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  1. Just seems strange to want to eat inside, when (depending on the cruise of course) it is still warm and sunny outside - the best part of the day in my opinion.
  2. We have flown both as well. When you get a good BA crew, the service is fantastic, much better than VS. Unfortunately however, too often the service can be indifferent, whereas with VS the service always seems to be upbeat, even if it can be a little rough round the edges. At the end of the day, both are better than being in economy.
  3. Research, research- or Google!
  4. My feeling is that if I am that worried about my children, I'd pay to sit with them.
  5. Well, as has been pointed out, there is actually no law in place, and secondly, having a parent behind a child is construed as being adjacent, so, with all 4 seats behind each other, each parent would be behind one child. Therefore, the airline is operating within the official guidelines. The comment about "a half brained check in clerk" is uncalled for. TUI hold back a certain number of seats (20% as mentioned in the previous post, but I thought it was fewer) which cannot be purchased or booked when OLCI opens. The checkin staff then have to try and manage everyone's expectations when only 40 or so seats are still available. Not an easy job, when, as in the OP's case, they want 4 seats together, when the only seats remaning are scattered around the cabin. Perhaps you may wish to reconsider that particular comment.
  6. Key phrase in the above "should be the aim". So, not compulsory or legally necessary. To be fair, most airlines will try to keep families together, but, if people don't pre-purchase seats, they can't expect to necessarily all sit together.
  7. No, the alternative is to put a dome over the cheeseboard to stop contamination. As an aside, from someone who worked in the cheese industry, putting Port into Stilton, Imho, ruins both.
  8. Andy - totally agree about the personal touch. To be fair, the vast majority of questions on this forum are totally valid. As someone else has already commented, it's the other social media site that seems to gather the " simplistic" questions, which are often answered by a cut and paste from the P&O site, that the op could have accessed in the first place.
  9. Yes, but not seperated means that the parents can be adjacent, as previously mentioned above. So you could get 4 seats, all one behind the other, which would be compliant. Personally, once I've paid to select my seat, I'm not moving, unless it's an upgrade!
  10. Was certainly available on our last cruise. However, I was less than enamoured with the way that the cheeseboard was left on various window sills around the MDR, without and form of covering. I'm not that much of a hygiene freak, but I wasn't impressed by the practice. I told the Maitre D', but to no avail.
  11. I don't think anyone minds giving advice - after all, that is what this forum is all. Even questions like "what is good to see in port ABC ?" are reasonable, because in a way, the question is asking for subjective advice. It's questions posted that require a factual answer, that is easy to find, that I find a little annoying eg "How much is the drinks package on P&O?" Just putting the same question into Google will give you an instant answer, plus you will get all the relevant terms and conditions. I know people will say that I can scroll past such questions. However, I worry that we are encouraging people to rely to much on boards such as these, rather than using their own initiative to find out the information for themselves.
  12. I agree - P&O (and their parent company) are not financially inept - the profit implications of the drink packages are carefully calculated . P&O are not going to offer anything that will make a loss.
  13. Or, you could argue, that P&O are keeping costs down, by not introducing "freebies" that not everyone would necessarily want, and which would inevitably be paid for through higher fares.
  14. Totally agree. The number of questions that are asked on a well known social media forum about dining options, cabin types etc, AFTER booking a cruise is worrying. Many of those booking have done so online, and are unaware of the differences between booking a standard hotel type holiday, and the nuances of booking a cruise. I also don't understand those who ask "I've booked cabin A123 - is it any good?". Why not ask before booking?
  15. Normally, prices are lowest when first released, around two years in advance.
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