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  1. If I was that desperate to have $100 OBC I would think its time to give up cruising.
  2. Yes I mentioned that on another thread. It is comparatively easy for Iceland being an Island.
  3. Yes, I was just thinking the same as we book in Euro!
  4. Yes, that is what the Greek Tourism Minister wants to do, but Greece is within the Schengen Zone and any third party arriving in Schengen Zone requires a visa, which is then valid for the entirety of the Zone. Greece cannot admit third parties without the agreement of the other Schengen Zone countries.
  5. I believe you can cancel up to 30 days before the cruise sailing date, but will not get a cash refund. attached are the terms for EU bookings. Maybe you should call HAL Rotterdam 00800 1873 1873 and ask for confirmation. Book a Cruise _ Cancel Cruise Anytime with Our Guarantee _ Holland America Line T&C.pdf
  6. I disagree with your interpretation. Only shore excursions that comply with our prescribed protocols will be permitted, means that the only shore excursions that will be permitted are those that comply with their prescribed protocols. It does not cover an individual going ashore under there own motivation and wandering from point to point. If they intend to disallow any port visits except as part of a cruise line arranged shore excursion then they need to specifically state that NO OTHER visits ashore except company arranged shore excursions are permitted.
  7. Iceland may have gone 'rogue' but as an island inward travel is manageable. Onward travel to other Schengen countries is currently not possible. This would be impossible to do in Nederland as it is too easy to access other EU/Schengen countries by road or rail with limited border controls.
  8. @rafinmd and @richwmn Thank you for another TGI Friday Daily. I don't like the fruit olives, but really like them when squeezed and the resulting oil mixed with some Balsamico de Modena and poured generously over a salad. Love mopping up the left overs with bread. @rafinmd sincerely trust that your medical team can decide on a successful treatment for you. @kazu happy that your implants are successful. I have tried to remember how many times I have been to Liverpool, but it is impossible. Probably around 20 times. Living in Belfast and having many family members living i
  9. Well, the bad news is that AIDA (a CCL Line) have announced cruises around Greece this summer (May to October) and the subject of vaccination is noticeable by its absence. Only testing mentioned in press release.... https://www.carnivalcorp.com/news-releases/news-release-details/aida-cruises-offer-new-sailings-greece-may-october
  10. Just a couple of things to ponder..... 5.00am is the scheduled arrival time (not guaranteed) and it could be up to an hour later that first pax are permitted to disembark. If travelling with check in luggage then confim the latest check in time at the airport. Pre covid many airlines closed check in 40 minutes prior to scheduled boarding time. As to being 'first off' you would need to check the policy of the individual cruise line.
  11. It will be interesting to see how the latest "nearly all inclusive" prices will affect the pricing structures. https://www.carnivalcorp.com/news-releases/news-release-details/holland-america-line-introduces-have-it-all-premium-package
  12. You can verify them on your Booking Confirmation only. Changes by phone, not possible online.
  13. Good Afternoon, Evening, Night, Morning to posters in all continents. (that is my global outreach!) Since Monday the lockdown we have been under has eased and we are now permitted to travel within our county or 20kms if close to a county border! (There are 32 counties in Ireland and Cork is the largest in size). Restaurants are still closed except for carry out, and non essential retail is still closed. Schools are fully reopened, but third level (university etc) is still closed. I am still on my first spouse, and we have learned to laugh with each other and at each other.
  14. Just to throw in my opinion, I loved Zuiderdam decor. Harmoniously mismatched. Colorful and zany. Though I believe that it has been 'calmed down' since her last dry dock. We have a lot of days on Koningsdam and love the music walk. Tamarind is so-so to us and Pinnacle Grill over-rated. Rudi's Sel de Mer is good. Maybe we are spoiled with so many good restaurants close to home. We would be happy with either of them.
  15. Yes Father, I always enjoy watching golf on the sports channels. The time difference means that I can watch it without interruption after DW has gone to bed!
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