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  1. Thank you for always taking the time, effort and patience to post about your journeys. I ALWAYS look forward to your posts and observations.
  2. We did Serenade out of New Orleans in 2015 - while the ship was in very good shape after a refurbishment, we counted it among our top 5 worst cruises. The buffets were truly dismal with astounding low quality proteins and poor selection. The Park Cafe's sandwiches were suitable for Hospital Cafeteria vending machines to be served at approximately 2:28 am. We lasted one lunch in the main dining room and ended up eating in the specialties every night and then switched to having lunches in Izumi too! We saw the Restaurant Manager doing rounds nightly and by night 4 he was coming up to chat with us. On night 6, he proudly told us that we had the most meals in a specialty restaurant of any passenger for as long as he had been aboard. Being astoundingly polite (Canadian?!), it was only after he left that we laughingly asked each other: "Do you think that there's a reason for that?!"
  3. Whaaaaaaaaaaaa? I've actually ordered the dance mix for working out! (OK, that was sarcasm .....)
  4. Nice "official" video from Celebrity .....
  5. Okay, I guess I'm going to be the outlier here but .... while I sailed in the YC on Seaside three times this past year and have become a HUGE MSC cheerleader, the YC restaurant, while extremely pleasant, is really no culinary destination. The beef is of astoundingly poor quality and there really is no rhyme or reason as to what is good and what isn't. The Specialty restaurants, however, for the $97 price (which includes the gratuity) are frankly, a steal. Butcher's cut is very good and serves beef that you just don't get in the YC restaurant. Roy's Pan Asian is excellent and for an additional $20 for the two of us, we were able to try basically all of the appetizers and all of the different food "groups". Ocean Cay ranks among the best of all of the specialty restaurants of our varied cruises - no lobster, shrimp or salmon but superb preparations of much more interesting seafood. We also loved the different atmospheres and vibes of the restaurants ... and they're only steps away from the YC! It's also quite interesting that the people who are saying not to go to the Specialties haven't actually tried all or any of them ......
  6. Random thoughts./ramblings of a (too?) frequent cruiser ..... I've been away from Celebrity for a number of years (but am returning!) and the worst we ever witnessed was on Equinox in 2011 on Solstice deck at about 7:30 in the morning. We are early risers and had finished breakfast and were shocked to see someone walking with this arms fully extended downwards holding about 25+ towels that were held in place by his chin systematically placing them on chairs as he walked! We probably spent too many seconds staring at this insane spectacle when we realized that he had taken the last remaining loungers on the deck! I was furious and headed down to guest relations where my complaint was systematically filed in their circular receptacle and went back upstairs where I found a deck officer. I told him I needed someone to clear the towels off of the chairs. We went back upstairs where a couple who had been having breakfast on the loungers was leaving and we took their chairs. The deck officer appeared a few moments later and said: "OK, I guess everything is fine now". I said, actually, it wasn't and I needed ALL of the loungers cleared on Solstice deck. He thought I was joking and very quickly realized (and I must state that I NEVER raise my voice!) that I wasn't and had a (poor) Pool Butler clear the deck! I later recounted this story to one of the senior officers who frankly told me it was easier to deal with an angry but rational person like myself than a crazed psycho ranting over how their towels had been removed .... In all of my cruises, the best solution we have ever seen was on Oceania where the pool attendants constantly circulated and left timed cards saying that as of (insert-time-here) your towel was unattended and would be removed in 30 minutes. And in 30 minutes ... they did! Broadway has less dramatic performances than those of the people we witnessed keening, wailing and bemoaning the Fates at how their lives had been forever changed by the removal of their belongings. It took about a day and a half for people to realize that the rules applied to EVERYONE .... after that, most people learned to remove their stuff and move on!
  7. The website has been updated with post - revolutionary photos.... https://webapps.celebritycruises.com/revolution/#
  8. Looking at the new deck plans, it appears that Ocean Cay (my fave on Seaside!) has replaced Eatily whereas Hola has replaced the food market.
  9. Thanks for the great photos! I sailed on Meridian in 1993 in a Starlight Suite ... their claim to fame was that while there was no balcony (there were none on Meridian), there was a skylight with a mechanized blind that would electronically open and close with a touch of a button. It was sooooooooooooo ridiculous and so cool (hey - I was 30 years old at the time!) that we opened and closed it INCESSANTLY until it broke. We then, of course, phoned Guest Relations and said: "um, our blind appears to be broken!" After the Meridian (no longer with Celebrity) broke up and sank during a storm in Asia (no injuries and no-one lost) , a VERY funny friend of mine phoned me and said: "Hey - your Starlight Suite is now an Ocean Suite!!!!"
