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  1. We are on that same cruise. Matt will be on vacation during our cruise, and not scheduled to return until November. Too bad for us indeed. We will have Steven Schwartz. I heard he was amazing.
  2. That was the most amazing story I have EVER read on these boards! Congratulations, and I pray your life together will be blessed always. Yep, I'm at lunch with my tissue. I knew before looking at that video I was in for it. This should be a movie. WOW!
  3. Hi Doug, Would you send me a copy also. Much appreciated... menyonet@gmail.com Thanks!
  4. Awesome! Can't wait to see the next one. What's your itinerary? We booked over a year ago, and will go on the Vista in October, which means we have to go through a long hot summer. We live in Vegas...a loooong hot summer!
  5. Yep! I too agree. I will look every now and then on this thread just for information on the ship...but come May I will be posted on here more often for info on our Oct 2017 cruise. ;)
  6. I took two cruises while also working on my Masters. The thumb drive worked for me just fine, or she could load her docs on the Microsoft One Cloud and not have to worry about using a thumb drive. I understand what she is going through, but it's nice to be able to still travel and finish school. All the best to her. Sent from my SM-G900T using Tapatalk
  7. Well, if I were you I'd strike RCCL from all my travel memories. The NERVE of them! That's it, we're canceling our cruise that's next month...and I want a full refund;) The best. Too funny!
  8. Yes, thank you very much for the information, $90 is a good price.
  9. We are going in July and was thinking about purchasing the WI-FI package. Can you tell me the cost of the package, and how about the internet speed? Thanks
  10. The southern route was our favorite. it was port intensive but was awesome, we still talk about it. Our plan is to do another one soon. 7 days was not long enough:D
  11. Thanks for the information, this helpful. I have been purchasing OBC from the Celebrity website for our upcoming cruise, and we also have OBC from our TA. I will pay closer attention. Good to know.
  12. Sherri, Your docs are A-Mazing. I love planning. We are going on a 13 day Med cruise next year. This would really come in handy. I would appreaciate an excel copy PLEASE! Thank you so much menyone@cox.net
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