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  1. Essiesmom

    ESTA Requirement email

    I would call the US consulate and see what they have to say. The people who really should be concerned about your visa status would be the airline you are flying to Miami. Carnival is concerned that whatever visa you have permits you back into the US at the end of your cruise. If you choose not to get one (I hear they are not expensive) print out a copy of a document that states just what your B1/B2 visa covers. EM
  2. Essiesmom

    “Returning” a gift given to us

    How old are the teens? Are they well behaved? If so, is there reason they couldn't dine alone in the MDR. EM
  3. Essiesmom

    Transport Chair for long distances?

    Mr. Google is your friend: https://express.google.com/u/0/product/2813988581857719724_13524348597690095803_118724597?utm_source=google_shopping&utm_medium=tu_cu&utm_content=eid-lsjeuxoeqt&gtim=CPOWp_-U77illQEQ3JTIv5HcuIx0GNCU9zkiA1VTRCig5JDhBTD1r844&utm_campaign=118724597&gclid=Cj0KCQiAgMPgBRDDARIsAOh3uyJHaPj9boqBryYPaxNxXWgOdcV2WWcfTwHzefGbeUstGJhmCkZMt5saAhzlEALw_wcB
  4. Having spent 24 days in K1116 on Nieuw Amsterdam, and 14 days in the same cabin on Westerdam, I can say that it is not a quad or triple cabin. EM
  5. Essiesmom

    Picture of Blowdryer in Edge staterooms?

    Blow dryer is at the desk. I think VT may have posted a pic in one of her threads. EM
  6. Essiesmom

    Solstice Class - Team Earth vs. Hideaway

    On Equinox the Captain's Club rep and Future cruise person are located there. Maybe not the exact offices, but there are two there. Nothing like the Hideaway. No coffee machine. EM
  7. Essiesmom

    Equinox NFL football

    Doubtful. I see it is on Fox, and I don't remember it being one of the channels available. Sports24 and ESPN back in August. Same channels in cabins and Gastro Pub. EM
  8. Essiesmom

    Need info & tips for FEB 2020 Panama Cruise

    Check out this website to see who is transiting and when. There may be some NCL ships that don't show up on the schedule. https://www.cruisetimetables.com/cruises-to-panama-canal-cruising-canal.html
  9. Essiesmom

    Need info & tips for FEB 2020 Panama Cruise

    There is no best side for the canal...except for OUTside. You do not want to spend your transit on your balcony as you would miss 75% of the scenery and activity. I assume you are looking at Carnival Glory out of NOLA, which would be a partial transit through the new locks. Personally, interesting as they are, I would choose a ship that uses the old locks for my first experience. If you are set on Carnival, I would push the vacation to two weeks and take Miracle on a full transit from San Diego to Miami. I have done full transits on Oosterdam, Infinity, Carnival Splendor (new locks) and a partial transit on Carnival Pride. Neither Carnival transit will call at a port in Panama. On Pride, we were very close to the walls of the canal, and people who just wanted to 'touch Panama' were reaching out to touch the wall. My are wasn't quite long enough...but I've been ashore there on other transits.
  10. Essiesmom

    Wheelchair Assistance for Embarkation in NOLA (NCL)

    Although this is the proper place for this question, you might also ask it on the Gulf Coast Departures board, under North American Homeports: https://boards.cruisecritic.com/forum/316-gulf-coast-departures/
  11. Essiesmom

    Waiver of single cruiser supplement

    A 50% single supplement is a bargain. Most single occupancy cabins are actually priced at 150% of the double per person rate. They really aren't much of a bargain. EM
  12. If you are liking the idea of the Haven on NCL, you should look into sailing MSC in the Yacht Club. I could never aspire to it, but from what I read on the MSC board here it blows the Haven out of the water at a much lower cost. Divina, Seaside and Meraviglia will be sailing from Miami and on Divina you could get an 11 day cruise to the southern Caribbean with a call at Colon, Panama where you could take a tour to see the Panama Canal. EM
  13. Essiesmom

    Can I get off ship without passport

    Every time in Bermuda and Nassau. EM
  14. Silver Spirit was supposed to join you at noon...Di something scare her off? Maybe she heard about the creatures in Eden...
  15. A bit windy, but folks are dining? on the Magic Carpet...