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  1. In bad weather, I actually find it better to be able to see out by having a balcony cabin, rather than just having to stare at the four cabin walls. The other issue with bad weather, is that public areas tend to become jammed full of people, so it is nice to have the sanctuary of a larger balcony cabin, rather than the smaller (normally) dimensions of an inside cabin.
  2. Our local service works every Bank Holiday, apart from Christmas and New Year. Sorry John, just saw your post!
  3. John, if they tried to charge more, would they not be guilty of discrimination?
  4. My quick calculation was that once you get beyond 10 days or so, Parking4cruises becomes the cheaper option.
  5. To be fair, it's not really free. You get a reduced level of obc if you take the parking (or coach) option. It's just a matter of deciding which (obc or parking) makes economic sense.
  6. Approximately 20% of Saga cabins are singles.
  7. Woo Hoo! For once us Brits are doing pretty well. Deaths down, hospitalisations down, and over 90% of the over 70s vaccinated. But, when it comes to international travel, it means nothing, because until France, Germany, Spain etc get their act together, we can't travel. The point is that this virus is a world wide problem, and the speed of recovery is determined by the slowest countries.
  8. Our tip wants us to wear masks! I've no problem in general with wearing a mask, but in the open air, no one else around, you do wonder if someone with a clip board has just been carrying out a box ticking exercise. Just sheer nincompoopery!
  9. You might say that, but I couldn't possibly comment! I've only got another 13,000 "thank you's" to go.
  10. I have to say, that the appointment system did mean that there were no queues. I suppose that, in the future, the appointment system will be the way to go. It just means that spontaneity is lost - no more spur of the moment pruning and off to the tip!
  11. You have obviously never lived in Spain! We lived there for 10 years, got residencia, registered on the padron, got fiscal status, signed on to the Spanish health system etc. Not difficult, but it all takes time and money. I don't see any problem with having a second home in Spain. You just have to work out how to allocate your time in Spain versus the UK. If it comes to it, become a Spanish resident, and visit the UK each year.
  12. I think you are over thinking this. When cruises are permitted to sail, the risks will be the same as staying in a hotel. Only you can determine if you will be happy to cruise, and that will be determined by your health, and if you have been vaccinated. I have a cruise booked (not with Saga) at the end of October. Unless I am specifically told I cannot go, j will be on board!
  13. Showing off now! We bought a narrow boat off plan. The steel work took no time at all, but the interior fittings, plumbing, electrics etc were time consuming, especially as it was a one off build However, as as just been mentioned, in a large project, it is much easier to prefabricate all the various accomodation units, and, let's be honest, all the current cruise liners are basically the same when you strip away the exterior adornments.
  14. Which is totally meaningless, as you have not taken quality into account. I can fly 12 hours in economy, in a cramped seat with average food, or fly Club with a proper bed and decent food and drink. On a pure price basis, economy obviously wins, but some of us prefer quality over price.
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