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  1. The best way would be a private helicopter, or a limo with champagne. But Uber or shuttle service (very frequently mentioned here) will work fine.
  2. CruiserBruce

    11 Day NCL

    @princeton12321, glad to hear you are back...will monitor your info closely. We hope to get over to Maui the first week of December. Closely watching the Lanai situation...hoping it doesn't get worse, but given the small population on Lanai and it's limited resources, it is already pretty bad. From what I am hearing the Wailea (we will be there) resorts will start up around Nov 1. Imagine the restaurants will follow about the same time.
  3. A ship sailing from a Canadian port doesn't trigger PVSA. PVSA is a US law affecting ships sailing from US ports. The second major wave of Covid in the US occurred during the summer. The virus did just fine the summer. The contract tracing would be easy? With a couple thousand people on a ship? Normally, contract tracing of a sick person involves 20-30 people.
  4. There are a number of jobs you could have, working for the state, that include housing. Park Ranger, for one. California has the largest state university systems (2 of them) in the country. On the other hand, the poster could be speaking in general, not specific terms, about the "housing, feeding" etc.
  5. Yes, I am very aware there are statistics and numerical measurements that determine the level a given county is set at. But the State's system has color named tiers, not numbered. The numbered "Phase" system was dumped.
  6. You have a couple of assumptions here that haven't been proven yet. There is NO indication that a rapidly produced vaccine will be any more or less effective than any other vaccine. Those are two of the great unknowns of a rapidly produced vaccine...there is no evaluation time to know exactly how long the vaccine is good for, nor how effective it is. Yes...studies show so far that getting the virus gets you immunity, possibly for a limited time. But again, we are relatively very early in this process. Further study will give better answers.
  7. There are MANY discussions here about what people think about the viability of Carnival Corp and HAL. Almost all speculation. The best info is they have money enoungh to last until at least June or July, if they aren't sailing. Check around the board.
  8. The tiers are, worst to best, purple, red, orange and yellow. No numbers.
  9. CruiserBruce

    11 Day NCL

    Well, we will find out in the next month or so, as Hawaii is welcoming tourists again starting Oct 15.
  10. Not sure what this has to do with Florida, but if you look on the general "Ask a Question" board, you will find this relevant thread:
  11. Comparing the proposed restrictions (from the Monday story) to the actual ruling (the Wednesday article), it would appear the judge backed down to something more realistic and achievable, IMHO.
  12. HAL frequently has a scale in their gyms.
  13. Both spend some time in the Inside Passage....its almost impossible to avoid the Inside Passage, but the key would be day time sailing of the Inside Passage is key. Your sailing to Dawes Glacier gets you some Inside Passage day time sailing.
  14. Ideas like this have been discussed. However, it's a bit ahead of itself. First, the CDC has to release their hold on cruises originating in the US. And any holds the two countries have on citizens crossing the border. And, as discussed here frequently, the PVSA, which requires that a cruise going round trip from a US port stop at a foreign port. By the way, this would seriously strain the "bubble" concept, particularly in countries the size of the US and Canada, where Covid is at different stages across the countries.
  15. So people and companies should not be held to account if they violate the law, or don't follow agreements with the court. Got it...nobody is responsible for anything.
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