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  1. WE R KNOT BANKRUPT of the Seas. SOCIAL DISTANCING of the Seas.
  2. I always thought Nordic Prince and Sun Viking were a cool names.
  3. Every time a plane crashes, people swear they are never going to fly again. When a Carnival ship (Triumph?) lost power and spent several days adrift in Gulf of Mexico, people swore they would never cruise again. After 9/11, people swore they would never live or work in NYC or any other major city that is a favorite target of terrorist. People have short memories. I don't see the cruise industry being scapegoated. I have not heard anyone blame Corona Virus on cruise ships and that is certainly not the case in New York. The travel industry as a whole is going to be affected - hotels in Vegas and Nashville for example. Anybody that thinks just the cruise industry is affected is being hyper-sensitive. And Yes, I'm aware this a a cruise forum with many passionate cruisers that eat, sleep and drink cruise thoughts all day long.
  4. DW always has used a napkin when handling the tongs in the WJ, then tosses the napkin aside. Then sanatizes her hands.
  5. No matter which way they go, I think I might be avoiding WJ for the next.....forever.
  6. They are? I thought they had "preferred partners" that advertise on the Deals page, which is why we are not allowed to mention others.
  7. Actually, it was a quote from NY Gov Cuomo daily press conference regarding the rapidly escalating number of cases. He said that what started out as a freight train has now turned into a bullet train as its spreading so quickly. (I'm paraphrasing) Unfornatley, Acela can only hit 150 mph for a 30-40 mile stretch of track. Due to congestion from slower moving freight trains and commuter rail who share the same track, as well as the sharp curvature of the tracks laid down over a 150+ years ago, the average speed is about 88 mph between NY and Washington. Between Boston and NY, its even slower, about 65 mph. Amtrak is awaiting delivery of newer equipment that'll be able to hit 185+ mph but will sadly be constraint by the same limitations, so it'll only shave a few minutes off the 6 1/2 hour Bos-Was trip.
  8. Liquor stores are on the list of essential businesses in Massachusetts too. Pennsylvania is already reconsidering the closing it's liquor stores and reopening them. Makes sense. Unlike bars, restaurants and night clubs, liquor stores are not social gathering spots. At least, not the ones I go to. And having them open may be essential to keeping people at home, so they don't have to leave their house every time they want to purchase a drink.
  9. Sounds like they operate under CO-OP rules. Would I need to pass an interview with a board who would then vote to allow me in? Not that it matters. It's already out of my price range. We'll just need to live vicariously thru John's eyes.....or camera lenses as it may be. 😁
  10. Agreed. New York has been very aggressive in testing. According to Gov. Cuomo, 25% of all testing in the nation is done in the state of NY, which has 6% of the US population. If other states tested to the level of NY, many "safe" or "low-risk" states would suddenly find themselves being hotpots as well. What is going to happen once other states catch up? Those fleeing to Florida now may regret their choice in the coming weeks once they are stuck there.
  11. Or divide up the disco into several special purpose rooms or lounges, with access restricted dependent on how many cruises you've been on. I find this concept of frequent cruisers loyalty perks laughable as who could ever afford to go on more than one or two cruises in their lifetime.
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