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  1. dad son team

    Booked casino rate

    so here is my dilemma. I have two offers for me, one has $50 OBC, and the other says I get FunPlay chips but doesn't say how much. I have never had the FunPlay before so I have no idea what they will give me, but I am not a big player so I doubt it will be much. I have emailed the casino@carnival.com to inquire but have not heard back. What is your experience wth FunPlay chips? Worth the chance of guaranteed $50 OBC?
  2. dad son team

    NCL Gem repairs

    According to what I just read in an industry email, passengers will be transported from the local resort to the ship on the 17th to sail to NYC and are expected to arrive on 11/21.
  3. I have traveled on 10+ cruises with my DS, now 20yo, and he loved them all. He started when he was 6 and loved Royal's kid program and would often stay until 1am which allows for some adult time for me. I think any of the mainline cruises, NCL, Carnival, RCL, that have kids programs will be fine. They all do a good job with the kids.
  4. dad son team

    NYT article on gay matchaking on the QM2

    It was a negative article. I have never sailed QM2, or even Cunard for that matter but I have a good idea of what to expect as far as the make up of the ship passengers. It seems like there was a group of bears on board but since that is not his type he didn't give them any thought. His loss. There is nothing wrong with facial hair.
  5. dad son team

    Carnival charges my bill more than plan

    Just a follow-up. I called and disputed it with Carnival on Monday, and the credit appeared on my credit card yesterday (Thursday).
  6. dad son team

    Carnival charges my bill more than plan

    You need to call Carnival. There is an option in the phone menu for post cruise issues, then the next menu for S&S charges. I called them Monday and it took about 15 minutes for them to pick up. $22 extra was added to my S&S after my final bill and I learned it was for a towel they say was not returned. I advised that I did return it and they reversed the $22 right away. It has not popped up on my card yet, but it's only been 2 days.
  7. dad son team

    Caybrew question

    Yes, they had wifi
  8. dad son team

    Well I just had a first

    Actually, there was someone there when I returned it. When I walked up to the desk I asked if I should throw the towels (there were 2) in the bin and he said yes, never asking for my cabin number. Two towels but yet I was only charged for one. In the end, I called Carnival and like a previous poster said, the agent on the phone was very nice and agreed to refund the $22 with no hesitation. Makes you wonder if they do this a lot and people just don't notice, and if they do they refund.
  9. dad son team

    Which way would you drink?

    Since I started this and I'm back from my cruise I thought I would let you know how it went. I got the cheers and did not hit the 15 drink max on any day. I got to 14 on the first sea day and I don't think I broke 10 on any other day. I did reach the 5-6 daily minimum to get to the break even so I do feel like I got my money's worth. I also found myself getting more drinks because I could, not because I really wanted one. Although the pre-dinner martini's could easily become a habit. If I had to do it again, I think I would depend on the number of sea days, and the social situation of the cruise. If I was going with a group and we were doing a lot of sitting around bars chatting or being social, then I can see drinking more.
  10. dad son team

    Caybrew question

    It wasn't bad. They had 5 on tap and you got 5 samples with the $10 tour so it worked out well. Kids would be ok, although maybe bored. Not much for them to do while you sample. That had some bar tables and stools to sit around with your samples.
  11. dad son team

    Couple Takes 100 Voyages On Same Ship

    I recently saw a story on a news show about a woman that lives on a Chrystal ship. They estimated it cost her about $175,000 a year. http://abcnews.go.com/Travel/86-year-woman-living-aboard-luxury-cruise-ship/story?id=28351886
  12. dad son team

    Well I just had a first

    I just checked my credit card statement and noticed that the charge for my S&S was higher than the final printout I got on the ship. I called Carnival and low and behold, they charged me $22 for a pool towel. In all my cruises I have never been charged for that before. I know they sometimes check them out against your cabin number, but when I returned them I just threw them in the bin for the dirty towels like I have always done. I was never asked for my cabin number when I returned them, and in the Serenity area, they just had the nicer yellow towels out on the desk for self service. Do you think this is a way for them to deter chair hogs to not leave their towels around and hold them responsible for them? I can imagine many of them stake out their chair with a towel and never return and forget about it.
  13. dad son team

    Another Cheers program question

    Very true, that should be every night. Although every month would indicate that I cruise a lot more than I do. Sent from my XT1585 using Forums mobile app
  14. dad son team

    Another Cheers program question

    I had cheers on splendor last week and martini's were not a problem. Had one or two every month at the El Mojito bar Sent from my XT1585 using Forums mobile app
  15. dad son team

    Cruise Cash from The Fun Shops was a complete fail!

    On my last cruise a friend sent me some cruise cash for my birthday. There was a card for it in my cabin on the desk along with the cards advising of the Cheers and bubbles paid for too. I did not see it on my account when I check it on the app, so I went to to guest services and they said it is on there. I never saw it there until the last day when we got our account printout and it was there. I also received some champagne and glasses to be delivered on the second night and they were there as scheduled along with the card from the person who sent it. Sent from my XT1585 using Forums mobile app