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  1. The extra bed does not hang down from the wall, it is buried in the ceiling. EM
  2. You apparently missed the small print at the top of this page: Note: This area is intended only for questions and answers relating to technical assistance in using these message boards. Please do not post general cruise-related questions or Roll Calls here. Your question belongs on the board here for the cruise line involved. As you didn't mention it, we can't direct you there. EM
  3. Should the Resolute be flying the 'Don't Tread on Me' flag? https://www.maritime-executive.com/article/venezuelan-navy-patrol-boat-sinks-after-collision-with-cruise-ship
  4. You don't read other boards, do you? HAL has big problems on Zaandam; they transferred some guests to Rotterdam prior to express transit through Panama Canal, and now Rotterdam may have problems. There are big problems now on Coral Princess which just refueled in Barbados. EM
  5. Welcome to Cruise Critic. This part of the forum is for people who are having trouble figuring out how to use the forums. The best place for your question is the forum here for P&O-UK cruises, located here: https://boards.cruisecritic.com/forum/22-pampo-cruises-uk/
  6. Queen Mary 2, Arcadia, both sailing around Africa to Southampton. Pacific Princess, sailing from Australia via Honolulu. I believe there is another coming through HI but can't remember who. EM
  7. We were to be on the Edge cruise of March 15, which was cancelled by X on March 13. My TA got through to X on the following Monday (3/16) to request refund. They told her it would take 7-10 business days. Yesterday was day 10, but have not heard/seen anything on the three cards involved. (Paid cruise on one card, prepaid internet on another and accepted MoveUp offer on a third). Interesting though, is that when I go into my account, list of past cruises, this cruise is there as if completed, points awarded. And on Sunday, I received this email from X: Dear Carolyn, Thank you for sailing with us on board Celebrity Edge® on your cruise. We hope that every day of your vacation was filled with one incredible moment after another. Don't forget to post your favorite vacation memories with us using hashtag #CelebrityCruises, and follow us via Instagram and Facebook @celebritycruises. We hope to see you soon! Celebrity Cruises Perhaps I should call....
  8. There is also Savannah... We don't have a passenger terminal but there would be places to dock. Both ships could fit under the Talmadge Bridge to the turning basin. We have an airport, not really international but could be used for charters. They built a 'new' terminal for the 1996 Olympics, and for a time used the old terminal for charters. Not sure if they still do that, couldn't tell from Google Earth... We also have a large army airfield in Savannah (Hunter Army Airfield) that they might negotiate to use for charters. We also have three large hospitals/medical centers. Although we do have COVID-19 it is not yet a large number. EM
  9. The medical staff are not usually from the US and would not have a license to practice here. EM
  10. Panama is so close to the equator that there is little temperature change year round. Might be a little more rain in the fall. EM
  11. Sorry to say it is bedtime for me, so Rotterdam will have to make it on her own...EM
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