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  1. It is on my list of shows to see. Maybe in Nov when my anniversary rolls around.
  2. You did hear the Yankees shut down one of the best offensive teams in the league, right? With their "thin" pitching staff. You can't win if you can't score. Either way, I'm hoping it goes 6 or 7 games. I have family down in Houston and am hoping to make a last minute trip down there to catch one of those games, if it goes that far. I love Minute Maid Park.
  3. Royal must be taking its' cue from retail stores. Start the sales earlier and go longer. Pretty soon Black Friday will be Black November.
  4. I would like to say when we book the cruise and start planning the excursions as we book 3-5 months out. And while we often have a 2-3 day "pre-cruise" vacation at our departure port, that just feels like a regular beach vacation.....the cruise feeling "really" starts when we first see our ship.
  5. Grab a drink, wander the ship, find the cabin, grab another drink, wander some more.... Repeat as necessary.
  6. Usually coconut mojito or whatever the drink of the day is. Or some sort of fancy "blue" drink. Or if the bars are slammed, I'll just grab a beer. It's quick and easy. So to answer your question: What is my favorite sail away drink? Answer: most of them!
  7. Does Playmakers have a more extensive food menu than the pub? If my memory serves me correctly, the pub food offerings are more appetizer focused although I did have a really good burger there once. I'd use my $35 ala cart credit there if I could. I guess the unlimited dining plan is more of slightly limited dining plan.
  8. Last year, our boarding on Oasis at Port Canaveral was delayed by Coast Guard inspection. Except we did not receive any advance notification. Normally, we;d get to the terminal around 10:30 but due to a very late night before at a wedding, we arrived around 11:30 to find a very long line of thousands people snaking thru the parking garage. I think the line began to move shortly after 12:30 but as we were on the back third of the line, we didn't make it on board until almost 2:00. Had I known in advance, I would have slept in more.😒
  9. I would say WJ buffet is comparable to most of the mid-level Vegas casino buffet - Mirage / Monte Carlo / Flamingo / Paris. Nowhere near are good as Wynn / Venetian / Bellagio but better than the downtown casinos.
  10. That's actually a great idea. But I think the production cost of tearing down & rebuilding the stage make it prohibitive.
  11. I'm 55 and went to the Statue Of Liberty once. Kinda. I made it to the island but there was a 2 1/2 hour long line to get into the actual Statue and its was mid-July, 98 degrees, 4000% humidity and not a cloud in the sky. So I said to myself, just come back on a cooler, less crowded day. That was 30 years ago.
  12. Since all of my cruises have been Royal - including 3 on Oasis-class ships - I might give Carnival a shot. And since the Radiance is newly "Amp'ed" up, it would only be fitting to try it.....of course, pricing, itinerary and dates all being equal.
  13. You can make show reservations on Liberty OTS? I thought that was only a Oasis-class thing.
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