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  1. You might ask on the boards here for the lines you have cruised... Is there a date/time stamp on the picture that would help match it up with a cruise? EM
  2. Savannah has two faux-riverboats that do sightseeing tours up and down the Savannah River. Used to be a busker with trumpet on shore that played the theme to Gilligan's Island as the boat left the dock. EM
  3. I've been waiting for reports of people receiving their luggage... EM
  4. She has transited the canal, but in the new locks. EM Agua Clara Locks: Foggy view approaching Cocoli Locks (middle left)
  5. Your best option for a reply is to ask on the NCL board, as there is more traffic there. EM
  6. My first Cruises were in 1972, long before The Love Boat. When it started, I was in Germany and I don’t believe it was carried onArmed Forces Network. I had poor tv reception there, anyway. Never watched it after I got home. EM
  7. They are working fine down here in the Coastal area. Using a PC Windows 10. EM
  8. Occurred this morning, and yesterday on Windows 10. EM
  9. I believe what jelayne meant was that cruising with those requirements is optional, not mandatory. Noone is making the cruise mandatory. EM
  10. I have done it myself. But it takes two steps. First go in and choose your DH to modify. Change first or last name, then save. Go back in and change the other part of the name, and save. When I book online, my sister is my travel partner, and they never give me a chance to enter the name of the second passenger, just list her as TBA XXXX (my last name). Since we haven't shared the same last name for more than 50 years.... So I go in and add her first name, then go in again for the correct last name. EM
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