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  1. I was looking and thinking the same. Personally can't see any problems but will see what other say
  2. If it goes to Canada! I know the Jones act and that - BUT - who expected us to be in this position just 3 months ago Looking forward to the Celebrity update later today
  3. Can't see any way Celebrity will run a ship with only top end suites. We already know that the break even point on Millennium class is 50% and all the fleet need at least 30% on board to cover EBITDA costs Personally I think they have just stopped taking bookings as they are already at or about the sweet spot of covering costs v social distancing reduction. The cruise probable will not go but if i does passenger number will be restricted. So taking off sale achieves a number of things. 1. If the ship doesn't sail less 125% FCC to give out 2. If it sails less or no one to disappointed by bumping 3. Keeps demand (and therefore prices) high for future sailing 4. Stops any repricing under the enhanced "Cruise with Confidence" However, if someone wants to take one of the empty high on suites at mega $$$ - I'm sure Celebrity will make room!!
  4. Just having a quick look and it's appears there have been a number of changes to available cabins. Firstly, as noted on this thread, the whole Alaska season is now only bookable in suites. Secondly, the same now applies to the Summit New England/Canada season including the two Canada Trans Atlantics in August Finally, I may have missed some but it looks like only the top suites are available as i can't find and Sky Suites on any of these cruises. Does that mean that the others bookings are to be bumped or just stopped for further sales to keep numbers down? Time will tell
  5. Remember it's only a profit if you cash in!! I got the 100 share required for the additional OBC last Friday at £42. As we normally take 2 x 14 night cruises a year we'll get $500 OBC across the two cruises. That's a 12% return with no price movement The fact that it's up 25% since then is a bonus but only a paperwork exercise.
  6. I agree with a lot of what you’re saying. Makes sense to start up in Europe and things are changing very quickly However, I’ve never been on a celebrity Mediterranean cruise which had 30% shengen passengers but I have been on a Southampton cruise with about 50% British. I think celebrity will start up August and use the two ship already in Europe to test the market. Constellation (currently in Athens) will run the rest of her season and Apex (currently in northern France) will substitute silhouette to run out of Southampton (UK quarantine will be quickly scrapped One things for certain- this is not over yet!
  7. I think we’re on a similar page. The question is where to start The med is starting to get the situation under control and the U.K. is a few weeks behind them But the release made a big play on “Drive to ports” and the U.K. (Southampton) is the only Europe port with enough drive to customers to cover the load break even numbers Guess time will tell. But I stand by my main point. Very slow start up after August using Apex first
  8. I agree. As ever i'm optimistic but there are a few more takeaways for yesterdays press conference/announcement. Firstly we were told to expect Europe and Asia to open first Secondly we were told to expect "drive to home ports" to open first Finally we were told that the newer the ship the less passengers needed to break even (newest ships need 30% but older ones need 50%) So how about a slow start using Apex (currently in France) to cover Southampton Silhouette sailings But if the question is "will Celebrity open up everything again on 1st August - NO
  9. Might be a wild dream but..... I have the Apex substituting Silhouette and running fall cruises out of Southampton. Only time will tell
  10. If the market picks up she will be refurbished if not who is going to be in the market to buy?
  11. Logic would say yes if you take the UK/France/Ireland bubble. The free movement would include ferry services. Some of which are overnight. So why not cruise ships. Of course the ship and all crew would have to quarantine when repositioning But when was logic any part of this pandemic
  12. It would appear that the idea of travel bubbles (or corridors as some are now calling them) is starting to get some traction around the world. Be it for land based holidays at the moment. We how have a number of countries talking about free movement within their bubble and the EU is talking about reopening it's internal boarders Areas currently looking at this include: Australia/New Zealand UK/Ireland/France Baltic States Greece/South East Med You could argue that the US is already a "travel bubble" with free movement between states https://www.theguardian.com/world/2020/may/12/eu-reopen-borders-tourists-covid-19-recovery-plan We all know the downsides. Quarantine to get into the zone and again on returning home. So it's only practical for passengers who live in a zone willing to remain in the zone. But the idea of a British citizen being able to vacation in the south of France does have some appeal. It only takes a little imagination to then consider a 14 day cruise from Southampton stopping at Gibraltar, Nice, Monaco, and Le Harve on the return. The question is would there be enough demand for a cruise ship to operate with these restrictions. I think these is if only to show how cruising can safely return. Logically Celebrity would put ships in Southampton and Sydney (their 2 largest none American markets) to at least prepare for the option
  13. Only Time will tell but the UK is talking to France and Ireland about free movement so a cruise from the UK could go to these countries. Totally agree that both these bubbles would exclude the US and that Americans are the main income for most of the lines but it would be a start.
  14. Shows how quick things are moving. Just looks again and you are correct. Marine traffic has changed destination from UK to GIB UK Good call - I stand corrected
  15. As I said far from ideal but to answer the questions. Anyone entering a bubble would have to complete a 14 day quarantine as is already the case for the two which appear to be forming at the moment Crew would have to be put up for the 14 days prior to getting on the ship and the system would primarily attract passengers from within the bubble as quarantine time would make it impractical for others But you're right - would work even better for land based holidays. My point is it could be possible if governments and the tourist industry get their head together. I believe "bubbles" will have a place in the new normal world during corona virus but if that works for the cruise industry and lets us travel again - only time will tell
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