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  1. Ok, that's all for me for this morning. It's almost midday here and lashing rain! Hope to see you for tonights sailaway. Have a great day everyone!
  2. Morning all, DW is off shopping so I can watch a sail in in peace! Veendam is approaching........
  3. Didn't realise that 'craic' is posh Geordie vernacular!! 😉😁
  4. We had the same noise (banging from the separating wall) in cabin 6167 on K'dam. This only happened on the trans Atlantic segment when the swell was different to in the Caribbean.
  5. Love the political correctness of the title 'Barcelona or Spain'. That will keep the separatists happy!😁
  6. or wait until Spring 2021 when the ships will reposition from Caribbean to Europe.
  7. Go to Miami airport and store your luggage at the aiport. Then taxi/bus to downtown or South Beach.
  8. There is a baggage storage facility at Miami airport.
  9. When is the final payment date and how much deposit did you pay? Then do the math and see if it makes sense to cancel your original booking and make a new one. However, check that all things are equal. Did you receive any OBC for the first booking? Is the new booking to be paid immediately? Is the new booking a 'guarantee' cabin whereas your original booking you could chose your cabin? etc,
  10. OOOPS! Sorry John, for some reason I thought I was still on the Rotterdam Dry Dock thread, but it seems I was on the Zuiderdam thread. You are correct (of course!) ZDM is due to dry dock on 1st December 2019. (note to self - must pay more attention in class!)
  11. 09 - 19 December, I reckon! Rotterdam arrives into PE on December 8th after a 15 day Panama Canal journey from San Diego and departs again on December 20th on a 7 day 'Holiday' cruise.
  12. I normally don't post on 'Tip/Gratuity/Daily charge' threads, but would just like to comment, that as 'tipping' is a largely N. American (USA) thing, it is amazing to me, as a European(where tipping is discretionary), to find through threads similar to this one that even the N. Americans cannot agree on the operation of the culture they created!
  13. i think they are all non refundable. Spend, spend, spend!
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