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  1. Seriously? The vast majority of people don't carry their luggage off. There is still workers there loading and off loading other stuff, like all the food, beverages, etc, as the ship resupplies.
  2. Cell phones have two ways of communicating...cellular and Wifi. Both transmit data, but in most cases, cellular is the one that is going to cost you. So, typically, that needs to be off in most cases outside of your home country coverage area. Unless you have a phone plan that gives you better cost coverage. "Airplane mode" turns off both methods of communication with one button. When you turn on Wifi, you are overcoming the turning off of Wifi by Airplane mode. Cellular is still off. In my case, most the time at home, Wifi is off, and cellular is on. Outside the country is opposite. Recently our plan has improved, and cellular is on nore.
  3. You should be asking and looking on the Western Europe board, here: https://boards.cruisecritic.com/forum/148-british-isleswestern-europe/ where there are local experts and many discussions on AMS hotels.
  4. Hope it isn't foggy...that can certainly delay your arrival into Tampa.
  5. Is this on Princess? Better to ask on the board for the cruise line involved.
  6. If the fare drops prior to final payment, it is not hard to get the fare re-priced. Very common. After final payment you can only hope they will offer upgrades, OBC or something else, BUT they are not required to. Or, if you, and the others in your party are totally footloose, you can wait to book after final payment.
  7. Cruise Critic is a very small part of the cruise world. And whether or not someone gets an offer on your cruise, and they happen to be a member of Cruise Critic, is fairly small subset.
  8. A quick Google search finds: https://hawaii.portcall.com/#! That will get you started answering your question.
  9. If you come over to the West Coast Departures board, where Seattle is covered as it is not in Alaska, you will find lots of info, including many comments from past users. First, 11:30 is the earliest flight covered by the Seattle Luggage Valet system, unless they have changed the times for 2019. Their website is located here: https://www.portseattle.org/page/port-valet-enjoy-seattle-luggage-free I don't see any time restriction. 11:30 is also the earliest recommended flight out of Seattle, so you won't be waiting long. Instead, you need to get off fairly promptly, and catch a cab, or have transport arranged, in order to make your flight.
  10. Agree with Hank. Don't know if it is possible to ranks the chances as compared to the Caribbean.
  11. Agree with others on searching first for the port's schedule. The most accurate source. How many ships is too many? Depends on the port. Some ports struggle with one ship, others handle 6 easily. There is no one "good" or "bad" number. That being said, I don't overly focus on the number of ships in port. We make our plans and do our thing The number of ships matters less than 10% of the time.
  12. If you look around, there are many threads on rental cars at Port Everglades, including maps on locations. Such as these: Specifically about Alamo: Here is one with maps and lists: For seven people, and luggage, your car type is pretty limited, which means perhaps limited availability at the off airport sites. You may need to split into two taxis to get to the car rental site you chose.
  13. Agree..it depends on cruise line, and somewhat on your availability. Sometimes deals on cruises a short distance in the future, but can you swing vacation time again in 3 or 6 months? Only once have we seen a great deal we could do, while on board (in 21 cruises). We don't expect to see great deals on board.
  14. That puts it in Nuervo Vallarta. Could be one of several there.
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