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  1. Are you guys speaking in weird Martian language? 😆 I kid, I kid......John said is was alright to start taking shots at Cats!
  2. It's possible that he is so distraught / shocked / traumatized by the incident, he might not genuinely remember the moments clearly leading up to the fall. The mind has a powerful self defense mechanism to block out horrific actions. I'm not trying to defend or justify the actions that lead to this terrible mistake.....just his actions since then. Of course, there is a cynical part of my mind that wonders if he is trying to "save face" be claiming he didn't know the window was open.
  3. Good point. Perhaps the marketing guys figured out the demographics of the various cruise lengths (short, long, etc) and figured that they best chance at keeping ships at 100% capacity was 7 days vs a 9/5 or 10/4 schedule. If it's one thing Royal has figured out, it's how to maximize profit. That's not a criticism. It's better than going bankrupt.
  4. Totally agree with both of you. Love the rocking motion as it reminds me that I'm at sea. But also I'm a light sleeper so it's a double-edge sword.
  5. Yes, I also would love to see longer cruises with Oasis-class. But, as others have said, their bread-and-butter are families that have to work around school schedules and may have limited vacation time. Those that need to fly into port will also need to account for travel days so the standard 7 day vacation will end up being 8 or 9 days. Also, there is the "leave them wanting more" aspect of Oasis. Since it's impossible to do everything on one 7-day cruise, have people book a 2nd cruise. Royal makes more money on two 7-day cruises than they would on one 10/11 day cruise.
  6. I apologize if this has been asked and answered a dozen times already as I probably missed it Are the Cabana first come / first serve? Or do they need to be reserved? Or are they only for a certain C&A status (Diamond and above, etc)? Thanks in advance.
  7. As others have said, you have already paid all the tips that you need to with the Pre-paid Gratuities. There is no need to tip extra so do not stress about it. If you feel a certain crew member has gone above-and-beyond their expected duties for you, then you can always tip that person extra by handing them an envelope with cash. I know "above and beyond" is a subjective statement. Changing towels and making beds/towel animals are expected duties of the cabin steward. However, handling special requests or exceptionally prompt service may warrant extra. For example, I've asked the steward to place an extra chair on my balcony so a family member that was staying in an inside cabin could join us on our balcony. Sometimes they honor my request and sometimes they don't. If they do. I tip extra. If they don't - perhaps there are no extra chairs or the balcony is not big enough or they are not allowed - then it's not a big deal. I won't "punish" them by removing the tip. While it may seem that most tip extra, it depends. I believe most will tip a little extra based on the service level they receive while others just like to brag. Tip as you see fit as you would at home. If the deluxe drink package price in included in the package price, then the 18% tip for drinks was most likely included. You may want to double check your documents to be sure. Even though you don't pay when buying a drink at the bar, you'll be presented with a slip of paper to sign and there will be a spot to add "additional tip". No need to tip extra unless you feel the server gave you exceptional service. I won't tip extra for someone handing me a bottle of beer no make how big and warm their smile is but I will if I order a super complicated drink that is time consuming to make....or better yet, an extra strong drink.🍹 Just to add to Iamcruzin comment, you'll find that tipping is one of the more passionate subjects debated on these forums and certain members of the self-anointed Tipping Police feel empowered to shame those that they feel do not tip enough. Ignore them. I don't concern myself with what others tip/don't tip so they should not concern themselves with what I tip (or don't tip). You are already paid up so enjoy the cruise.
  8. Is this a riddle or are you asking us? Because I'd really like to know as well.
  9. Truck breaks down - that's ship happens. Truck delivers to the wrong ship - that's incompetence. And if the crew members that normally deliver/restock the bars are sick for 3 days, then the F&B mangers should be looking for volunteers....or roll up their sleeve and do the dirty work themselves...and not lose sales of 4 of the most popular drinks onboard. That's been happening to me recently. Coconut Mojito is my go-to drink when I first get on board. Seriously, I make a bee-line right to Boleros as soon as I get om board the ship. Sometimes they don't have the mint leaves which is too bad b/c vacation is one of the few times I drink a Mojito.
  10. Congrats on the nicer cabin. While you may have to supply your own drinks and appetizers, at least you don't have to very about overcrowding, long lines, people flaunting their status and you'll always be able to get a window seat! 😉😁
  11. Interesting. I would have thought that with the many "experienced" (i.e. older) , repeat cruisers on Grandeur, there would have been a ton of Pinnacles. Maybe they all flew south for the winter?
  12. No wonder I can never find a replacement for my worn/torn winter gear in Feb or my worn/torn summer gear in July. I guess I should give up search for a snowblower and start shopping for a lawn mower.
  13. You mean that with Christmas products appearing on the shelves by Labor Day, decorations going up in early October and non-stop Christmas music and non-stop Pre-Black Friday sales starting the day after Halloween, you've had enough by Thanksgiving?? I don't think I could last that long. I love the Christmas season but only for 4-5 weeks. If it was up to me, there wouldn't be a single decoration or carol before Thanksgiving and everything down by little Christmas (Jan 6th) and not a moment before.
  14. It's definitely and love-it or hate-it type of show. Maybe more people will love it in it's now reduced, 50% less Cats format. (diet Cats?? LOL) Just ironic that the very first review I read was negative. Looking forward to more reviews.
  15. So much for the "new & improved" Cats. Maybe in 2024......
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