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  1. Let's face it, this has been the first enjoyable cruising-related thread in quite some time. It almost seems like normal times.
  2. I'm sure everyone - including me - 1000% agrees with you. But at the same time, this thread is proof that it won't dissuade those same people to continue to book so Royal would have little incentive to improve. If anything, it would turn off new customers if their first impression is that the company can't get its act together. Looking forward to the overcrowded SL threads coming in 2021. 😉😇
  3. It doesn't. That wad kinda the point of my humorous comment. 🙂
  4. I randomly picked a sailing out of Florida...Symphony I think. JS solo was around $3,500 so 2 sailings would be 7K. I didn't even check the dates so it might have been summer or holiday. Honestly, I wasn't being real serious. I already have several non-cruise trips planned for 2021 and vacation time is limited. I was just intrigued by the idea of jumping over an entire level. Now that I know it's "only" 4 points per night, I'll need to tack on a 3rd trip. The DW would never let me take that many solo trips. 😆
  5. Is this a "true" doubling of points or just one extra point per night? Just wondering if a solo JS would be 4 points or 6 points per night? If it's the latter, I could book two 8 night cruises (96 points) and jump from Emerald right to Diamond+!! I'm at 79 points now for the math challenged. 😉 As @twangster said, time to climb the ladder!😁 For a slightly better balcony discount, BP discount, use of a coffee machine and to rightfully complain about not having CL access that I never had to begin with, it might be worth the $7,000! 😲
  6. What's funny is that with all the deletions of my posts regarding post count obsession, my post count didn't go down. 🙂
  7. Agree with what you said above. Also, there is growing evidence that wearing a mask reduces the amount of viral load one is exposed to. So while a mask is not 100% protection, it may make the difference between a mild case vs severe case of Covid-19. https://www.medpagetoday.com/infectiousdisease/covid19/88692 "Cruise ship passengers who embarked from the coast of Argentina in mid-March were unaware that they were living in a COVID-19 hotspot for more than a week after the ship departed. The reason why these passengers were oblivious? Because a majority of the cruise ship's cases were asymptomatic. Researchers are now pointing to this cruise ship outbreak, in which all passengers were provided surgical masks, as evidence that universal masking may result in a higher proportion of asymptomatic COVID-19 cases. Other outbreaks of mostly asymptomatic cases where widespread masking was implemented, in places like jails and meatpacking plants, provide epidemiological data that masks could reduce viral inoculum -- and as a result, decrease the severity of illness. https://www.axios.com/viral-load-dose-coronavirus-246b334d-5420-488d-a1b1-ec9a39c55f58.html Outbreak investigations show that where there's universal masking of a population, the severity of disease goes down. Some researchers suggest a decline in death rate and the rise in asymptomatic cases in the U.S. this summer — both coming at a time when mask-wearing became more common — indicate reducing the dose of the virus may reduce the severity of disease. "It's very interesting that it seems like it's correlating with masking, this lower rate of severe illness," says Gandhi, adding that the hypothesis remains unproven but has some growing evidence behind it.
  8. Of course, for the ladies they will have the option of wearing a dress with built-in mask. Hope the A/C is working.
  9. Not a fan of Pumpkin beer....not a fan of pumpkin anything actually.....but the Malbec seems like a excellent choice for cool, crisp autumn day.👍🥂
  10. Maybe Royal should go thru with their SeaFace mask. Have a clear section in the shape of the RCG logo to allow the sun to penetrate and Presto!, you'll have the RCG logo tanned to your face. How about that for creative advertising!!
  11. Lol. They are scavengers. Rats with wings, if you will. I've had gulls (of the sea dwelling variety) try to take food out of my hand while eating. This was also in Jersey, LBI to be exact. Those Jersey gulls sure have an aggressive attitude! 😃 The whole topic started when I was visiting family at their lake house in upstate NY and jokingly referred the gulls flying by as Lakegulls as the nearest ocean was over 300 miles away. By car that is,probaly only 250 miles as gulls fly. Not to be confused with Garbage Dump gulls, although they look very similar.
  12. Fun fact that Capt. Obvious probably doesn't know. Technically there is no such thing as a seagull. They are just gulls.
  13. Density matters. UK=725 people per sq mile. Italy = 200 people per mile. Sweden = 23 people per sq mile. The fact that Sweden's numbers are only slightly better than Italy with 1/10 the population density is not very good. I would compare Sweden (58.5) to it's Nordic neighbors of Norway (5.1), Finland (6.3) and Denmark (11.7) and say they are worse off.
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