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  1. My wife's dad has gone solo in a balcony cabin pretty much every year since my mother-in-law passed away. He likes the balcony and the space it gives him. I doubt he'd change room categories. It really depends on what you like and what you are comfortable spending.
  2. Unless you are taking classes or need a personal trainer, the gym is free. It's usually busiest in the morning, but tends to empty out as people head to breakfast.
  3. Have a great trip, John! We finished our taxes in time to step outside and see you and Maria off.
  4. It's two people, and they were enforcing the limit on the Zuiderdam in December.
  5. I think I have too many watches. I'm looking out the window, thinking, "Wow! The Carnival Conquest is going out really early today." Turns out my watch is still on standard time.
  6. We like S3 (Sun, Sand, Surf) at the Hilton or Steak 954 at the W. Both are right on the beach. Neither is inexpensive though. You're probably about a $20/25 minute cab ride from the port.
  7. We started cruising on Holland America when we were in our late 20s. We will soon enter the down slope of my 50s, and HAL is still our favorite line. The 7 day Caribbean cruises will be a younger crowd. Once you start getting into the 10+ days, the demographics trend toward retirees. "Younger" is a relative term with respect to cruises. Carnival, Royal Caribbean and Norwegian will run younger. HAL, Princess & Celebrity will tend to be older. They also offer a more traditional cruise experience. It really depends on what you're looking for in a cruise.
  8. The pre-pay price is exactly the same as it was when the drink packages came out in 2013/2014.
  9. Unless you're really constrained for luggage room, I'd opt for taking it. It's easier to have the option to dress down than to try to find a way to dress up. Especially in the middle of the ocean. You can always leave the jacket or tie in your cabin if he's feeling over-dressed.
  10. Sorry. My bad. We live on the other side of the bridge and I reflexively associate the bridge with going to Total Wine.
  11. I'd still take my photo ID. They can, and do sometimes stop people walking into the port. If you place an online order with Total Wine, you'll need an ID to pick it up.
  12. You'll also be able to choose from the Lido lunch menu each day. You will also be able to choose from the full full Dive-In menu, not just the abbreviated one on Cabana menu. Since you are on the Nieuw Amsterdam, you can also choose from the New York Pizza menu. I usually walk to the Dive-In and NY Pizza and photograph the menus with my phone. That way, I can refer to them when ordering. You can order from the full bar drink menu from the Crow's Nest and the Explorations Cafe menu if you want coffees or other beverages that they serve. DW and I love the cabanas. I'm sure you'll have a great time.
  13. It's not a bad walk if the weather is nice. You can shave a tenth of a mile off the walk by cutting in behind the building out front that houses Carlos & Pepis Mexican Restaurant. The only consideration is that you have to cross the 17th Street Causeway bridge which is a "hill" in Florida terms. It's about 1.8 - 2.0 miles, depending on your route. The bridge may go up on the half hour, which can add 12 minutes or so to your trip - or twice that if you catch it in both directions. TIPS: Sign up for the Total Wine email list. They have coupons almost every week which typically save you 10-20% on certain wines. If you want to have your order ready when you arrive, you can order online at totalwine.com and pick up your order at the desk just inside the door. However, the Total Wine is like a candy store for adults, so you may want to browse and cool off from the walk. @RocketMan275 - You can always notify someone of a post by typing the @ sign and their user ID. Then, you click on the name that appears in the drop down. This causes a notification to appear for the person.
  14. The SBP price increase, if there is a one, usually lags by at least 6 months.
  15. I'll disagree with you on that. We upgrade for better choices. Pretty much all the wine is rated good to very good. I look them all up when we board. We're kind of big on pairing our food and wine and there aren't enough choices on the SBP. However, we'll pair SBP-eligible wines with several courses throughout the cruise. It depends on the dish.
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