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  1. Where do you go while you wait, as the terminal won't be open ?
  2. As you say, we all have our preferences. Our policy is, " No balcony, no cruise"
  3. Every time I look at the price of a balcony cabin on Fred, I get an attack of the vapours !! So expensive.
  4. True, but fares would have to increase significantly to offset the expenditure. If P&O prices reach Oceania or Azmara levels, how many will remain with P&O?
  5. A number of lines charge tax on drinks when sailing in Spanish waters. How the Spanish monitor tge sales I have no idea ! But, if you have a drinks package, you are exempt from the additional tax, as you have prepaid for your drinks.
  6. Obviously I do not know about the US, but in the UK, banks will charge small businesses a fee when handling cash. Therefore, there is little difference between the cost to the business of a card transaction or handling cash. And of course, there is no need to make daily trips to your local bank (assuming there is one still open in your local town) if you only accept card payments.
  7. Regardless, you are getting a discount off prices that are higher now than they were a year ago, and with less cabin choice. Having said that, we are no longer booking cruises years ahead, apart from Saga. We have decided to be more spontaneous in our holiday choices.
  8. UK TA ? That is an unbelievable discount in the UK market, and entirely unprofitable for the TA concerned.
  9. So, you are getting 18% off prices that are 15% higher than they were a year ago. In which case, you have got a slightly better deal than me, assuming you are able to obtain the cabin of your choice.
  10. I suppose anything is possible if you throw enough money at it. However, if you were P&O management, how much money would you invest on a ship with only 6 or 7 years life left ?
  11. I can't see that price on the UK web site. £2099 is the price I see, which is for the lowest grade inside cabin, but does include all fees, charges etc.
  12. But what date were the original prices.
  13. Cheapest interior cabin price is £2099 for that cruise. I guess you might get some discount from your TA. No way that I want to be cooped up in a dismal inside cabin for 24 days, especially sailing the North Atlantic, so I will pass!
  14. I guess the key question is - 18% off what ? Certainly not our cruise.
  15. We just use Parking4cruises- don't care about hanging on to the car keys. Reputable company, why worry ?
  16. Not sure about this claim about cheap cruises. We are departing on Sky in July 2023, and fares are currently 15% higher than when we booked last year.
  17. No, but when we book, our TA always goes through our passport details. As has been said by @Lady Arwen that is part of their remit. Your TA has been severely lacking.
  18. Good advice. On Sky in April, we found the generic Malbec and Pinot Noir to be OK, and then we upgraded to Silverado CS at night. Looking forward to your recommendations prior to our return to Sky in July.
  19. OK - not much help as we are booked up for this year, and the prices are still higher than when we booked 12 months ago.
  20. To be fair, they should have picked up on the potential problem. Perhaps you should have a word with them !
  21. I'm not sure who you booked your cruise through. When I book, our TA goes through our passport details to ensure we meet the necessary requirements. They are scrupulous about passport issue and expiry dates. If you did book through a TA, perhaps you should discuss the matter with them, and see if they can help.
  22. I'm not sure what you want me to say. There is no way out.
  23. Arcadia just has shower curtains. As Moley said some time ago, the bathrooms are modular units, and as such are intended to last the life of the ship. To all intents and purposes the bathrooms cannot be changed. You might be able to change the grouting, and put in a shower door, but the loo, basin and sink have to stay. The bathrooms on Arcadia are really very tired, and there is no easy or economic fix.
  24. No more mega ships are planned for the foreseeable future. Carnival don't have the money !
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