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  1. Friday or Monday logical days to start with 3/4 night cruises.
  2. That would work. Great idea and no worry about social distancing. 😇
  3. I have a friend that was scheduled to fly to Alaska and was unable to do so as they require a CV19 negative test within last 72 hours. He and his wife both took the test. Her results came back before the flight but his didn’t. She took her flight. He is waiting another test and trying to schedule another flight. M8
  4. It’s simple, quit the complaining about how many drinks, crowding, getting kicked out, need more perks, unlimited drinks, drinks all day. No HH on Majesty any longer 😇 Yep, that stuff gets tiring.
  5. Someone thought D+ who reached 525 should have similar perks as Pinnacles including access to SL. Don’t remember if in this thread or another. Upgraded wine options too. Diamond list just not good enough. M8
  6. People complain constantly about crowding in lounges, getting kicked out of CL. They added 3 drinks to SeaPass during HH but that didn’t help. That wasn’t something taken away. It was something extra. But that’s still not good enough. D+ 525 want access to SL. It never ends. People spend more time worrying about their free drinks and where to enjoy them. It’s humorous to some. 😇 Too funny
  7. I believe you said you were D+? Doesn’t D+ get 30% discount onboard for DP? That would change your results a bit. M8
  8. I guess you’ll need to find another form of entertainment. Now would be a good time for you to quit. It’s been 20 years now since I quit.
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