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  1. Never did Bingo on RCI, only Disney. I see Ipads, or tablets. Did RCI provide those? Thanks
  2. We have boarded as early as 10:45am. ( June 30, 2019) . Most of the time by 11:00am. Enjoy.
  3. Having sailed the Allure this year on May 5 and June 30 I can tell you we walked off leisurely no lines at all ports approx 10 min. after the captain announced that you can exit. But we have heard that sometimes the ship puts up ropes as a stop point, so you cannot get to close to the lower floors on the stair cases. Did not witness this for ourselves. Got an elevator, pushed the magic star button that takes you to the deck that you exit on, and go to security, and off we went. Enjoy
  4. We booked this around January. In planner. Watched the price and kept cancelling and rebooking when the price came down. We ended up paying around $69. You could wait to book on board, but you may not get the time you want, or it could sell out. Some spots are usually held till boarding, though. But then you have the lines at the excursion area to deal with. unless your in a suite and concierge does it for you. Good luck.
  5. Just a note from home. It is so hard to get back to the home routine after being spoiled on a cruise. So when I was cleaning up the kitchen after making zucchini bread I look out the kitchen window——- and I see the biggest hummingbird I have ever seen on our feeder. Must be a new breed.
  6. You are so right. When we did the ships tour on the Allure a few weeks back they told us on the kitchen part of the tour, that none of the kitchens or cooking areas on board , will ever have flame. All the kitchens use electric burners of some type. No flames lesser risk of fire. Also he told us watch if anyone has a birthday or anniversary celebration on board. After they blow out their candle, the crew will take it back...........(just stating what he said to reduce risk of fire).
  7. Thank you for the excellent review of your sailing. One comment you made surprises me for any cruise line sailing. Bland food. I thought cruise ships spiced it up to make all meals taste better. This year as we sailed was the first time I noticed too much seasoning on RCI food (Allure) In May I had a bad case of KANKLES, and two weeks ago asked them to do a no added salt or seasoning diet. The food was still good, and no swollen ankles........... Just saying
  8. Eagerly following. Great start. Sailing next year on Harmony so cannot wait for all the details. Thanks for taking the time to post your review.
  9. We did this tour a few cruises back. Then it was called "Under two flags" We always tried to give the DD one day of a little learning as she was growing up. Well let me tell you, it was the best 3 hour nap she ever had, minus the 3 stops. Ummmm, I thought it was ok because the guide was very informative. And, that 20 min stop, just gave me enough time to use the bathroom, long lines...... Safe travels.
  10. Having never been "Naughty". Does anyone know where the naughty room is located on the Allure. TY Or planning ahead.................................. Harmony 🙂
  11. We have a similar 4 legged fur upchucker, and when we pack we always close the suitcases when unattended, always afraid she will Pee or Puke in them out of spite. We became great parents when our DD went off to college. Yup Carrie...............(Just like the Stephen King movie). Cat with attitude. She gets medicated before she goes to the vets, and they can only handle seeing her every three years. HISSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS But now that I am retired, we are best friends. Only hisses at the DH. Our house is almost back to normal...... Cat is calm, no hairballs in 2 days. Oh, she also hates you know who. BRANDON
  12. Enjoy. Miss seeing you. Our Alaskan adventure was a great time and dinner was a blast with all of us. Maybe one day in the future we will sail together again. Be safe
  13. Well, if any changes are occurring, it did not impact our July 2 2019 visit. We were on the Allure and everything was nice. From loungers to buffet, it was done right. The only thing I wish they would do is RCI, get another bartender at Barefoot Beach. One, for all those guests and orders!!!!!!!! Really.............and um, she takes her time, and you just wait and wait and wait unless your assigned attendant gets your beverages for you. So if you think your going to be thirsty, get in line about 10 min. before you need a drink. Safe travels.
  14. Just got back ( July 2 of this year) and we stayed at barefoot beach. We took our own all in one snorkel masks we purchased earlier this year for our May 5th cruise. Barefoot beach was never ever so clear as what we experienced on this sailing. And, the fishies were back, not big, but many and different types. We saw eels, by the rocks, and many fish types we could not identify. Also you were able to get out to the red ball and see the sunken plane they dropped to form a reef, we had not been able to see it in our 5 last visits here. You can get snorkel gear their. Like I said we took ours and just got fins, they did not charge us for fins, maybe because we were on barefoot beach. I do not know what the fee if any would be. We also got our floaties for free, and I used it as a rest to get out onto deeper water. Finally, this was one of the few times here I did not need my water shoes, the entrance to the water had only a brief part as broken shells, I easily entered the water. Enjoy, we do.
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