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  1. If you answer 'no' to that question, Seabourn sell your contact details to a Nigerian prince.
  2. Ships in Antarctica have to limit outdoor lights to prevent bird strikes, the Panama might require the same.
  3. AIS was still on 9 minutes ago. Tender or lifeboat ZADM11 was shown doing 12.4 knots.
  4. Marinetraffic.com lists the Zaandam as underway using engines, 11.5 knots. A Zaandam lifeboat or tender #11 is still shown in the water. Any idea what is up?
  5. Did we ever hear anything about Zaandam's stop off Manta, Ecuador on her way to Panama?
  6. Cruise lines are "out of bailout package" according to this Washington Post article. "The industry’s trade group, the Cruise Lines International Association, acknowledged Thursday that the major cruise lines weren’t included in the package..." https://www.washingtonpost.com/business/2020/03/26/cruise-line-bailout/
  7. Gastrointestinal food poisoning or respiratory flu like ailment, how will they tell, how will they tell.
  8. https://www.captainalbert.com/ This Holland America is currently onboard the Rotterdam. With no passengers, it is like a dry dock without being in dry dock. Training and work goes on. Day 1 without guests is here: https://www.captainalbert.com/m16-march-2020-puerto-vallarta-mexico-day-3-day-1-without-guests/
  9. This article tells where a number of Carnival ships are riding it out: https://cruiseradio.net/where-carnival-cruise-ships-will-go-during-voluntary-suspension/
  10. "Most major cruise lines that sail out of the United States use a loophole in maritime law that enables them to register their individual ships under foreign flags, including countries such as Liberia, the Bahamas or Panama. The loophole means ships escape higher U.S. taxes as well as more stringent employment and safety laws — an issue that has become problematic when, for example, a crime is committed on board. "Before he retired from the Senate in 2015, Democratic Sen. John D. “Jay” Rockefeller IV sought to close that loophole, arguing that it allowed the industry a worldwide tax rate of just 1.3 percent on more than $17 billion in profits." https://www.rollcall.com/2020/03/12/they-arent-american-democrats-aim-to-block-aid-to-struggling-cruise-companies/
  11. The reusable plastic bottles were a nonissue to me. The water tasted fine, but then I drink tap water at home and when traveling in the USA and Europe. I don't remember the good old days when Seabourn provided water in single use plastic. I am no Feinschmecker and not the right kind of people. I saw the bottles stacked in dish washer racks in the galley, assume they are washed like all the other dishes and glassware. A couple of other notes from the little bit of this thread that I have read. The Quest still had bar soap on our January sailing, no big dispensers in our cabin. I was happy with the shampoo and random Molton Brown bar soap I chose, but then I am not the right kind of people. I never understood the fresh lime and Corona thing, I don't think fruit belongs in beer and sticking a wedge on a beer bottle is ridiculous. Why not pour the beer into a glass like a civilized person, run the lime around the rim, and squeeze the lime and drop it in the glass?
  12. janmcn, my local election authority claimed we would not be able to vote while on our cruise. We managed it using the website sue198 suggested: https://www.fvap.gov/guide The website claims, "You can vote from anywhere when you're in the military or an American overseas". It is not email voting in my state, I had to print our ballots and mail them back. I spent hours on the project to make sure we followed the instructions to a T. Using FedEx may be a whole lot easier, but you might check out the requirements for your location at fvapgov/guide .
  13. There were lots of kids on our Christmas/New Year Rotterdam cruise... In 2008. Back then Holland America would tell you how many children would be onboard. You might call HAL and ask.
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