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  1. But cruise companies take the rap again.
  2. Thanks Rich and Roy for the updates! National Underwear Day? mmmmmm.......I think I will give that a skip!
  3. That is a bit sexist! How about Mr. Statendam? 😁 I know, I know, but I believe it should be MS Statendam or even M.S. Statendam (and not Ms. Statendam). Apologies as I am in a particularly pedantic mood this morning. 😇
  4. Totally unhelpful answer. The question reads 'which ship is best' not, 'which ship was best'. There is no reason to suggest a ship that is no longer in the fleet.
  5. Aida has just postponed its August restart because Italy has not issued the necessary approvals. https://eu.usatoday.com/story/travel/cruises/2020/08/03/aida-cruises-not-restart-planned-aug-5-italy-ok-delayed/5570055002/
  6. Happy New Brunswick Day to all NBer's. Also happy Heritage Day to those in Alberta, B.C. Day to all those in British Columbia (including our 'baby' who has gone over to Victoria Island for the week) and all the 'Other Days' for that great nation of Canada. Thanks to everyone 😘 who has mentioned and supported DW. She has had a very bad last 10 days, but is slowly regaining a small amount of normality, which will aid her recovery before the next round of 'cocktails'.
  7. You will receive a new Booking Confirmation that will give payment details, but I would be budgeting for payment 22 days earlier.
  8. We were on KDM during the play offs for Superbowl (or whatever you call them!) and there was a party by the pool and the game shown on the big screen. There was a good atmosphere, but still plenty of available space to pass for those who were not interested.
  9. Best wishes and positive thoughts to all. @rafinmd could you add Ms VMax to the care list. She is halfway through chemo for breast cancer. Thankyou!
  10. Why would I even want to think about going to America in the current situation?
  11. Currently I get the same message when I log in to my account. It does however show my FCD (deposit certificates purchased onboard during a cruise.) However in June the website did show the Future Cruise Credits. Thankfully I saved a screen print of the account at that point,. So just because the FCC do not show does not mean that they are not on your account! When you where on the chat line asking about the FCC showing on your account, did you specifically ask if the FCC had been issued yet?
  12. August is definitely too hot and too busy in any area of the Med. We might look at September in the Baltics.
  13. There are images of the similar cabins on Koningsdam on halfacts. Look at the SL OV cabins.
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