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  1. It is an assumption but its a safe assumption that you can take to the bank. I'd even add that many of the older Pins may choose not to cruise due to health concern/fears or sadly may not be of this world anymore. IMO.
  2. I'll say! Late Madonna actually has talent and enough business intelligence/marketing savvy to take control of her career and keep her brand alive for years - decades, actually - after it should have flamed out. Britney is just one train wreck after another. Lady GaGa would be a more fair comparison to late Madonna. Now Musically speaking, if someone confused early Madonna with Britney, that I can understand.
  3. No doubt the demand is there. But the reason I keep hearing is "profit". It's not that Royal can not make a profit sailing from SoCal....it's just that they can make even more profit sailing that ship elsewhere. And with a scaled down fleet in the future, I would expect RCG to be even more choosy about where they are sailing, so it may be a long time before you see a Royal ship again. None of which will ease the disappointment as see some of the the older ships continue to be scrapped. So yeah, it sucks,
  4. Much like food or beauty, "valuable" seems to be very subjective. 😉
  5. Wouldn't surprise me if they continue selling cruises on her while she is in process of being scrapped.
  6. People wrapped in chains are rarely part of the free shows, unless there is a specific parade in town that day. 😈
  7. I completely forgot about the magic, domed zip code. Posts originating from there were a sure-fire way to get a thread deleted. Back on topic: Can't we all get along? After all, we all put out pants on one leg at a time.🙂
  8. That's the beauty of the WJ....there is something for everyone. LOL. But it is a refreshing change to talk about cruising vs Covid-19. Now, as soon as anyone mentions Masks, social distance, stay at home orders, daily case counts in Florida/Texas or NYC crime stats, expect the thread to be locked down. Opps! 🤪😇
  9. There is always one commercial during Ranger games that feature an uber fan that converts his/her basement into a shrine/museum to all things Rangers or someone that Ranger tattoos all over his body. Your son in law should try to see if he can get his place filmed.
  10. Yeah, but the negativity seems to be increasing so I'm not sure how happy he will be. Lol
  11. When you come to a fork in the road, take it.
  12. Nobody goes there anymore, its too crowded. YB
  13. Or "what's a person like you doing on a ship like this?" Or "Hey, what's your sign?" To which the infamous reply is "Ah, a Stop sign!" 🤣
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