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  1. We did GTY and were assigned a Deck 6 cabin with a partial obstruction on Anthem fairly quickly. We ended up upgrading to a Jr Ste GTY for a great price, which was also assigned on Deck 6 about 30 days out, then we won a RoyalUp for a GS a week out. All that to say, yes, we had already heard chances were great, and that's what we were assigned.
  2. Just priced a Jr Ste, and itโ€™s only $40 more than we paid for next year, same week. The virtual balcony we booked for relatives, is only slightly more too. Ovation is a newer ship, so is more pricey.
  3. We do just that. We pick a bar, get to know the bartenders, tip graciously, and have our drinks there each night. I can't eat apps, then head out to dinner, I would be too full to enjoy the meal. โ˜บ๏ธ We only visit the Diamond lounge for the coffee in the morning. And we are Diamond, halfway to Diamond+, and will continue this practice unless we are on a cruise where the Diamond Lounge is not a madhouse. Too many other options for us.
  4. We signed up for the acct at least a couple of years ago for the Informed Delivery. We get pics of the mail to be delivered each day, and notification for package deliveries. If you guys get an acct, I recommend signing up for that too. We always know when something important is in our box.
  5. Yeah, Ovation is more expensive. ๐Ÿ˜ฉ We were surprised too on the inside cabin.
  6. Maybe not. We booked an inside cabin for family on Ovation in May 2020, the date it went on sale, and including $204 port charges, it was $1299 pp. May is less expensive than July in AK. The price has never budged for our sailing, only gone up.
  7. We always fly at least the day before as well, and last month this served us well. On 9/11, our direct flight into Newark was cancelled while we sat at the gate. We chose to be moved over to another direct flight with another airline that went into Laguardia (instead of Newark), reasoning that we would still arrive the day before, and we finally made it to our Newark hotel in the early afternoon. If we had opted for the second choice we were offered, a connecting flight thru O'Hare to Newark, arriving mid-afternoon, we would have not made it until about 10:30 pm, since many flights into Newark were either postponed by 4-6 hours or cancelled outright. The O'Hare flight we were offered was a victim of those delays. Others in our roll call flying into Newark from all over the country on 9/11 were affected. It was like a ripple effect. One couple that should have arrived by early evening arrived after 1:00 am. These delays of flights going into Newark continued into the next day (9/12) when two families from our roll call missed the sailing due to being repeatedly delayed, then finally, cancelled. If we can't fly at least the day before, we just don't go on that cruise. This is not our first flight that was cancelled or postponed. I don't want to begin a vacation with that kind of stress.
  8. Take this for what it's worth....which isn't much. โ˜บ๏ธ We won a GS by bidding aggressively on it (from a JS) on Anthem, 9 night sailing last month. I bid strongly because we still were only paying about 55% of the lowest price RCI had on the GS. We bid more, dollar-wise, on the Sky Loft and the Owners Suite. And the Sky Loft was in the 'good' range, the OS in the fair range. We were both very happy with the GS.
  9. Our GS next December on Harmony dropped $286 with this sale. Probably biggest drop we've gotten so far, since we typically book the day the itinerary goes on sale.
  10. No wine given as prizes on Anthem in September of this year. The biggest prize was bingo cards. We had such a huge turn out for this cruise that they held it in a bigger venue. We won a bottle last year on the same cruise. Small group, small venue. Oh well.
  11. We did the Chef's Table last year on the Anthem. Loved it! It is in Chops, but in a private glassed-in room that must have been sound-proofed. We didn't hear the guests in Chops at all, and the restaurant was busy. In our experience, the food and wine were both presented nicely, and we even learned some tips about wine while there. The chef presented each course, and waited for questions, etc. before leaving. We were please for the value. It was over a year ago now, so maybe someone else can speak up about a more recent experience.
  12. If you look at your SetSail pass, you will possibly see your deck and/or muster station. We knew our deck for several months before assignment. RCI started holding out on assignments for GTY cabins a while before Royal Ups were offered. I think they wait because it gives people less opportunities to change cabins if they don't like their GTY assignment. We have done GTY several times. The latest assignment was 3 days out. Hopefully you will hear soon.
  13. Booked two GTY cabins in the last year. One was assigned 3 days ahead, the other 30 days ahead.
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