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  1. There were lots of kids on our Christmas/New Year Rotterdam cruise... In 2008. Back then Holland America would tell you how many children would be onboard. You might call HAL and ask.
  2. We just returned from the Seabourn Quest Antarctica cruise on February 2. I wore my excursion clothing no longer than I had to, it was just too hot for indoor wear. We only had one Zodiac excursion per day, did not do any kayaking. I wore one or two layers of long underwear under Gore-tex rain pants in addition to rented boots and the Seabourn provided jackets. Personally, I would not wear sweat pants anywhere, I would look too much like Captain Sweatpants from the The Big Bang Theory. I did not pay much attention to what other people wore. Plenty of people looked outdoorsy during the day. I wore slacks and a button down shirt for elegant casual nights and a sport coat and tie for formal nights (or whatever Seabourn calls the dressy nights). I assume that the Antarctica cruise was more casual than the normal Seabourn cruise. There were very few dinner jackets and gowns, I only remember seeing them on the cruisers who were given awards during a Seabourn Club ceremony.
  3. Thanks for posting the itineraries on your blog. I like option 3 best. The African ports on option 1 are tempting, but why spend a month in Europe on a world cruise? Give me the exotic, not that I am going.
  4. I do not know if this will interest anyone. Nine episodes of Verrückt nach Meer are available so far that were shot onboard the former Prinsendam. The program, in German with German subtitles, follows a few of the crew, a couple of interns, and some of the passengers. The first episode, number 391, shows the renovation, christening, and beginning of the first cruise with passengers. Not much of the Prinsendam/Amera is shown, the renovation was messy and not completed. https://www.daserste.de/information/reportage-dokumentation/verrueckt-nach-meer/videos/verrueckt-nach-meer-folge-391-video-100.html The episode list is here: https://www.daserste.de/information/reportage-dokumentation/verrueckt-nach-meer/videos/index.html I do not know how many episodes will be shown in the coming days. The episodes should be available online for one year.
  5. The $.01 pricing is needed to counter the effect of all those prices ending in $.99 If enough businesses embrace $.01 pricing, the universe may return to equilibrium.
  6. Google maps worked fine for us. Yes, they expired. Next trip I will try maps.me
  7. We sailed from Chile around Cape Horn to Buenos Aires on the Veendam in 2011 and regretted not sailing past Antarctica and adding Easter Island and Iguazu Falls. Thought we would never set foot on Antarctica because of sea sickness concerns on excursion ships. We found a great price on a Seabourn Antarctica cruise, booked it, and were so glad we took a ship with Antarctica landings. Setting foot on my seventh continent did not thrill me as much as I thought it would, but being up close and personal with penguins and seals thrilled me much more than I thought it would. A world cruiser mentioned seeing little birds fly away from the ship so close to the ocean that they left ripples. My guess is that he saw flightless steamer ducks, very large ducks, paddling rapidly across the water with their wings. Believe me, seals, penguins and other animals look different at water level than from deck 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, or 9. Some of our fellow cruisers were also close to whales. We made two trips through scenic Lemaire Channel. There were nineteen men and women on the excursion staff and any number of lectures. Wonderful cruise, I blogged about it here: https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/2724452-the-grouch-on-seabourn-quest-january-12-2020-san-antonio-to-buenos-aires-via-antarctica/ The blog I envied is here (go to South Georgia, if you can): https://patrickinantarctica.com/2018/02/25/543/ Keep an eye on prices. Our 21 day Seabourn cruise was about four times as expensive as the cheapest 22 day Zaandam drive by cruise I saw and about one third more than the cheapest neptune suite price I saw on the Zaandam. Not cheap, but a great value.
  8. I did not mean for the post to be funny. I read up on Weil after posting and see that he is a proponent of alternative medicine. My opinion of Seabourn just took a big hit.
  9. Is Dr. Weil responsible for these spa seminars? Detox for Health and Weight Loss Mindful Living Mindful Eating & Diet (anti-inflammatory diet) Walking in Comfort with Good Feet Acupuncture for Arthritis & Back Pain Your Path to Optimal Health (interactive tool) Puffy Ankles 5 Steps to Happiness 5 Steps to Flawless Skin Yoga - Energy Balancing Secrets to a Flatter Stomach Introduction to Meditation and Breathing Group Meditation Ladies Pamper Party Complimentary Walk-In Acupuncture Consultation Reflexology Pain Management with Acupuncture Complimentary Crystal Sound Bath Group Vitamins and Supplements Hair Show and Hair Consultations Ionithermie
  10. I will not get into specifics of what we paid. Cruise prices are available online. Gratuities are included. Internet is not, but we received a surprise 600 free minutes for reasons unknown, enough for our needs. Shops, casino, and spa are not included. I think there are a few liquors or wines that you have to pay extra for. Our only expenses were for shore excursions and postage. We ended up with $350 redeemable credit. We paid $80 rental before our cruise per pair of boots for our Antarctica zodiac excursions. An orange waterproof parka with a puffy inner jacket was included in our fare, brought them home, may never use them. We also received a thumb drive of photos, video, and a cruise log plus "Antarctica Peninsula: A Visitor's Guide". https://www.amazon.com/Antarctic-Peninsula-Visitors-British-Survey/dp/0565094653/ref=sr_1_2?keywords=antarctic+peninsula&qid=1580779133&s=books&sr=1-2 We never ordered room service, heard a woman rave about her breakfast, amazed that eggs were hot and tasty. Should have added a couple more Seabourn vs HAL items. There are no day of the week elevator mats. Buffet scrambled eggs seem to be made from fresh, whole eggs. They were delicious.
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