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  1. Strange that a British company seems to be ignoring the fact that the British AstraZeneca/Oxford vaccination only needs one shot.
  2. Good afternoon on this slow Thursday afternoon - well only up to post #21 so far today. We are just back home after DW having her first Radiotherapy 'blast'. Only 14 more to go 🙏. We also received news that my first cousin succumbed to Covid 19 this morning in a UK hospital. He had been taken into hospital on New Year's Eve and had been in a coma for the past 10 days. So wear that mask and stay safe everyone.....please!
  3. As you are in Oz I presume you applied to HAL Australia? When I apply to HAL UK for the OBC they send an email confirmation, normally within 48 hours of the request.
  4. January 19th 2020, ah yes, I remember it well! We were in Aruba and this is my favourite pic of Aruba! On our very first cruise on Celebrity Galaxy from San Juan, the first call was Aruba. We had an oceanview cabin and on that morning I opened the drapes expecting to see a beautiful Caribbean Island, or a colourful town or even a busy docks area. Instead my view was filled by a tree growing on a sandbar. Since then, everytime we go to Aruba we look forward to seeing that tree and the memories that it brings!
  5. Agree with @KirkNC about cruises out of Rotterdam NL. We were on the Rotterdam out of Rotterdam to North Cape and all announcements (including the Captain's mid day update) were in both English and Dutch as there was a very high percentage of Dutch guests. Many only spoke Dutch. However on HAL cruises out of Venice, Civitavecchia and Barcelona, the only language used was English.
  6. Ahh, I know that feeling! The bus is not for you then. Although it is a lot by cruisers on a port day, it is still a city bus, so no luggage storage. I think a taxi is your best bet to the port and also from the airport with that amount of baggage.
  7. A family member sent me this video and it reminded me of some of the posters on the 'Daily' thread: VID-20210117-WA0001.mp4
  8. Good afternoon all, Cool damp and misty in Ireland this morning. We had a chicken dish with Dijon mustard on Saturday night and it was lovely. It was a Rick Stein recipe that was on TV, but it was for rabbit. We have lots of rabbits in our garden, but neither DW nor myself could bring ourselves to trap and prepare one of our nibbling friends, so we substituted chicken! I enjoy watching NFL "American" Football 😁, but it takes so, so, so looooooong! I record the games and watch them during the week, with the Fast Forward button in regular use. So I have to ignore some
  9. There is also a bus service from Athens (leaves from outside McDonald's on Syntagma Square) to Piraeus, if you don't have a lot of luggage. Think it is route X30 (?)
  10. I know! 😉 But I mentioned R-VII just in case, just in case. Already a few R-VII roll calls in the RDM segment.🙁
  11. And post it under the roll calls for Rotterdam VII (not Rotterdam)!
  12. Agree, but I was thinking of the masks as protection of the crew from the pilots, as the pilots could be the virus carrier. If staff had masks it makes it easier to insist on others wearing them.
  13. Or to put it another way, I would hope the Captain would require it !
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