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  1. I was not even thinking on that wavelength - should have thought about the context a bit more. Having said that, it has been a bit quiet on that front recently, not that I'm complaining!
  2. So, if you were in charge of revenue management for the "new" 7 day cruises at 50% capacity, what would you do? Just sell balcony cabins and suites, and leave all other cabins empty?
  3. Dream on! I would have thought that from a financial point of view, they would just cancel everyone with an inside cabin.
  4. Thank you. I've had all sorts of permutations in my head, from Kiss The Scone to Know Total S**t
  5. But what does KTS stand for? It's been worrying me all night?
  6. Couple of things that also struck me from today's briefing. The average age of cruisers for future bookings is 45. Seems like Carnival is doing well in future proofing the cruise market. No wonder P&O (Carnival) are not too worried about the opinions of older cruisers. Secondly, they said that future bookings on world cruises were weak, as people were not prepared to commit to longer cruise sectors in the current environment. I wonder if world cruises might disappear for a while, until things return to some sort of normality.
  7. I assume that you will only have paid a deposit, so your "pain" will be less than some who have been waiting for over 100 days for the equivalent of $10,000.
  8. Personally I can't see a vaccine anytime soon, and certainly not early enough to save the 2021 Worldie. If ( and it's a very big if) a vaccine was available during the course of 2021, I'm not sure how widely available it would be for a 2022 Worldie. So, 2023 at the earliest, assuming that there are any ships still left.
  9. I dont disagree at all. If I had a deposit on a 2020 cruise, I would be moving it immediately.
  10. Which suggests that Round the World cruises are a thing of the past, certainly for the next few years
  11. Sorry Andy - you've lost me with that one.
  12. He keeps popping up on a UK forum, spouting inanities that are totally irrelevant. I know I should ignore him, but he writes such rubbish that I keep rising to the bait, which perhaps is his purpose. He has certainly never written anything which has been of the slightest use or interest.
  13. We on here are relatively well informed, thanks to the likes of molecrochip ( my spell check hates your name!) However, in the real world, the uninformed think cruising will start up again on October 16th, with every ship suddenly leaving port. They have no conception of social distancing rules and how they relate to cruising, and they certainly have no idea that every cruise, if and when it sails, will at best be at 75% or so capacity. My point is that many people seem quite happy to still believe that cruising will still go ahead later this year, but they have no conception as to the realities of the new cruising practicalities.
  14. That's tough. I can empathise as BA in the US suddenly removed our Stilton from their club menu with no notice - our importer had literally thousands of portions of Stilton that could not be sold anywhere else. And you can't do a damn thing about it. Shocking.
  15. Without repeating what I wrote on a different forum, this seems like marginal costing to me. Yes, they can cover cash flow, but eventually they will go bust! I guess that is why there is such a push to get the newer, bigger ships into service, as even at lower capacity levels they will make an actual profit, as compared to the older, smaller ships.
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