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  1. Welcome to Cruise Critic! MANY people, including ourselves, do ports on our own. And use private tours. You are not forced to use ship's excursions except in a pretty small number of ports. Start with some research on the Ports boards, here: https://boards.cruisecritic.com/forum/8-europe/ You will see private tour vendors recommended, and do it yourself activities mentioned.
  2. Maybe. Maybe not. Nobody is going to be able to tell you...it depends if they sell it out or not. If you want to be on the 12/1 sailing, I would book it now.
  3. ALL HAL ships have retractable roofs over the midship pools.
  4. Never felt the pools temps to be cold. Remember the midship pool has a roof, and can be closed to hold in heat of needed.
  5. The best source would be the horse's mouth. Give the hotel a call.
  6. Hmmm...any science to this? I can't find any. Desalination has been pretty much the only way to produce water on ships for probably over 100 years now. Some countries produce near 100% of their drinking water through desalination. Been on many a cruise. Never heard any crew member complain about the water.
  7. Yes, you are charged for it, normal price. And you will get a receipt that shows you paid full price for it.
  8. Its a suite. How can there be a bad suite? 😂 Have stayed in a number (10, to be exact) of Neptune Suites, including 3 on Eurodam, and 2 Pinnacle Suites. Not a bad one, ever...
  9. A little search will find dozens of threads. Here are 3:
  10. If you look around, there is frequent mention of storage at the Welcome Center at Pier 39, I believe.
  11. Yes. If you buy, your discount gets applied to your guests. Not sure your discount applies to the Dining Packages.
  12. Ah...still many problems with this info. Have been on 12 cruises in Neptune or Pinnacle Suites, and am a 4 Star Mariner. Have NEVER had the mini-bar included. HAL hasn't included the mini bar in anything I can recall is 20 years cruising with them. Princess gives a "free load" of sorts in the mini bar, HAL does not. Neptune Lounge has always been open 7am to 8pm, occasionally closing at 7:30. The first night on some cruises a reception is held in the Neptune Lounge for Suite pax (some cruises that reception is held eslewhere). Could this be when you were in the Neptune Lounge later?
  13. Standard hours for the Neptune are 7am to 8pm. Sometimes they close at 7:30.
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