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  1. Maybe it’s because we always prepay for the Drink Package. I swear, we have NEVER paid taxes on a drink while docked in a US Port. How is that being argumentative if it’s a fact. I agree regarding the Casino and I didn’t counter that fact you posted. Well, those Gilzillion threads must be wrong as it relates to the Drink Package.
  2. We always have the drink package. Maybe that makes a difference?
  3. We are vaccinated and really don’t want to wear a mask onboard. I believe the State of Florida has a lot of control over her Ports. I’m sure they are in conversations with the Cruise Industry. Anything we opine here, is merely speculation. I would think the two working together will work this out.
  4. I don’t recall paying any taxes on a drink in port prior to castaway (Florida).
  5. As clear as our weather person in Florida prediction of 50% rain.
  6. I believe the newer big ships are geared to families and kids.
  7. It will only be disappointing to those that can consume 4/5/6 drinks in the old HH. Seems like a lot of drinks in a short period of time?
  8. What, we are no longer allowed to have a different opinion?
  9. That thread lasted a lot longer than I thought. I’m guessing it was the weekend.
  10. Love Duck. Sounds awesome. Thanks for sharing. Might put our SousVide to work.
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