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  1. We are having my last container of sauce today. I freeze enough for quite a few meals and this is the end of the line. Now I have to get the energy to make a new batch. I miss when I was young, lived at home and the sauce magically appeared.
  2. The scheduling process here in NY is ridiculous. My friend can’t even schedule her first appointment. Only opening she found is for May.
  3. We enjoyed Summit, really wanted to see how her face lift turned out but, alas, the May cruise we wanted to book disappeared 😢
  4. We got the only open date for our second shot, a little past the date they told us. We had to book it ourselves, the hub wasn’t doing it. They really should be helping people out with this debacle!
  5. Sent the Dallas cheerleader one to my son, a big Dallas fan. He is now mad at me😳
  6. My daughter played for the first time and couldn’t believe she didn’t win!
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