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  1. I don't understand about it not being combinable with EZ Air discounts - I have EZ Air on the booking.....
  2. Not sure about that.... The confirmation states (and I'm quoting): ************** IMPORTANT INFORMATION REGARDING THIS BOOKING ****************** The deposit for the fare you have selected is 100% non-refundable and non-transferable. Upon payment, no portion of the deposit is refundable for any reason. Non-refundable deposit amount is equal to 10% of the cruise or cruisetour fare. Please be advised this special promotion is not combinable with select discounts nor is it combinable with Princess eZAir discounts.
  3. I wish Princess would make it easier to book their 2 bedroom suites! They can't be booked online and, sometimes, the reps on the phone don't even know they exist! It's annoying that you can't even get a gauge on pricing to decide if it's even worth the call to check availability!
  4. I'm hoping it was just some kind of "glitch" - I've never run into this before and I always book myself through the website. Maybe the "promo" was meant to show up and just didn't? I DID google "Princess Saver" (which is the promo the rep said my booking fell under - even though it says nothing about it when booking or on Princess site). This is what came up: Princess Savers While many of your clients love the terrific pricing and great value adds found in Princess Limited Time Promotions, some clients may just want the lowest fare available. Now they have a choice – meet Princess Saver Fares. These fares are available for all destinations (Select cruises and cruisetours may be excluded. Specifically excludes World Cruises). And clients who choose the Princess Savers option may book with a non-refundable 10% deposit, which is applicable to all guests on a booking. These fares are ideal for clients who want to commit to a specific date and voyage and want the lowest fare without the value-adds typically included, like beverage packages, specialty dining, or onboard spending money. Of course, they can also choose to go with a current limited time promotion. The choice is theirs and it gives you more options to close the sale! So it seems that this DOES exist....I just hope that this does not become the "norm" when booking as I certainly don't want to be blindsided into a non-refundable deposit without warning!
  5. This is one of the few things that Princess DOES seem to have consistency on! From our experience of cruising with them (with kids) for the past 11 years, they do not allow kids to be moved between age groups UNLESS their birthday falls during the cruise. Our cruise in March, my (almost) 8 year old was head and shoulders above every other child in the club. Whenever I dropped him off or picked him up, the staff would comment that he was in the wrong group....lol
  6. That's rough.....is this a UK legal thing?
  7. Yes, but both those promos are listed when you pull up the booking (if they qualify). The booking I am referring to does not fall into either promo....
  8. We didn't have the new bed in our room on Royal, either.....sad!
  9. I did that - the supervisor was the one who told me it was non-refundable due to it being the Princess Saver promotion. It's a little worrisome - losing $79 as a deposit is one thing, but most times we are talking a couple of hundred!
  10. Yes - the confirmation they sent AFTER booking states that the deposit of 10% was non-refundable (my deposit was listed at $79 as it's CAD$)
  11. I'm fine with this as that makes it my choice whether or not to proceed with non-refundable deposit. What I am saying is that for THIS sailing (Royal, Sept 14th) there was NO pop up/warning/fine print. NOTHING to indicate the non-refundable deposit until the confirmation came through. Try booking and see if you get the pop-up....
  12. I also don’t book with non- refundable deposits, which is why I am alarmed that it doesn’t mention being non-refundable until AFTER you have paid the deposit. I guess the way around it is to put a courtesy hold and check the confirmation before putting down the deposit!
  13. The promotion the rep said it falls under isn't even listed on the site - "Princess Saver"? Never heard of it and it certainly isn't advertised as this. It's just the price that comes up when I search for a cruise. Now I'm concerned that this might be the case for other cruises, too.....I know the site has been glitchy the past few days, so maybe it has something to do with that.....
  14. I've looked everywhere - can't see anything other than on the confirmation that is emailed after booking! I didn't use an agent - I did it on the website, as I always do. I called Princess to ask about the non-refundable reference in the confirmation, and that agent told me it was tied to the promotion that isn't mentioned at all on the booking page.....
  15. Has anyone else noticed that Princess seems to be throwing in non-refundable deposits without making it clear that they are non-refundable? I noticed a price drop on Royal Sept 14th 3 days out of Vancouver down to LA. I booked and placed a courtesy hold and the confirmation stated that deposit of 10% was non-refundable. I went back and looked at the booking page and couldn't see any "offer" associated with the pricing or any mention of non-refundable deposit. I called Princess and was told that this was a "Princess Saver" fare so the deposit was non-refundable. I don't have a problem with this if it is a term attached to the promo, but why isn't it listed somewhere prior to booking? Thankfully, I only placed a hold so won't lose anything but if I had put down a deposit then decided not to go, I would have lost my deposit....am I missing something? Now I'm worried about booking in case this is the case with other sailings, too - how do you know it's non-refundable if it doesn't tell you until after you have placed the deposit?
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