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  1. For some, marriage makes no financial sense. We’ve had these discussions. We are not married. Been together for 6 years. We have legal protection in place. M8
  2. I don’t think it’s listed. I believe I asked you why we got those things and you told us. I had no clue. If we need water, I’ll go get it with DP or put it on my account. Not a big deal. M8
  3. The awarding of points to family members, married, partner, or significant other, or their young children, doesn’t bother me one bit. 😎
  4. My brother and his wife were almost always on Enchantment and Majesty each weekend. They were very young Pinnacles. M8
  5. I personally can’t recall any Suite Guest we have met onboard that didn’t have the drink package or beverage package. Excluding C&A members of course. M8
  6. Which amenities are you specifically thinking of? Remember, these are included in the cabin fare. C&A could get 3 bottles on wine staying in an inside Deck 3 cabin as any other cabin.
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