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  1. I'm sorry .... I must have misunderstood the name of this website. I think it's still called "cruisecritic", not "Celebrity Sycophant". I'm not here to make you happy by validating your choice to sail on Celebrity. I did NOT say that I was unhappy with Celebrity - if you took the time to read my full review, I presented the pros and cons of my experience in what I hoped was a fair critique. When I'm spending a lot of money for a Suite, I have certain expectations - many of which were not met. By presenting my observations here, I am hopefully providing information for other cruisers. Equinox (as you know) is a completely different class of ship but one that will also receive the new, albeit already diminished Suite Class. If everyone only wrote non-critical, effusive reviews, what would be the point of this site? Unlike many on these boards, I became a "free agent" six years ago when I "broke" the bonds of loyalty and chose my sailings based on itinerary, amenities and needs for a particular voyage. I'll let you know when you can make my decisions for me.
  2. So nice to hear from you!!!! We enjoyed our Summit cruise despite all of the negatives and will try Equinox again but no plans to return to Celebrity after that. Primarily back to the YC with some deviations. It’s getting more expensive but still superb value!
  3. Just getting caught up here! An extremely interesting question - Royal Caribbean now owns lines across the entire spectrum - Royal Caribbean, Celebrity, Azamara and Silversea as well as part ownership of some European lines. Celebrity really appears to be pushing the design component whereas they used to primarily push the cuisine. I’m sure head office has lots of metrics that somehow attaches a certain value to the various components. I’ve never felt that they defined themselves as much as the competition. So ..... an extremely long non-answer!
  4. Aside from his "day job", my partner has a degree in piano performance and has sung since he was a little kid. About 20 years ago, he took over the piano one afternoon in the America's Cup Club (say that 20 times quickly...) on Celebrity Zenith and played through his as of then current Broadway songbook. After a particularly stirring rendition of "With One Look" from Sunset Boulevard, an older Gentleman sitting next to me turned to his wife and said: "I don't know what the hell that was but I liked it!"
  5. The Topsail nightly entertainment was a 100% pleasure on my three sailings this past year. One of the THREE main reasons (seriously) that I returned to Celebrity was the promise of live entertainment in the Retreat. I love my evenings with a cocktail (or 5...) in the Topsail and was hoping for something similar on Celebrity. When I asked the Concierge about it, they knew nothing about it and said that was most definitely never mentioned. When I showed it to them on the website, they were positively dumbfounded. It now appears that the promise of live entertainment in The Retreat has been removed from the website......
  6. Thoughts? While being 100% self serving, read my review from last week.... Better yet, read Alsmez's review - I still laugh out loud while reading it! That ship has sailed ...... ps - always love your posts! B
  7. Now why weren't you on our sailing????!!!! (... of course if you were, they probably would have asked the four of us to leave wherever we happened to be .....) I was extremely displeased that we didn't have the much hyped ABT on our sailing - did you? Our first sailing on Seaside had a first for us ... every evening at 10:30 there was a recital with piano, violin, tenor and soprano. While the quality was most definitely not *ahem* Toronto quality and most definitely not NYC, it was most certainly unique, much appreciated and extremely enjoyed by all those present! Unfortunately, it was axed because of negative comments - likely by those who didn't attend, not by the 300+ who did! They still do a weekly "cruise" version of Butterfly (!!!!) where all of the orchestra and chorus are on click track except for Pinkerton and Cio-Cio San. It's astoundingly appalling and wonderful at the same time and it's PACKED! Gotta' love an Italian crowd! Among our favourite entertainments EVER on a ship was anchored off of Sorrento on a spectacular September evening on Azamara Quest. They brought in a terrific, good-natured young local tenor for a poolside concert (with the house band) at around 10 pm where basically EVERYONE showed up. The repertoire was classic Italian cheese but with the magic ingredients of alcohol, a starlit sky, Vesuvius and an extremely happy bunch of people!
  8. With all due respect, where did I say that I needed glitz? After 620 nights at sea, I think that I sort of have a vague understanding of how the industry works. I see about a dozen shows on Broadway every year and have ZERO expectation of ship shows. In fact, I saw NONE of the production shows on Summit. My problem on the luxury lines was the paucity of good lounge acts, pianists and combos. It's almost as if they decided that "luxury" was mutually exclusive from entertaining and they could get by on, as you stated, "Great food, excellent service, interesting itinerary, and pleasant guests". I would love the luxury lines to get rid of the generally awful production shows in order to fund the more low key and sophisticated entertainment that I desire. The food on all of my "luxury" cruises was frequently (but not always) great, same with the service, I picked them specifically for the itineraries and my fellow guests were most definitely NOT pleasant.
  9. I am looking forward to it just for something "different". I am going in with eyes wide open with respect to the specialty restaurants .... I know that they took special pleasure on their sister line, Oceania, in saying "NO"!
  10. I have a feeling I may ultimately be banned from Celebrity as I have seen responses like yours! I'm still going to try Equinox (no choice now - it's paid for!) but likely no return visits in the foreseeable future. LOTS of Yacht Club bookings, a return (yikes!) to Oceania because of a superb itinerary and (great minds think alike!) a "test drive" on Seven Seas Splendor! BTW ... From what I've seen and heard, CS's still have the bathtub. Two of the Sky Suites though, still have the shower stalls (the one's next to the PH).
  11. If you check my signature, I have! I have been on Ponant's L' Austral and Travel Dynamic's Corinthian II - both 100 passenger ultra deluxe ships. I've also been on Marina, Riviera, Quest and Viking Sun. My partner and I loved the itineraries that we chose on these ships but didn't love the products themselves. We are still in our early to mid fifties and found the evenings to be a total bore. We like the "ship within a ship" concept as we can enjoy the luxury components during the day ("The Country Club") but enjoy all of the big ship amenities at night ("Downtown!") We were also less than impressed with our fellow travelers on Ponant, Oceania and to a lesser extent, Viking. We will both quickly turn around if you come behind us and say either word in my Avatar! We're very fortunate to have the health and means to cruise. But .... we witnessed just horrible entitled behaviour and nastiness among passengers towards staff and a need to "prove" your belonging there. In fact, on our last Oceania cruise, I ended up placing my hand if front of a particularly odious individual who was giving a staff person a tough time and said: "Take it down a notch. The fact that I'm standing in front of you pretty well proves that I can afford this as much as you can!"
  12. Nope ....! Shirazcruiser's post is like a Saturday Night Live sketch ...... nothing like sailing in a suite and bringing your own .... suite!
  13. Alsmez has a laugh-out loud funny review from a few days ago .... https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/2667173-suite-life-in-a-new-s2-review-of-summit-to-bermuda-51919/ I placed a review last week that has actual pictures .... My review from last week, while less funny, has photos ... https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/2665467-summit-suite-a-former-true-believer-returns-after-the-haven-yacht-club-and-viking/ The tub was the Number One reason why my partner said he wouldn't return to a Summit Sky Suite! They most certainly did NOT replace the tubs with or add shower stalls.
  14. I am going straight to hell ... some snacks still in my kitchen pantry for "observation" .... !
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