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  1. The app allows you to message other people in your party for free. But not apps non rcl.
  2. I'd say no, as they are still free in other ports. 0 X 18% is 0. 0 X 10% still 0.
  3. I have cruised 20 years and from what I've read carnival makes no exceptions. In the past I've heard royal Caribbean has made exceptions for a baby though I havent read of it since covid. Unfortunately the posters are right, carnival will make no exceptions. Every person on carnival is a person. I'd have seen it posted if exceptions were made.
  4. Allure no problem booking izumi sushi set price for dinner as bogo. Harmony they said no. Finally after I pointed out its not listed as a exemption they relented. Also didnt want to give me wonderland also not listed as a exemption.
  5. Prices that are double and triple pre covid. Find a TA with group prices and I book early with refundable rates. To me higher prices are the biggest thing. Some will say check in for muster on the app big but you still have to find your station and get checked off even if you watch the little movies.
  6. Yes usually night 1 or 2 and then maybe later. I booked later on allure when a memo went out to tighten it up and allure moved me to night 1 and 2. So it varies. But yes you can use it 2 nights first night you pay full price 2nd night is free. Some ships say as long as you pay night 1 or 2. I've done it 4 or 5 times.
  7. Maybe your package with your iPhone it's free in the ports. The phone in airplane made doesnt do texts only royal Caribbean sites free. Like the app or the mock booking page are free. Not regular texting. .. though sometimes I do get a alert that sneaks thru.
  8. No it wasnt answered so thanks. I googled the weather last week of may and it says upper 70s to even low 80s and high humidity. So it's not as hot as florida just warm probably. Someone posted they asked the they were told when it's hot we turn on ac, acted like he didnt understand the question was the only other reply.
  9. My last cruise b3b on harmony customs boarded in Galveston and checked. Not because it was a small group, exceptionally large group. 2nd one did not go well. The dinger the thing where you have to ding your card back in stopped working and they held us in a large conference room jammed full right up until the cruisers outside were boarding. In fact my friend outside boarded before I was able to ding out from the holding room. I often do b2bs and not the fist time since covid they came on to check passports.
  10. OP is on harmony though. I'm confused too by the replies.
  11. Is it actually a lobster spiced up? Could you describe it a little more?
  12. There are no plans announced to reopen labadee. Who knows the future. There have been various ports announced as substitutes, whatever is open where they can get a berth imo.
  13. Yes you can go 2 times or whichever 3 you want. Many do chops or italian twice.
  14. I jumped on the oct 2025 radiance transit. Came out recently, ... late.
  15. Mine was charged night 1. The full bogo amount. Allure interpreted the memo differently than you. I wasnt happy. Dining seems to be my nemesis.
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