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  1. Choose the Ocean View Cafe for more casual clothing and shoes. From two different dictionaries: Flip Flop a flat, backless rubber sandal, usually secured on the foot by a thong between the first two toes, as for use at a beach, swimming pool, etc. a type of loose rubber sandal. chiefly US, informal Notice that "rubber" is indicated in both descriptions. I wear thong type shoes in the MDR, Blu, and Luminae. They work better on my feet, and I don't wear heals higher than 3/4". My shoes are dressy, sometimes sparkly, and only one pair has a strap behind the heel. None are made of rubber. I don't even wear the rubber flip flops to the pool. I wear them around and outside of my home, however. I have occasionally taken a pair to wear up to the OVC in the mornings.
  2. From one Carolina Girl to another, Charleston can be just as scary as any European country. The key is to be aware and watch your things like a hawk. 😉 DH and I have been on 12 European cruises and loved them all! Never felt unsafe. We have sailed in and out from Rome (first European cruise and also favorite port to sail from), Barcelona, Amsterdam, Venice, Germany (River Cruise), the U.K. (London/Southampton), and Dublin. Our preferred time to cruise is in Fall or early to late Spring. We prefer the cooler weather, even if it means there may be rain. It's easier to keep warm than to keep cool. Our river cruise was in late August on the Danube. Surprisingly, we did have a few cool and wet days. And while sailing through Ireland and Scotland one May, we had perfect weather.
  3. Although not single, I received the following email from AMA Waterways yesterday. Your Next Adventure Awaits Now is the perfect time to travel independently and enjoy the incredible experience we offer our solo guests. From tours of historic UNESCO sites to wine tastings, our small-group guided excursions offer authentic personalized experiences. And, to pique your interest, we recently reduced our single supplement to just 10% on select departures through the end of the year – which even applies to our luxurious suites!
  4. Forget my above question. I found the answers! 😉
  5. Has the Equinox been completely modernized? Staterooms have new furnishings, cabinets, carpet, and soft goods? Anything done to the bathrooms?
  6. We love the Deck 11 AQ’s...on the side. We felt the aft was too open to below. Some can also be viewed from the aft stairs outside. When taking no a cruise longer than 7-10 nights, we will choose a Suite. Love the extra room and perks. Plus we can eat in Luminae or Blu when space is available.
  7. That's what we did! Got the whooping cough vaccine, as well. Our family doctor, and friend, recommended the Yellow Fever vaccine. He went on the trip with us.
  8. I see 2 complimentary pressed items, but not the bag full of laundry
  9. Also missing are the Two free laundry bags services.
  10. Did you book through Celebrity? I read about Celebrity sailing out of Tampa on another forum and have been looking at different TA websites, and with Celebrity's website, and cannot find a way to book or even check pricing. 👧
  11. Why not have room service delivered to your stateroom on Christmas morning and you can wear your PJ's and have breakfast! 👍 I am sure the sight will brighten up your stewards day when he see's you dressed up in Christmas PJ's.
  12. Thanks for posting. Love watching RS. We have taken several cruises to the Med by ship and they are the best!!!
  13. mikkelhansen Last week, my TA sent out a flyer by email saying the deal ended this past Sunday. Then yesterday, the TA sent out another flyer saying the deal had been extended. I never looked at Celebrity's website to see what it indicated. My TA is also offering one more incentive.
  14. Yes, the offer is extended through Wednesday. I wish we could jump on this offer and book a cruise. Our lives are up in the air for the next few months, so we don't want to book anything just yet. :(
  15. Yes, the offer is extended through Wednesday. I wish we could jump on this offer and book a cruise. Our lives are up in the air for the next few months, so we don't want to book anything just yet. :(
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