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  1. I posted this on my other state thread......... Just amazing the cost of products and the sales. So yesterday I made a a risky move. You see early in the year pre covid I was mall walking 5-6 miles a day. Maybe have been there twice since the pandemic. So I ventured out and walked into Macy's because I needed a new purse. Last one was so used I would have been better off using a Panera bag with handles. So I walked in and the purse I wanted was under lock and key. I quickly found an attendant, the store was empty (1
  2. Last years bird/squirrel feeder BE18B6F7-0A1E-4104-AA4E-5B0A18B62130.MOV
  3. Well unbeknownst to me when we were getting the bird feeders ready to be placed tomorrow, one of their sentinel squirrels was spying on us. Now I’m sure the word is out.
  4. our squirrel feeders go out tomorrow. last year a couple of the squirrels should have tried out for the Olympic gymnastics team the way we boobie trap the feeders and they still get to the sun flower seeds. once their training commences I’ll post pictures.
  5. Pretty kitty. Adopted by parental units when DD went to college. Miss Carrie. Just like the Stephen King novel of a possessed girls Carrie is not the most friendliest kitty you ever met. She hisses claws until she gets to know you. She never walked her first two years of life because she was carried every where. Now that she is 14 she is becoming a normal cat.
  6. Well if you travel to Niles from Pa. on rte. 82 or Warren Sharon road you go by our street. Yup off the beaten path. Be safe.
  7. Went to Sams club in Niles Ohio and they were out of paper towels as well as TP. Even their brand they carry. So took a chance and went to Home Depot, and golly Gee, they had TP (our brand SCOTT) and Bounty paper towels fully stocked on the shelf limit of 2 each. Bought the limit on Wednesday and went back Thursday for another limit. Not a hoarder, giving to the DD 2 packages of each, TP and Bounty. She has no clue of planning ahead until she puts her last roll of TP on the holder and then golly gee got to go to the store to buy some..................not going t
  8. Today, a home day. Cleaning out the China cabinet/bureau. Donating dining room table with bureau to a family in need. Then new flooring and new dining room set hopefully in before 2021. See what happens when you save money when not cruising. You find something else to spend it on. The reason it’s now a home day.
  9. Now that I am getting older, today I decided to pull out some old boxes stored away and go through them. Actually forgot what was in most of them. When I opened the box these were in I just had to display them. Cleaned them up placed on table until the wall shelves are installed. Some oldies but goodies. Flash bulbs Film, film cases all original.
  10. My DH just lost his last blood related family member..........complications of surgery, not COVID. Once the estate settles part of it is as the sole survivor he will inherit two lots in Lehigh acres Florida. OK Have no clue where this is in relation to nice areas only know where it is at by looking at a map. Obviously not ocean front. Probably never developed as a development. So probably sell.
  11. I am sure we will be making national news here in OHIO shortly. We are in a massive surge of COVID+ people. Our local hospitals have had to place numerous patients on ventilators these last 4 days. Although not as critical as it was this past April, it is really starting to impact our area. Lately the entire news stories have been all related to COVID and its impact. So all the statistics at all the hospitals is public knowledge. We are hearing our area of the state maybe going "PURPLE", and I do not know what the impact would be.
  12. This is a tribute I posted on the other social network site in honor of my father. God bless all veterans.
  13. True story. When we moved into our new house in 1993, we got a brand new microwave and it was massive. Had to buy it's own table to sit on in the corner of the kitchen. It came with a pamphlet to order microwave safe utensils/cookware. Yup you guessed it one of the choices was an egg dish to do poached eggs. Yup we ordered it via mail, took a couple weeks to get it (no amazon back then). So when it arrives the DH follows the directions and times the eggs perfectly and man they were delicious. So, one morning I'm in a hurry p
  14. CK for us is a break from the mass production of the MDR. at dinner time. I used to cringe at getting luke warm food, served under a plastic steamy lid. I would love to do the dining package, but, some of the restaurants do not interest us. We would dine at CHOPS every night, and usually once a cruise in CHOPS is something we look forward to. CK for us is a casual dining experience, open venue, with nice views watch the waves, or refugees on itty bitty rafts trying to make it to Florida. Or seeing a coast guard rescue. Never a dull moment. We
  15. Fun day as I posted in my two other favorite threads. We traveled to Richmond Kentucky to watch our FSIL coach the EKU football team. He is a strength and conditioning coach. Well the weather was mid 70’s clear skies and well they got killed.
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