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  1. One thing I have yet to hear any details on is what determines the end of outbreak .......shall we say in a state. We are hearing multiple dates for "peaking", but yet to hear when the outbreak is officially over and "cleared" and how it is cleared. I am hearing different answers when I ask how long a person remains infectious to others. One answer was no longer infectious 48 hours after fever breaks. But if the virus can live upto 78 hours on some surfaces, could it not still be on a recovering person. And also if a person is exposed to the virus I am reading that they should self quarantine for 14 days. so if they get the symptoms on day 13, then the ill effects can take awhile to come to light. Now RCI is not cruising at this time till some time in May, if that happens, which would be great. But Disney posted it is closing all parks indefinitely. Now you see why I am confused about all the information. So, does anyone understand what is going on.... Or am I just confusing myself with data overload. Thank you Stay healthy.
  2. The best award in the State of O-H-I-O goes to: The 78 people who were awarded DUI's in March after the bars were closed. They should get a prize............. One for not following quarantine, and one for the DUI.
  3. WOW Damn And they only have the Canfield fair grounds open for walkers. Almost all school tracks and parks now closed.....people were not social distancing.
  4. Here in Ohio our neighboring county has the most reported deaths for the state. And we were one of the first states to start the social distancing around March 15th. Our governor now has issued a new policy that all grocery stores are to have one way traffic in all aisles as well as limit the number of patrons in the store to minimal and have a plan in place by Sunday. Many food stores are having you place your order online and pay with a credit card 4 days in advance. The store emails you what time to come and what space to park in, you lift up your trunk and they place order in car. This is occurring in about 20% of grocery stores. This is in addition too: Some supplies being non-existent. Of course we just got Toilet paper back to the state, and paper towels, but limit one per transaction. Eggs are low in supply Depending what day of the week determines the type of bread available. And again the food store you go to. White bread available daily, rye, wheat, wraps buns vary which day. Some days tons of red meat, others none. Somedays tons of chicken, others none. Sea food abundant supplies. No tylenol in stores for a few days, just got a bottle at CVS. Not supposed to take Ibuprofen at this time. We have a bakery in Warren Ohio, that was open during the great depression and it makes sure all get the bread they need. Kudos to this company. Many cannot travel here though. And their price has not gone up. The lines at the food bank were over 1/2 mile long in cars due to unemployment. Also To home quarantine, only go out for food, medicine gas and work....police are monitoring traffic and giving citations. No hospital or nursing home visits. Weddings and Funerals are also included in the restrictions Wedding venues closed, brides and grooms have to rebook, Funerals only immediate family.......will have celebrations of life at later date. No gatherings in a house except for the people in the house, and yes the news had a story they cited a man for a quarantine party in Youngstown Ohio. Turn in any and all PPE to your nearest hospital (that is if you have extra boxes). Oh gas is $1.01 a gallon, with no where to go. Whewwwwww Thats enough Stay healthy.
  5. So Anyone else's car getting 3 weeks to the gallon. Just saying.
  6. Today I got up, did a Sams club run at 7am (senior shopping) and was pleased with their stock of supplies. Of course the only thing I noticed lacking was Lysol, Purell , Dial soap. Slim pickings on some fruits and veggies, but got what I needed. lettuce, grapes oranges, potatoes. Tons of TP and paper towels. The workers were very kind and the shoppers were very conscious of social distancing. Came home made a couple care packages off for Uncle Jack. (Made potato soup, pasta and sausage, chicken and stuffing, and stuff peppers). Just got home from delivering. Time for lunch, than maybe a nap. I hope others are doing well. Take care
  7. So when the neighbor stopped over she asked where my husband has been........................ I said "in the back yard" She goes "funny I have not seen him" I go "you must not have dug deep enough" 😉
  8. Saw this on the "other" social media site. In 30 days post a picture of your mustache. Have your husband do it too. 🤪
  9. Just wanted to share our genie experience. Now mind you we never sailed star class but a unique situation occurred on the Allure of the Seas May of 2019. It was the last night of the cruise and our luggage was to be in the hallway by 11pm. We were in Cl 1728 a sky class suite. Our tags never showed up for the valet service, no airline vouchers nada, nothing. So I called the concierge, and he said we were not the only one in this situation, They are overwhelmed by the amount of people doing valet on this sailing. Wow, you would think they would have the capability to staff and perform a guest service effectively. So I asked if they would delay luggage pickup. The answer was no. I did not want to do carry off with 3 big suitcases two carryons and a purse. So I was walking back from the suite lounge Yup, needed a potent potable. And one of the genies saw the look and my face and stopped me, and asked why I was so upset. I told him, and gave him the information. I go I know you are not ours but I do not want to get you in trouble taking you away from your guest. He goes no problem. Here he went to GS found our paper had them prioritize and we had our paperwork in 10 min. I cannot not remember his name but he truly was an angel in disguise. When I did the RCI evaluation, I did remember his name, and raved about him. Someone working outside "the box" with a very appreciated act of kindness. Some day when this dust settles I will beat Andrew and Lisa to their favorite star class suite on the 17th. deck and have a Genie. Stay safe and be healthy.
  10. HIJACK ALERT I understand fully how others gave you the cold shoulder. I am married to a Respiratory Therapist who is in the front line of caring for patients with this corona virus. As others have complied to stay home, we have also opted to when he is not at work.I stopped walking the mall, and became a street walker and let me tell you, there maybe 5-6 neighbors walking when I start, but boy the street gets mighty empty as I do my laps. Social distance. Damn, I' a good 50 feet away from them. But to think and God forbid, they may need my husband if they get sick. Walk tall and proud, it is just people being people. The virus as the news stories say is more prevalent than that of the positive results of those who have been tested. That is the ones who are positive, do not know it and go everywhere. Stay healthy.
  11. And do not forget if your running tight on money and you want a picture from the photo display to remember your cruise by, just wait for the attendant to help someone else and "five finger discount" your pictures to a big purse. Saying for a friend. Stay healthy
  12. I cannot wait to buy a couple commemorative cigarette lighters. This way when I smoke in my cabin I do not have to worry about borrowing a light. I love keeping this memento as a souvenir. Later, time for afternoon high tea and crumpets. Safe travels.
  13. John and LaLa Welcome home!!!!! Yup you guys had quite an experience and I am sure you have more stories to share. I do not want to hijack your thread but....................... Were you not involved in one of those summer hurricane cruises that affected your travel plans? Also...............Your travels this time were not the usual experience. So, when and if we cruise on August 16th. out of PC, Can you just wave from your balcony😁.............although we would like to meet you personally from following your adventures over the years.......just saying. Glad your home. Stay healthy
  14. I read so much on the internet and all of the sharing on this site which has kept me informed. But one thing truly amazed me. I am (was ) a mall walker every morning got to get in my 15,000 steps from 7:30 to 9am. I am stopping and dusted off the inside exercise bike. But my point is I cannot tell you how many people were drinking out of public water fountains with this scare. Come on people. To begin with the mall should have shut off the water to these devices. BUT People should have common sense not to use them. I put bottled water in my pocket and drink as needed. Stay Healthy.
  15. Thank you so much. Once again the obvious eludes me. Stay healthy
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