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  1. Tenders dock at the Muelle Principle, which is in the entrance channel to the Marina/Harbor. Check Google Maps. Not sure where your tour leaves from.
  2. That is normal procedure, even pre-Covid, for tender ports.
  3. Yes, it has been discussed. The spending covered for the Have It All program...the cost of the drink package, for example, does get you Mariner points.
  4. Sunday (and Saturday) being the busiest of days, would be the last day I would try this...
  5. Hopefully you will be sailing. There isn't a clear statement that Hawaii will be open for cruises at that point. Was just there, and the Governor's statement while we were there could not have been any more vague and inconclusive. He sounded like Hawaii was totally inventing the cruising during Covid business. He said "hopefully" they would be prepared to resume cruising in Hawaii in 2022.
  6. I am not sure the person you talked to knew what they were talking about. As far I as am aware, HAL has sailed 12 or 15 (at least) cruises without incident. They started at 50%. You would think they would be up to 80% or more by now. Capacity may also not have increased much yet because there is still a lot of people not ready to cruise yet.
  7. 5 days and the OP hasn't come back to answer any of the questions...
  8. Based primarily on the size of the ship. If it fits in the old locks, it will almost always go in the old locks. Obviously, if it's too big for the old locks, it can only go in the new locks.
  9. Welcome to Cruise Critic! Take a taxi. It will be cheaper and very easy. Ask on the NCL board about staying on the ship, here: https://boards.cruisecritic.com/forum/64-norwegian-cruise-line/ It is strictly up to the cruise line how long they let you stay on.
  10. The daily schedule you provided showed the 6am opening. Love those early workouts!!
  11. Yea!!! Fitness Center opens at 6am!!! (Previous rumors had it moving to 7am.)
  12. Russia is having Covid surges now. That being said, 9 months is a very long time in the Covid world. Nobody is going to be able to predict what is going to happen anywhere in the world in 9 months.
  13. Check out the West Coast Departures board, here: https://boards.cruisecritic.com/forum/315-west-coast-departures/ The Mods will probably move it there, as that is the more appropriate area for your question. As mentioned, Pan Pacific is right at the Terminal. But not aware of any that provide transport. There is a light rail system that takes you right downtown. Many discussions on the West Coast board.
  14. Bus all the way from Lahaina to Kahalui for a little shopping? Really?
  15. And I just read today the Conrad is leaving the Hilton family.
  16. As explained in your other thread, the airline vaccination schedules are separate from the airports, and from each other. As I mentioned there, United has, for example, already completed their mandatory vaccination program. Airports may also be on varying schedules depending on the state. SFO's mandates are this week, I believe. Given Florida's policies, I am not sure they have a mandate. And not all mandates are vaccinate or be fired. Some mandates are be vaccinated or tested weekly. I also suggested a Google search for your airline's policy, as well as for Ft Lauderdale Airport's policy. I don't know what airline you are flying, but here is a 30 day old article about the airport: https://wsvn.com/news/local/broward/broward-county-offering-500-bonuses-to-employees-who-get-covid-19-vaccine/
  17. You could change to Anytime dining, thus getting to eat when you wish...see the maitre 'd. You could eat in the various specialty restaurants, or in the Lido.
  18. As frequently mentioned here, the Hilton Marina, the old Pier 66 (it has been undergoing changes...not sure of its current name or status), and the Embassy Suites. The side of the hotel matters...each has it's favored side to the port, for which you will typically pay more.
  19. The airlines are separate from any airport requirements. For example, United required vaccination in September, and got over 99% vaccinated. No issue there. Other airlines are operating under different time lines. Airport personnel are under different requirements and time lines. Given you are flying from FLL, and Florida's policies, I wouldn't expect any problems there. Perhaps Google searching the policies for the specific airline you are flying...
  20. That will vary on the ship and the sailing. Many ships are holding some cabins for possible quarantining of passengers and crew, and those cabins are not available to be booked. My understanding frequently those cabins are outside and balcony cabins. So what you think might be available, may not actually be available. Trying to outsmart the GTY system rarely succeeds.
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