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  1. wowzz

    Transatlantic Flights

    Not sure any check in staff allocate seats these days. If you do not pay to select seats, you will normally be allocated seats prior to check in.
  2. wowzz

    Transatlantic Flights

    Most airlines charge to select seats these days, and £30 per seat per sector is probably about average. Unlike Ryanair, couples are not deliberately split up, but obviously if 90% of the seats are reserved and paid for, you will only be able to choose from the remaining 10%. Given the overall cost of the holiday, I would pay the comparatively small cost in order to select seats together, away from the loos, galley etc. Premium seating costs will vary, but would probably be in the region of £200 extra, and with every penny!
  3. wowzz

    Transatlantic Flights

    For extra leg room that's a good price, or do you mean that is the cost to choose a seat.. Personally I'm happy to pay to reserve the seat I want.
  4. wowzz

    Transatlantic Flights

    Just to be clear, if you are flying on a dedicated cruise flight, the costs of booking specific seats are determined by P&O, not TUI or TC.
  5. wowzz

    Transatlantic on Britannia

    When we did a Caribbean round trip, when travelling west to east, the clocks were out forward an hour during the day, not during the night. This meant that the crew did not have one hour less in bed.
  6. I still do not think that the attraction of 2 hours in Central London is worth the hassle, but obviously only the OP can decide.
  7. wowzz

    Is the Bay of Biscay always rough?

    Thank you for your reply. As I said, I am pleased to be corrected. Have to say, that Arcadia seemed pretty stable in a force 10 through the BoB the last time we sailed on her.
  8. Not sure that your suggestion is ideal in this case. The op will be lucky to get to central London much before 10pm, and will need to be on the train by 8am. Seems a lot of hassle just for dinner, assuming anywhere worthwhile is still open!
  9. If you are on a budget, the Premier Inn at the North terminal is ideal. Not fancy, but perfectly adequate for a night, and the all you can eat breakfast buffet is a bargain (much cheaper than eating in the airport). Just make sure you book the the correct hotel - there are 4 or 5 Premier Inns within 5 miles if LGW, but only one at the airport itself.
  10. wowzz


    Sorry, missed the point about it being a repositioning cruise. However, on a "normal" return flight, my point still remains valid, although there is always the possibility of a paid upgrade at check in.
  11. wowzz

    Is the Bay of Biscay always rough?

    I was of the opinion that Arcadia does not have a flat bottom, and hence is particularly suited to round the world cruises, but am happy to be corrected.
  12. wowzz

    allocated cabin

    Unfortunately, even if there is noise from the casino, there is little you can do to change your cabin if you booked a saver fare. It is one of the risks involved in selecting a cabin grade, rather than a specific cabin.
  13. wowzz


    I believe that, unlike scheduled airlines, it is not possible to upgrade only one leg of a return flight with TUi/P&O.
  14. wowzz


    Perhaps I should have said that Marella are not promoting an up market appeal. To do so, would, I believe, alienate their target market, who basically consider cruising to be the nautical equivalent of a land based AI resort, and are not interested in formal nights, etc.
  15. wowzz


    P&O are between a rock and a hard place. They have ever bigger ships to fill, but with more and more competition, albeit sometimes from sister companies. They have tried to pretend that they are offering an up market experience, (Rob Brydon - yes , you!) but in order to fill the cabins are having to reduce fares. Something has to give, and it seems that quality is suffering as a result. It is interesting to note that Marella are not promoting the up market route, but are offering a 'holiday experience' with a simple all inclusive, no gratuities approach. Going by the number of first time cruisers posting on the cruise forum on Trip Advisor, their approach seems to be working, despite the fact that the cruises seem to be more expensive than the comparative P&O alternative. It may be that P& O need to change their philosophy, possibly alienating their older, but inevitably fewer customers, and adopt a more contemporary approach to cruising, in order to attract the customers of the future.