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  1. Thanks all! I am packed and ready to go. and so is Paddy McVmax. He will be hanging out on our door, to guide DW to the correct door and ward off evil demons and banshees!
  2. Fota Island is very close to the port of Cobh. A short taxi ride. https://www.fotaisland.ie/ Old Head is a wonderful course. Really depends on the group's skill levels.
  3. When are you sailing? Reason I ask is that we are about to fly out to FLA to cruise Caribbean for 11 days and then a transatlantic back to Europe. If your question can wait, then I will respond in depth, when we return!
  4. Yes, but it is a 9 to 10 hour trip. How long are you in port?
  5. Standard rate of IVA (Impuesto sobre el Valor Añadido or Spanish VAT) is 21% . IVA on drink is 10% and 4% on food. Important note: in Europe prices include taxes, so there should be no additions. The price on the menu should be the price you pay, even on the ship. If the ship says they are in Spain and need to charge IVA/VAT then tell them that in Europe tax should be included in the prices. When we go to U.S. or Canada, it is a bit of a culture shock to have the sales taxes added to the bill. This does not happen in EU. The onboard shops will probably be a different situation as they advertise 'duty free' prices, so you will have to pay the tax on goods and providing you take the goods out of the EU then you should apply for a refund.
  6. If you do book tickets online for the Colosseum, then remember to print out the barcoded sheet to take with you to the ticket office (unlike someone I know, who shall remain nameless!!)
  7. Abu Dhabi is a night race, so starts at 5.10 pm allow 2 hours race time............. I think it would be a bit of a chance. You would need to leave mid race and F1 entrance fees are not cheap! The track on Yas Island is about 30 km (20 miles) from the cruise port. In good traffic taxi takes 35./40 minutes.
  8. Working ok for me for both Koningsdam cruises coming up next week and early April. Maybe phone HAL?
  9. We invite our 4 and 5 Star Mariners, Pinnacle and Neptune Suite guests to arrive anytime... 11am will be fine! We are doing B2B's on K'dam on 27th March and 7th April and received the same notification for both cruises! We will be arriving at Port Everglades at 11 am as 4 star and do not expect any problems! See you onboard.
  10. @doone Thanks for the review. Just finalizing packing before we head over for a total of 24 days on the K'dam. Glad that she is still in good order. Your group must have had a ball!
  11. Reflection is listed for Ringaskiddy on May 3rd from 0900h to 1600h (9am to 4pm) on the port of Cork cruise website https://www.portofcork.ie/index.cfm/page/cruiseschedule2010 I would hope that Celebrity arranges shuttles as there is nothing to do or see in Ringaskiddy. There is a bus service to Cork (timetable attached), but if you don't get the one at 9.20 and have to wait until 10.20, it will then be after 11 am you arrive into Cork city. You will then need to get the bus back at 2.20 pm to be back in Ringaskiddy for 3 pm. So a lot of effort for 3 hours in Cork (and if the 2.20pm bus is full, then the next won't get you back for 'all aboard'. 223-1539871777.pdf
  12. Glad you enjoyed it. If I remember correctly it was a 'soft day' when you were here. (soft = misty and drizzle!!). We had a great summer afterwards!
  13. That can be arranged!!! This day next week and we should be mid atlantic on our flight to Miami.
  14. Happy St Patrick's Day to all HAL cruisers! PS a little FYI! It is St Patrick's Day, Paddy's Day or Lá Fhéile Pádraig, but never ever St Patty's Day or Patty's Day or anything Patty(or Pattie)
  15. You can get to Antequera by bus or train. In Málaga the bus and train stations are at the same location. the local bus company is Alsa (www.alsa.es) and takes about an hour from Málaga to Antequera. Luggage space is minimal. Train takes longer and you arrive at Antequera Santa Ana station, which is actually not in Antequera (it was built to facilitate the AVE high speed line to Cordoba/Seville/Madrid etc).The station is about 16 kms (10 miles) from Antequera, so you will need to take a taxi from the station to the town. It is quite some years since I used this train line as I spend more time in the East side of Málaga, so perhaps Campolady will correct or update any erroneous information I have posted.
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