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  1. Didn’t I read on CC that someone reported there was going to be a charge for requesting an additional entree in the MDR? I thought that charge was $10 too. Maybe they were referring to Specialty Restaurants???
  2. Multiple Entrees May mean different entrees from each specialty Dinning ?
  3. See if this posts.... this is with WI-FI off. Just phone service. I would say 35ms Ping is pretty good.
  4. Here is what I get at home with WiFi turned off. I wouldn’t say your numbers above are even fair for VOOM+Streaming. If that’s the best one gets for the big package, it’s terrible. CC will not allow me to upload photo but the numbers were Download 25.6 Mbs Upload 8.79 Mbs
  5. And there lies the reason EVERYONE in the same cabin must buy the package if one has it.
  6. Maybe he can run some Speedtests but I still don’t believe it’s the full speed that can be purchased. I know others on our Suite cruises on Harmony/Allure/Oasis, that bought the VOOM package, and could Periscope in areas we could not. Interested to see @John&LaLa results. We were on Deck 8 Mid Ship GS and seldom worked in our Cabin.
  7. We generally tip the waiters in the CK at least $10 each per day if they wait on us for Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner. If we don’t have the same waiter each day, we tip all the waiters in the CK $10 each at the end of the week as they are all helping serve us. If someone has gone above, we are likely to tip a bit more. We also pre pay Gratuities. I would say if you have had the same waiter each night in the CK and left Gratuities on, $50 would be welcomed.
  8. I said the Wild Boys we’re performing on the Presidents Cruise and nobody believed me either. Does that count?
  9. I think the complimentary Wi-Fi that comes with a Suite is throttled and not the full VOOM streaming. Wouldn’t the $82 less 30% be around $58??? Does sound like the onboard price has increased. It’s the last of summer, the busy season.
  10. I think your more likely to see other ships in the fleet prohibit smoking in the Casino than allowing smoking on Empress Casino. What is “old” people? Statistics show long term smoking shortens life expectancy.
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