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  1. You are wrong AND miss the point.... ๐Ÿ™„ The history of regulations in the USA is a bit complicated: Too little regulations = the ruling class is going to take advantage of everyone. Too much regulation = the ruling class is going to control everyone. And unlike Goldilocks, we have yet to find the balance or the soup, the stool or bed that is jussssst right. ๐Ÿ˜„
  2. I'm guessing that with more people in the MDR, the odds are greater that there will be someone that will do a double-take.
  3. LOL I guess some people forget that this is CruiseCRITIC.com , not CruiseHeapGloriousPraiseOnMyFavoriteShip.com. Nothing wrong with pointing out areas that can be improved upon. Having said that, Maybe throw out a postive RCI post once in a while and you MAY have less of a #backlash from SOME of the faithful cheerleaders. Key words are MAY and SOME. ๐Ÿ˜‰. You do seem to have a past history that I'm not privy too.๐Ÿ˜ฒ In this particular case, it does seem like you took a gamble and lost. My questions to anyone: If I book thru a EU website, am I afforded the same protections as a EU customer, albeit at a higher price? Can I even book using a outside the US TA? It has never occurred to me to try.
  4. Thanks! I last cruised Oasis exactly a year ago this month. It's possible I might have skipped the belly-flop contest.
  5. Very rarely do I ever see someone in there. Most likely, since the door is so heavy and there is no sign, I almost feel like you shouldn't go there. I have sat in there once or twice on the past (on Liberty) and it is nice. I always thought it would make a great smoking lounge* since it's secluded, closed-off and out of the way. * - not trying to start a smoking vs no-smoking debate. Just a way to keep smokers off the main pool deck.
  6. My thinking as well. Yes, the Aqua theater is impressive and a major selling point of the Oasis. Every single show I've seen has been spectacular and I would be disappointed if it wasn't available. But it's just one show, 45-60 minutes. Even if you include the secondary, unadvertised show that most people don't even know about (unless they study the cruise compass) it's a total of 90 minutes at best...out of a 7 day cruise. More importantly, where will the men's belly flop contest be held if the Aqua theater is not operational? Now that's tragic!
  7. Maybe an extra tray of cookies and fruit loop cakes in everyone's cabin? And come'on, isn't the thrill of being on the first sailing with the newly repaired....I mean, maintained...azipods enough compensation? I can hear the CD now "Folks what do you think the new bearings in those azipods.....you can barely hear them or feel any vibration". ๐Ÿ˜ƒ
  8. I was about to post something similar as some people are worried that if the Aqua Theater is not available by May 5th sailing, it'll be roped off until the fall drydock. As long as the major, heavy work gets done in Cadiz, the more "minor" (using the term loosely) stuff and fine-tuning can continue while the ship is under way.
  9. That is the only place I've seen dogs too, at cruise ports. See them all the time in airports and train stations such as Grand Central or Penn Station. Question: why are thy checking passengers getting off the ship going into Cozumel? Are people smuggling drugs into Mexico? Or are they afraid of people taking food from the Windjammer onshore? ๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ˜„
  10. Wander around town. There are 2 forts you can walk to. One overlooks the sea and the other on top of a hill, overlooking the town. The one on top of the hill gets slightly strenuous on a really hot day. Then zig-zag thru the street of Old San Juan. Lot's of old, colorful buildings and cobblestone streets. We always duck into some hole-in-the-wall place for a quick drink or snack on an appetizer.
  11. No wonder I always feel a bit queasy after I accidentally swallow water from the hot tub.
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