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  1. Last cruise I was on, in Nov 2018, the on board price was $60. I read here on CC that for 2019 that the on board price was raised to between $63-$70 (depending on ship, itinerary, blah, blah). So with the D+ discount, that should put you in the $45-$49 range. Most of the special deals seem to range from $42 - $52 with a rare $39 once in a blue moon.
  2. I thought Harmony did not have a Solarium pool?
  3. I would agree with this assessment, especially after reading Orville99 post above. No matter how I calculate the numbers, they are getting the full balcony discount and full sales price. I guess sometimes RCI murky math works in the customers favor.
  4. Time to give up yet??😇 LOL. It's actually clear as mud. What i learned is that it's possible to get the full balcony discount, more likely to get a partial balcony discount and in theory, could end up paying more using the balcony discount.
  5. I know the numbers above are just for example purposes, but it shows that's possible for some to end up paying more using the loyalty discount?? Nice job Royal!!
  6. As others have mentions, in general the North Atlantic tends to have rougher seas then the southern /Caribbean. seas. But it really is dependent on the time of year (fall and winter are the worst) and the specific weather at the time of sailing. Seas are reported be to smooth right now. And as noted above, the high rate of speed it takes to get anywhere is also a factor. Having said that, the roughest sailing I ever had was on Liberty OTS out of Miami in Nov. 2009. People were bouncing off the walls walking down the hall and the pool deck was closed since all of the pool water was sloshing all over the place. Hurricane out in the mid Atlantic was causing the heavy wave action.
  7. I always wondered why the RC Roll Call thread had "Meet-and-Mingle" in the title....and Celebrity had "Connections". Does that mean other cruise lines (Princess or NCL) do not have M&M?
  8. Now, an afternoon M&M with drinks and food available I could see myself attending. Much like cocktail hour prior to a wedding reception.
  9. I wonder if part of the problem is that while many people sign up, how many actually show up? I'm guilty of not attending the last M&M I signed up for (several years ago under my wife's CC account). It was at 10 am on Day 2 and the severe lack of sleep several nights pre-cruise caused us to sleep in and not wake up until 10:30!! The M&M before that, it seemed most people were interested in getting a free danish & lanyards. lol. Plus, there are so many more social media platforms theses days and with improved on-ship communication (wif-fi and such), it seems more and more people are arranging informal gathering outside of the Roll Calls. And maybe the demographics are changing. With larger ships encouraging larger groups (multi-generational families, etc) to travel together, they simply do not have enough time to meet others. Plus with all of the activities on board.....
  10. Answer: As quickly as possible by charging as much as possible.
  11. 10 hours and counting. I'm impressed. Let's see if it's still here in the a.m.
  12. I second that. But are the Ice Rinks on the Voyage & classes regulation curling length? It can replace Johnny Rockets! Double bonus.
  13. A woman can pose for pictures and give a speech just as well as a man, no matter the nationality.
  14. I think @Tree_skier stayed in a Aft balcony on Liberty. He wrote a review back in Oct 2018 if you want to search for it. I don't recall him having any issues with the cabin. And to tack on to what Bob said- I did an aft balcony once on the much smaller Serenade , deck 7, and only felt vibration & noise when pulling up to/away from the dock. Nothing so severe that stuff fell off the counter but it will def wake you up.
  15. It's more like: We spent a bucket-load of money "upgrading" this island, now we need to recoup the cost.
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