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  1. My experience as a European is that deposits are forfeited.
  2. From Dublin makes much more sense! Powerscourt House and Gardens, and Glendalough are beautiful spots and would be the focal point of the trip, not how you got there! I just wanted to confirm where you traveled from so as others wouldn't necessarily think they could make the journey to Powerscourt and Glendalough from Cobh.
  3. From Cobh? It's probably a 3 hour drive to Glendalough from Cobh.
  4. This is already shown in the listing at the top of the thread. Thanks.
  5. Thanks for the dry dock dates, John, I will incorporate the information into the next update!
  6. We mostly fly Dublin to Miami and its a A330. Aer Lingus will be introducing A321LR single aisle planes on some routes to East Coast USA. I would sooner fly through AMS, MAN or LHR than fly one of those Trans Atlantic. Even U.S. Pre-Clearance is not worth that pain!
  7. You really should post this question on the HAL board here.
  8. Probably the only real benefit is the 25% discount on wine packages, speciality restaurants, coffee in Explorer lounge, and mini bar purchases.
  9. The Welcome Onboard Reception is to be missed! Sparkly wine, orange juice and nuts! Normally at about 2pm on embarkation day, so you have to rush off for the Safety Briefing/Muster Drill, before sailing.
  10. I had hoped that it would be 'fixed' by now as the present layout is relatively unfathomable 😉 If they were overworked sorting out the incorrect posts to the forum they should have made it simpler to follow, rather than moving the threads.
  11. Hi, What has happend to the posts in the New Cruiser Category? Has it been deleted from the Board? Or, did I put everyone on 'Ignore' 😉
  12. The 'Free wifi in each terminal' works for departures, but I have failed to connect to the wifi on debarcation every time! Just grab a taxi and insist on the meter.
  13. The 10.20 flight is RyanAir! I would go for Aer Lingus at 11am even if it is more expensive. Debark by 8am, in your taxi and away by 8.30, at the airport by 9.15 no problem! Just be aware that EI normally 'parks' at distant gates and it is a long walk to the gate. Give yourself plenty of time to get there, specially with kids in tow!
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