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  1. Florida, I believe what I read said they can begin counting absentee ballots as early as 22 days prior and they can count Election Day and sometimes after. The election boards have a number of days to certify the results. There was a time when absentee ballots where only counted if it could make a difference in the results. But now, I believe there are so many, it will make a difference and therefore counted.
  2. Here is the link regarding additional funding for COVID19 patients and also the uninsured. It’s a typical Government publication. The net is providers get a 20% additional bump for treatment of COVID19 patients. https://www.hrsa.gov/coviduninsuredclaim/frequently-asked-questions
  3. These numbers apply to “patients” admitted to medical care facilities. Saying 7.6% are going to die is not true for the general population. This only applies to those sick enough to be treated in medical care facilities. Fear mongering and misleading information. M8
  4. Here is a photo of a absentee ballot from Florida. The return envelope has a bar code and name that is scanned upon receipt. Top picture is the return envelope with ballot sleeve. It has the barcode and name. You mark up the ballot and Insert into sleeve. You place the sleeve into the envelope (bottom picture). Middle picture is how received from Elections. One must sign the return envelope and signature must match or ballot is not counted.
  5. Diamonds had HH and in either Studio B or Star Lounge. We only visited once since we had access to the CL. It was a nice setup and didn’t hear of any complaints from the Diamonds. D+ had the VCL as a HH meeting place. They were not allowed in the DL. DL only for Pinnacles. We tried to go up to the VCL for a drink and view out the windows but we’re not permitted. Royal had someone checking SeaPass cards. We were full Suite and were not allowed in. The CL ran as normal.
  6. So it’s not really a complaint about the declining food quality (which I tend to agree with), it about not having more choices to sail out of Galveston... M8
  7. Yes you can. My Mom, who lives in Titusville, voted by absentee. I check the status twice a day for her. It’s been received but not yet counted. They have had it over a week now. I wonder when they will count them? If you’re Brevard, I can provide the link. M8
  8. It was this morning so it wasn’t you. Looked just like the pictures you posted. Sorry
  9. Of course you don’t see any of those attitudes here. 😇
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