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  1. Call Ship's Services and get the email for your ship's coordinator. That person is much more likely to know exactly whom to contact. Make an effort to make this person your friend. They can easily function as your pre-cruise concierge if you establish a good rapport. Have a great cruise!
  2. My notifications stayed the same. I wonder if it was because I changed them from the default months ago. Or, it could be because the machines both fear and respect me.
  3. Can you see the "boat boat" - yacht transport - behind the Amsterdam?
  4. Some fitness classes are free. Others have a nominal charge. There's no tip required for room service, but we always give a cash tip for each order. The SBP includes the gratuities.
  5. Yes. No Pinot Noir on the SBP. You may want to see if the Shiraz works for you. It's about as close as you can get.
  6. Thanks Rich! Did you get a source for this info or do you have to cobble it together? Now I understand why you asked the email question.
  7. The Zuiderdam's decor was toned down a lot during the last major refurbishment. We were on her in 2003 and again just last December. Huge difference in the decor. We were able to compare our 2003 photos to the 2018 ones and it's a big difference. The SS category rooms are nice in terms of space, but you don't get anywhere near the perks of a Neptune Suite.
  8. We cruised over Christmas last year. Christmas day was a sea day as was Christmas eve. If you are in port, I wouldn't count on anything being open other than the beaches. You'll probably be limited to HAL excursions unless you can line up something privately. We thought the Christmas cruise was great and would like to do it again.
  9. We had tiles and the luncheon on the Zuiderdam in late December 2018. We skipped the brunch and forgot to request the tiles, but they were definitely there and we could have had them had it not been for our own lack of effort.
  10. It was wall mounted on the NA in an SS. There are photos in my Live From thread, but it sounds like it's the same as what you describe.
  11. We have always made and paid for our PG reservations ahead of time, using the online system. That way we get our desired time. We've always been given a credit for the PG meal after we've dined. There's always a risk that they'll tell us that they won't give us credit, but that's never happened.
  12. Agreed. I always print a map and directions when we go on a trip. Athens was the worst. (Greece, not Georgia.)
  13. That's correct. The room is half again as big as a normal balcony room.
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