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  1. I second this! Anyone still waiting, email csteinke@princesscruises.com. I was really getting the run around for mine and my client's March sailing and out of desperation emailed the customer service director (Steinke). Kimberley called me back within a few days, promised to take care of it. I had the refund within 2 days and the FCCs within a week AND she personally called me to check that everything was settled.
  2. I agree - the way this was handled on all counts was unacceptable. I expected better of Princess and was very disappointed. I am 99.9% sure we won't sail in March - final payment is in January so I have some time to weigh the options. I don't want to cancel until my March sailing from THIS year has been squared away since I don't want any refund from NEXT year's cruise to look like it was from THIS year's cancellation. It's sad that I have to be concerned about this, but the disorganisation from Princess leaves me VERY concerned that the refunds could be misinterpreted! My cruise next March is already 60% paid for (2 weeks in a full suite, so a chunk of change) so I don't want to have to fight for that money back!
  3. If it's FCC then no....that FCC goes back in your personalizer and you get no bonus with it (at least that is how it is now - it could change, but doubtful)
  4. I sometimes feel like this will never end. I've gone from having NOTHING for 6 months, to now having DOUBLE what I should have (dispute credits plus Princess refund) and can't seem to get it sorted. My client (same March cruise) has FINALLY got back her EZ Air refund but still waiting on those FCCs.... With my March 2021 Hawaii sailing looking less and less likely, I fear that I will be going through this all over again in a few months.
  5. Please keep us updated on what happens! I disputed through both my cards after 75 days of waiting and got temp credits. On day 150, Princess refunded both cards. I immediately let my banks know and told them they could close the dispute. At this point, I still have those temp credits showing. I am concerned that the temp credits will be removed AND Princess will recharge and I will be right back to square one!
  6. I'm concerned that with the necessary changes that will need to be made for cruising to resume, we may be priced out of the cruise market. I have two already booked for 2021 and one for 2022, all booked long before COVID was ever heard of. I am doubtful the 2021 ones will actually sail, but if they do I will be on them...
  7. It worked for me - my client let me know today that her refund has posted to her credit card. This was for a March 14th sailing and, until I sent the email this week, I was getting nowhere with it!
  8. Sorry, no idea of ranking/reporting but Steinke is head of customer relations - since that was the department not responding to any of my questions that was the executive I went to. For me, it got me a phone call and some answers. Now I will give them a week and see if those promises materialise. If you want to go right to the top, then email Jan Swartz office.
  9. Try emailing csteinke@princesscruises.com This is the head of customer relations - I emailed late last week as my client is still waiting on a refund and FCC from a March sailing and I was literally getting nowhere with calling or emailing the regular way. Yesterday, the executive office called me and assured me everything was now processed and would be final within 7-10 days. Hoping that this is true and it will be the end of it....
  10. I thought I might be in the lifetime membership the rate things were moving! Lol I swear, if they recharge me, as seems to have happened for a few on here, I will literally lose my mind!
  11. Oh happy day...it has FINALLY happened. After 140 days, Princess has finally refunded my March 14th sailing. I chose option 1 (225% FCC) and received the correct amount of FCC about a month ago. No email to let me know, it was just on my Princess account. Today I got the refund of taxes/fees, EZ Air, pre-paid grats back to my credit cards and it balances to the penny. Now I have to let my banks know to cancel the dispute I initiated and I have to pray Princess doesn't end up recharging me as some have experienced! This whole ordeal has been beyond frustrating. The long wait wasn't my main concern - it was the total lack of transparency, consistency, and communication. I truly feel that Princess has done their brand a huge disservice with the way this has been handled.
  12. Thanks for the explanation. Ugh. I REALLY hope they don't do this with me. I will literally lose my mind! Fingers crossed you can get to the bottom of it. It still doesn't sound right that they can charge your card without permission - if anything, shouldn't it be the card issuer that would do that if Princess claims they don't owe you the refund?
  13. This astounds me! Is it even legal to charge someone's credit card without their permission? Isn't that fraud? I'm assuming it isn't money that you actually owe to Princess, so on what grounds are they clawing it back? Is it due to a credit card dispute? I'm asking simply because I initiated a dispute and currently have temp credits from the credit card company. Now Princess just refunded (a very small) portion of what I'm owed back to my card, so I would assume the temporary credit for that amount would just drop off so that I don't get "double" the refund...but maybe it is Princess that are taking back what they refunded? It's so confusing. Please keep us informed of what the outcome is, along with their reasoning for clawing it back!
  14. You should start a betting syndicate - see who gets closest to your FCC date. Lol. You could stand to make BIG money!
  15. OMG people, I can hardly believe I am posting this, BUT...on day 137, I have a pending refund on my Capital One card from Princess cruises. It's only a very small portion of what I'm owed, but I had given up hope of ever getting anything from Princess so it's a start. Nothing on my RBC card, which was the bulk of charges, but that one is always slower to process. There could be light at the end of the tunnel....
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