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  1. That 5 minute or so drive translates to a 20-25 minute walk IF everyone is a solid walker. If not, I would suggest a slightly early departure from the luau.
  2. I would be asking this of my doctor, not a bunch of people I don't know on a board, and have no idea what their medical knowledge is...
  3. If you are sailing out of Vancouver, and your first stop is Lahaina, you will clear US Immigration and Customs as you board the ship in Vancouver. If you stop in Victoria, or any other non-US port, you will clear Immigration ( but not Customs) at Lahaina. You would then clear Customs when you get off the ship in Honolulu. If you need to clear US Immigration in Lahaina, there is the possibility that there will be US officials on board to clear you before you arrive at Lahaina. If you are sailing Hawaii to Oregon, or some other port, before ending in Vancouver, there is no Immigration or Customs requirements for sailing between US ports without any stop in a foreign country. Your next Immigration and Customs issue would be as you finish your cruise in Vancouver.
  4. FYI, British Airways doesn't fly from Barcelona to LAX. The might fly Barcelona to London to LAX.
  5. The far better place for your research would be the NCL board.
  6. If you use cruise line airfares, they will book the flights you need. Shouldn't be any additional fees or complexities in the vast majority of situations. It is not at all unusual to fly into one city, and out of another. But you should check and see if you can do it cheaper on your own, including possibly using two different airlines. In fact, perhaps the biggest advantage of cruise air fares is long distance one way airfares, such as trans Atlantic one way airfares.
  7. You will receive direction on where your excursion meets. Depending on the port and excursion, it may be on the ship, or on the pier. You will also be directed when to be there.
  8. Same here... I was getting dozens of e mails each day. Went in and changed my settings yesterday...now no Cruise Critic emails!
  9. Yes. But I wouldn't be using ship's transfers anyway...you definitely need to arrange for private transfers.
  10. If you look towards the upper right corner, you will see your screen name. If you click on that, options for things to see and do are located there.
  11. Nobody runs bigger than about 16 passenger mini-buses, as the road is too windy for bigger vehicles.
  12. The far better place for your research would be the NCL board, here: https://boards.cruisecritic.com/forum/64-norwegian-cruise-line/ Also, a simple Google search will get you tons of pictures of POA. You might find one that meets your needs.
  13. The first thing you need to check is whether the Memorial will be open. It has been closed for a bit...the dock needed major repairs. If it is open, just take a taxi or Uber over. You can tour for as long as you wish. No need for a tour.
  14. The Quench package is all about soft drinks and other non-alcoholic beverages. If you don't drink those sorts of things, why are you considering it? If you look around the board, there are many threads about Neptune perks. The Neptune Lounge and free laundry are high on our list.
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