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  1. Actually, regarding the confines of an inside cabin...or any cabin...If you only regard it as a place to sleep/shower, you have a whole lot more 'living space' on a ship than you do at home. All those lounges to disappear into. The bigger question is...could you survive nine months without your favorite TV shows and sports... EM
  2. To further encourage the OP to try Carnival, their newest ship, Mardi Gras, has this restaurant: https://www.carnival.com/cruise-food/big-chicken It will also be on the Celebration when she is launched, and Radiance (formerly Victory) when she comes back into service. I also think it is possible that he could eat adequately, if not well, on some of the luxury lines. Especially with the current reduced capacity. I read that you can request off menu items with a days notice, particularly in the Grills on Cunard. But I just got off Crystal and think it would be the same. Perhaps the maitre'd/head waiter/chef could meet with him in the even and plan a menu for the next evening. It is done for special diets, why not picky seniors? EM
  3. Go to a hospital supply store/pharmacy. They often sell/rent scooters. If you know what model the companies use, they probably have it or one very similar. You can try it out there, they will show you how to use it. EM
  4. I would hold off anyway, because a whole lot could change by Feb. EM
  5. Crystal is another I would look at. Most of the luxury lines bend over backward to please picky palates. But I agree that Carnival is a good choice. They specialize in comfort food. Go over to the Carnival board and explain your problem, ask for people to post menus (some already have...). EM
  6. Things were working fine on my ipad today. Still have to use Edge on my laptop, though. EM
  7. I believe she means to report which browser you are using. EM
  8. From the Crystal board, toothpaste, makeup removal pads. EM
  9. Do some reading on the West Coast Departures board, under North American Homeports. EM
  10. The manifest goes in to CBP, ICE, or whoever 60 minutes before sailing. That is why you have to be checked in at least 60 minutes before sailing. EM
  11. Since she is a twin/quad to the other three Azamara ships, why not ask on the Azamara board for experiences in those cabins. EM
  12. There was a thread recently asking the same question, and the answer was yes. EM
  13. Passing Cocoli Locks Miraflores Locks Weather certainly a bit wet... Pedro Miguel Locks
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