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  1. Sooo... Looking at my partial transit cruise coming up in March 2021. SOME excursions are still showing reviews and ratings while at least 50% show no review or rating. I also looked at a cruise on Carnival I have booked for October 2022....all reviews/ratings are still intact. Maybe the Holland ones that are missing a review now will reappear at some point. I applaud CCL corporate for allowing reviews and ratings for their cruise line excursions. It's invaluable. Celebrity/Royal don't allow reviews/ratings. I think that stinks. I would have loved to have left a couple....they wouldn't have been complimentary.
  2. 1. HAL Zuiderdam 10 day partial transit- 03/2021. I sure have been looking forward to this one. 2. Carnival Mardi Gras- 10/2021. I'd say really good chance this will happen. 3. Allure 8 day eastern- 03/2022. Although the Zuiderdam cruise will be devastating as well.
  3. First cruise and first cruise with Carnival...Holiday in 2007. Cruise days: Carnival- 41 NCL- 49 Royal- 60 HAL- 35 Celebrity- 21
  4. Yes it's just bottomless bubbles. But that's SOMETHING. 😀 I have to wonder if one can get a credit for that applied to CHEERS?
  5. Next cruise up is Zuiderdam March 2021. Even when all this started never in my wildest dreams did I think there would be a possibility this cruise wouldn't take place. Now, I'm not so sure. And if it does under what conditions? Final payment date is November 7th. Wow that's fast approaching. As many have said...I'll reevaluate then.
  6. My last cruise, Getaway Nov 2019 was in an aft H7 suite. My three previous cruises were on Royal, Holland America, and Celebrity...each in a suite. So from a comparisons sake, I'll have to give the Norwegian Haven suite a good grade. For dining you have the Haven restaurant for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. It wasn't quite to the Celebrity suite restaurant(Laminae) but it was very nice. You also have the Haven bar. We had a cabin steward and a butler. Our butler was EXCELLENT. He will deliver daily snacks and such to your cabin and also room service and meals if you desire, all included. You may get meals delivered to your room off the menu during dining times as well. I thought the Haven area was excellent. MANY loungers and umbrellas to pick from. VERY uncrowded. For this cruise we had zero issues with children or anyone for that matter. It was a very nice cruise!
  7. We stayed in an H7 aboard Getaway November 2019. We had a Nespresso "Original" unit in our cabin. Certainly not a $50 machine. I enjoyed it so much I got a Nespresso "Vertuo" machine for Christmas!
  8. I have to admit I get kind of get a weird feeling booking a completely new class of ship. Same goes for a completely new cabin class. No real way to handpick a cabin, just read the info currently available and look at a conceptual graphic photo of the cabin and just go with it. No REAL way to know EXACTLY what I'm getting! But that's exactly what I did. This is so unlike me. Like many/most cruisers we cut our teeth on a Carnival cruise, the Holiday, in 2007. I took a lot of cruises aboard Carnival and probably would have added many more cruises except for one item, suite perks. It made no sense to me to pay the price for suite on Carnival with competitor cruises lines offering many more included suite benefits for very little more. So stray I did and haven't returned since. Enter the Mardi Gras and cheap deposits... The Excel suites are just what I've been looking for from Carnival. Real suite PERKS! Simple items like a coffee maker all the way to a concierge, included drink package, COMPLEMENTARY room service, sparkling wine and fruit bowl, laundry service, and access to a new exclusive area, Loft 19. And more! All these are very similar to what is offered by Royal Caribbean, Holland America, and even Celebrity. The suite itself looks great from the floorplans and graphics one can currently see including a large wraparound balcony with a dining table ON the balcony with lounge chairs included. The suite itself looks to be a very big cabin with a huge wraparound balcony. Check, check, and check! The kicker, cheap deposits....WHAT? I can book a very competitive suite for $198 deposit? Newest ship? Among the nicest cabins on the ship? $198??? In these current uncertain times this made SO much sense to me! With many cruise lines having a deposit of $500, some even $1500 and many deposits non-refundable for a suite this just makes sense. I find it refreshing to not have so much cash tied up in a reservation that may never happen. So new ship, new suite class, suite perks, great looking cabin, and low deposits....Carnival I'm all in! See ya October 2021!
  9. Wow am I ever experiencing WITHDRAWALS?? I had a cruise booked on the Celebrity Apex coming up in November. Of course I planned and planned.....cabins, hotels, excursions, etc....only to cancel.. Now I do have a partial transit PC coming up in March aboard Zuiderdam. I really don't know whether to start planning anything or not..... But still I'm thankful for every cruise I HAVE been able to take. How fortunate are we?
  10. I like HAL. Over the last two years I have been fortunate to get to cruise on four cruise lines, NCL(Getaway), HAL(Rotterdam), Celebrity(Silhouette), and RCL(Oasis). As with people I find I can find something good about each and each does different things really well. I enjoy the changeup and the variety. I get offers from all of them almost daily. Well they aren't necessary real OFFERS but at least emails. I had a cruise booked aboard the new Celebrity Apex coming up this November but cancelled due to the cruising uncertainty. I was really looking forward to that cruise too. I generally like the way the more traditional ships look. The Rotterdam is a beautiful ship. But all the ships I have been on are beautiful in their own way. I have to admit the new Edge/Apex are beautiful in their own way as well. Currently they are probably head of the class in terms of innovation.
  11. Thanks for the info! Exactly what I wanted to know.
  12. Hello! QUESTION... Does anyone know if this cruise goes thru the new or old canal locks? Any other tips/hints you'd like to share about this itinerary or ship? This cruise is at least far enough out it could actually happen! LOL! I'm actually thinking about doing a little planning!
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