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  1. Next for us is now a “kid cruise” fall break (October 2021) on the Breeze out of Galveston.
  2. We have now switched to a Coba ruins tour. Several companies offer “express” tours to this and Tulum. Also, Coba is the only one you can still climb. Found that interesting.
  3. Oh snap was there earlier. Now this Jacksonville cruise is being wonky.
  4. And with the Jacksonville cruise, you can’t to room selection!!
  5. The website won’t let you book a May cruise right now. “Oh Snap!” Coming soon!
  6. Looks like it’s about to happen! You can’t book a May cruise right now. I expect the “Oh Snap!” to come soon.
  7. We are also looking for an excursion that does NOT include the cenote swim and other stops, so following...
  8. My husband’s job all summer and fall as before every shift a bunch of Covid questions including “Have you been on a cruise in the last 2 weeks?”. It made him so mad because not only had he not but NO ONE had cruised because cruises weren’t happening. Still aren’t. ☹️
  9. I don’t think anyone is telling anyone about any trips. We went to New Orleans in August for my birthday, and the most I did was post on here, drunkenly, about where the cruise ships should be. IF you get Covid, you get Covid. Is your work going to make you come in if you get Covid at Walmart? In the words of Tina Turner “What’s (Mexico) got to do, got to do with it?!” 🙃
  10. Exactly what Saint Greg said... you quarantine at the resort for free. They bring you food and drink and you get a longer, very private stay in Mexico.
  11. We are headed to an AI in Cancun first week of May. Narrowing it down now but leaning towards Royalton Chic. The Diamond Club is calling my name. We will take an excursion day over to Isla Mujeres.
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