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  1. I thought that Zaandam and Volendam where looking a bit drab until I scrolled back and saw QM2. Wow, she looks like a real rust bucket. Must be the blue hulls show the oxidization, salt and rust more than the lighter coloured hulls. Thanks for posting the link.
  2. Unfortunately we are heading into 6 weeks of lockdown as the infection rate continues to rise. Social gatherings and lack of mask discipline has lead to rising hospital admissions and infection rates. The age of those infected continues to drop as does the age of those who succumb to the virus. The older people follow the guidelines quite well, but the teens, twenties and thirties continue to consider themselves indestructible and that is reflected in the current trends of infections and deaths. This new lockdown will not be as severe as the March/April lockdown as a wider range of stores are considered 'essential' so hardware stores etc will continue to be open, but many businesses will not open again. Regarding the surgery, indeed we were 'lucky' that the procedure was scheduled last week, in fact the whole experience of cancer diagnosis, chemo and surgery has been a surreal experience during Covid, surpassed only by the fact that we have been unable to hug children and grandkids. Thanks again to all on this thread for the prayers and support. ❤️
  3. i just posted this link on the 'Memories on this day' thread. Sailaway of Nieuw Amsterdam on October 19th 2019
  4. I just thought that I would post this 'sailaway' thread from last year................. I miss our online weekend sailaway parties!
  5. Winner! We were on Koningsdam and there was a bit of a toot fest at each other. Two days later both ships were at HMC and we had another toot fest that would drive any noise abatement society into apoplexy.
  6. Now I realize who you remind me of, Grigori! 😜 About 30 years ago I grew a beard which I had for a couple of years. One night I decided it had to go and cut it off. Next morning our son (probably aged about 8 yrs) came into our bedroom, looked at me, then told DW 'I want my old daddy back'. He didn't speak to me for a couple of days until he got used to the naked face again 😭
  7. And people get excited if there are fireworks when the ship leaves port.
  8. Where is Nieuw Statendam parked?😉
  9. That is the Queen Emma bridge in Willemstad, Curacao, Nederland Antilles.
  10. That looks like Sochi and the abandoned Olympic Village.
  11. Chemo is finished, thank you for asking. Next on the list will be radiotherapy in a few weeks time.
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