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  1. All of the items mentioned can be brought into Europe, especially for personal use. Customs checks are virtually unknown, unless you are travelling from certain countries where drugs or cheap cigarettes are widely available.
  2. Seems to me that there is a bit of snobbery going on here regarding burgers. An excellent piece of beef, freshly minced, well seasoned, cooked pink, served in a freshly baked bun, with triple fried chips is a wondrous thing! Unfortunately, you won't get anything like that on P&O, or indeed most other cruise lines.
  3. Yes, Princess have a similar concept as well.
  4. I've taken the liberty of pasting John Bull's reply to a similar question from the Ports of Call thread. ( Obviously ignore the comments about Gatwick) JB has considerable experience, and his answer is pretty comprehensive. Booking a 17:00 flight is just crazy - you will be hanging around for hours. "For the vast majority of ships, unassisted disembarkation at Southampton starts around 7 am, with regular disembarkation starting at 7.30. By road, Heathrow airport is a bare minimum 90 minutes on sundays & most saturdays, up to 2 or 2.5 hours on weekdays. A pre-booked car will cost somewhere south of £100 A bus (ship's transfers or National Express) takes mebbe 15 minutes longer, but you need to add a significant amount of time before your journey starts - the first ship's transfer buses depart about 8 - 8.30 am, for National Express you need a short taxi hop to Southampton coach station and are also limited by the bus' infrequent departure times. There's no sensible rail alternative to Heathrow. By road Gatwick is something under 2hrs on sundays & most saturdays, 2.5 to 3 hrs on a busy weekday. A pre-booked car will cst somewhere north of £100. Buses take about the same time but again limited by departure times. Except on sundays there's a direct hourly train, takes about 2 hrs & the station is in the airport. Again needs a taxi hop at Southampton, & again limited by the train departure times. On sundays it's a convoluted journey with changes of train, not sensible.. Ships offer their transfer buses for both airports. Some folk prefer the simplicity of this, but it's not the way to go if time is short, and it's poor value (though Princess' $59 is actually much cheaper than RCI, Celebrity or Cunard). Airports suggest arriving 3 hours before flight time - that's a very belt-and-braces approach, 2 hours in enough. So the earliest flight I'd advise for Heathrow is around 11am on saturdays & sundays and 11.30 on weekdays."
  5. I would say, any time after 12 noon if you self disembark, an hour or so later if you want to collect your cases from the baggage hall. How do you plan to get to LHR, and what day of the week are you travelling?
  6. Yes, Princess have a similar concept as well.
  7. We like lunch in the MDR fir the same reasons as previously mentioned. However, the choices do seem to painfully limited. It's almost as if P&O are trying to deliberately make the MDR lunch unattractive.
  8. Are you sure this is the case. The P&O online brochure for the wine packages states that you just need to ring the wine line to purchase a package.
  9. Although the discount does not kick in until you have "spent" whatever obc you may have.
  10. Personally, I think PE on TUI is better than WT+ on BA, and cheaper as well ! BA these days is no different, if not worse, than most charter and loco airlines.
  11. Try this link. http://cruisemummy.co.uk/po-cruises-drinks-menus-2019/ Just to add that the previous link does show the prices for the different wine packages.
  12. Surely the issue is that there are only a limited number of places that are viable within 3 days sailing distance of Southampton?
  13. Agreed. I thought it was possible to go to reception and request a specific disembarkation time, and I imagine the OP would want one around 8am.
  14. Which ship was this please? Don't remember seeing any litre bottles of wine in the wine shop (?), and we certainly didn't get a voucher, although our cruise was only 24 nights.
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