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  1. I suppose the issue is that many other people may have the same idea, and therefore social distancing would be difficult.
  2. The one hour of exercise was purely a suggestion from Michael Gove, and is not a legal restriction ( in England at least). I can sort of understand the need to limit the time you are exercising if you are in an urban requirement, but out here in the sticks, we can walk for hours and see no one. Not sure what is achieved by us only walking for one hour and seeing no one, as compared to walking for two hours and seeing no one.
  3. That seems to be the "go to" answer for every IT help desk I have ever contacted !
  4. Well, it wont matter much, because if you are not allowed to travel to Southampton, there won't be a country in Europe that will allow you to dock! Realistically, I can't see the cruise going ahead .
  5. Yes, but where does it stop? Our dustmen are still working, our post lady is doing a great job, the guys down the road on the Trent pumping station are working to make sure we don't get flooded. I went into two banks today to sort out money issues for my Mum. I'm not giving them flowers, although everyone was very civilised. The chap in the petrol station was very polite as well. My feeling, sorry, is that if, as an individual you want to give a gift, fine, but I, for one am not going to participate.
  6. Long time since I heard that word! The other term I like is 'UFLs" - Up from London, applied to second home owners in the SW.
  7. Yes, he made a new booking after he cancelled the cruise, so FCC applied.
  8. I meant 6 weeks after the last announcement, so early May.
  9. Not too easy to "push start " a cruise ship either, unless it's going downhill.
  10. But the OP is not asking about an existing booking. He is talking about applying FCC from a cancellation to a booking made subsequently. Clearly the FCC should therefore be applied in that case.
  11. No one knows for sure, but I'm of the opinion that P&O will cancel in 4 or 5 week "batches", which us what they seem to have done so far. Therefore, the next batch will be announced around the beginning of May. OVMV
  12. Why not transfer your new cruise to a TA - let them sort out your situation, and you'll probably get a better price as well!
  13. I have to say, that I'm pretty sanguine about my Mum going "walkabout". She walks round the local neighbourhood, where there are very few people about, and my understanding is that the chances of transmission in the open, assuming you keep your distance, are very slight. As my Mum says, no body told her to keep inside when the V1s and V2s were landing!
  14. AFAIK, all FCC have to be used on new bookings, so I would have thought that it can be used for your April cruise. I would make a note of the exact dates of your cancellation and booking, in case of a later dispute with P&O. Can you not ask your TA to check for you ? (Hopefully you did not book direct).
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