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  1. CruiserBruce

    San Diego flight time changed to 9:30am

    The airport is close, but nobody reasonably recommends a 9:30 flight at FLL. Plus getting into San Diego is sometimes a little tricky, with fog. At Port Everglades the really large RCI ships start disembarking by about 6:30, everybody else around 7 or so. I have never heard of any ship letting people off before 7 in San Diego (have sailed out of there 4 or 5 times) and sometimes they start much later.
  2. CruiserBruce

    Looking for a new or remodeled hotel in Ft Lauderdale

    Conrad is only about a year old. Check out sunny.org...mentioned here almost daily.
  3. CruiserBruce

    Carnival Eastern Caribbean Ports/Excursions

    Welcome to Cruise Critic! The place on Cruise Critic where you will find the info you are asking about is the Ports boards, here: https://boards.cruisecritic.com/forum/456-caribbean/
  4. CruiserBruce

    celebrity reflection

    The far better place for your research is the Celebrity board, here: https://boards.cruisecritic.com/forum/16-celebrity-cruises/ Standard cabins on cruise ships are smaller than standard hotel rooms. Always. But they are usually very carefully designed. For example, most cruise lines set up the beds so there is room to stiore several suit cases under the bed(s).
  5. CruiserBruce

    Rome on your own

    Is this on a single day in Rome, coming from the ship? If so, your group is perfect for a group private tour. If this is a set of days staying in Rome, I would suggest walking everywhere, except perhaps the Vatican. But the major sites- Pantheon, Trevi fountain, Spanish Steps, Forum, Colosseum, are all within a pretty small area. One end to another of this area is probably less than 2 miles. We have walked it several times...we are in our 60s. If mobility is an issue, taxi, subway and bus would probably do better.
  6. Who knows. Nobody can predict the weather from now, and it is widely discussed here that weather in Alaska can change almost hourly. Last time we were in Juneau (not in May) the fog was so thick you couldn't even tell we were docked at 7am. We had a copter trip booked...cancelled of course.
  7. CruiserBruce

    Rome on your own

    However, the Hop on Hop off bus is not recommended for Rome. Streets can be very narrow in the areas of the main sites, and thus the buses don't always get close. Plus they can be very crowded and hard to get back on. Most of the main sites (Vatican excepted) are within reasonable walking distance of each other. Have used Ho-Ho buses in many areas. But not Rome. Not a great idea. If time is restricted, a private tour is far more efficient use of your valuable time.
  8. CruiserBruce

    Upgrade on Oosterdam

    One is an upgrade, one is an upsell.
  9. CruiserBruce

    Rome on your own

    To meet people who are on your cruise, you use the the Roll Call for your cruise, located here: There are MANY recommendations just down the board, like our favorite, the wonderful Rome in Limo. There are also many discussions about taking the train, and a few other options.
  10. You may know NCL, but you don't know the San Pedro port and it's issues, nor the drive to LAX and those issues. Or just how accurate the arrival will be.
  11. CruiserBruce

    San Diego flight time changed to 9:30am

    Are you trying to say you will do carry on only? Are you talking about carrying off your own luggage? That part of your post is very confusing. The only way you can even dream about catching this flight is carrying off your own luggage. It all depends on how fast everything goes, but it is going to be very stressful. I would not plan on making this flight. Rather I would be having American switch you to another flight, which they should do for free.
  12. CruiserBruce


    Huge thread just down the board:
  13. Hopefully they will have some temporary building or something. Perhaps there is new port facilities going in, but everything I can see doesn't indicate much in the way of facilities for pax, bags, resupply of the ship, etc.
  14. CruiserBruce

    Overnight parking in Hilo and Maui

    I suggest a little read/search of the board. There are many threads on parking at Maui- by the way, where are you coming on shore at Maui...that is two separate issues for parking, or not parking. Hilo is not a very frequent overnight dock. Haven't seen much info on parking there.
  15. Everything I see describes your cruise as going to "Seward (Anchorage)", which means you are not getting off the ship in Anchorage, but in Seward. Very, very few ships actually go to Anchorage (we are on Amsterdam next June, and it actually stops in Anchorage), as I understand there isn't even a cruise terminal at Anchorage...just cargo/freight docks.