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  1. Sorry, I meant it's not showing as available to book! I'm sure it's still on the ship!
  2. I was about to ask the same question. Also on Panorama, sailing in March. No Teppanyaki showing up under specialty dining!
  3. That's an interesting concept that MIGHT make it even more difficult to get passes! I think of myself, for instance. I would NEVER race onto the ship to try and be in line to secure a pass. Just too stressful and not the way I want to begin my vacation. However, with an option to do it from home in my PJs, I just might try it. I wonder how many others have a similar mindset? People like me would have been no competition for the buying onboard passes, but if it's pre-reserve in advance online....bring it on!!! LOL
  4. I was about to echo the same thoughts as martincath....I have done this repo on Bliss two years in a row and both embarkations were very different. Both times, no one at NCL was able to actually give accurate information - so don't believe anything you get from them! The first year, Bliss sailed under the bridge (empty) in the early hours of the morning and was sat there waiting for us. I was on the ship before noon and everyone was free to come and go until 7pm. At that point, all had to be onboard and the gangway was pulled. Muster was at 8pm, even though we didn't actually leave until around 2am, to fit under the bridge. Fast forward to this year when the times we were given by NCL were the same, but the reality was very different. Bliss once again sailed in empty in the early hours, but since there were already 3 ships docked at Canada Place, it had to hang out in the harbour waiting for them to leave. Check in didn't even open until 7pm, by which time there was an enormous line up. It took us over two hours to get through and on the ship - and we were sailing Haven! Many took even longer. I believe the last passenger was on around 10:30pm and muster was held at 11pm - not a popular decision given the long day all guests had encountered. We left around 2am again to fit under the bridge. I would definitely check out the port schedules and see if other ships are in on the same day. I would never do a cruise that has one of these mammoth ships in with another big ship again - just too much hassle for a short trip!
  5. I often find that some adults are more poorly behaved than kids! Thanks for your review - I have been thinking of booking this room on Joy. I do love Haven, though.....
  6. If you go back to the first post and look at the graphic emailed by NCL it says: "Apply 2 Cruise Next Deposits on any stateroom and any cruise of 6 days or more" That's why I asked the question. As someone that doesn't cruise NCL often and have never used cruise next deposits previously, I found that misleading as when I tried to apply my two deposits to a Haven booking I wasn't able to. So I just booked a balcony instead....
  7. When it says ALL rooms, does that mean all except Haven? So not really all?
  8. Thanks for your honest review/thoughts. I've been following both you and Doug as I've been eagerly awaiting Encore coming West. However, nothing has wowed me about the ship so far and I find I agree with all of the "negatives" you mentioned. It's disappointing - I love Bliss and thought Encore would be a step up from it. Now I'm thinking I will stick with Bliss or maybe give Joy a try!
  9. Thanks! I wasn’t sure if I was missing something!!! Never used one before!
  10. I wish the search function on here was more user friendly as I’m sure this has been asked and answered, but my search is coming up with nothing! What is the advantage of applying 2 cruise next certificates? I just got 2 on my last cruise and looking to book the next one, but not sure why the need to apply 2? Also, it says applies to any stateroom but I thought Haven had different rules? Basically, I’m looking to book a Haven room and have 2 regular certificates. What is the best way to use them?
  11. My coastal on Sun for 2021 got cancelled - disappointing as this is a ship I've never sailed and I wanted to try it out on a short cruise. Not a huge deal, though - far enough out to not be financially problematic. I also got the $15 per person that has already attached to the replacement cruise we booked!
  12. OMG - Sue's face! She does NOT look impressed! My guess is she would rather be eating gummy bears right about now!
  13. We just sailed in 15876, the Haven Aft Balcony right next door. We heard no noise whatsoever and it was an amazing room and balcony! The window washer for the spa above us didn't make any noise, but our balcony was wet each morning - not that this was a problem for us!
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