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  1. HAL doesn't sail to Hawaii every month.
  2. Rebooked to the same cruise next year.
  3. There is a train/light rail that goes from the airport to 3 blocks from the Hampton. If all you have is carry one, and no mobility issues, it is very easy and inexpensive.
  4. Check on the NCL board for experiences. Each cruise line is doing different things, so experiences on other cruise lines probably aren't relevant.
  5. They MIGHT be a good deal, they also not. The only way to tell is doing the research...compare what you can get the fares for, and what the cruise line offers. Also consider convenience of the flight times...people focus only on fares, but not always on times or connecting issues. Due to Covid, things are in tremendous flux right now. What the airfare do over the next 4-6 months as cruise lines and airlines try to get people traveling again may result in lots of volatility, both in fares, and schedules.
  6. @zzzz8888, perceptions trump facts when people publish falsehoods and misconceptions as established facts. When people make accusations without any concept of the facts. When people grossly overstate the facts (or the untruths)to make the facts seem impossible or improbable. Sound familiar? There are many examples of this in our world today, besides this thread.
  7. "Supposedly" and "I've read" is not factual info. If you are getting this info from the media, it doesn't mean it tells both sides of the story. I believe the complement on Zaandam is 2 doctors and 3 nurses. If that amount of staff were presented with about 200 patients, the common practice would be triage...the sorting of priorities by resources you have available. That involves tough decisions, and some patients will feel left out, or shorted, or that there is chaos, which sounds very much like what you are describing, from the layman's point of view.
  8. So-so. If that is your only stop on Sicily, it depends on your interests. You could so some serious tours, depending on your interests.
  9. Not true. Some have Bachelors, some don't. A smaller number have Master's. There are 2 year and 3 year RNs. Depending on the state and educational requirements.
  10. We had no problem with an 8 hour tour in Naples. I think Is aw you went to Pompeii (we did Pompeii) before...would you do Herculeum this time? Then we went to Sorrento for a few hours, then down the Amalfi coast for a while. Messina, we walked around town for awhile as nothing interested us, and we were also going to visit Trapani later in our cruise.
  11. I was reading back through this. The OP had this comment: - Cruise ship doctors and nurses my be educated and licensed from first-world, developed nations. They must have graduated from reputable universities (for doctors), reputable institutions for nurses. Doctors and nurses must have practiced their craft in reputable hospitals and/or settings. Having met Medical staff on most of our 22 cruises (casually...DW is an RN, I was a paramedic, both of us know nurses who have served on cruise ships)...I am not aware of any medical personnel who were not Western trained, and carried the appropriate training and certification, with experience, in either the ER or the ICU/CCU. Not sure why the OP thinks this doesn't already exist.
  12. Asked the same question earlier. The poster involved doesn't usually provide answers to their statements.
  13. Not sure why this is a surprise. Cunard (in the Carnival family) announced the extended delay a couple of hours ago. Carnival announced it 20 minutes ago...now HAL. Why the dramatic headline?
  14. I suspect many, if not all of these items will never happen, for the simple reason they will make cruising too expensive, including the cost of retrofitting the ships for these things. Will there be "lessons learned", increased planning and training, and some other changes? No doubt. But not such grandiose changes as proposed here. Sorry, not realistic.
  15. Each of the options mentioned here have their pluses and minuses...Hotels and cruise ships allow for more privacy in a hospital type setting, with bathrooms and showers, but don't have hospital facilities, like labs and XRay facilities. Convention centers work well as evacuation centers, but less well as hospitals, unless all equipment and supplies, including enough bathrooms and showers, and facilities (like lab/Xray) can be brought in. Some convention centers are being used, with everything being brought in as a "mobile hospital". The critical issue that no one is mentioning, and affects all of these locations, is medical staff. The US has been in a nursing shortage for decades. There just isn't an unlimited source of doctors, nurses, lab, respiratory and Xray techs, and the other trained and certified personnel than make a hospital operate. Just saw a story this morning that a flight full of Canadian medical professionals fly into NY yesterday.
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