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  1. Thanks! Happy that you're booked again!
  2. We've sailed twice and did a few catamaran excursions where we chatted with a lot of people. Basically everyone had been on Regent/Silversea/ and particularly Seabourn. While there were many cruise first timers, there were extremely few people who had sailed on a premium or mass market line before. On our second sailing we actually travelled with our friends who generally do Regent and Silversea. I spoke to management on board and was told that Explora II will have a lot more shade and I would be getting more too on her return to Europe. We're also shade monsters and didn't find it a huge problem as we would just move once or twice a day. There's waaaaay more shade than the Regent Explorer Class Ships and it appears that there's basically no shade at all on Siver Nova and beyond. We sailed with 400 on our first trip and between 600 and 700 for our second and the ship strangely felt much better with the additional passengers! Just a nicer vibe although it made second visits to Sakura and Marble next to impossible.
  3. We have sailed twice in a Penthouse over the last few months and my advice is .... don't worry about it! You cabin attendant will leave a form in the room for your alcoholic preferences and they will appear in due course. The sizes will range from 200 cc to 1 L and will be replenished if consumed. Obviously, you can tell him or her what you want ... they really want to make you happy! Of course, they will do the same for juices, mixers and pop. As for wine - we ordered lunch one day from Room Service and asked if it was possible to get a glass of wine. The operator said "wouldn't you much rather have the bottle?". I complimented her on reading my mind!
  4. Good morning! We had between 600 and 700 on our sailing (I can't remember!) and the ship felt no more crowded than the 400 in November. Second reservations were a problem -we weren't successful but our friends who ate early got in a few times.
  5. I have taken the liberty of reposting the article link in a more accessible fashion as many may not understand that the original title of this post is actually the link. This way, people can read and interpret the article for themselves. https://cruiseindustrynews.com/cruise-news/2024/04/explora-journey-creating-a-unique-cruise-brand/
  6. To clarify, NOWHERE in this article does it say that they have no plans to change. As for "they think that they are doing great": This is the exact quote from their Chief Sales Officer: “At the very beginning, we told a very bold story. Many of our travel partners didn’t believe us. Now, they do,” he said, noting that Explora Journeys has created a “category of one.” Austin said that Explora never aimed to create a “copy of a classic, traditional cruise brand” but something “very special, different and unique” that incorporates the “vision and the dream” of MSC Cruises Group owners to create something entirely new.
  7. We all know that I am a "cheerleader" on these boards but I still think that it's better than being a font of negativity like what we've also seen! Our RegentCertified (sm) friends who joined us thought that the food on Explora was miles above R. I was 60 on our last sailing a few weeks ago and Explora defines what I think that luxury cruising should be. No excessive bling, no need for me to be babysat, fantastic fellow passengers, no need for bragging about "badge appeal" and one upmanship and just plain swell. A quiet, elegant product on a ship whose outdoor decks and bars are unmatched by anyone else in the industry. Oh ... and btw... Happy Birthday!
  8. Yes! While many references have been removed, I've attached this link that shows that you get a complimentary bag of laundry. https://explorajourneys.com/ca/en/life-on-explora/onboard-services When we had our room service lunch, I asked for two glasses of wine. The operator was "wouldn't you much rather have the entire bottle?". Bottle arrived n/c but I didn't ask about cocktails!
  9. We loved Explora just as much the second time as the first. I'm loathe to comment as people tend to seize on the negativities but I just wish there was a larger, rotating selection of wines. We were joined by friends who are total Regent devotees and commented on how Regent couldn't compare on food or entertainment! Returning to the Champagne, we should be happy that it's not the Montaudon aka swill that is the house brand on Seabourn!
  10. On March 1st, we had the Mercier in our PH - same as throughout the ship. I found it drinkable if not my absolute fave. Like us Canadians, it doesn't make waves!
  11. So sorry to hear this! Losing an animal is THE worst. The same thing happened to us after a cruise 16 years ago but unfortunately, she didn't last until our return. Her "replacements" (personality so big that two required) are turning 16 but please don't tell them that they're geriatric! They would both strenuously object! Again, so sorry that you had to go through this. I'm glad that you got to enjoy Explora but disappointed that it wasn't the best fit for you. At my stage in life, the product works exceptionally well for me.
  12. I have no problem when out of a maximum of 461 suites, only 5% of those that paid three times what I paid have access to the YC area. Especially when the island is basically empty. But ... and with no disrespect intended, if this is unacceptable to you, don't book. Aside from Ocean Cay, you have universal access to everything on the ship.
  13. I think that you have to get out of the entire "YC mindset". The YC pampers you by making you feel special among a vast crowd. They emphasize this with the private decks, lounges and restaurants. Explora, like most of the luxury lines is far more egalitarian - everyone is treated the same, that is - fabulously ! Better food, better restaurants, few announcements and a well-travelled crowd. I wish that I could explain it better - It's an overall quieter, more refined and relaxed experience. No real lines, no noise. Definitely no bling! My expectations of a private island were minimal. It was just nice to pull up to the dock (no tendering), walk off and have a relaxed day with friends. We were literally seated and chatting four minutes after stepping off the dock. The true luxury is and was space and no fuss.
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