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  1. Yes, I can't complain about our treatment with Avalon. When our 90 day payment was coming close, I contacted my TA to see if we should move then or wait to see if our cruise was cancelled. I asked her if we could delay payment, and there was no problems. Because we wanted a certain room, we figured it would be better to go ahead and move our trip as it could have been gone by the time our cruise was cancelled. Today would have been the day we left, and all but 1 cabin is gone at our level.
  2. *****Edit for above post, there are 20 extra pax if I count 2/cabin, not 40. Just went back and checked.
  3. @gnome12, we have to wait until August for ours. I am just a little worried about the two types of vaccine. I could see P & M being compatible as they are one type, but A-Z is different. Hopefully they all work together. I guess we just have to be patient and hope for the best.
  4. One thing to keep in mind, a lot of Avalon's cruises were open to solo travellers. Also, I was worried about the one we are on next May, as it's going to have roughly 40 more pax than the one we took 2 years ago...until I remembered that this boat is also 20m longer! That's a lot of extra space. I estimate each cabin has 2 pax, but since they were holding the solo traveller sales, probably not quite that much. One thing I do like about Avalon is you can book your cabin from the start, so you can choose room layout ( I keep the charging unit on my side of the bed as I am usually
  5. Quebec is now issuing QR codes to show for restaurants etc. to confirm you are vaccinated. I'm curious how all those who were vaccinated outside of the country will be able to do so...the federal government is working on "passports" but they will probably only be issued to those who were vaccinated in the country, as all our vaccines are registered through the provincial health departments. Right now, we have another problem here... Ontario rolled out the A-Z vaccine through the pharmacies, with the local clinics doing the Pfizer & Moderna. Now they have lots of the P & M
  6. From what I have seen online (I keep checking for our upcoming 2022 cruise), buffets are out, lunch and breakfast will be sit down with menu's. I would say the best bet would be once they are back up and running before anyone can say, as with things changing so quickly, you never know.
  7. Hi @CDNPolar, if it's a Viking cruise, here is the forum for the Viking Roll Call - Grand European. You may not fine anyone on your cruise, as River cruises are a lot different from Ocean, but the Viking Roll Calls seem to be the most common.
  8. We make a "trifle" using chocolate brownies, raspberries and brandy....not one for the traditional one, so I played around to get something that worked.
  9. Our Avalon cruise had a mix, but most were casual. It was in early May, and warm. They requested no shorts in the dining room, but other than that, that was it. Most wore capris or light pants, and dressy t-shirts (think nice v necked, or scoop necked, not the regular type) or golf shirts. Avalon is really about casual comfort, but the service and food were outstanding. Some did dress up a bit for the Welcome & Farewell dinners, but they took in mind that people had been or would be travelling (and for the Farwell dinner, some just got back from excursions) so they didn't stress it.
  10. I keep mine long for travelling...so much easier to throw back in a braid or ponytail than to have to style it. I'm kinda glad for that now. 🙂
  11. We had a laugh seeing the "rejects" when we went by the factory in Cologne.
  12. Much to the dismay of our TA, that's what we did. 🙂 I knew the agency, but hadn't used a TA for over 30 years. I'm someone who has to plan everything..and for every little problem. I think I may have driven her up the wall, but she was great for us, and has been good for us for our cruise we are working on. She was laid off in Dec, but continues to keep contact so any changes we had to make - transferring our cancelled cruise to 2022, she was there. That's why I like the personal service.
  13. Congrats to all @vada_9, so glad everything is fine. Our Mother's Day weekend is coming up on Saturday here, so go ahead and celebrate... 🙂 Not sure if you guys have Mothering Sunday early like in the UK or not...but hey, it's a good excuse!
  14. @onthegone1. We aren't allowed to mention names for TA's here, but your best bet would be ask people you know to see if they have recommendations. At least then you can find out who you don't want to deal with. I know some of the cruise lines have TA's (local ones) that have been on their cruises, so they will be listed under the planning section (at least Avalon does that). River cruises are specialised. If you are going to use a TA, get one that has been on a cruise, as they are not like ocean cruises. Some people deal with local TA's, some with big box store ones, other w
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