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  1. Very soon I expect. Interesting that Azamara are offering lift and shift on cancelled cruises. That would be a very welcome addition to the celebrity offer. Although Azamara is now sold it might start to deviate from the standard RCL line
  2. Sorry to say I can't see any Europe cruises this year. With Constellation and Edge already pulled I expect the others to follow soon. With the possible exception of Infinity Unfortunately, for Celebrity, the vast majority of passengers are from North America. I just can't see the travel issues been addressed in time to make the cruises viable. Furthermore the vast majority of Europe cruises are 10/14 days giving virus control issues. I pulled infinity as a POSSIBLE exception because it's already in Europe and is planned to do mainly 7 day cruises. As ever...
  3. Looks like edge moved to Caribbean!
  4. Spot on I was OP with a simple question. Nothing to do with if the vaccine works, if you will take it or if you will ever cruise again So my view is YES ......get ready to have the jab or not as is everyone’s prerogative
  5. All 4 cabins are larger then the normal Sky suite on infinity. 6125/6126 are the largest. Big balcony (covered) and a separate shower as well as a bath (the only sky suites with this. The main downside it there is only a glass door out to the balcony so the rooms can be dark. This is also a connected room to the penthouse so the décor is a little different and you run the risk of noise from next door. 6131/6132 large balcony but not covered. I like this room because of the full glass patio type doors particularly on a scenic route. The room itself is slightly bigger the
  6. Fair point and they focus on over 50's only so clearly have concerns about their business model. Saga is a well established but small (2Ships) line and although their decision will not impact directly on the big 3 it does make it easier for them to make the same move IF they were already considering it.
  7. At the moment this is only Saga who have a minimum age of 50. They have also adjusted their planned restart to May. So for the UK everyone will, hopefully, have had the opportunity to get vaccinated. Time will tell how the other cruise lines react
  8. This is the first I have come across with a cruise line. The BBC are reporting that Sage (a British cruise line aimed at the over 50's) will require ALL passengers to have FULL vaccination cove in order to sail when they restart. Will Celebrity do the same? Personally I think it's the only solution but appreciate others will disagree https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-55738918
  9. Just got this which is very interesting if you have a great rate About your upcoming travels Dear Guest, We are reaching out to provide an update on the status of your 2021 cruise vacation. As the world continues to work towards a new normal, our primary goal continues to be a healthy return to service for our guests, crew and the communities we visit. Wh
  10. Perhaps a major cut back in Europe. We know that Celebrities customer base is mainly US and that a high percentage of people will be reluctant to fly long haul for some time. Could make some sense to concentrate ships in US waters. Best hope is for some new, more imaginative, US cruises. But I fear it will be more of the safe and steady Caribbean!!
  11. I think the whole of Constellation Summer 2022 in in the process of been taken down!! You have to go a little further but try booking a room!! I'm booked on 4th October 21 and have just checked out 3rd Oct 22 to look at options. The site says the 2022 cruise is sold out YES SURE!!!
  12. It's starting to look like it. Edge disappearing is a surprize but in this craze world we find ourselves in ... anything can happen
  13. You did well to get anything out of them. Sadly I think we might be seeing the end of Constellation. Celebrity hasn't lost any ships yet so I fear it's due. Keep an eye on the winter Caribbean season. If that starts to be locked off/closed the writing is on the wall
  14. Sure it’s there but when I try to book it .... it’s unavailable might just be me !
  15. I know that the Celebrity web site is unstable to say the least. However I was repricing my October cruise this morning and noted that ALL Constellations' summer 2021 season has disappeared. Winter 2021/22 Caribbean is still showing so unlikely to be a sign of the ship been sold. But as she was due to do long cruises could be that cancelations are on the way!! Time will tell!! All the other Europe deployments are still available. Stuart
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