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  1. I am still waiting on my refund and have got as far as finally receiving a confirmation via email for the cancellation - it took 3 and a half weeks of constantly calling, emailing, posting on social media to get this. I cancelled my cruise for March 21st on March 10th. I cancelled myself, prior to the the announcement of mass cancellations. I had an annual insurance plan that confirmed it would cover the non-refundable amount completely. However, in order to claim from my insurance, I needed proof of cancellation.. I was unable to get this proof from Carnival. The timeframe to submit the documents to claim on insurance passed and I have since requested the full refund option from Carnival. So far I have received no refund for anything. Carnival is not alone. I also cancelled with Princess. While communication with Princess has been far better, I have still received no refund from them, either. I understand that they are overwhelmed and have a lot of refunds to process. However, they are imploring customers to stick with them and they will need to build up their business again once this is done. Had the refunds been issued promptly (or even an email from Carnival) I was 100% ready to rebook 2 weeks ago. As it stands now, I will not be in hurry to book anything for a long time. I have bookings for next year and 2022 that were made a while back but nothing else for this year. Both lines have lost out on my business for this year and I'm sure I'm not the only one that would have already booked again had the refunds been processed. I am not complaining, just giving my opinion. There are far bigger things to worry about right now than whether or not I get to take a vacation in the future. It would sure be nice to get the money back in my account and not be paying the 19.99% interest that Canadian credit card companies like to charge but for now I will worry about when we will be allowed out of our house again, or when my children will be allowed to return to school.
  2. Not sure if this is accurate, but posted to the Princess FB page:
  3. FWIW I have had 3 cruises cancelled due to COVID-19 - NCL, Carnival, and Princess. All 3 lines state 90 days for refunds. Yes, it is frustrating. Yes, it is wrong. But NCL is not the only line doing it. I am in no way defending this for any of the cruise companies, but it appears it is just something we need to accept as we come to terms that life in general is no longer the way it used to be.
  4. Ours would have ended March 21st. Nothing for us yet.
  5. Sorry to hear this! Is the rationale behind it that the cruise you were meant to take on March 7th actually sailed? If it was cancelled anyway, then I can't see how/why they would not allow you option 1?
  6. Our sailing date was March 14th. Nothing back yet.
  7. Last time mine appeared a day after yours (before disappearing again). It's not showing right now, so will check tomorrow!
  8. I called yesterday - I had requested a refund and have been trying to get some kind of confirmation for over 3 weeks. I finally received a confirmation detailing the FCC they would be giving me. DOH! Anyways, I got though immediately and spoke to an agent who said that she had made notes on my (cancelled) booking that I wanted a refund but said that it needed to then go through the resolutions department. She wasn't able to give me a timeline as to how long the process would be from this point (it has taken 19 days to get this far and I have nothing refunded at all). Hang in there everyone and keep us updated on progress (or lack of).
  9. ADDING for my client that I booked/cancelled for (I am a TA) Cruising date: March 14th Cancellation done by: Me online through Polar Booking System Date Cancelled: March 9th Date Filled out FCC/Refund options form: March 12th Excursions?: No Final payment made: Yes Status: Refund of taxes/port charges, refundable portion of EZAir back on credit card March 13th Waiting on option 1 FCC
  10. Cruising date: March 14th Cancellation done by: Me over the phone with Princess Rep Date Cancelled: March 10th Date Filled out FCC/Refund options form: March 12th Excursions?: Yes. Final payment made: Yes Status: Waiting on refund of taxes/port charges, shorex, pre-paid grats, refundable portion of EZAir and option 1 FCC
  11. It has been 18 days since my cancellation, too. I have repeatedly asked for an email confirmation. Today, 18 days later, I finally received one - well, if you can call it that. It basically told me that I would get X amount as a FCC and to submit a form to have this applied when I book my cruise. My problem here is that a) There was no mention of the amount that should have been refunded had I opted for the FCC b) Nothing has been refunded to my cc c) I opted for a full refund rather than FCC I guess I will have to call (again) tomorrow
  12. This is what makes the process even more frustrating (sorry...I don't mean you!). I cancelled on March 10th and NOTHING! So you cancelled a day after me for a cruise in June and got a refund. I cancelled a day before for a March cruise and still waiting...16 days and counting. Again, not frustrated about you - thank you for sharing. Just frustrated about the process....
  13. ORIGINAL cancellation policy stating that FCC could be used on new or existing bookings: https://em.princess.com/pub/sf/ResponseForm?_ri_=X0Gzc2X%3DYQpglLjHJlTQGuhcMK6zgDeR6O77YoCW7zfIyF1btoyMqKzd5P8zbwYC9g38zasFLTdJdD45o7nVXMtX%3DYQpglLjHJlTQGuhcMK6zgDeR6O77YoCW7zfIyjrozdWjjXat5o8kabFfhzgzcGpXaYkF1uzbInzeO&_ei_=EsRHJ-x1NPQlM7JwmfY27ecfFj3UXUc&_di_=rl936fpjon5v2829p90pfcqbl0h41i3ccuhg1numrv5obdp4m8bg
  14. Yes - I KNEW I had read that somewhere but couldn't remember where and couldn't find it again, so thanks for making me look harder! I was concerned about the use only on new bookings as I have a bunch of cruises booked through 2022 that I planned on using them for.
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