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  1. Pricing has been erratic since the move to include all fees/taxes on July 1st. I check constantly for both my personal bookings and my client's bookings. I expected to see the price "look" higher since everything is included upfront. However, what I'm finding on multiple bookings is that overnight (as in on July 1st after checking June 30th) I have bookings that are now a higher end price with standard than they were with Plus or Premier. Whether this was an intentional price increase, or just the system being messed up/glitchy, I'm not sure. But I'm seeing very weird pricing.
  2. I bet dad would be all over that roast beef and Yorkshire pud!!!
  3. My last sailing in December was full of folks who had booked when they had the big extra bar tabs as a promo. On the last evening, it was a mad frenzy trying to use it all up. We were getting glasses of whisky at $140 a go and bottles of champagne...it was a lot of fun!
  4. Oooh colouring for arts and crafts! That’s more my jam! But don’t go outside the lines!
  5. That's my least fave show on Princess. Second least is Magic To Do. Both by Steven Swartz. Which is weird, because you know how much I love Wicked!
  6. Two of my favourite words in one sentence. Mimosa. Cake.
  7. Emotional Support Ostrich does not endorse this message...
  8. There is not enough alcohol in the world...
  9. Do you even need a cruise when you have a 17 year old wanna-be bartender?
  10. The violet cloud tasted like old people…
  11. That was one of the drinks my boy chose for me. Not something I would ever order, but surprisingly good. For a 13 year old, he has pretty good taste in cocktails!
  12. By any chance did your booking have pre-paid gratuities/crew appreciation (outside of the plus package) or, when you booked, was the plus package part of your booking as a promo (so you didn't pay "extra" for it but it was "gifted" as part of the promotion? I suspect that your booking already has an offer code attached (either for Plus or some other promotion) and the folks looking at your booking don't know how to handle that (the Princess agents are the WORST lately - I often have to go through at least 4 before I can find one that can actually help). It is simply a case of removing the offer code attached and assigning the new one. You just need to find a rep seasoned enough to know how to do this. That being said, it is possible that your booking was some kind of promo that will not combine with the offer code (you should know what promo you booked with). This is from the Princess FAQ: Does Princess Plus or Princess Premier combine with any other promotions, offers or cruise deals? Yes. Princess Plus and Princess Premier can be combined with most publicly available offers including Standard Groups, Cruise Sales, casino discounts, military benefits, Future Cruise Deposits, Princess Referral Rewards, geo-targeted and recipient-only offers and Captain's Circle Launch Savings. Princess Plus and Princess Premier are not combinable with any other promotions. If all else fails, would there be a huge price difference to just cancel and rebook (assuming final hasn't already passed)? If not, that may be the route to take. Or just wait until onboard and upgrade at that point...
  13. Ha! You’ve obviously never cruised with me! I close that ship down!
  14. I hope there are no unruly passengers on that one that keep you up partying all night!
  15. If you have a TA, they should be able to simply add the code to your booking and that will upgrade to the premiere package from plus. It's done right in Polar (the booking engine) and the code to add to go from Plus to Premiere is NEWPLS2PRM (assuming you booked Plus at $60 a day - the difference would be an additional $20 per day per person and both pax 1 and 2 must have it).
  16. Thank you! I knew that was the case on princess, but with the way RC sell the guarantee I thought you were locked into that category- my confirmation actually has a category as the guarantee rather than just a general “balcony guarantee “ like I’ve seen with other lines. Now I know! Not that I could have done anything different as there were no assigned rooms available at booking time in the neighborhood balconies. oh well. No big deal. The cabin assigned looks decent - mid ship, deck 11.
  17. I have a question, since RC is not my usual line. When I booked, I specifically chose a neighbourhood balcony as I had never experienced this type of cabin and wanted to test it out. The only option at booking time was for guarantee cabins - fine with me as I'm not at all picky about location. I just checked in and tried this "barcode" trick and the cabin showing appears to be an oceanview balcony - does RC usually randomly upgrade for free without informing people, or could this still change before we sail? I know I should be thrilled to have been upgraded (and ordinarily I would be) but for this situation, I really wanted to try out the boardwalk type balconies. Any RC experts know the answer to this?
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