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  1. Also, sale prices are based on onboard prices not any previous online price.
  2. Because, Suites and Pinnacles have tags for their luggage to be left outside cabin the evening before. That’s first luggage off. Escort is to Suites and Pinnacles luggage in the terminal and then out the door. Our luggage has always been there when we get off around 0730. Self walk off you schlep off your own bags.
  3. Which is likely any P who is on B2B. I’m sure they also know the Important crew in the SL/CK and some may even email ahead of time. Later is just a guess. I have no proof.
  4. Good luck with getting that seat. I seriously doubt they will give up their window seat for you. Have them buy you an upgrade drink, see how many volunteer for that. Please come back and report your GS experience on the Allure TA.
  5. And as part of the P cheer squad, do you honestly feel this is the norm for P’s? I don’t.
  6. My buddy @Andy C would be disappointed to hear this. I’ve had the same experience as well.
  7. The door says Suite Lounge. The deck plans indicate Suite Lounge. It’s the the Suite Deck. That’s a piece of paper probably printed to appease some P guests. You’re a great cheerleader.
  8. Which ones exactly? Which ones above are not true. Anything over 50% is “most”. Your not a typical P. You generally stay in Suites, you spend $ in the Casino, only eat in CK a few nights. But you do live within almost walking distance. Lol I believe she is correct. I also believe the number is higher the 50% “most”.
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