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  1. You will find supplies like these in all ports easily.
  2. Agree. It would be a waste of a FCD to use it in this situation, as far as I can see.
  3. Isn't it if you book after final payment, you need to pay for your cruise within a very short time? Like 24 or 48 hours?
  4. Yes, Hawaii has a rainy season. But rain is rarely a factor in Hawaii touring, and even if it is raining, it is usually warmer. Rain on the West Coast is more likely to be a factor, which means you probably don't want to go between Thanksgiving and and about March 1, particularly if sailing from San Francisco.
  5. This is great info IF your ship gets in the day before. A little more of an issue if your ship arrives that morning.
  6. If you like being in the mix, its a no brainer. The Hilton is a nice place, but, as you mention, its not "in the mix". St Marks can be crazy crowded during the day.
  7. $100pp for a 9 hour tour is NOT expensive. Not even close. Not sure why you would think it is. To use your time most efficiently, I would do a private tour with a recommended vendor, like Rome in Limo.
  8. Which one you chose is totally up to you and your interests. You will have a shorter flight and a longer cruise if you do the West Coast to Hawaii cruise. As to "best" time to do it, what do you define as "best"? Note that the West Coast to Hawaii trips are only in October to April. The 7 day sailings in Hawaii are years around.
  9. That's because the system in Seattle is different than the Luggage Direct service offered in a couple of other ports.
  10. I believe you have to recognize your bags at the baggage collection area ashore. At least that is what someone else said a couple of days ago when explaining the program.
  11. On all HAL ships is is the aft pool area on Lido Deck. Sometimes port side, sometimes starboard side. Obvious when you get there.
  12. Or, you can do like we did...a tour with Rome in Limo, that drops you at the airport. Your bags will be in the car with you.
  13. Global Entry comes with Pre-check, not the other way around. You can, for example, have Pre-Check without Global Entry.
  14. If you come over to the Florida Departures board, here: https://boards.cruisecritic.com/forum/386-florida-departures/ you will see many threads discussing your questions. There are 4 or 5 brand name hotels, all of which have shuttles to the port, IIRC.
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