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  1. Is 140,000 tons the baseline now to separate the Mega-ships from "regular" ship. That would roughly be the Voyager-class. I guess Royal will let the 10 ships that are smaller age out over the next decade and not replace them, making the Voyage the "small" ship of the fleet? Will then even make anything else "as small" a Voyager? For the Royal brand, not counting Celebrity and various subsidiaries. joint ventures, etc.
  2. The Oasis/Allure consistently feel less crowded than the Serenade & Anthem. On average....most of the time. YMMV IMHO
  3. Thanks! From the pics you posted, it does look much nicer and now with the pool tables & TV's, the upstairs won't feel so...."isolated" for lack of a better word. I always thought that Dazzles was never realizing it's full potential. Maybe it was just me it seemed like a place to kill 20 minutes before moving on to the next big event.
  4. Not sure if this thread or the Oasis Refurb thread is the proper place to ask this, but other than updating the decor, are there any radical differences between Dazzles and Music Hall? Seems to me they both have bars, seating, dance floor and a place for a band to play. The only difference seems to be the types of acts that they book - which could have been done without the remodel. Did they at least add the pool tables? That's the only significant difference I can think of.
  5. It seems like you had a good cruise but your own unfortunate personal situation/physical condition precluded it from being a great cruise. But I'm glad you are keeping an open mind and will try Royal again. Too bad you didn't go for the foot massage earlier in the cruise, it might have made a difference to the overall experience. As for food, I've never sailed Carnival but my experience is that the food will vary from cruise to cruise even on the same ship (I'm talking cruises a few months apart, not B2B). The food is usually mostly average/pretty good, sometime great, once in a while not so good. Having said that, I feel there are more unbiased people saying the food on Carnival is better rather than the other way around.
  6. When the OP first posted the question, I was wondering which way the answers would go i.e. would people compare it to the beverage package, sharing Diamond HH drinks, specialty restaurants, etc But you hit the nail on the head, Playmakers is different from all those so valid comparisons can't be made. Theoretical question to all: Let's say I have the UDP and order $45 worth of food. Can I share the $10 worth of food I purchased above and beyond the $35 limit? How do I determine which of the food to share? See....it doesn't make sense. Can't compare.
  7. Correct. The thread title is incorrect or had a typo. It's the unreleased 2021-2022 itineraries that may have a reduction in SJ stops from previous years. (see post# 114 from Ourusualbeach)
  8. PR would be okay if was a full day stop. The half-day don't really give you much to do. We usually get off the ship just to stretch the legs and find some dive bar watering hole somewhere to find some local flavor you won't get wandering around the pier area. As for those that suggest stay on the ship and treat it as a at-sea day, that isn't really a ideal option either when 1/2 the ship is shut down.
  9. I think it's probably the sale price. The normal price starts at $61 and goes up to $80+ depending on ship, time of year, blah, blah, blah...... For me, anything under $50 is an automatic "yes, good deal" for a typical 9 night Caribbean cruise with 3-4 sea days, plus 1 day a the private island. And if you drink lots of bottled water, specialty coffee (non-starbucks), the deal is even sweeter.
  10. Actually, a blank stare followed by a "whatevs" and the all important eye-roll would be more typical.
  11. Hopefully they are eliminating the 1/2 day stops (8 am - 2 pm, all aboard 1:30). Those are just annoying. I'd rather have a full sea day or another island.
  12. Good for you guys! Money is meant to be spent here and now. I don't plan to leave much $$$ behind either when the time comes. 😊 And both of you are wealthy when it comes to life experiences! 👍
  13. I was going to say he is not retired and wealthy yet.....but same thing. 😉
  14. Awesome! That's great news. BTW, it's not an exception. We do that all the time, just tell them you'd like to book excursions online. Never been a hassle.
  15. Good to know, thanks. I figured there had to be more choices. Hopefully I can lock down a sailing before 2021.
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