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  1. I agree! And you should not have to wait until Wednesday to receive an answer!!! BTW- The $900 deposit is for a cruise that is longer - 10 days and up. A deposit for a shorter cruise is less. At the least, you should get back some of your deposit because the cruise was shortened to 4 nights. "Deposit requirements vary based on length of cruise and number of guests per stateroom. Generally, deposit guidelines for double occupancy staterooms are $200 per stateroom for 1 to 5 night cruises, $500 per stateroom for 6 to 9 night cruises and $900 per stateroom for 10 night or longer cruises."
  2. I received an email from my well known TA with the following new offer. I'm sure we would still be paying the fees somehow, but it looks better on paper. Book virtually any NEW 4 nt. or longer Celebrity cruise sailing January 2, 2020 through May 3, 2021 during our sale and receive: A Classic Beverage Package for TWO (A value of $70.80 per person/per day, includes all gratuities)(Beverage package increase cost of $14 pp/day, will be reimbursedin the form of shipboard credit) PLUS, Pre-Paid Gratuities for Two PLUS, Up to $300 Shipboard Credit per cabin (Inside: $25; Oceanview: $75; Balcony: $100; CC Balcony: $200; AQ Balcony: $300) PLUS, Select Sailings ALSO receive: Up to $400 Shipboard Credit per cabin ($200 Inside/Oceanview/Balcony; $400 Suite) (based on double occupancy ) PLUS, Kids Sail Free (select sailings - 17 yrs. and younger) (not applicable to cruisetours) NOTE: Some Rates feature a non-refundable deposit.
  3. I have a string of solar fairy lights on my porch at home. Got them on Amazon. Might be a good option to use around your balcony door - on the inside. The light wire is very thin, the lights do not get hot, and the solar box portion about 2" x 3". The wire to the box is about 3'. Could easily be threaded to the outside, to catch the sun, and would be able to close the balcony door.
  4. Are you actually going to be on the sea on Christmas day? If not, leave most decor at home. If you are spending Christmas Eve/day onboard, and if it will make you happy, take along a very faux tree. Lights on the balcony can be disturbing to the passengers next door. DH and I took a cruise in May and the passengers in the cabin next to ours had lights that shown bright into our cabin all night long. Light came through every crevice. ๐Ÿ˜ž
  5. Beautiful sunrise. My daughter will be moving to Charleston soon. We vacation at the beach there quite frequently. Never tire of that view. Took a similar wedding shot, albeit not as fabulous as yours, on my second trip to Santorini. Ah, Normandy! We were fortunate to be there during a reenactment in June of 2016. Very sobering.
  6. Good to hear that AMA is still getting high marks! We were on the same cruise two years ago. Have been looking forward to trying another river cruise ever since. Thank you!
  7. Excellent post, cruisemom42! OP, should you book the private tour, you may be lucky enough to run into another B2B onboard the ship who would like to share that tour. Happened to us in May when we were in Greece. We just struck up a conversation with another couple at dinner. We found out that they had nothing booked for Corfu. We had pre-booked a tour for 2 before leaving home. The car had room for 4. A nice surprise and worked out great splitting the cost. Keep checking your Roll Call as more and more people will start to join as the cruise nears. ;)
  8. Hi again, If you can swing it (450 euro for 2 persons), I'd do the following tour through Rome Cabs. As I mentioned before, we have done this tour when time was short. That was on our first visit to Rome. We have come to trust these private excursion guides because they deal with cruisers everyday and know their schedules, how to time things, etc. We have been fortunate to go back to Rome several more times. All have been either by cruise ship, or a pre and post cruise where we stayed at least 2 extra days. Each visit, we always see basically the same sites, plus add a few new adventures. ๐Ÿ˜‰ We never tire of Rome! We have taken cab rides, the metro, and the HOHO, but we mostly walk from one end to another. While Notts1964 advice is excellent, I really think you need to be familiar with Rome, and their public transit, before setting out on-your-own... with a time crunch! LINK: https://www.romecabs.com/tours/panoramic-rome-for-cruisers/ You can email them, tell them your time frame, and customize what you would like to see. Perhaps even negotiate the rate down since it would not be a full day tour. I would skip the Vatican Museum, but definitely go into St. Peters! So hope you are able to work something out. Fogfog Two years or so ago, we took a B2B. The day before docking in Rome, I believe on a sea day, all B2B'rs met in the dining room for a meeting on what to do that next morning. Frankly, I do not remember getting off the ship and getting back on. I believe we went back to the dining room for the turn around. And we certainly did not wait for all passengers to disembark. I do remember that we were finished and out by the aft bar by 9:00am looking for our adult children to arrive to the ship. They had flown in the day before and stayed at a B&B in Civi. Children were onboard having a Bloody Mary with us by 10:00am!
  9. DH and I have done B2B out of Civitavecchia. I do not recall the cruiseline offering any excursions, but we may not have been looking for any. We stayed on the ship to await the arrival of our children to join us on the 2nd leg. If the cruiseline is not offering anything, definitely make arrangements to see what you can of Rome. Maybe not try to do the Vatican this time. But it is doable with a private, yet pricey, tour. Have you checked your Roll Call to see if others are doing a B2B and would like to share a tour. DH and I have done private tours with both RomeInLimo and RomeCabs (StephanoTours) https://www.stefanorometours.com/. We have even done a short tour from Civitavecchia to Rome and back. Worth the time in my opinion. We have also taken the Fast Train in to the city and taken a cab all around. That was fun and fast! However, with the new layout of the port, getting to the train is now a pain. :(
  10. Perhaps it's meant to be departure for a future or another world...Si-Fi
  11. Enjoying your review so much. Especially the Bar Harbour review. We took a similar cruise a few years ago, but Bar Harbour was cancelled. We would like to try again soon. The best lobster roll we had was in Prince Edward Island. Second best was Kennebunkport, MA. Neither was as good as one we had in Alaska several years ago.
  12. If you are using the Celebrity transfers, you will probably not arrive at port until noonish. Picking up luggage, going through customs, etc., waiting on others to join transfer group, takes some time. Then there is the drive to the port.
  13. ๐Ÿ˜•๐Ÿค”๐Ÿคจ Are you sure you were in Key West in March? We were there in December and did not see those conditions. We rode bikes all over the island. Key West can be a little noisy at times, but mostly the island is enjoyable and beautiful!
  14. Inaugural cruise last December. We did not receive fresh fruit on our cruise in May. I love the touch of color that the green apples gave to the stateroom. Our steward did not tell us to ask for the sparkling wine, but from a previous cruise, I knew we could have it should we ask. I don't blame Celebrity for leaving that off the "to do" list for the stewards. Most people not drink it, and they/we were giving it to our steward at the end of the cruise. The tote bags are good for sunning, or carrying back duty free items. I just packed up a huge box full to have in a yard sale.
  15. I was enjoying my colorful foot stool out on the balcony until the Captain closed my IV window because of a few drops of rain. It was still very sunny out, as you can see.
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