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  1. As a bystander with VERY limited medical knowledge...I have one question. Would you have recommended that governments step in asap and got all of their people off (as is happening now) and quarantined them on land? I realise this is a huge undertaking, but can't help still feeling this would have been a better solution....
  2. Hmmm...so kids are allowed in the coutryard (my two are still BEST behaviour in there) but not ok with sundeck. If you see it tomorrow, make sure you let staff know. It could be that parents aren't aware of the rules (benefit of the doubt) and just need someone to let them know.
  3. OH HELL NO! Kids on the sundeck is a big no-no. You know me - I ALWAYS sail with 2 kids (one of which is always pax 2 and pays full adult fare). They should absolutely NOT be in adult only areas. Even in Haven areas where they ARE allowed, my two know 100% that it best behaviour/inside voice/seen and not heard....folks pay a lot of money for Haven. They need to uphold the rules. Hoping this is just because it's day 1 and from here on it will be enforced.... AFT elevators are 100% better so wherever possible take those. Makes it easy if you spend most of your time at District Brew House...lol
  4. PLEASE post pics. That's what I'm considering next. LOVED the aft penthouse but thinking of the 2 bedroom for the next one!
  5. It is the couple who owns KHTS Radio - many of us on here have been following them. They have done some well-written blogs as well as videos on the radio FB page. One of the 4 was found positive a day or so before the evac flight and was transferred to hospital in Japan. The other 3 were tested due to close contact. Her husband was negative. The other couple had not received their test results prior to going on the evac flight. The husband of this couple developed a fever on the flight and was flown behind the plastic sheet. He was tested on arrival in US and next day confirmed positive. His wife still shows negative, as does the husband of the other lady who is still in Japan.
  6. Settling in....let's do this sistah! We NEED to see drinks, food, speedos, and (most importantly) sleepers.....don't let us down now! I forget, what kind of Haven room did you end up in?
  7. This is what I was trying to say (not very well) in my post earlier. I am wondering if OP wasn't allowed to purchase BSE because they ONLY wanted it for the adult in the cabin, thinking it wasn't as good a deal for the child. If this were the case, then I understand why they were refused. However, there would be no reason to refuse if OP were willing to pay for BSE for ALL guests in cabin, regardless of age. The only thing that would be substituted is the drink package for the minors.
  8. Yes, all guests pay the same rate for BSE or for add-ons. Guest 3/4 can choose not to take the perks. In my case, the cost of BSE for one of my booked cruises (15 day Hawaii) for all 3 of us worked out at a similar price as adding BEST2DG . In fact, for this cruise, the additional it cost to refare to BSE was actually less than we would have paid for gratuities for 3 people over 15 days so it was a no-brainer. On a different cruise booking, I did the BEST2DG add-on as my category was sold out and I couldn't refare. I added it for all 3 passengers (1 adult, 2 kids) at the same daily rate for each. Still a great deal, even though 2 of them will be coffee/soda package rather than beverage package.
  9. Something isn't correct here It should not make a difference of whether the 2nd guest is an adult or child in terms of getting the BSE applied. If the guest is under 21, they will get the coffee and soda package rather than the drink package. You will pay the same cost so, in that sense, it's not as great of a deal. If, what you are asking is "Can I get BSE for the adult guest #1 and not for child guest #2 then the answer would be NO. However, you can certainly get BSE for guest 1 and 2, pay the BSE rate for both, and the drink package is adjusted to coffee and soda packae. I say this with certainty since I ALWAYS travel with two kids and I have done BSE this way for two upcoming cruises. I am guest 1 and get the drink package. My kids are guest 2 and 3 and get the soda/coffee package. The price worked out as a better deal than buying a drink package and two soda packages plus gratuties (wifi is a wash since we are all elite and get it anyways).
  10. FYI the report I watched said that these two tested negative in Japan prior to being evacuated. Sorry again I have no link.
  11. Just seen news report that two of the Australian evacuees tested positive in Darwin. nNo link, sorry, I’m on transit!
  12. Yet the wife of the table mate, who likely shared more than just a dinner table with him (they were on their honeymoon, after all) tested negative! The same is true for the radio owner couple and their friends. Their spouses were both negative... This is a very strange virus!
  13. Carl Goldman from KHTS Radio has updated his blog. An interesting comment: "I am fine. My fever broke yesterday. It came back for a few hours overnight with a 100.7 reading. I am told the 14-day quarantine meter starts all over again each time I have a fever. If that is true, I am back to Day 1. " https://www.hometownstation.com/santa-clarita-news/editorials/santa-clarita-resident-battles-coronavirus-after-diamond-princess-cruise-part-8-313501
  14. The picture was taken by Yardley Wong - she was on the ship and disembarked yesterday. She is from Hong Kong but not going back immediately since her parents and uncles/aunt are still on the ship. She posted video to her twitter account (which some of us on here have been following) of her disembarkation and subsequent pictures of her out in Japan.
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