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  1. And the hat trick (or whatever it's called when you score a bunch of times in a row)! Check them off people: - restroom pics - check - margartias - check - weird food items/porn - check - hand drawn maps - check - Sid's shirts - check You are on a roll!
  2. And this is why we love you.... Sid, you just made my night!
  3. Oh Sid, you never disappoint! Only on day one and we’ve already had multiple restrooms, margaritas, and food porn! Keep up the good work!
  4. How many margaritas have you had so far???
  5. Noooooo I was holding out for the prize spot picture! Kick those others out of the way. You have a reputation to maintain here!
  6. Settling in for the adventure...wake up Sid!!!! Most anticipated event of my year! Anxiously awaiting: First restroom pic Hand drawn map First sleeping person pic First margarita pic Total number of drinks during trip Total number of pills/patches used (and usefulness of them) Food porn Shirt porn Spider stories (maybe you will find him with your swimming trunks?) And did I somehow miss the packing list and pictures??? That's one of my favorite bits, too! We will miss you over on the tribe for the next while, but I know we are all eagerly awaiting this cruise as much as you! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
  7. Another of Sid's tribe members reporting for duty! Just got back from a cheeky little 3 day cruise and so happy to find this much anticipated live from.... Bring on the hand drawn maps and restroom pictures. The popcorn is ready!
  8. I hope things improve! Things happen and that’s just one of the outcomes of traveling sometimes! I was also in the 3 day and felt everyone just rolled with it! My day yesterday was a comedy of errors that resulted in us not getting back to Vancouver until 2am this morning! I still wouldn’t change things - we had an absolute blast!
  9. Hope everyone made it safely home! We were in the second walk off group and San Pedro was an absolute mess! Lines for cabs, shuttles, Uber, and much confusion! After an hour wait we finally got the princess shuttle to the airport! Lots of delays with our flights and finally made it home by 2am! Sigh! Still a fun trip and we had a blast!
  10. I’m on here too and agree with you! I personally haven’t heard any complaints and everyone looks as if they are having a great time! I had EZ Air and everything was taken care of by Princess - granted I now have a non-direct flight and don’t arrive in Vancouver until midnight but I didn’t have to pay change fees and didn’t have the hassle of switching it all myself! Matt O and his team are phenomenal! This is our 3rd cruise on Royal in 6 months just to sail with the cruise team! I hope princess realizes just what an asset they have in Matt! Safe travels to everyone!
  11. Hmmm....wonder if the drink package still applies today? I could get in a few more before being kicked off at 4pm!
  12. For sure! I wouldn’t have chosen this flight but happy to have been taken care of!
  13. Just got the info for our rebooked EZAir flights. Our direct 3 hour flight from LAX to YVR has now become a flight with a stop and plane change in Seattle. We get back to YVR at midnight. Ugh. Not ideal with two kids but at least it hasn’t cost me anything extra and I didn’t have to scramble to make the changes myself. It would s what it is...
  14. Yes, I doubt the ship will be cleared by 4:30 given the last disembark group has that time! The notice also says we need to be out of stateroom at noon - can’t see that happening either, to be honest! 99% of folks have self carry so not likely going to lug bags around with them for 3-4 hours! We have a disembark group of 4:15pmbut have no word on our EZ Air flight yet....wondering when I should start to panic! Lol
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