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  1. That was at the local football stadium and was put out by Halifax Healthcare, our community not for profit institution. It’s was a crap shoot for sure and gave them and us a black eye. Typical, for a public hospital. Advent Health has done a much better job.
  2. It’s not perfect by any means but if your willing to travel a bit and wait in line, vaccines are happening. Eventually, if you wait, you will probably be able to get an appointment at Publix to get one down the street. The vaccines have only been out a month. Don’t know when that will occur and must remember, you need a second dose so that wait for first dose will be the same for the second dose. J&J will be a game changer, one dose and doesn’t require the super freezers to store. M8
  3. I took my mom to her cardiologist yesterday. While waiting in the waiting area, at least a half dozen people came in to ask for access/referral for vaccine. One lady really got irate. I thought they would call security on her. The boss says people are getting referred to their PCP for referrals but they have no way to refer someone so they send the patients to their specialty care physicians, who also have no way to refer. Passing the buck. There seems to be some facilities have issues with blood thinners. It’s a simple injection and other than a little bruising , I don’t see a major ble
  4. Actually, the upper half. Vaccines are out there. Might have to wait in line to get them.
  5. Did you get the PZ or Moderna? The boss and my son got the PZ and 2nd dose complete. My mom and I got the Moderna and return on the 4th.
  6. I got my vaccine as did my mom. I had to show ID that I was 65+. My mom did not. We were not asked for insurance provider. There was nothing on the release we signed that had anything about insurance. Address was not verified. Information was mostly for vaccine tracking. Some States are Accustomed to charging a Tax/Fee for just about everything.
  7. Smoking is by choice, most the other Comorbidities are not. I’m totally against allowing smokers jump to the front of the line.
  8. You could also add my favorite, getting “kicked out” of the CL. 😂
  9. We can’t afford to get stranded in a foreign country waiting for a test to return home.
  10. I get that. We have a Baltic cruise in August. We return back to the States the following day after cruise ends. It seems we need a negative test mid cruise to return home.
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