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  1. Good grief... so much complaining about lack of FREE alcohol. You wanna drink, buy the Drink Package or use your account to buy.
  2. I agree. Sailed on same cruise with him several times. On Enchantment, in CL, there was a D+ couple, who were much louder than any kids, kept bugging him each evening. You could tell he was uncomfortable and couldn’t get away from them fast enough.
  3. Best time to cruise in a Suite would be on any Oasis Class other than Symphony during 50th Anniversary Cruise. Symphony will be packed with P’s that week.
  4. Only one person I know goes to CATS multiple times.
  5. That’s absolutely correct, however they can do a much better job with handling the SK/CK on Oasis Class ships. Best time to sail on Harmony/Allure/Oasis would be during this years 50th on Symphony.
  6. Millie was in charge or represented the C&A program. She quit the end of January. She assured C&A members several times no changes coming.
  7. FWIW... MB did say on Freedom Presidents Cruise that they would be moving more toward the Suite Classes, Sea/Sky/Star Class. Maybe adding SL’s on ships was part of that. Maybe Keys fit in as well.
  8. So now it’s similar to CK/SL experience for D+? Whats the incentive to book a Suite once we make D+?
  9. I wouldn’t think the 3rd week in March would be chartered out. This is typical Spring Break time with higher fares (unless of course some charter can exceed the $ already booked).
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