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  1. Ourusualbeach posted that now with the link that you can do it yourself more options are allowed. He specifically mentioned you can do majesty on form but not if you call up. Hahaha are you really surprised that once again rcl changed things? How usual for them. Actually I was the one said I was denied majesty lift when called in. I booked a cruise only about $50 more and that one was allowed going out of Galveston instead of new orleans. I dont care that much about the $50, but sure would have easier on my ta, not to have to move the majesty to jewel to lift to allure which is now liberty.
  2. Too bad carnival doesnt offer a lift and shift to a year later with price protection like rcl. I too am booked oct 4th, 538 plus 100 taxes and port charges. The cheapest a year from now is 898 plus taxes, 1000 even last time I looked. Plus I got a extra $100 obc to book when I booked which I'm told doesnt transfer. That's a pretty large difference for a solo cruise like me. I sure wish they had some incentive. I asked for refund when my August cruise was cancelled. Rcl I'm lifting and shifting all over the place. My january cruise will probably be lifted and shifted to dec 2021. It does seem like carnival could get more bookings if they offered something like you suggest. Nothing other than obc to rebook.
  3. I got you beat. I had two liberty 7 days booked solo get cancelled. 14 x 2 = 28 pts. That would be great, I'd have booked even more to get cancelled if you got loyalty pts.
  4. If you cancel you lose the incentive to rebook. If you plan to rebook and want obc for the next booking, dont cancel. If the $600 is from incentive to book and it gets cancelled it goes away.
  5. Oct 11 is sold out on the cruise website I contacted. Oct 4 was also sold out, but must have had some cancellations and reopened. I tried to book them as a b2b. Agent says all scheduled still to sail, just sold out status.
  6. I've been above the theater back when there was a band and the bass came thru. Not exactly the music, just the throb of the bass. Maybe now that they use canned music wouldnt notice it.
  7. I enjoy seeing cabins so if someone asks questions I've seen them with my own eyes. I hardly drink. Personally I wouldnt sign up for a pub crawl.
  8. I've visited the family area and its lounge, without being booked there. May depend on crew member there, idk.
  9. Yes I just went to look and it's back. First time it's been listed for a while. Super high price, over 1k for inside. It used to say sold out on booking site and wasnt listed on carnival site. Interesting to see it's back. Maybe some people cancelled? Thanks for the heads up.
  10. I really wanted to book that cruise myself, but was worried about ports being open. Arent many options that go to panama out of Galveston. Being a 11 day I can see how the options are limited to lift and shift. Great itinerary
  11. Dont forget friday was a holiday. People in main offices were off. If you just did it wednesday 48 business hours isnt until monday ... assuming they get it done in 48 hours.
  12. Yes, I've gotten cancelled now twice on carnival and expect yet another one. On the other hand can you tell me when cruising will resume if I get cancelled after I rebook? I'm also thinking having extra obc you might want to do a longer one. I'm not driving to Galveston either when by the time I drive down and stop to eat and gas up it's about 6 hours. I'm not driving down for a 4 or 5 day cruise, maybe you live closer to the port and since it can only be applied to one cruise not booking a short b2b 4/5 day either. I keep being too optimistic. June I thought things would possibly be better by oct. I also have/had 5 rcl cruises (feb 14 got cancelled last week to swap out ships) to work around to rebook so the window to rebook carnival is tight. Next up is January on rcl. At least with them I can lift and shift, moving it to dec 2021. But the window to rebook carnival continues to shrink. But thanks. I assume you thought I didnt know the terms for obc. I booked this fall because frankly my schedule of other cruises is tight. I'm trying to get in at least one carnival. Im at 180 days and I was thinking 7 days and do panama on radiance next fall would finally put me at diamond on carnival. ... but no word on radiance. Having been cancelled and cancelled I'm getting too familiar with the terms. I needed that rcl cruise to make diamond plus on rcl. About to give give up and let them cancel me. There is a thread on rcl titled I give up. I'm about there.
  13. Lol hes not going to do anything other than say what he can say in public. Hes not going to whisper in someone's ear inside info on cancellations. Doesnt mean he doesnt know carnival will cancel october, probably in a few weeks. Of course John is going to say we plan to start sailing on oct 1st. What else can he say?
  14. My guess is that the 6 days and longer cruises fill up to whatever capacity they have set, as people want to get $600 obc, not the $300 obc. I know that's why I'm not looking at 5 days and shorter. Lots of people looking to rebook and get that obc. Prices are up on longer cruises for 2021 too.
  15. I've got one feb 7th paid in full because of the fcc from a cancelled april cruise. These are odd times.
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