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  1. I always chill our wine in the cabin and take it to dinner. As a disclaimer, we're kind of fanatical about proper serving temperatures, particularly if we have a nice bottle.
  2. We're in Fort Lauderdale and usually cruise out of Port Everglades, so luggage isn't an issue. Assuming a 10-14 day cruise, I (♂) will take 1 pair a sneakers, 1 pair of boat shoes, 2 pairs of dress shoes, formal shoes for my tux if I pack it, and a pair of beach sandals or aqua shoes. My wife will probably take sneakers, beach sandals/aqua shoes, and almost as many pairs of shoes as there are days on the cruise. (She takes her "shoe-tcase" as a carry on.) She also takes a pretty decent selection of purses. We'll also take flippers if we plan on snorkeling, although we don't really count them as shoes
  3. Another tip: If you enjoy a particular wine before dinner, you can always have one of your bottles sent to your favorite pre-dinner lounge. They'll store it for you, labeled with your name and sealed with a vacuum stopper if you want to spread it out over a few days. (I'd try to finish it within 3 days of opening for the sake of freshness.) Alternately, you can have your bottle sent to a bar, have it opened there and then take the remainder to your dinner table with you. That way you can make more of a dent* in the bottle. It also makes for faster service at dinner since your "walking wine" will arrive at the table when you do. Once you purchase a wine package, it's yours to do with as you wish. You can share it with anyone you desire. * - Editor's Note: Liquids don't actually dent, nor does the bottle.
  4. Sorry. Monday the 22nd. I don't post for a few months and when I finally do, I screw it up. D'oh!
  5. It's a little early - expected at 7:00 AM eastern time tomorrow morning, July 23, 2019. The Navy's new destroyer is going to be commissioned this week. She's stopping over in Port Everglades if you want to experience an off season sail in. (The Cunard QE was in today for a port call.) The USN sail ins are always a cool sight. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/USS_Paul_Ignatius
  6. I second (or third or fourth) the T-Mobile recommendation. We switched to the Geezer Plan recently, given that I am 55+. Technically, I'm +. Our monthly bill dropped from about $124 to $70 an we get to keep all the international calling & data features that use on cruises. If you want speedy data - usually 4G vs 2G in port, you can buy International Data Passes for $5/day which give you a decent chunk of data and hotspot capability. You can schedule the passes for your port days only or those port days when you need to do more data intensive activities. The data passes don't give you enough to stream movies, but plenty for normal web activities.
  7. Take a look at the EXC presentations held in the room up near the Crow's Nest lounge. We attended a few and they were informative and really well done. I really liked the one called "The Secret Language of Ships."
  8. It's added to your room account. If you drink it in the room, there's no corkage charged.
  9. Call Ship's Services and get the email for your ship's coordinator. That person is much more likely to know exactly whom to contact. Make an effort to make this person your friend. They can easily function as your pre-cruise concierge if you establish a good rapport. Have a great cruise!
  10. My notifications stayed the same. I wonder if it was because I changed them from the default months ago. Or, it could be because the machines both fear and respect me.
  11. Can you see the "boat boat" - yacht transport - behind the Amsterdam?
  12. Some fitness classes are free. Others have a nominal charge. There's no tip required for room service, but we always give a cash tip for each order. The SBP includes the gratuities.
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