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  1. Will look forward to reading on board experiences
  2. We must have experienced that same Cruise Director as well
  3. Agreed however we found the sushi at both Sakura and Emporium to be of excellent quality and overall superb
  4. Big cheers for DH. It's worth the experience given your other history. We loved Azamara and have been on R ships about 4 times the 1st time with Renaissance. So yes I hope you are able to go on EJ. We are coming back for a 2nd time in 2025. Enjoy
  5. Totally agree and have varied experiences since 1st cruise in 1980 on Song of Norway. One factor that I rarely see discussed on CC is passenger space ratio the higher the better. I have recently been looking at this more as a way to determine how a ship might feel at various passenger loads All the best
  6. In looking at the Edge class ships just seemed too big. Your comments bear that out plus the Retreat prices are very high IMHO for what you get Sailed on Seabourn on a 14 night that was excellent Enjoy
  7. While on board on a portion of the same cruise as Hank We experienced some truly outstanding piano artists some of whom were experienced Steinway artists along with a comedy piano duo that was fun and excellent to watch
  8. Great info Doc. Our last Celebrity Retreat was January 2023 last Oceania vista in January 2024 and last EJ October 2023. EJ is clearly and for many reasons our best choice for luxury cruising. While O Vista had excellent entertainment we found the ship too crowded and just not a peak experience. While EJ is getting their back of house improvements the ship cree and food are stellar Enjoy
  9. Will miss you sorry I did see that date as well. We like the Mayan exploration options Be well
  10. Great choice Gary I look forward to seeing you on board as we are booked for the 8 night sailing as well Got off Oceania Vista in February and cruised EJ last October. Looking forward to sailing on EJ again. It was splendid Look forward to connecting with you both before and on board All the best David
  11. Thank you Tim for your updates on the ship as well as your health Alm the best David
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