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  1. The meter folks are ruthless here - they are out in force every day and don't hesitate to issue tickets, even if you are only a minute or so over!
  2. Lots of parking in Stanley Park, but it's paid parking so be sure to feed the meter. Parking tickets are expensive here!
  3. I wonder if this is the reason folks are "jumping ship" (literally). I had no desire to go to Alaska this year, and certainly no desire to go back on Royal...but when I saw the price of the 14 day in August I couldn't refuse! I figure the worst day on a cruise has to be better than the best day at work/home....so why not!
  4. I'm not disagreeing with that at all and, as I said, it makes no difference to me. However, from what I've read the Royal hasn't made the Inside Passage at all thus far...so it would make more sense to show the route West of Vancouver Island. That way, no one is disappointed and, on the contrary, it's a huge bonus if they make the Inside Passage. Just my opinion....
  5. This is right out of my personalizer....showing a definite inside passage route!
  6. Great - thinking it will be something different for us. Last time we were there we hiked up Mount Roberts and it was great...so getting out of town this time is top of our list!
  7. I live in Vancouver....no need for sightseeing and touring there!
  8. Has Royal made the inside passage at all since she began Alaska? I'm booked on a B2B in August and it's still being sold as Inside Passage and I've not received anything from Princess telling me otherwise. I've cruised Alaska enough times to not be bothered either way, but it would seem to me that Princess would be better to NOT promote it as Inside Passage and then if they DO make that route it would be a bonus.....
  9. We have been to Juneau many times and done all the usual tourist things. We would like to do something different on our visit in August and were looking at Douglas Island. We are interested in Sandy Beach and the Treadwell Mine walking tour, but not sure about the best way to get there and back? It will be two adults and two kids. I read that you can get the public bus but I was not successful in finding out which number and where to get it/where to get off (the bus website was pretty confusing!) The other option would be a cab to take us there if we could arrange for them to also pick us up...not sure what that would cost? We are not interested in renting a car... Thanks for any suggestions!
  10. Question 1 for Haven veterans (my first Haven experience is coming up end of September and I've paid a small fortune upfront for it). How do the powers that be KNOW that you are a legitimate Haven guest? I understand the concept of needing to scan your card for entry, but say you are traveling with non-Haven folks and you all go up together on the first day. The Haven person scans the card, all of the group walk in....how does anyone in the Haven area know that some are not legitimate Haven people?? Question 2 - if this non-Haven folk dining takes off, what will this mean for actual Haven people? Can we make reservations for the Haven restaurant? I had thought that we just show up whenever and get seated whenever, since it's an exclusive restaurant? If they are taking actual reservations for those willing to pay $50 then does that "trump" those of us that have "complimentary" access? If I have to reserve a specific time then I just as well go eat in Taste/Savor! Question 3 - has anyone yet been on a sailing where this is already in place and has seen any negative consequences?
  11. I wonder if the specialty dining package can be used toward this - maybe with an upcharge? That would definitely open a whole new can of worms... How would you even go about booking this? I see it on my reservation for Bliss in September, but it's not available to actually book anything. I'm doing my first Haven sailing and will be disappointed if there are long waits to get a table in the restaurant. Having said that, I don't really have anything to compare to as I've not sailed Haven before...
  12. My TA was able to add sip n sail to our 15 day Hawaii in March 2021. The price went up $236 but still a bargain...
  13. I usually give mine to a crew member that has made out trip special in some way. They are always very appreciative!
  14. Does it not say on the menu that additional entrees are charged at $10? Or is this another cruise line? I have definitely been charged at some point for having more than one entree....
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