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  1. Mario returned to Serenade two weeks ago from vacation. I’m don’t know which Lounge.
  2. I have a bunch more.... pictures from the front or side. Those were just the two most frequent. Have Hall & Oates too. your correct, it’s not a cruise ship.
  3. First, we always pre Purshase the drink package. Except when we cruise on Oasis Class, I ask the Concierge to stock my in room cooler/refrig with my preferred beer. Generally, about a 12 pack is all that can fit. I make sure the Concierge has a nice tip and I track down the bartender who stocked the cooler. They also get a nice tip first day.
  4. Yes. I’ve seen the request onboard and respect it it.
  5. Exactly when have any of you been to a real concert in an Stadium/Arena/Amphitheatre? Some bands even promote phone use. No more lighters are used, just cell phone lights We have had the talent take our cell phones and do a selfie on stage and hand it back. No professional cameras are allowed. People periscope events, Instagram, Twitter, and so on. It the early days of cell use, videos and pictures were prohibited. I haven’t been to a concert in the last 5 years where use of ones cell phone is prohibited. if you want un-obstructed view, sit in the front. Entitled.... me, no way. We pay for our seats.
  6. Really..... just get seats near the front. KISS
  7. Don’t go to a concert. Much worse. Thats why we buy tickets in the first few rolls. Axl Rose and Slash
  8. This is correct. Several Suite Perks are either eliminated or diluted on a Presidents Cruise. No Suite Reserved sitting at the shows. Many Suite Guests could not get CK reservations or find a seat in the SL. Those that had CK Reservations were seldom seated on time. This wasn’t just minutes. Many Suite Guests unable to have lunch in the CK on embarkation day. We couldn’t find a seat anywhere SLCK. I can’t even fathom what the 50th BD Cruise will be like for Suite Guest with the suggested number of ~250 P’s onboard.
  9. Glad the word is getting out. Thanks for your honest opinion. Probably not welcome here. I’ve heard possibly twice the amount of P’s onboard for this cruise compared to last year.
  10. Yes. Suites don’t have a need to reserve seating for most all shows except the comedy club. One perk we enjoy. Just remember to be there at least 10 minutes in advance or seats will be released.
  11. If you follow the earnings, Royal doesn’t seem to have many bumps in the road. Most ships sailing near capacity, unless you have data I am not aware of.
  12. I never noticed before if one could reserve Aqua Theater shows on cruise planner. We only needed reservations for the Comedy Club.
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