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  1. I am almost certain they will have that tour on offer. I have been to Malaga twice and both times it was offered, different cruise lines. EM Make that three times: Oosterdam, Carnival Dream, Celebrity Solstice. EM
  2. I have heard of the ferry side of the operation. But this was a one ship company. But at 35,000 tons, built in 2004, she might be a tasty morsel for a line looking to replace or add a small ship for exotic routes. EM
  3. I would not try to keep so large a group together. Those that do not need accessible transport have more options and I suggest to visit the West Coast Departures board here for that. Going through the ship will be the easiest but most expensive. I would also ask there about accessible options. I’m sure someone will be along here to address the latter. EM
  4. You have replies on your previous thread. No need for another EM
  5. It is my understanding that some do live onboard. But others treat their 'apartments' as rentals or timeshares. It is also my understanding that meals are not included, and some units have kitchens where people prefer to do their own cooking. That would mean going ashore and shopping for groceries, etc. Can't do that if no port will let you ashore. EM
  6. Yes, cabins this far forward will have noise and vibration from the thrusters when docking. and leaving, and turning. We also had an OV cabin a bit further back that was right over the tender platform, so we had tender noise all day. That time they were using two tender platforms. That would also depend on which side of the ship they were using for tendering that day. EM
  7. I do not sail NCL. However, I have visited those ports on other ships/lines, and would not sail a ship that large on an itinerary with the possibility of three tender ports. Santorini is always a tender port. Kotor will be also, with such a large ship. Mykonos too, depending on who else is in port that day. Just my experience. EM
  8. What I am not understanding is...If your deadline for final payment was 26 May - was this the cruise line deadline, or the agency deadline? Sometimes agencies want payment a week or two in advance of cruise line deadline. But if you paid the agency in time, but they did not forward the payment to the cruise line, why did the line not cancel your reservation for non-payment? Or was the actual cruise line deadline after the date (16 June) they cancelled the cruise? EM
  9. It sounds like you are on Carnival. It used to be that you could do online checkin as soon as your cruise appeared in your cruise manager. But a year or so ago Carnival changed it to the date final payment is due, or (I think) 60 days before sailing. And at that time you get your arrival appointment at the pier. It is not absolutely necessary to do this online checkin, but it will save time at the pier if you have already inputted your passport and payment info... EM
  10. I believe there is/are lawsuits against Princess in Australia. EM
  11. Just for your information...It's called cornhole because originally the 'bean bags' were filled with dried corn. EM
  12. I'm on a PC using Chrome, but I think it also happens on my ipad. I don't often do CC on my ipad but when I do it in safari. EM
  13. Roll calls are not listed/started by CC or the Mods. They are created by people sailing on that cruise. Seeing that there is no roll call for your dates, as is often the case with cruises shorter than 7 days, you can start one yourself, using the date format of previous roll calls on that forum: https://boards.cruisecritic.com/forum/257-carnival-paradise-roll-calls/ Roll calls using the date format you used in your thread title often will not populate in the roll call finder tool. The mods might choose to move your post to the roll call forum, but it would be better to start a new one there. EM
  14. Neither. I would say 'I'm going to wait awhile longer'. EM
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