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  1. The cruise line has to pay to broadcast these normal channel satellite feeds. I assume they could have shown it, had Holland America chosen to pay for Fox's feed on that cruise. The only sport shown during one World Series game was Missouri vs Texas A&M women's volleyball.
  2. Holland America did not show the World Series in 2016 on our Mediterranean cruise. The opening pitch was after midnight. I assume that Royal Caribbean would show the World Series during a Caribbean cruise, depends on what the broadcast rights cost them and how much they figure to make running World Series special sales.
  3. Our next cruise will be on the Seabourn Quest to Antarctica. I estimate the cruise will cost us about 50% more than a roughly similar route in a Zaandam neptune cabin, not that we have ever sailed in a neptune cabin. I will be subsidizing my fellow cruisers' alcohol consumption, my wife doesn't drink, I average about one beer every other day, hope I don't overindulge just because it is included. If we land in Antartica, the cruise will be worth the expense.
  4. The promise of a bathtub is one of the ways I sell my wife on a cruise. I thought a bath/shower combination was the perfect solution. Maybe HAL really is going for an older demographic by removing the tubs.
  5. Veendam is probably the worst designed ship in the fleet. The conversion to lanai cabins took away a lot of unreserved promenade deck chairs. Adding cabins and eliminating the aft pool added capacity without increasing public space. We had two great cruises on her.
  6. You can say that again. It is like the web designers have never seen how easy it can be to order anything else on line. The HAL website always defaulted to guaranty and crashed when I tried to select a specific cabin.
  7. The walk in closets are still there, the Amera deck plans show them with plenty of references to walk in closets. The cameraman toured at least two accessible cabins and one of the former Prinsendam AB added cabins that did not have them. As a man, he was not interested in showing the closets. Trident, English is the official language of the staff.
  8. Here is a cabin tour video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wmc0nBm1zfM This eight minute video is another ship's tour in German: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OLe6D8bo3Ao "Music" is horrible on both.
  9. Take a screenshot of the inaccurate website page. Ask where your full-size whirlpool bathtub is. Maybe they will move you to a cabin that has one.
  10. Good link, MouseBerry, thanks for posting it. I liked everything about the transformation except the enclosed smoking room in Harry's Bar, looks like smoke would spread to the rest of the interior. The new video screen on the "pool deck without a pool" is a first in their fleet as is the Gold room (former Neptune Lounge) for suite guests only. If I understood correctly, pools are little used on Phoenix Reisen and having just one on the Amera brings the ship in line with the fleet. I would like to sail on the Amera, but doubt that I could convince my wife to.
  11. Don't assume the OP was uninsured just because he complained of the $3231 bill from HAL. I complained about the cost and was not involved. No need for the OP to return again to the thread, he has had his say and provided me with a valuable warning about cruise ship healthcare for which I thank him.
  12. The only December 2020 transatlantic from Barcelona that I find is the 14 day Norwegian Getaway sailing with cabin prices starting at $785. Book now.
  13. Laparoscopic appendectomies sound like a big improvement over the old method, it is amazing that your wife would be discharged so soon. I am happy that your wife is okay, glad you received excellent treatment in Sitka, but think it is a shame HAL would not let you continue your cruise. One of my fears is that a cruise line would dump me in a lousy hospital in a developing country rather than give me care they were able to do onboard. I am surprised that the overnight medical care on HAL cost $3231, but have no idea how much care your wife received or what is reasonable and proper. I guess I am regularly surprised at the cost of US health care.
  14. Thanks for the link to your photos, they are amazing. My photos will not be as good and not just because I will take an inferior camera. I plan to blog my usual "grouch" drivel from the January 12th Santiago to Buenos Aires cruise.
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