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  1. I think they were replaced by the election-eve asteroid . Done with bugs. Stay healthy
  2. Our DD in Toledo is getting invaded with crickets. She catches at least 5-10 a day in her house. She tried the Molasses trick (Molasses in flat pan by damp areas) , but they just seem to breed. Here's to the plaques of 2020. Well kinda sorta, just our seasonal migration. Be healthy.
  3. The horse speaking. “ Honestly. I was looking to father a child. and thought it was a Mustang..”
  4. I was looking for my box of Honey comb cereal to feed the bees and could not find it, and they really got upset and the next thing I knew I had a swarm of bees in my hair. "...thats my story and their sticking to it..."
  5. I was just walking down the street, minding my own business when a frustrated cruiser came upto me and started talking about missing his cruise due to covid. I made the mistake of asking him why. He goes: Getting up at 6am. to save 29 chairs at the pool. Smoking on the balcony I PAID FOR TO SMOKE ON Not making room in elevator just because it stopped on your floor, besides there are 3 of us in here My kids running around at 4am down the hallways. Hey their safe. Saving 29 seats in the theatre so my family can view the show Using my smart phone to get the answer at trivia. Ssshhhhheeesh, I need another zipper pull Sharing the $18 dollar drink package, besides whats a few shared drinks for my 28 family members. Removing my gratuities, besides, they forgot one wash cloth in our bathroom The cabin attendant taking down my balcony clothes line and not folding the clothes. Limiting my lobster request to 8. How rude of them. It was then I decided to "trip out" Besides it is legal in Colorado.😲 And then I vaguely remember him saying....................... I cannot wait to cruise again, miss the good times. Stay healthy.
  6. My mom always said ". . . If you wait long enough you will find the right man ."
  7. Well it was a fun night for me when my 2006 Pontiac GTO was awarded a trophy at the car cruise tonight. Very surprised and happy.
  8. Love the upstairs shower on the Allure in a CLS. A lot of room. Two people could shower at once. 🙄
  9. Interesting thought here. My maiden name is part of your cruise critic name. "Gora" Stay safe
  10. I’m probably in the minority but I loved the RCI production of Chicago. Their stage presentation and vocals were excellent. Stay healthy.
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