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  1. I like to think of them as Amenities instead of “perks”.
  2. So, you original question was a trick question? Seems like you knew the answer. Asking for a friend
  3. We always stay in GS. We always buy the drink package. Only complimentary drinks in SL/CK are from the Diamond List. Only Beer/Wine outside of happy hour unless you have the drink package. If you like Vodka, the house Vodka is New Amsterdam. Most people think it’s just bad. It you want a quality Vodka/Scotch/Bourbon, get the package. Make sure you reply to the Concierge letter with you preferred dinner dinning time for CK, if you plan to eat there Otherwise, it’s possible the times you want may be taken when you board. That letter typically comes 3-5 days before your cruise departs. Enjoy
  4. Andrew, I sure wish you were a bit more confrontational. Lol Peace
  5. I understand what you are saying and certainly it’s a good gesture, but it does cost the company money. To imply it doesn’t is just different.
  6. I still curious how one sees FCC in this manner. If the company loses revenue, it costs them $.
  7. What kind of thinking says FCC doesn’t cost the company anything? It’s lost revenue. Not to mention the food and services one will consume onboard.
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