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  1. Sometimes they speak English and we still can't understand them. We shared a large table on one cruise and several couples were from the UK. Scotland, in particular. One husband had such a thick brogue that I could hardly understand a third of what he said. EM
  2. That's been asked before, and apparently it's not a possibility at this time. EM
  3. My sister's new hip has greatly complicated her journey through airport security. It sets off the metal detector. So she goes to the big scanner. She has essential tremors, so she raises her arms over her head, but can't keep them still. So then it's being wanded, powdered, patted down, etc. Sort of makes TSA pre-check a waste of time. EM
  4. You need to contact Celebrity Special Needs (should be a link on the website or contact your TA) and ask if they have a company that supplies rental scooters in Civitavecchia. EM
  5. If you go to the Celebrity board here, there is a sticky where people have reviewed their cabins on S class ships. EM
  6. The problem is that if people post photos into an album here so that they can put them in a thread, they show up on the right as new photos. Those feet pics were an illustration of what stupid things people will do when participating in hypnosis onboard. Don't remember if it was from the Carnival board, Celebrity, HAL, Princess (the ones I follow). EM
  7. A longer vacation means doing laundry. And packing for a trip where you might have to do laundry. Will your hotel in Orlando have a guest laundry? Would your wife use it if she thought you were going straight home? Would she question if you suggested she might want to wash stuff? Tell her! She needs to prepare. EM
  8. You will get faster answers if you post on the board here for Viking Ocean, under Cruise Lines P-Z. EM
  9. Jesus drank wine. I generally don't tell people what I did when I was working. If people press, I can say 'I worked for the Dept. of Defense and I can't talk about it' In fact, I was a nurse in an army hospital... My biggest complaint is people who choose traditional dining, and then spend most of their meals in specialty restaurants or the buffet. We like large tables but when we become the only ones there many nights, I would rather do anytime dining and ask for a large table. Last cruise, on MSC, we had the earliest of three seatings, and were assigned a table for 16. Yes, sixteen! The first night there were two ladies there, we arrived (two ladies) and then a couple came and sat at the other side of the table. They kept to themselves, often speaking another language, although they did speak English without an accent. The second night, the first two ladies had disappeared, and another couple showed, a woman and her DIL. By the next night, the lone couple had found a table for 2. So 4 of us the rest of the cruise. The waiters did say that that table had a group of 17 at the second seating, and the latest seating had a family of 15. EM
  10. There is a drop down box, and you have to select 'this topic' or 'this forum'...Here is a thread from the 'Help' board that might explain it better: EM
  11. Is this a certificate for a cruise that you got for attending a timeshare sales pitch? If so, I suspect you have to book with whatever agency they specify. And from what I have read, you have to jump through hoops to get what you think you are promised. EM
  12. I love the photoshop collage of the picture...a Venetian gondola about to be beached on a Caribbean island...with rugged mountains behind Salute...EM
  13. My AMEX cards say I no longer need to notify them of travel plans. But my USAA cards want to know, not just the out of country...I once had a charge refused because I was in Alaska. Wells Fargo debit card wants to know...EM
  14. I think you will get some experienced answers of you ask on the board here for NCL, under Cruise Lines A-O. EM
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