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  1. If you are going to Capri, you will be tendering.
  2. Have you Google searched for the light rail system, which is very good. Have taken it to Brickell, Little Havana and a couple of other places, but not that specific area.
  3. Different airline alliances will probably use different lounges, although occasionally there are contract lounges that multiple airlines buy into. The OP is flying on United or United affiliates...the chances they will be in the same lounge as AA or DL is small.
  4. Shore Excursions Group is not a tour provider, they are a broker. They take your money, and then find a low bid tour vendor to serve you. What does this mean? It means the prices are usually very good, but if you have a problem, it may be very difficult to resolve the problem. If you do a search on Cruise Critic, you will see many discussions on them, with lots of people loving their prices, and some complaining about a variety of issues. The company has been in Europe for quite a while, so lots of experience over there. The common recommendation is to seek local suggested vendors on your own, and deal directly.
  5. The truly nicest lounges are for first class, and the highest level of elites. However, you will have, Covid permitting, United Polaris and Lufthansa Business Lounges, which aren't bad. Not sure whta lounge you will have in BCN. I would book the fares. The chances are probably greater the fare will go up, although historically United has done some good Business class sales in January...sometimes. You can always cancel the current booking and book the new lower fares, if the sales happen.
  6. You might want to look on this board for the Canada ports: https://boards.cruisecritic.com/forum/9-canadanew-england/ The Greenland ports mentioned are very small...tender ports...very limited activities available there. Hope to see them on our Holland America cruise there next summer. There are a few cruise lines that do cruises that stop in Iceland and Greenland a couple of times in each summer.
  7. And after I wrote the above, the FDA just approved Pfizer for 65 and above, and high risk individuals. The CDC will very likely agree. And, for those that got Moderna, I suspect the same recommendation, or even less, as Moderna has been leaning towards being more effective for longer. In our household, I got Moderna, DW got Pfizer. This of course will continue to evolve. But the cruise lines would be in trouble if they required a booster for people who can't get it.
  8. Well...it seems likely at this time that the US will only do boosters for those over 65 (and at higher risk). So the cruise lines are not going to be able to require people under 65 to have boosters.
  9. As there are currently very few official positions on booster shots, that wouldn't be a major concern at this time.
  10. A cruise line provided land tour? I would be asking the cruise line. A separate company providing the tour...say like AAA? They will tell you what baggage limitations you have. The key point would be if you are entering a church, the Vatican or other significant religious site, knees and shoulders need to be covered, for men and women.
  11. Airfares are in a tremendous state of flux right now. What has been charged in the past may not be relevant at all...it typically isn't, and this might an even better illustration of lack of relevancy. If you have been watching airfares for a month or two, you should have some idea of the range. Find a price you can live with, buy, and don't look back.
  12. Last I heard, another day at sea.
  13. All you have to do is get a screen capture of the QR code, with your info and most importantly, the two green checks. You don't have to open the Hawaii app after you get cleared at your departing airport, or at the Hawaii airport you arrive at.
  14. Totally agree. Will be on Maui in 10 days, a 12 day stay, our 3rd trip since Hawaii opened back up in October last year. Just got back from Washington DC, a 9 day trip. Yes, the hoops are not desirable. But we don't have a problem doing them.
  15. Nobody has a crystal ball accurate enough to answer your question. The topic has been beat to death here.
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