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  1. Look in the bright side. As the staggering, giggling group is contained to one little room for 4 hours, it frees up the rest of the ship and bars for the rest of us!
  2. That's the best part. As I also have zero dance rhythm, no one can tell how awful my dance moves are since they don't know what song I'm dancing (i.e. flailing about) too. 😂
  3. Thanks! I knew Mariner and Navigator had Flowriders but I didn't know about the rest. As I said earlier, I guess I don't pay attention to the Voyager class. I might be in the minority on this, but I think it's an awkward-size. Too big for the "little ship with a big heart" feel with the views and connection to the ocean.....but too small for the crowds to spread out and the "ship is the destination" feel. Don't get me wrong, for the right price/itinerary, I'll sail on them.
  4. You're right, I stand corrected. Apparently I haven't been paying attention to the Voyager-class.
  5. I'm surprised you didn't mention Freedom-class has Flowrider while Voyager-class (non-Amped) does not😉
  6. I think the "limited" destinations refers to the ports Oasis can go to. That's always been the negative drawback to Oasis. Not sure they can go to some of the ports on your list.
  7. At least 3. Two ships (Allure & Liberty) doing alternating 7-day itineraries on Sat/Sun and the smaller ship for shorter excursions that are timed for weekdays. Or have Liberty run 9 or 10 day cruises to avoid port congestion if the shorter cruises leave on the weekend. I say Liberty as Royal seems adverse to having Oasis-class do anything longer than 7 days.
  8. Checking drink package prices is like a game of Royal Roulette...it's like Russian Roulette but safer.
  9. Since you are doing Harmony, you'll be able to enjoy all the new features shortly. Go with Empress. It's make the small/old vs big/new comparison interesting. Go back to the beaches of Aruba and contemplate this decision. I'm not being snarky. I love Aruba....go every year!
  10. And all this time, I thought you went for the songs and "story"😁
  11. Got my input in with 15 minutes to spare!! lol
  12. Go with Empress - an extra night at sea is a big bonus for me. The cruise is 25% longer than Navigator! Yeah, the casino may be small but so what. Save the hard-core gambling for Hard Rock. Since you have the drink package, the lack of a DL is a non-issue. Not sure if you've read Twangster's reveiw on Empress, but there are plenty of spaces to sit so the ship doesn't feel rinky-dinky. PLus, how much longer will it be around?? Go on it while you can and experience "old-school" cruising as you don't need all the activities. Also, late night snacks (pizza, burgers) are available in the WJ until 1:30 am Seems like an easy choice to make!
  13. If you do find a written policy, please feel free to share it here....assuming you are truly sincere in your quest.
  14. Oh wait...you've had 6 hours to call/write Royal. And 8 pages of discussion and yet you keep asking the same question over and over and over. Obvi, you are a stoned troll....and perhaps a bit drunk....and maybe not even the OP but their child that somehow found the password to the family account. Just wait to Dad finds out......lol
  15. Park Cafe located in the Solarium has grab and go items such as Breakfast Sandwiches, the famous Wecker Roast Beef Sandwiches, Salads etc as well as Coffee, Teas and Iced Water. Cafe Promenade is more like a sitdown Cafe with sandwiches, pastries and Coffee/Tea. On Oasis-class ships, Park Cafe has both indoor and outdoor seating (in Central Park). It has a larger variety of sandwiches - and the sandwiches are larger than the finger size ones in Cafe Promenade - as well as made-to-order salads. Park Cafe is open for breakfast and lunch until around 6 pm.
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