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  1. Sorry, the new procedures don't come into force until June, so you will still have to go through the old face to face check at Border Control.
  2. They are automated kiosks/barriers You place your passport, open at the picture page, onto a scanner, and then look into the camera (for want of a better word) . If all is ok, the gate in front of you opens, and you walk into the UK! There are staff wandering around to help out.
  3. Trainers, as in Training shoes. If they are are just plain black, you would probably be OK, but not if they are garish.
  4. Realistically you could probably use a credit card virtually everywhere, so you really dont need cash at all these days. If you do decide you need some, just use an atm at the first port you sail to.
  5. Well, as the bus cannot get into the amphitheatre, I'm not sure what you expected. It's like complaining that a tour bus drove past the entrance to St Pauls Cathedral and only showed you the entrance door!
  6. To be precise, "customs clearance" takes approximately 10 seconds. You just walk through the "nothing to declare" corridor. Immigration/Border Control, where your passports are checked is where you will experience possible delays. It's important to know the difference if talking to your driver, because if you tell him you are just entering customs, he will expect to see you virtually immediately.
  7. I navigated my way around the new web site, found the cabin I wanted, and got as far as the final price and the amount of obc. Then rang my preferred TA, and booked the same cabin through her, at a lower price with considerably more obc. I dont understand why anyone books directly with P&O when it is cheaper to book through a good TA.
  8. I don't understand why the waiters had to rotate. Surely if the autotips were left in place, there would be no need to tip. Now that autotips have been removed, I imagine that some people may wish to tip the waiters, but as P&O have said that tips are not required, I will conform to their guidelines.
  9. Compared to, say Princess or Celebrity, the dress code on formal nights is observed much more on P&O. You could get away with a "formal " blazer, but you would very much be in the minority. We can argue about what percentage dress up until the cows come home, but I would tend to agree with DaiB. My experience is that on formal nights over 70% wear tuxedos, with the remainder wearing suits.
  10. Best idea is to start your 24 hour usage about 14:00. That way you get usage over two days.
  11. Given a choice, I prefer a table of 6, as then everyone can interact. Tables of 8 tend to split into 2 fours. Having said that, we've had many a good evening on an 8 top that carried on whilst the waiters were setting up for breakfast. But, Yes, we did leave before making a nuisance of ourselves.
  12. Why on earth did you think that a 1 hour connection was viable? And telling security to hurry up going through your luggage - Ha! No wonder they went slower. Having said that, you made your connection - in most other airports you wouldn't have had a chance.
  13. P&O do not say that there is a Glass House on Arcadia. Not sure that there are that many 'spare' bars that could be converted. Which one are they using?
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