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  1. Thanks so much! I really appreciate it. 🙂
  2. I searched for this, but couldn’t find where it was discussed. Our AK Cruise was cancelled back in March, when requesting a refund is available thru 12/31/2021. We booked AK for next year right away and paid our deposits. We’ve since received our FCCs, and were going to hold them till shortly before final payment. My question, is there any real benefit to applying those right away to our future cruises? I thought it would be better to hold off, to keep all options open (even though we do plan to cruise)but figured I would ask if there is something I’m not thinking of. I see lots of people, here and elsewhere, applying theirs right away for next year cruises. Thanks in advance for any insight, one way or the other. 🙂
  3. My crystal ball (bottom of my Kraken bottle) said August. Limited runs with limited passengers. 😁
  4. I thought she responded with a similar attitude to yours. 🤷🏻‍♀️ Both with a bit of sarcasm.
  5. The quarantine was meant to slow down progression so that hospitals could handle the number of patients. In TN that has happened, and we are in week 3 of reopening. Today, we have had the lowest number of new infections reported since this ramped up. And we are 17 days into reopening. Numbers should have started climbing a week ago, since testing is freely available here. But the only numbers climbing have been in prisons, where all are being tested. Otherwise our numbers look so good, our governor is going to step up to the second phase of reopening on 5/22. Most in OUR area of TN were/are ready to go back to work. Some would rather stay in and on unemployment, but would tell you the extra $600 from the government does affect that choice. Many of those who can work, and desire to, are already going back to work here. We can’t paint all areas of the country with the same broad brush. More rural areas, with the exception of prisons and nursing homes, have faired better than expected in many areas of TN.
  6. My husband also has to wear his all day (shipping in food services), and has gotten used to it. I don't have to, fortunately. I have asthma, and the reduced air I already get is reduced even more with a mask, and makes me a bit lightheaded if I'm moving around. I can't wear for long periods of time, so wear them when I go into public places only.
  7. TN reopened with limitations two weeks ago. Except for 'warm spots' like Nashville/Memphis, the numbers of positive cases has continued to decline since then, with the exception of the asymptomatic positive cases in prisons and surprisingly, nursing homes (pleasantly surprising because they are asymptomatic). All nursing home patients/workers and prisoners/workers are being tested now. TN is one of the leaders in the country for percentage of the population able to be tested. You can be tested, if you'd like, without symptoms. There are new positive cases each day in those areas I mentioned, but there has been no spike so far. The numbers continue to trend down instead. It's probably a combination of the steps of prevention people are taking and the fact that warmer weather (and more sunlight) are here. We have personally started going back into the grocery store at less busy times, we wear masks when we are in a public building. We haven't dined in at a restaurant yet (50% capacity right now), but continue to pick-up curbside. However, restaurants are open, and adhering to the rules. So are barbers/hair stylists. My husband and I have both worked onsite throughout, but some others I work with who are currently working remotely have stayed home and are more concerned about getting back out. One of our team members, who has a husband with a serious heart issue, has told management that she will resign when it is time to return. I can't say I blame her with men dying more than women, and heart disease being one of the highest percentages of the fatality rates. Everyone's level of fear is different, not wrong, just different. And people in our area seem to be respecting the guidelines offered by the state for the reopening phases. We are hopeful, and continue to monitor the daily numbers. The city we both work in, Knoxville, has a different plan for reopening, with 4 week phases, instead of the 2 week phases the state has. Even their officials have said the numbers are looking good and are on schedule, two weeks in, to be able to step to the next phase in two weeks. Hoping that comes true. It would be nice for our furloughed friends who desire to get back to work to be able to do so. Many are ready.
  8. We had flights booked with American Airlines and Alaska Airlines. Both have refunded us our $ after both moved our flights by more than 5 hours (American) and more than 3 hours (Alaska). When I called, I politely told them up front that I knew about their policy of refunding if flights were changed by more than 1 hour (you can find it on their website, if you search). American had us fill out a form online, but approved it within 4 days, and we received our funds in less than a week after that. Alaska was very accommodating, no need to fill out a refund request online and the funds were returned within 3 days. All flights were nonrefundable. I think the trick was letting them know I was aware of the policies.
  9. The washy-washy guy runs around forcing you to use hand sanitizer. 😂
  10. We are sailing Quantum next year, with Sitka as one of our ports. We’ve sailed AK before, and can tell you that a drive out to the Yukon from Skagway was one of the highlights of our last trip there. Amazing drive and scenery! ISP was fantastic for whale watching. For us, Ketchikan was nice, but the other ports ranked higher for us. We did have rain that day, and that could have affected things for us. 🙂 You will find some people here have very strong opinions about AK, from whether one-way, to size of ship, to length of cruise. It’s really all subjective. I suggest studying up on AK, and booking what works best for you. We have enjoyed all our trips there, each was truly wonderful! 🙂
  11. I’ve called 3 times this week for re-pricing my currently booked cruises. Had no wait at all. Suggest calling after 7 pm ET. I know how frustrating waiting on hold can be. At the height of cancelled cruises, waited over one hour at least once.
  12. The OP apparently thinks that’s a good resolution to the situation. 🤷🏻‍♀️
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