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  1. Reading the report, it seems he has a real grudge against HAL.
  2. @dada.mv Congratulations on your upgrade. 😁 Could you copy & paste the web address that you used? (https://www.hollandamerica.com..............) I would like to try it! Although I am in the eurozone sometimes our price is quoted in £ English pound sterling! You will love the Koningsdam!
  3. Do you mean the Hotel Director on Zuiderdam? I don't think that you can contact them by email and need to go through Ships Services at HAL in Seattle.
  4. March 13th, so 4 months ago, even allowing for Italian holidays etc https://worldmaritimenews.com/archives/273081/holland-america-lines-third-pinnacle-class-unit-starts-construction-in-italy/
  5. There is no train service from Ringaskiddy to Cork. Indeed there is no train service from Ringaskiddy. Your options are a poor bus service or taxi. Recently it was mentioned on local radio that there were problems with taxis or private excursion vehicles accessing the port area. There is a bus service from Ringaskiddy to Cork City. Go to this link and type in 223 in the 'search by route' box. Cashel is =/- 1hour from Cork, so approx 1h 30 m from Ringaskiddy. Kilkenny is a further 1 hour from Cashel and the return from Kilkenny to Ringaskiddy would take close to 2 hours. I am really sorry that you arriving to Ringaskiddy as it is a very poor substitute for Cobh. Indeed it may be the port to actually consider booking a cruise line tour. If you contact the usual private excursion companies Butlers-buses.com or paddywagon tours or ecoach. All are recommended and may (repeat may) do tours from Ringaskiddy.
  6. Even if there is a cruise line that is 'environmentally friendly' the tractor units/rigs hauling the food & drink to the cruise port in the refrigerated units will negate any saving.
  7. The roll call is started it is now up to others to join it, by posting to it.
  8. WhatsApp needs data (or wifi) to function.
  9. If you book a car with the recommended companies, then they pick you up right at the terminal as you exit the ship! We use Stefano's Rome Cabs https://www.romecabs.com/ for transfers to/from Civitavecchia. Highly recommended. There are others, just scroll through the threads!
  10. We have been in Mykonos three times (Oosterdam, Zuiderdam and Koningsdam) and each time (April and October) the water taxi was running between the mooring point in the new port and the old town. It was a short ride through the outer harbour. I can't remember the price but it was relatively inexpensive, maybe 3 or 4 euros per person each way.
  11. Hank has been sampling the wine packages again! 😁🍷
  12. We have used Stefano's Rome Cabs. They meet us at the side of the ship and take us directly to either FCO or CIA. Have you flown from CIA before? It is mainly a military aerodrome used by RyanAir. Do give yourself plenty of time as it is chaotic. Only one food outlet, and generally disorganised.
  13. One big difference that you will notice is that there are nothing like the quantity of tours offered at the port gates. You should make sure to pre book your tours (join your cc Roll Call) or do a lot of reading and planning. Also the distances to reach the focal point of a tour is a lot further than in the Caribbean. Rome is over an hours drive from Civitavecchia! Spend time researching each of your ports and decide which sights you really want to see. You won't see them all in one cruise! Then prioritize! Also, although you will be told that the US dollar is accepted in ports, do not believe it. The currency in a lot of Europe is the euro and dollars are not accepted. Some shops may take them, but the exchange rate will be somewhere between rip off and bare faced robbery. Credit cards are widely accepted (except Amex ). Do not accept the offer to charge your credit card in dollars, tell them to charge you in euros (or local currency) and your bank will give you a much better exchange rate.
  14. And here again be careful if using paper money! Northern Ireland banks issue their own notes, in pounds sterling, but Northern Ireland notes will not be accepted in London stores (experience, not hearsay!). So ensure that any notes you receive in change is Bank of England notes. If you withdraw from an ATM and get Bank of Ireland, Allied Irish Bank, Ulster Bank etc notes, then change them in a bank, ask a retailer to change them for you (they will oblige, specially if you make a small purchase!) or make sure you spend them. Hearsay is that UK Banks will change them @ 90p for 1 pound. Northern Ireland shops accept English, Irish and Scottish notes!
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