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  1. Maybe I read it wrong (common flu) but the death rate % (COVID) will continue to drop once testing is commonly available.
  2. Don’t like quoting myself but wanted to add. Common Flu has a test that is easily accomplished in your Doctors office with quick results. Not yet for COVID. There is also a yearly vaccine that is available at no cost. More people are tested for common flu. The key here is getting the COVID vaccine out.
  3. Positive - as testing increases, the death rate percentage will decrease. Currently in US, it’s about 1.8%. South Korea is a little better. Common Flu is about half the current rate COVID death rate in US.
  4. Unfortunately, ventilators are not having great success in turning patients around. Worldwide, only about 12% recover after intubated. The US is seeing a slightly better rate.
  5. Sorry for your issues but now we see the real issue. In my opinion
  6. The service you and my boss provide are significantly different and not comparable to taking a cruise. She sees people all the time that she KNOWS no payment will come. Especially in these times, it’s bad, while PPE supplies are getting low.
  7. I understand but who says OP would make the final payment at a later date? OP didn’t state how far out they were asking for an extension. What if everyone could do this. COVID affects everyone.
  8. The new 15 minute test hasn’t yet rolled out and not sure any of the cruise ships are on the list to get them early on. How are they getting confirmation onboard and out to sea when it takes 48 hours at an onshore lab to test. I certainly hope it’s not true.
  9. I’ll bet you on the Presidents Cruise (if it goes), it will be Pinnacle only.
  10. They can put a DL sign on several locations on Deck 4. I don’t buy it.
  11. As a Suite Guest, I dream for them to have their own lounge and since space is available..... just say’n
  12. It’s going to be the Pinnacle Lounge until AMPED. Lol
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