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  1. Our first "holiday" that got cancelled was Easter (sad to miss the family, but it was my turn to host so not overly sad about missing out on all the cooking). So many family celebrations this year (special anniversaries, retirement, special birthdays etc), but hopefully soon we will be able to catch up. It's going to be a big party when we do! We have done an outdoor patio once, and indoor dining once - restaurant was empty, one other table and us - so it will be something to look forward to. We live to far to get take out so I am getting to the "this is what you are eating, a
  2. I'm all for including pictures that you don't know what they are, as long as they are from a river cruise or excursion. I tend to take pics of things I find interesting, but not always something that a guide may point out. It would be nice to know what my pics are. I think if we are going for the "unknowns", maybe include the town like Ritabob did as I find some of the pictures are getting a little to difficult to even guess where they are from.
  3. @ljandgb, do you have any pics to post? If you do, if I manage to get one right, I'll tag you to take my turn. We need new players here with new pics. 🙂
  4. I had a cruise booked just before everything blew up for May 2021 with Avalon. Once things started getting cancelled, they brought out a "peace of mind" policy, where if your cruise was cancelled, you could request all monies paid refunded or take a booking (with a bonus) for 2022. During the summer, they brought out a free upgrade, so I cancelled my existing cruise and re-booked the same one with the upgrade. Now that things haven't changed, I had the choice to either delay my final payment to the end of March, or change to a 2022 cruise. I chose to go next year. I didn't ask for, didn't
  5. @notamermaidhas the correct country... Here is another shot that may help.
  6. Ok, so this should be fairly simple for a lot of you. It's an excursion, but one that a majority see. Name the river, city and what this is. First one gets to post the next pic.
  7. There are good signs coming out with the countries like Israel showing that the vaccines are reducing hospitalisation, and dropping numbers. We won't know until at least mid-summer as to how that will work with the rest of the world. Don't forget, while the US may be getting vaccines out in full force in several areas, other countries haven't even started, or are just starting. Europe won't open up until they are ready, no matter how ready other countries are. Same with Australia, I believe they are just starting vaccines, so their path may be slower, but if they get a lot vaccinated by mi
  8. Then you can come up to Ontario... where my parents live, they are on the "border" of city hydro & provincial - literally the road is the divider. A few years ago, they installed new poles so the "city" hydro runs on one side of the pole, and lines for the provincial billings ran on the other. Both come out of the same station. Those in the city pay quite a bit less than those who are stuck with the province. When the province made the city take over a batch of rural areas, they didn't make them supply the hydro - of course, that would mean the province would miss out on the revenue.
  9. @dogs4fun, no problem. You can go ahead and post something. I just think sometimes we get a little to complicated for some that don't have a lot of river experience. Thanks for the compliment on the pic. Please post something so we can continue the game. 🙂
  10. Yes, it is. Tried to do an easier one to encourage those reading in the background to participate. Your turn @dogs4fun
  11. I'll take the wildcard. This is from an excursion for the river cruise, and I will accept either the river you cruise to visit the city, or the river that the city is on. First to name what it is, location & (either) river gets to post the next pic.
  12. Very nice CA. From having very little snow (farmers were starting to get worried), it looks like we are going to get our years worth this month. We are lucky though, it's only coming down at a rate of 10 - 20 cm...with a day's break to clean up! 🙂 Mind you, temps have been mild for most of the winter, we had 3-4 days where we hit the upper -20's, but I still haven't worn my winter coat or shoes yet so not complaining. Spring should be coming soon, March can be a wicked month...lots of snow or lots of melting bringing on spring floods. Not sure which I am looking for.
  13. Exactly my point....no one knows except the individual cruise lines just how they are doing, however because of speculation & rumours in various posts, you are having concerns. Yes, I'm sure that none of them are having a great time now with having to cancel cruises, and also reimbursing clients, which is why most are probably providing credit offers instead of saying "OK, you get a full cash back if we cancel". Give a bonus on the credit, and it could hopefully go more towards the increase cost of the next years sailing. I booked in 2020 for my 2021 cruise, gave the minim
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