  10. My partner defines "low maintenance" but actually commented on it this last trip. It's just .... different! Completely agree with your comments. I define "movement" as when I can't put on my socks standing up without holding onto something!
  11. As someone one who has LOVED your blogs and has sailed on Celebrity and the YC frequently, I thought that I would weigh in here. Seaside (and Seaview) are completely new designs in the cruise industry. Since MSC purchased drawings/plans that had literally been sitting around in drawers (memory sticks?) at Fincantieri for about a decade, the same plans have been purchased by NCL (Project Leonardo) and Virgin (Scarlet Lady +). The plans place the engines amidships for stability which supposedly allowed them to build up much higher. Except ... it's not necessarily that stable. Let me say up front that after spending 21 days in the YC on Seaside this past year, there is no better value in cruising today. But ... the ship moves. Not lurches or hits potholes (not my expression!) but constantly weaves for lack of a better expression. Not seasickness inducing but definitely land-sickness inducing when you get home!
  12. Loooooooooooooooove your post! I am returning to Celebrity in a suite after a 6 year absence and am already getting nervous at all the photos of Millennium that are appearing. I have frequently stated ( on these boards but I'm too lazy to find the links!) that cabin design would IMMEDIATELY change if the CEO's were required to spend TWO nights in the cabin/suite mock-up. Ms. Hoppen's statements have actually made me cringe ... she basically boasts about never having sailed on a ship. Putting rocking chairs in a moving room (ie Edge) were insane ... if the motion sickness or the likelihood of having a toe crushed didn't get you, the inevitable noise or creaking would have. The multiple pillows were also a giveaway of having no clue .... could you please let us know where we're supposed to put them when we sit down? The greige colours don't bother me one way or the other ... the lack of functionality put me over the edge. Room service? Whaaaaaaaaa????? That's a thing? Can't you just eat with the plate in your lap? The "house" designers at RCI are skilled and smart - they really should have had final say. This is not isolated to Celebrity .... We sailed on Viking Ocean two months back where a single shower in a suite resulted in condensation literally running down the walls and don't even get me started if you were thinking of perhaps having a bm in the bathroom when you were on board? As I always have said ... I hope that I'm pleasantly surprised but I ALWAYS vote with my wallet......!
  13. Hello KeithM! Have spent 21 days in the Seaside YC this past year so I'm happy to comment. The YC itself is spectacular with a fantastic lounge with live music every night from about 5:30 to midnite and a beautiful "private" sundeck and pool. Getting a chair is never a challenge and it's great actually having a physical bar in both venues where you can interact with the bartenders, staff and fellow guests. There is a breakfast and lunch buffet outside and a continental and hors' doerve buffet inside that is open for about 20 hours (!) a day. The decor is totally MSC .... for better or worse, it is completely dictated by the Aponte Family (the owners) and I can assure you that Kelly Hoppen would be aghast ..... We visited an interior YC cabin and while it had all of the YC features and amenities, storage was extremely tight and there wasn't a lot of seating. The YC restaurant is delightful with one glaring liability ... the beef is truly terrible. Like scary. Still ... the seafood is excellent as are all the pastas and fabulous cheeses. You can get a package for the specialty restaurants for about $100 which is for 3 meals. Unlike their competitors, it's a Prix Fixe type of package ... one ap, one main and dessert. It's funny ... we left Celebrity after about 250 nights on board 6 years ago and will return this year in their new "Suite Class" . While people are petrified of MSC, we are scared about Celebrity!
  14. Crazy cool .... can’t imagine the stresses on the hull.... Sort of like me and new briefs... somethings gotta’ give!
  15. Duct tape, bubble wrap, 2 staple guns and REALLY strong wrapping tape...... It's really a SPECTACULAR operation whereas the ship is precisely guided into into it's 270 degree "berth" and the door is closed behind it and the water drained out. Think of it as a Panama Canal Transit where the water is drained out of the lock but there just happens to be a "roasting rack" that will hold the ship as it settles into place. Instructions: 1) Take large ship and gently guide into current wetdock. Make sure you remembered to place the pan beforehand in the dock. 2) Carefully close door behind you making sure it doesn't leak 3) Drain water leaving ship resting on rack 4) Refurbish until done or slightly firm
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