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  1. What is the protocol if someone tested positive? I assume you would have to stay, but how does all that work?
  2. This one? Still missing the roundtrip Vancouver - Hawaii sailing...I was excited about that one! 2022-23 Americas Fares.xlsx
  3. Weird. On closer inspection, it seems there are some discrepancies on these flyers (that came directly from Princess). The Crown is slated for California Coast and Hawaii starting in Fall 2022 BUT it is currently on sale for the same time period in Europe? I'm guessing that either the flyers are wrong, or they are planning on pulling Crown out of Europe/changing ship? Anyone know?
  4. Sadly, the main sailing I am interested in is missing - October 2022 roundtrip Hawaii from Vancouver.
  5. 2022-23WestCoastSailingSchedulewithFaresAmenities.pdf
  6. At the bottom of the last page it says fares include drinks, wifi, gratuities
  7. Sorry - only US available right now. Princess does update the exchange rate regularly now, though, so you could probably get a close estimate!
  8. 2022-23CaribbeanPanamaCanalSailingSchedulewithFaresAmenities.pdf
  9. Whaaatttt? All those years I've been cruising and I never knew this? I thought they all opened them? Man, I have not been living on the edge!
  10. That's one thing that is definitely better than on the ship - I hate that you can't grab drinks to go and take them to your room....
  11. OMG - we all need a Mad max in our life right now. Those drinks look good. Hope you have some of @sid_9169's patches handy!
  12. So now I'm starting to get interested in this all inclusive gig! My only experience with an AI is when I was a young backpacker in Thailand and we snuck into Club Med (look confident and act like you belong and no one questions it - we spent a week there, only leaving at night. Lol). That was a long time ago and it was a great resort, but very limited in terms of what was included - set lunch/dinner times and the included alcohol was all self serve beer and limited wine/spirits. Looks like that's not the case where you are...can you order anything at the bar or does some of it have a charge? A
  13. Your photos make it look as if you are the only person staying there! It would be interesting to see how packed it could potentially get once we are out of this damn pandemic!
  14. Looks amazing. I have never been to a "resort" and never wanted to....but right now, I would give my first born to be laying in one of those loungers. Thanks for bringing us along!
  15. Is this still part of the resort? So drinks still included....this is important. Lol.
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