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  1. We just got off the Oosterdam on Sunday. During this cruise we earned 3 star status. We went to the mariner lunch but there was no ceremony that I know of. Our Pins were in our mailbox. Did we miss something?
  2. DocJohnB and Sedband Mom are getting ready for a wonderful 14 day Canada New England cruise aboard the Zaandam. Have a fantastic cruise! Bon Voyage.
  3. Let’s wish a great big Bon Voyage to gknep on their first ever HAL cruise. This is a 7 day Alaska aboard the wonderful Eurodam. Bon Voyage!
  4. No, they don’t store your credit card info for that. It has to be entered every time. At least that’s what I’ve encountered.
  5. Bon Voyage Roy! This next leg in the journey after leaving the Nieuw Statendam is for a 3 Night Kiel to Southampton on board the Queen Victoria. This will be followed by some time on board the Queen Mary 2 for 12 nights coming from Southampton to New York. Have a great time on this back to back to back adventure.
  6. I have to admit I’m a little jealous that I’m not on this fabulous 21 day Alaska itinerary onboard the Maasdam. Bon Voyage Adventure! Bon Voyage RetiredNow! Have a fantastic vacation.
  7. Rest In Peace Walt. Blessings to his family and all who loved him.
  8. Let’s wish a great big Bon Voyage to Portofrome for a 10 day Adriatic Dream sailing aboard the Veendam. This looks like an excellent itinerary. Enjoy!
  9. Let’s wish a big Bon Voyage to Roz for the next leg of a B2B. Next up is Nieuw Amsterdam’s first Alaska cruise of the season! Bon Voyage Roz. Enjoy the beauty that Alaska has on display every day.
  10. Name calling of people who are trying to help you is shameful. I’ve been in this situation. Was specifically told I could have been denied boarding if I hadn’t care of it. And would have been out thousands of dollars. Take the advice and call and if you’re right then you can come back and say “neener, neener”. Until then, better safe than sorry.
  11. I also suggest you contact HAL directly regarding the two girls in their own room. Last year I made a booking for two staterooms for my family. Hubby and I in one room kids in the other. My reservation was flagged in Seattle and we had to call and clarify a few things. My daughter was set to turn 21 on the cruise and my son was 16. They had to escalate this to the higher ups for approval since no one in the room was 21on the day of sailing. Maybe they’ve changed their policy in the last year but I’d call just to be safe. If you try and do the booking on your own thru the HAL system it will not let you book with two 13 year olds. I’d also ask your TA what info she submitted to make it work. Sounds shady. And to to answer the original question, only those in Neptune get Neptune perks.
  12. Clarabella_Baby is sailing in the European 4 night repositioning cruise from San Diego to get the Eurodam ready for her Alaska season. Bon Voyage! Enjoy the sea days and relaxation.
  13. Let’s wish a big Bon Voyage to vinonme2 who is taking the 11 night Ancient Empire cruise on the Koningsdam with her daughter in law. Looks like an awesome itinerary. Have a great time.
  14. Butchart Gardens is beautiful in the spring! Enjoy the extended trip and the extra time in Alaska.
  15. Let wish a Bon Voyage to LoveHal and Chickadee. They will be sailing on the wonderful Westerdam for 15 nights from Yokohama to Vancouver. Have a a great cruise!
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