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  1. The usa plans call for 2 extra doctors per ship. They dont say where but if out to sea expect to be quarantined, costa, took one pax to the hospital, 7 others who tested positive went to a prearranged hotel in the next port. MSC I believe required you buy insurance to cover your care if you got covid. Cdc is waiting for cruiselines to agree to cover covid expenses if someone gets a positive test, or is sick enough they need to go to a hospital. Still a pt of non agreement. Its unclear where you will be quarantined on the ship, but lots of speculation. Will they clear a bottom deck and make you move down there, or can you stay in your balcony you paid for in comfort for that suite. No one knows yet from the usa.
  2. I had to go thru my trash but heres the email they sent.
  3. I'm seeing a italian guy and if not for my parents who are 94 and 102, I'd agree to move to italy. I dont think cdc having the right to decide if we can cruise makes any sense, only cruises, nothing else. If we can do disney we should be allowed to cruise. Airlines released tests to prove it's safe to fly but used n95 masks. Idk anyone who owns a n95 mask, so the tests dont prove anything to me. It's all politics. First ny and now calif wants a board set up to look at vaccines before you can get them to delay the process. I'm here with my hand up, I'll take the vaccine, dont need it delayed by a board of political people. Idk about politics in italy but I'm pretty tired of them here. It is obvious when cruising opens depends on election. Period. I've always wanted to travel but stuck here because my parents need someone to run errands. But I'd like to move, go look around. Of course bf wants to move to italy. Can the politics be worse? I'm willing to find out, but cant move now, not with my parents living alone during covid. I'm a old flower child for freedom. Never did like being told what to do. Let us cruise and quit the political crud. And yes I'd consider a cruise out of italy if usa doesnt open. It's not worse than a week of disney world or universal. I get it, you are for keeping cruises closed down, I am for letting us cruise. I get it, cruiselines have to agree to accept financial responsibility or like msc require covid insurance. Covid is spread from flying and our dart train downtown, and church, but those things are ok. Liquor stores and gun stores are essential business here, it's all what the politicians pick they want. Just my 2 cents. Cdc stopped cruises because they have the political power is the only reason, they love power. Stopping cruises adds to their power. Throw the bums out.
  4. Should be booking #2 I'm due a block. ... but I'm sure it will be a liberty block since now all 6 of my bookings turned into liberty. Lol but it's not until xmas 2021, more than a year from now. Now I know to ask about it. I had 2 jewel 2 liberty, 2 allure, now 6 liberty but still going.
  5. Celebrity also is doing double pts for balcony up. It's in this this somewhere. Probably easier to find on celebrity but they are also doubling loyalty pts for your 2021 cruise. Just not combinable.
  6. I still think there has to come a time dl will turn into diamond plus or pinnacle lounge. Now social distancing required. I'm still diamond and wouldnt flip out, I just want the coffee lounge on oasis lol
  7. I'd still need to see them in person. I bought some online and they are foam lol. Dont trust online unless it says n95. The ones I bought looked great in the description and look good on, fit tighter so eye sight not blocked but I never heard of foam before. Buying some more. A picture isnt enough next time i want a rating.
  8. If you noticed I'm also the one who posted a picture of the one pax being taken to the hospital. Plus 7 others tested positive who were taken to a prearranged hotel. Yes, those who tested negative went home to france and as I said it was also speculated the cruise was called off for fear if they delayed they could not cross from italy into france. Let's hope they went home into shelter in place as France is now locked down, MSC as i posted had one positive so at the next port pax could not go on excursions, the ship just took on provisions. The one positive was quarantined. All those who tested positive were quarantined. I still believe this let's us glimpse what might happen here, ports missed, cruise shut short. That was the pt of the more positive blogger, that protocols were followed when positives were found and quarantined. Tbh I'm not for big brother. I'm in dallas under code red. I think I'm old enough to shelter in place and dont have to be told to. My elderly parents have barely been out of the house 1 or 2 times. My dad one time saw a doctor. .. since march all of us have sheltered in place. I always wear a mask, though its required to obtain food. I personally plan to try my best to be vaccinated before I cruise again, and moved my feb cruises because of my age. If someone younger is willing to cruise who is in good health let's hope they will wear masks and wash their hands and use sanitizer but I'm not for shutting down everyone, just us who are vulnerable. I think it's doing our children harm to miss school. I've heard a estimate of future earnings these kids will miss due to lack of schooling. Protect the vulnerable, get vaccinated asap. So yes I think it's good to let a few cruises try new safety protocols. Rcl is offering double loyalty pts. My TA talked me out of a april booking. I hope soon after to be vaccinated and cruising again, but watching for now. I watch all the blogs I can. Yes I'm pro cruise. Put procedures in place. I heard, 50% of hotels in many coastal towns shutting down in canada. Skagway alaska may cease to exist as 95% of their income is from cruises. Staying shut has a cost too. Let's assume most are smart enough to shelter in place without being a police state and bankrupting so many. Its costing our children especially. I'm for a protecting those who need it and not those who dont. WHO is also changing its stance on complete economic shut down because of so many more poor. Starving to death and homelessness matters. I personally know many close to losing their homes.
  9. What are these blocks ... only for pinnacle?
  10. No, it's been asked and answered many times that the understanding is it applies to any cruise booked before dec 30, 2020 except for groups etc.
  11. That shouldn't be funny but I laughed out loud. Why would they post it before knowing the details and rules. Hahahahahahaha
  12. Both existing and new, excludes group booking and last minute etc
  13. I cant find a way to save the address. Hope biker keeps posting them. I'm willing to drive. Just a brand new car.
  14. Is there a place to see them for us mortals?
  15. I guess there havent been any? I dont remember seeing any.
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