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  1. MSC actually “parades” people through the YC as part of the “Behind the Scenes” tour. It’s always a bit bizarre but I make sure to look like I’m having THE time of my life in case I show up in someone’s vaycay photos. When the second tour came through, I approached the EXTREMELY serious and bored security officer who was taking up the rear. I told him that I was perfectly fine with him tasering anyone who made a run for it in the YC. He was still laughing as he walked away....
  2. Oooops ... busy week. Just getting around to reading this thread! First off: to the OP: Thank you for an extremely detailed review that took a LOT of time. Much appreciated! I have stayed in the Haven many times alternating between Spa Suites and Forward Facing Penthouses on Breakaway, Getaway and Escape. It's a difficult question as each of the categories you asked about and the addition of the Spa Suites all have definite pro's and cons. For some people, actually staying in "the complex", be it the Haven or YC is of prime importance. Having said that, I was least impressed with the H5 that our friends stayed in. Its prime feature, again, is proximity to the Haven area. The bathroom has a tub/shower combo that I frankly hate and the suite itself felt strangely claustrophobic to me. The Forward Facing Suites are fabulous - separate small dining area, living room, bedroom with a forward facing view and a HUGE bathroom with dual sinks, dressing area, tub, toilet stall and massive shower. We took two suitcases and likely filled about 40% of the available storage. On the downside, the balcony is tiny and it's a looooooooooong walk to the elevators from where it's an additional few story walk/ride depending on your fitness level! Still, a superb cabin that's miles above a YC Deluxe. Our "go-to" has been the Spa Suites. A beautifully appointed room with a laminate/hardwood floor. No faking clean! A nice bathroom with pedestrian finished but a GREAT walk in shower with different sprays and jets. A whirlpool inside the room next to the balcony - shades of Niagara Falls honeymoon but popular with many! A balcony similar to a YC1. A bit of a walk to the Haven but on Bliss and later, a REALLY long walk as it's on the other side of the ship. It's true perk is the pass to the spa with it's different environments, heated loungers and spectacular Thalasso pool. The Seaside's spa area is truly a trainwreck in comparison. I love both the Haven and the YC and it's nice to be able to go between the two!
  3. Good morning! This pesky occasionally working has slowed down my responses .... Great comparison! I thought I might highjack this thread a bit and like many posters, make this all about me! I posted a rather long comparison in May between the YC, The Haven (I could hear you booing as I typed that ...), Viking and Celebrity, all of which I sailed in suites last year. For when you're bored ....
  4. It's just like when Celebrity was first launched 27 years ago..... Chandris Fantasy was a budget based line that sailed ancient ships (just saying that when we arrived at the pier for our sailing on the Azur, pairs of animals were disembarking ....) Chandris announced that they would be launching a luxury division and Meridian and Horizon set sail. I sailed on Horizon on week 3 and was simply blown away. In her prime, she was a beautiful ship with great lounges and still probably the best food I ever had on a ship. No-one believed me. They just couldn't make the mental jump from Fantasy to Celebrity. They practially gave away the initial sailings and as we all know, the line ultimately was acquired by RCI. Similarly, I think that people can't make the jump from MSC as a discount, high density line sailing old tonnage to the behemoth that that is launching new ships like a photocopier that won't stop.
  5. Looking forward to crossing paths one day! It gets tiresome telling friends or chatting with clients about MSC and how great the YC is only to be met with incredulous looks. It would be better for all involved if I just said "it's as bad as you think"!
  6. My partner and I are in our early to mid 50's and are self admittedly "adequate" tippers. (I mean, we are Canadian .....) After our first MSC cruise on Divina, we didn't know who to start with and who to finish with in the dining room. Yes, we had the famous Arthur but it was amazing how fabulous everyone else was. We basically emptied our wallets and preyed there was a bank machine! On our first time on Seaside, the expanded size and scale made it next to next to impossible to tip everyone we made contact with so we just tipped those who we saw the most. For our next trip, while it may sound tacky to some, the very thick stash of dollar bills did the trick. From the boys who set up our cushions to the bartender who only served us twice - they were taken care of at the time of service. As we basically always had the same wait staff, we tipped them at the end as well as our cabin staff. It is quite fascinating how a smile, a few words and a few dollars act as service inducements....
  7. I think that if he assisted to turn a table around when they were backed up, the strain might have killed him ....
  8. Of course, we were able to get them into our suitcase .... We need photos of each other's accomplishments! It's pretty obvious that we were doing something wrong .......
  9. Good morning! We took these said same umbrellas on Seaside. Unfortunately, the lounge chair frames were too large for them to work. The pool boys watched in rapt fascination as we tried to wrestle them onto the chairs and ultimately tried to help. Ultimately, they just don't fit .....
  10. I'm a paranoid kinda' guy .... whenever I see the flashing light, my first thought is: "who died"?!
  11. On our Haven sailings in the last two years, basically EVERYONE stampeded to the Haven Dining room for embarkation lunch. While it's not my "thing", many were happy to go to Margaritaville for the complimentary embarkation luncheon. Its main purpose was to relieve the "pressure" from the dining room. ps .... Yulia was fabulous. The Maitre'd aspired to be a wet noodle. He combined all of my favourite attributes in a single well defined package - lazy, clueless and disorganized.
  12. Thanks for your excellent blog/review. My partner and said "bon voyage" to Celebrity 6 years ago after about 250 nights on board. With the launch of their new "Suite Class", we sailed on Summit two months ago. While it wasn't a disaster (no one died and the ship made it back to port ....), it wasn't particularly memorable in any way, shape or form. We had to cancel our upcoming Equinox cruise and realized .... we really had ZERO inclination to return to Celebrity again. We have many more MSC YC's booked (and another Haven (sorry - still love it!)) , an Oceania STRICTLY for the itinerary and a Regent for a "test drive" but your review confirmed that the best value in cruising today remains the MSC YC. Now please stop talking about it as it will only continue to drive the prices up!
  13. The best part of her overview is that it is RIDICULOUSLY correct! She was an extremely gifted and talented lady. Seaside's Butterfly is wonderful and ghastly at the same time. Prerecorded click track, only Butterfly and Pinkerton sing live and it really does look like something that you would see on a Simpson's episode. Still - it's different from anything else on any other line, tackily entertaining and unique.
  14. Sorry to hear that Blu was such a disappointment as well as some of the cruise components in general. While we were supposed to sail on Equinox in August, we recently had to cancel. After having had two months to reflect on our May sailing, I don't think we will be booking any more cruises on Celebrity. It is ultimately is no longer a good fit for us. We're returning to the YC and the Haven and will also try Regent. I am also returning to Oceania strictly for the itinerary. I may see you one day on another line also jumping (most definitely figuratively, not literally!) ship!
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