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  1. Does a thrift store patron want a Royal Caribbean travel mug? A Carnival Mexican Riviera tee shirt? A Holland America sweatshirt? An NCL key chain? A Princess lanyard? How much does it cost thrift shops to have the stuff that doesn't sell hauled away? Thrift shops have to sell unwanted clothes in bulk, some of it goes to developing countries. Instead of supporting their own country's economy, people wear free tee shirts that say things like "Snodgrass Family Reunion, 2015" or "Breast Cancer Awareness Run Hoboken". Just don't take the stuff in the first place. (This is directed at you, too, dear, although you won't read it.)
  2. We've won bottles of bubbly three times on cruises, gave them away, we are not wine drinkers. The rest of the stuff should have been tossed, but wasn't; travel umbrellas, sweatshirts, key chains, coffee mugs, and coasters. A decluttering expert blamed swag for increasing clutter. 5K tee shirts, National Geographic travel mugs, blood donor soft sided coolers all get stored and never used. Half of this married couple has quit accepting swag, can't convert the other half to my way of thinking.
  3. EXplorations Central is one definition, there might be others.
  4. Thanks for the photos, Copper. It is a more extensive project than I imagined in such a short time. There are more photos on the Phoenix Reisen website: https://www.phoenixreisen.com/magazin/kreuzfahrt-news/bilderstrecke-ms-amera-aktuelll-in-der-werft.html
  5. I have been on a couple of Holland America transatlantic cruises that were not reported as full on end of cruise log. Some of the vacant cabins may have been occupied by workmen. I think my transatlantics have only had one or two children.
  6. EXC is the oddest program ever. The lecturers are EXC. Maasdam cruise are EXC. Excursions are EXC. Guides are EXC. Part of some crow's nests are EXC. In-Depth™ cruises are EXC. If the goal is to confuse customers, Holland America has succeeded. Add EXC to dining "As You Wish" as a debacle.
  7. Cut the OP some slack, it's her first post on this forum, might be her first post on any forum. One of basic rules of manners is that adults do not correct the manners of other adults.
  8. Massive change... Are you seated? Laundry that is returned on hangers is now protected by a reusable suit bag.
  9. Cancellation coverage, which the OP seems to be referring to, is not insurance. "The following Cancellation Fee Waiver Program is provided by Princess Cruises and/or Princes [sic] Tours and is not an insurance benefit." The Princess Vacation Protection Plan does include insurance underwritten by Nationwide. "All coverage will begin on the Scheduled Departure Date when the Insured departs for the first Travel Arrangement..." I am guessing that the OP's husband broke his femur at home before departure. I would feel better about the OP's situation if she said she had contacted the cruise line about the cancellation and had submitted the required form. "Contact your travel agent, Princess Cruises and/or Princess Tours or the Program Administrator IMMEDIATELY to advise of your situation and to avoid any non-reimbursable expenses due to late notification. The Program Administrator will send you a form that must be completed by you and the treating doctor (if applicable). Instructions will be provided as to what other information may be needed if cancellation is caused by a non- medical reason. The Program Administrator can be contacted 24 hours a day online at www.aontravelclaim.com or by calling 1-877-846-8833 or 1-516-342-7262." For all I can see, the OP may have been considered a no show rather than a cancellation.
  10. Holland America's Standard Cruise Cancellation Protection is not insurance, they never use the term. The OP seems to only be looking for reimbursement of the cruise cost, since she states that the cruise line won't be out any money with their booking the same cruise. I think the OP did not buy insurance.
  11. I wonder if we will hear back from the OP and I also wonder if she bought insurance or something like Holland America's Standard Cruise Cancellation Protection with which "YOU CAN CANCEL BEFORE DEPARTURE FOR ANY REASON. Even if it's up to 24 hours..." and "YOU GET MONEY BACK. Holland America Line refunds 80-90% of eligible amounts paid, regardless of your reason for canceling, as long as you cancel more than 24 hours prior to departure..." The OP would not collect with this plan for a broken femur on the day of departure. Either way, she should have heard back a long time ago.
  12. Some cruises leaving Canada this year: 31 days Sep 21 Vancouver to Sydney Ruby Princess 29 days Sep 25 Vancouver, to Sydney Golden Princess 26 days Oct 13 Vancouver to Sydney Noordam 40 days Oct 13 Vancouver to Auckland Noordam
  13. A 27 night cruise on Sapphire Princess from Civitavecchia to Singapore is listed as from $1393. North American residents could turn it into an around the world trip. Sunday, November 10 Rome (Civitavecchia), Italy 6:00pm Monday, November 11 Naples / Capri (Sorrento), Italy 7:00am 7:00pm Tuesday, November 12 Messina, Sicily, Italy 8:00am 6:00pm Wednesday, November 13 At Sea Thursday, November 14 Rhodes, Greece 8:00am 5:00pm Friday, November 15 Suez Canal (Cruising) Saturday, November 16 Suez Canal (Cruising) Sunday, November 17 At Sea Monday, November 18 Petra (Aqaba), Jordan 7:00am 7:00pm Tuesday, November 19 At Sea Wednesday, November 20 At Sea Thursday, November 21 At Sea Friday, November 22 At Sea Saturday, November 23 At Sea Sunday, November 24 At Sea Monday, November 25 Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates 7:00am 11:00pm Tuesday, November 26 Dubai, United Arab Emirates 7:00am 11:00pm Wednesday, November 27 At Sea Thursday, November 28 Muscat, Oman 7:00am 4:00pm Friday, November 29 At Sea Saturday, November 30 At Sea Sunday, December 1 At Sea Monday, December 2 Colombo, Sri Lanka 7:00am 7:00pm Tuesday, December 3 At Sea Wednesday, December 4 At Sea Thursday, December 5 At Sea Friday, December 6 Kuala Lumpur (Port Kelang), Malaysia 7:00am 6:00pm Saturday, December 7 Singapore 7:00am
  14. whogo


    Don't buy more euros than you need. You will pay a marked up price to buy euros with dollars, you will pay another marked up price to buy dollars with leftover euros, a double whammy.
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