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  1. Yeah, which ships and cruise lines will survive and what changes will be made? I am not even thinking of booking a cruise. I will start looking for a cruise when coronavirus is no longer a problem, when cruising has restarted, and when the reviews make cruising experience sound good. OP, if their quality does not deteriorate and you are looking for a luxury cruise line, I suggest Azamara, Regent, Viking, Seabourn or Crystal.
  2. How honest of Crystal. The other cruise lines are selling cruises that have almost no chance of sailing. Does Holland America really think the Oosterdam will sail September 27, 2020 to Hawaii, Australia and New Zealand?
  3. My biggest outing during the pandemic was a one bladder drive to visit Snake Alley in Burlington, Iowa, no other stops on the drive. Although cases and deaths are higher than ever in my state, precautions are regularly ignored. Only about half of my fellow citizens wear masks at the supermarket, they ignore the big one way signs in the aisles, and they bring their husbands to block the aisle as an unneeded source of contagion and can't you see that I can't get past you?
  4. There were just twelve passengers on our Galapagos cruise, three or four crew plus the required naturalist. I would not call the boat a yacht, it looked like a fishing boat. Definitely not deluxe, it was a great way to visit the islands. I'd do it again.
  5. Amera - (the former Prinsendam, Seabourn Sun and Royal Viking Sun) Die Prinzessin
  6. Somebody is going to be the human guinea pig, why not me?
  7. I was thinking just the opposite. I would be happy to be a lab rat for a coronavirus vaccine. What bigger contribution could I make at this time of my life?
  8. A meat salesman friend of mine is having a banner year, grocery stores are buying like crazy, he's working by phone instead of traveling, his expenses are down, sales are way up and his company paid a midyear bonus for the first time ever, all this despite a couple of meat packing plant closures. Another food salesman said his business was down 95%. He sells to restaurants. While he managed to convert to a bit of grocery store business, it seems that shoppers don't want to buy 10 pound bags of mozzarella.
  9. I will continue to side with the science guys instead of the wishful thinking guys.
  10. Thanks for providing a copy of the email, Segmentersfloattheboat. I won't be registering at CovidScienceSummit.com for the 3.5 hour webcast, webcasts are not the way I want to educate myself about coronavirus. I am pleased to see that Dr. Andrew Weil is not listed as a participant.
  11. I know how that goes. They try something on Monday, doesn't work. Try something else on Tuesday, doesn't work. Try Monday's procedure again on Wednesday, still doesn't work. Before you know it a couple of weeks have passed. Sewer gas is supposed to be stopped by a trap in the drain, a level of water in a bend in a pipe. Works fine at home. I think shipboard motion can break the water barrier in the trap and allow sewer gas to escape. Yuck! I have smelled sewer gas on ships, not in my cabin, thankfully, and not on Seabourn.
  12. I am embarrassed when I see that I have made the their/there/they're mistake or it's/its or straight/strait, I know* better, but I would never have caught the stationery/stationary error. Thanks for pointing it out, maybe I will remember. *I resisted the urge to spell it 'no'.
  13. I am surprised that some of the luggage was not sent by FedEx from Asia (or Australia), wasn't that one of the perks for those who booked the world cruise early?
  14. Working HVAC and plumbing are nonnegotiable minimum requirements for renting me a room on land or at sea. I am surprised that more people don't ask the cruise line to fly them home and refund their cruise fare when issues are not corrected.
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