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  1. No comment! Seriously, never been tempted. Beer and wine have always been my drugs of choice. (And Pringles)
  2. Sensible decision. After one sip of Coke back in the 70s, I've never drunk it since. Just sweet and artificial tasting - how and why do people drink it?
  3. My wife tells me of the days staying in St Osyth in a caravan, when, every morning a chap would come round with a "tank" into which you would pour your "ahem" waste products from your bucket.
  4. Had a nasty experience mixing red wine and vodka many years ago. Took the only sensible decision - never drank vodka since.
  5. Our narrow boat had a cassette toilet. I spent ages deciding how far we could go in between "emptying". Fortunately, Lady W was somewhat sluggish in the bowel area, which meant that we could travel further between discharge areas. (Apolgies if you are eating)
  6. Just to reminisce, about 30 years ago we had a long day in our narrow boat travelling no distance at all, but with lots of locks, in pouring rain. We finally moored up for the night, in the middle of nowhere, eating a casserole that had been cooking all afternoon, with a few glasses of wine, as the rain continued to pour down. And, in all honesty, it was fantastic! Tired from the locks, warm from the shower onboard, full from the stew, and no one around, and drinks with my wife. Forget all this aft suite nonsense - enjoy the simpler pleasures of life. (Mind you, 30 years later I might prefer the suite!)
  7. Pouring down with rain, and a strong wind buffeting our rented caravan here in Devon. Went out for lunch in Colyford - fresh hake on crushed potatoes with broad beans (normally a vegetable I detest) washed down with a pint of local bitter. Stopped off at Tesco for a few bottles of red wine, back in the caravan, electric fire on full blast, plenty of 50 p's for the meter, and we're set for the rest of the day.
  8. I'd quite enjoy it, if that was the case, but because he posts in so many different threads, he never comes back to review the discussions he has started!
  9. No, not on thus forum, but he does post all over CC, and some new comers may actually believe some of his twaddle. I can at least beat Roger's day trip to Paris. I did once fly to New York and back from London and spent only 18 hours on US soil!
  10. We are booked on Arcadia for March 22, and last week booked on Saga for September 22, to celebrate a significant birthday of mine!
  11. Doesn't he also have some quite old children as well, or did I just make that up!
  12. "Harmless" - I'm not so sure. At times he does write posts that contain totally wrong, potentially harmful, "information ", that cannot be left unchallenged. For the rest of the time, I have now decided to ignore him, and let him sit in his bedroom posting away!
  13. I somehow suspect that Roger's one day trip to Paris may have been slightly fictional!
  14. Last three days here in Devon have been pretty good, but rain and 50mph wind forecast for tomorrow. We have therefore moved to plan "B" - lunch in a nearby pub, followed by a boozy afternoon in the caravan !
  15. I agree, but Roger was talking about pre-Covid travel, when, afaik, no certificates were required, if travelling from the US.
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