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  1. Your June travel date is right on the line for when they are proposing transitioning to the vaccine waiver. You literally might have to test for your trip, and find the vaccine waiver takes place a day or two later. Be prepared. Again, nothing confirmed here...theorizing based on past history and info from another site.
  2. You spend a fair amount of time on a bus. Their website has their guidelines. Reduced capacity, masks etc. It is a federal agency, probably not impacted by DeSantis policies on just throwing everything wide open.
  3. Do we know anyone is requiring a fully vaccinated pax list of crew?
  4. It is true. Only alcoholic drinks count against the 15 drink limit. Non-alcoholic are unlimited.
  5. If multiple ships show up with sick pax, or a totally sick ship, this will be covered in the plans. If its multiple ships, ship(s) could be directed to other ports to spread the load. If it a huge number on one ship, the sickest would be taken off first. Arrangements for getting everyone off might take days. It wouldn't all be solved in a short time, like on a TV show. Testing, much advanced over the "early days" would provide far better early decision making info. This is pretty standard planning for mass casualty incidents, and was generally the plan during Grand Princess, except
  6. Much easier to get port to airport in Vancouver, as compared to Seward. Much, much easier.
  7. I think the better idea is to wait for the announced policies, and comply with them. From other sites, the hints are you will upload a copy of your vaccine card to the SafeTravels site, and then present it in person when you arrive at your first stop in the Islands, along with your DL. That is supposition at this time, but it meets a reasonable test of verification.
  8. This would also be the basis for plans for other emergencies as well.
  9. It would depend far more on routes, fares, etc. Do like KDam.
  10. Already discussed in the thread immediately below yours, as I write this: Indications are it will apply to all islands.
  11. See comments in red above. Have sailed on both, 6 on Princess and 12 on HAL. HAL has a generally quieter, classier atmosphere. Read down the board for the types of entertainment, restaurants, and other features.
  12. The vaccine companies ARE doing extensive testing and trials on the needs for a booster shot. The virus could do a lot of things between now and Fall, that is a very long time in the Covid world. As Fauci said, if the virus can go from one person to another, it can mutate, because that's when mutation occurs. If most people get vaccinated , less people will get sick, and less change of transmission and mutation. So the cure for mutation is vaccination or acquired immunity...or realistically both.
  13. Because that is what complex emergencies require. There is rarely just one unaltered plan that goes from start to finish in the real world.
  14. @KroozNut answered your question about the latest word on the length of vaccine effectiveness. Yes, there is still lots to learn, and it is important facts are used and not anecdotal info and beliefs. The reason we don't know how long the protection lasts from the vaccines is the same reason we don't how long antibodies lasts from actually having Covid...the vaccines and Covid have only been in existence for a very short time. Simply, it takes studies over time to determine these things. It is not something that can be projected or predicted by a computer.
  15. If it was science, FDA, CDC and everyone else would be screaming it at the top of their lungs to hydrate before the shots. There has been NO official recognition that hydration is a factor. There may be down the road, but not yet. With the side effects, and the vaccine hesitancy, this would be a good thing to announce, if proven, don't you think?
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