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  1. I am hoping ๐Ÿคžthat the new rules apply to FCD's only and if you book a cruise onboard you still get the tiered credit. Time will tell.
  2. Anyway the band in Rolling Stone Roc k room is amazing. It was like back to the late 60's and their performance of 'Hey Joe' was bliw ur mind stuff. Woodstock lives!
  3. To me "We' is FCC's in general. I have asked them the question and will look for an appointment
  4. At the FCC desk is this notice. The amounts are highlighted.
  5. Were you expecting credit? OBC is USD, so why do they mention CA$ (CAD?)
  6. My FCD's from 2018 and 2019 show 3 levels of OBC per length of cruise based on stateroom category. I have left a note in the FCC's mailbox so we will see the outcome.
  7. Currently on Koningsdam and picked up a Future Cruise Deposit Request Form from the FCC's desk. It states On Board Spending Money per person (based on length of cruise)......All Staterooms/suite categories.... 3 to 10 days usd 25; 11 to 21 days usd 50; 22 to 50 days usd 75; 51+ days usd 100. Previously the OBC was based on cruise length AND CATEGORY of stateroom booked. Anyone know when this changed?
  8. I understand that it is required in case of US customs requiring to inspect your bags. We always took the view that US customs would have little interest in bags destined to Europe so we always disembarked as late as possible. A frw times we were slightly reprimanded by security staff when disembarking. Along the lines "you are late! You should have disembarked early" but we just smiled and said thankyou! Don't know how a US resident would be fixed.
  9. Ports of call are the most important aspect of a med cruise, and just as important is the length of time in port. Some of the sights/sites can be quite a distance from the port and every hour ashore is priceless.
  10. There is a thread titled 'Jan 3-11 live frim Zuiderdam' which is currently about 5 pages down. (Sorry can't get link here as i am using cell phone and it won't work!). This would be pist dry dock so have a read of it.
  11. The Zuiderdam was in dry dock last month (December 2019) so she will be a lot fresher than any images online.
  12. Here is the form we received on Koningsdam today. You are correct that 6pm is cut off with Southwest.
  13. We are currently on the 10 day ABC islands cruise. First gala night was night 2, which was Half Moon Cay day so early (3pm) departure. We have not had second gala night yet.
  14. Better known as WYSIWYG. What You See Is What You Get. ๐Ÿ˜
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