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  1. I am sure this video site has been posted many times on this thread..but this is the first one I watched that wasn't really fuzzy or blurry. I am sure this is the one people have viewed. Just sharing, again. https://expressinformer.com/video-shows-grandfather-dropping-toddler-to-her-death-from-cruise-ship-window/ It is still hard to realize that she is gone. Prayers to all
  2. Thank You BANZAII for the update. Now for us not well in understanding legal terms and such.......................what does this mean. Thanks
  3. We pack a small coffee holder (Like the ones you get from starbucks or McD) so when the DH makes his morning coffee run his hands do not get too hot carrying the individual coffees back to the cabin. Put it in the bottom of the suitcase and takes up little room. Good Husband. We pack a small lysol air freshener for the bathroom. (say no more). We make a small first aid kit. band aids, neosporin, gauze, and some OTC meds, tylenol, motrin, pepto bismol pills ect.. I take the same list I used to pack for the vacation as I use to pack to come home. I know the cabins are small, but it is a good safe reminder to grab everything. Safe travels.
  4. We bought the picture in the jacket they provided in the photo shop (on the ship). It gave all the details of the zip line and was a great portfolio. Also, I have a fear of heights and they must have seen the fear in my eyes when we were on the mountain. One of the attendants took me by the hand, calmed me down and told me just to look at the green tree tops and when I felt comfortable to take in the view..... he also said he would do a countdown so I would know when I would go.....3...2...1...bye bye-- I did what he said and had an awesome time, so much fun we did this excursion again on another sailing. I always get a little anxious as I sit on that bench waiting for the safety teather to separate me to the zipping Enjoy we do.
  5. Mr. FITS--------------- Looking forward to following your adventures...................... Still cannot get over how we missed meeting last year. Hey, I see you sailing in November this year..................um .................we are cruising the week before😟 Also found time for an August cruise the week of the 16th on the Harmony. Oh well, gotta go enjoy the sub zero temperature and look at the pretty snow🙄 Safe travels Happy Valentines Day💟
  6. I must say you are an excellent planner!!!!!!! I love your outline of plans to do. Me on the other hand I make lists and lists to check the list. I am eager following your adventures. Safe travels to you
  7. Love your review. If you get a chance to find out the C & A breakdown on your sailing, I would be interested in it. Thanks
  8. I have followed some threads that say boarding starts earlier than 11 am at PC. I saw what time the shuttle is taking you to port, if there is anyway you can find out what time boarding starts I would appreciate. Thanks Safe travels.
  9. s this video some type of safety video or something? We've been ziplining plenty of times (other places) and have never watched any type of video. So you just leave your things on the chairs? I've heard there are lockers to rent. Any idea how much and if it's for all day rental? We have always booked suites so we head to suite beach (barefoot) get 3 loungers and lock our lockable Kyss bag to the chair with our stuff in it. Once we rented a locker because we got to check in too early and they moved us up to earlier zip, so we rented the locker before going to suite beach, I think it was $8 and you can access a locker for this one time fee all over the area, all day. Where do you catch the tram at? Is that free? The tram has stops all over the resort area, all the way from Columbus cove to Adrenaline beach, no problem catching one, and FYI if you had to walk, you would have no problem.The tram is free, just like the ones that drive you around at Walt Disney Parking from your car to entrance. Thanks SO MUCH for all your help. I really appreciate it.
  10. We will be here on my daughters birthday and I want to do several things they have there. When booking, I see they have certain times you book for. My question: Since you pick a time, do they run on schedule? We have done the zip line 3 times, and they seem to be pretty close to schedule, twice it was earlier, but they waited till actual time to start video. If I picked a time, of like 11am, for the zipline, then what time would be good to pick a time for the coaster? We have never booked the coaster and have ridden in 4 times on 4 different cruises. We usually arrive to Labadee, stake out our chairs then walk to the reservation area, and book and walk up and stand in line. Now mind you if you are on an Oasis class ship or at this destination with two ships in ... you could have a wait to ride. Once we waited one hour in the hot sun. So go early. How do you get up to the ziplines and coasters? The zip line has a gathering place with video close to the pier, easy walking distance. Then after the video, you climb a small hill to the practice area, and after that their all terrain vehicles take you out of the enclosed area up the hill. The coaster is an easy 10 min. walk past the building with the vendors or you can take the tram. What's you pro's and con's of the 2 ziplines: laydown or sit down? We have only done it sitting, have not tried the superman approach. Do you think that there's enough time in the day to do the coaster, zipline AND maybe a parasail or is this trying to pack too much in? One year we did the zip line, coaster and water slide (the water slide is a waste of time and money). We had fun, but said we would never book 3 events again here. We were always hurrying to get somewhere, and just want some time to chill. Now when we go here, we either do the zip line or jet skis, one is enough. Oh we have done the jet skis about 8 times and for us weekend warriors we have fun. Enjoy Labadee, we do. Safe travels.
  11. This thread is like reading a mystery "who done it" novel. So many Ideas and twists and turns. So many different thoughts on what could be or not. I actually enjoy reading and following everyone's views, how unfortunate it is at the cost of little Chloe, which I must say no matter how it happened and whatever the outcome ------- she is gone (May she rest in peace). And had this event not happened, we would not be expressing our opinion (no kidding). It is not our fault, nor do I believe in expressing our views that we are not caring concerning followers. Just that we curious and read others take on this situation. As for the outcome, only time will tell, and then I cannot wait to see where this thread will go. Thank you for letting me express my take on this situation..........I have been lurking for awhile and only posted here once or twice. Take care.
  12. Thank you for taking the time to do this. And I will be following eagerly------for in only 275🙄 days it will be my turn. Safe travels
  13. Loved the video, thanks Looking forward to our first cruise to cococay, after many visits to Labadee. Safe travels.
  14. Eagerly awaiting as so many others have been. You will probably become the Hot topic of the day. Safe travels.
  15. If you purchase one of the drink packages you can get your pop or bar drink as well as attaining bottled water. We always get 2 bottles of water when we are going back to the cabin and place in cooler and keep at hand 6-8 at all times in cabin. Now, I know tap water is safe on board, but................... I want the bottled water and once the bottle they give you in the suite is gone I need to replenish the stock. Safe travels.
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