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  1. Mm, so Princess deliver breakfast for free, but P&O charge. Seems that the bean counters are at work in P&O. 500 breakfasts at £2.50 each day goes straight on the bottom line !
  2. That seems like a good suggestion.
  3. You could of course book through a good TA.
  4. We talked to our TA when the price for a minisuite dropped below what we had paid for our deluxe balcony, on our Sky October 22nd cruise. They talked to Princess, and we got upgraded to a minisuite and got a small refund of £48 ! So definitely worth making a call.
  5. And then you get two pro dancers on Strictly who refuse to be vaccinated! Just get rid of them.
  6. Graham - lovely photos, and glad you had a good time. Two observations: I would not want to be in one of those cabins adjoining the promenade, and secondly you were lucky that the ship was only half full.
  7. I think that one of the advantages of using the TA that many of us use here, is that the TA in question has direct access to the P&O booking system, and therefore doesn't need to be in contact with P&O for most situations.
  8. As I understand it, if you are double jabbed, when returning from any country otger than one on the red list, you will have to do a Day 2 lateral flow test. If you are not jabbed you will have to quarantine at home for 10 days, and I presume have to take a test at the end of tge 10 day period. Can't say I feel confident that the quarantine period will be strictly enforced.
  9. I completely endorse your comments about the TA that we both use.
  10. Did you look at other parking operators such as Parking4cruises, or Penguin parking.?
  11. OK - you are talking about customer service, not about the actual cruise itself. So, do what lots of us here do - book through a good TA and you will have no problems. My TA answers the phone promptly, is knowledgeable, and as the biggest booker of P&O cruises, has immediate access to the P&O booking system.
  12. Given that P&O, like all cruise lines, have only just restarted cruising, I can't see how you can have read " a load" of poor reviews. You will only have seen Seacation reviews, which obviously have no bearing on a Caribbean cruise. At this late stage, you might struggle to find a Caribbean cruise anyway, given the iack of flights.
  13. From previous posts on this subject, I seem to think that formal nights require formal wear everywhere on the ship. So, if you don't want to comply, I suggest a room service dinner, two bottles of wine and a film on the cabin TV.
  14. I'm not really sure what is the point of this thread. Yes, the itinerary got altered, and for various possible reasons a port got missed. So what!
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