. EM
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