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  1. Yes, Messenger will work on WiFi, but you don’t need to use WiFi Calling to activate. Just connect to the ships WiFi. 😁
  2. I am not sure why the bacon is presented as hanging. Reminds me of a hanging pig. 😞 In other establishments, or when I make it at home, it's served on a platter. Eat with a fork and a knife on our plates.
  3. That's wonderful, and rightfully the thing to do! Had that happened to us, my DH would not have been happy, at all! Did you go take your showers in the fitness center/locker rooms?
  4. "We enjoyed listening to the band and singers. They are the only ones on the ship. Time for bed, we have an excursion in the morning." No dueling piano? πŸ€”
  5. I tried a Google to look up this accident. Couldn't find it, but there does appear to be quite a few vehicle accidents in St. Kitts where many tourist have died. :( Wishing your friends a speedy recovery.
  6. No, it would be a GTY in one or the other categories. However, we also do not want to be under a pool area (I have not yet looked at the deck plans) and would consider booking a said stateroom. TY Thank you all for the suggestions and explanations of layouts on the Vista class...very helpful!!! As I mentioned, it has been about 12 years since we were on the Noordam (2008 in a standard VF.) Before that, our first HAL cruise, was the Oosterdam (2005 in a Signature.) More recently the Eurodam (2010 in a standard V) and then the N Amsterdam in December of 2019 - SS. I agree that the N Amsterdam had the best stateroom decor. Was hoping that the updated Zuiderdam would have the same. 😞
  7. From reading the boards, I know that there are coveted Signature and Neptune Suites, but are there any that one would not want to be assigned? It's been a while since we sailed on this class of ship. Thinking about a GTY fare. Thank you!
  8. Nice review. Trying to talk DH into taking this ship...soon. How was the Escargot? Looked great in the photos.
  9. We are also big fans of over the counter Meclizine. We get it from our pharmacist without a RX. I suggest that your wife try taking a pill at home when she doesn't have much going on to see how she reacts to it. Neither my husband and I get sleepy from it. We take 1/2 pill (we started with a whole pill and it seemed too strong) the morning of the first day of our cruise. I rarely have to take it again during the cruise. My husband will take a booster if the seas are high.
  10. I cannot seem to find the cruise that you booked. πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ
  11. In that case, you were very lucky to get anything back... unless you had the travel insurance.
  12. Yikes! That's right. With those $100 "special" deposits, once final payment comes along, it turns into a full deposit amount when cancelled.
  13. Since we have snow today in TN, and temps dipping to 13 F tonight, I would pick the warm cruise. 🌞 In fact, the Reflection cruise in January looks pretty tempting to me! Have fun with whatever you pick! πŸ˜‰
  14. It's a strange situation. Did you ever get any type of reminder that your cruise deposit was due? Check your SPAM folder! My guess is that Celebrity will reach out to you by phone eventually. If you don't want to go, I'd leave it, and the deposit. If you want to take the cruise, you had better get in touch with Celebrity before your stateroom is given away.
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