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  1. Anything $40 pp and up is good for drink package, I'm assuming you mean mixed drinks. There are maybe 3 others like refreshment, which is mock cocktails and soda, coffee pkg, water or soda pkg. Last time I looked was 43 pp per day for my now cancelled april, 46 for my dec. It varys by ship and date.
  2. I personally got moved to a hc 4j and wouldnt be my choice ever again. Beds didnt push together it was so small,. Windy and stormy so they locked the doors so you couldnt walk out on the deck in front of the cabin all week. There was a sign to close the curtains every night so the light didnt interfere with navigation. Personally I'd rather have a larger port hole cabin than what I had. I like to wake up and see the weather, not have to wake up and go pull the black out curtains. ..which is what I booked. I got moved to a hc without notifying me of the change. My pv
  3. Celebrity is all inclusive, rcl is not. The drink packages can only be added after you book, but go on sale quite often, though black friday was the best. You would have to call to get a reciprocal level on rcl due to you celebrity loyalty level.
  4. I too am becoming worried about my sept cruise. Its charged on now cancelled credit card at a bank I no longer do business with. I'm booked sept 2022 b2b already and would be to cancel something to rebook at this point. I'm tired of rebooking and losing cruises, but dont want to try and collect on a cancelled credit card. Every time I rebook prices are higher. Ill be vaccinated and ready to cruise before carnival is ready by a long shot it seems. Tired of rebooking at higher prices, then the next time it's even more.
  5. That's true. I was just saying where he could find lift and shift, not paying attention to his dates. He asked where he could find lift and shift. Should have looked at his dates.
  6. Unless it's been moved, go to royal Caribbean. Com. Scroll down to cancel with confidence and click on cancel. 3 options came up, click on lift and shift, the form comes up to try. Just back out if you arent ready.
  7. Just as some getting vaccinated and less need for it imo. I'm looking at a condo in florida and its 2 hard days of driving both ways. Once I'm vaccinated I'd probably fly. ..but not if I have to undergo a covid test. I'm hoping we start seeing a dip in the numbers as the vaccine rolls out. Not more measures to stop travel. Hopefully it goes no where. But if he is considering it, doesnt sound to me like the cdc is anywhere close to approving cruises.
  8. The news this morning said biden is reviewing covid testing for all domestic flights. .as if the airlines arent struggling enough. This would also hurt cruises imo. Just no good cruise news
  9. Lol I hoped. Once before it was extended. ....I hoped for just one more month
  10. I heard today biden was considering requiring a covid test for all domestic flights. Imo it doesnt bode well for cruises.
  11. Everyone is different. My sister has balance issues and epilepsy. She wants a inside cabin as close as possible to the elevators. Seeing the ocean she said makes her a little dizzy. She was cheap to cruise with, though I sometimes upgraded because I like to see out. To her the smaller the ship the better. These huge ships were just too much walking. What you like depends on you. You cant pick what someone else wants. I consider all options.
  12. I would lift and shift my cancelled hump balcony to may if it was offered. But lifting my april 25th to only april dates doesnt work for me. I want later in may to give me space from b2b ending in early april 2022. I was hoping they would extend it by a month. I really wanted to save this price, but cant figure out way.
  13. Omg you got into the marriage game. He should have refused. I would have in his place. Is this the good rcl cruise or the bad you you mentioned. You said one of each.
  14. I'm glad it's not me this time. If I had a 8 with unusual ports and now it's a 7 day, with the better ports cut and 1 day shorter I'd hope they did it like celebrity and prorated it and give you credit or obc or something for the loss of a day.
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