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  1. The Hotel Jazz is also in a great location - we have stayed there and enjoyed it. The HOHO bus (hop on - hop off) might also be a way to get an overview of the city.
  2. We were on the Danube cruise in November - I found the dining room quite cool and wore my sweater and light down vest in the dining room.
  3. Check with your hotel - they will give you accurate information. We always drop off our bags at the hotel and then set out to explore. Have stayed at several hotels in Barcelona and they have all stored our bags until check-in.
  4. Actually, Oceankaj is in Copenhagen, not Stockholm.
  5. You might post your query on the Middle East forum here: https://boards.cruisecritic.com/forum/19-africa-amp-middle-east/ or the Celebrity forum here: https://boards.cruisecritic.com/forum/16-celebrity-cruises/ BTW - you cannot drive by the Church of the Holy Sepulchre (you could, however, walk by).
  6. You can check the port of Stockholm for your exact berth. The schedule is not yet available for 2020 so you can check back later. Here is the link to the port of Stockholm: https://www.portsofstockholm.com/vessel-calls/
  7. The old town (Gamla Stan) has cobblestone streets & sidewalks - in view of your recent surgery, I would recommend wearing very comfortable shoes with good support.
  8. We have cruised on many lines as we choose our cruises (both ocean and river) based on the ports visited rather than the cruise line. We have found some ships superior to others in several areas including food, entertainment & amenities aboard ship but none of these issues would be deal makers/breakers for us and we are not really concerned with racking up points for perks.
  9. Yes, taste in music is a personal preference - just like many other things. It is impossible to please everyone - especially when the group is large and of various ages.
  10. The Crowne Plaza is not conveniently located for sightseeing in Rome - it is about a 35 minute taxi ride into the historical center of Rome. We would not stay here for this reason - we want to be in the historic center of Rome from which we can walk or metro to the sights and restaurants, not stay somewhere 35 minutes away by taxi. We would recommend staying somewhere in the historic center of Rome and there are many options, depending on your budget. We love both the K Boutique Hotel (located near Peter & Chains Church - & the Cavour metro station is a mere 3 minute walk from the hotel) and the Albergo Santa Chiara (located in the heart of the historic center by the Pantheon). Both hotels are in excellent locations for exploring Rome. K Boutique: https://www.thekhotel.it/en/boutique-hotel/ Albergo Santa Chiara: https://www.albergosantachiara.com/en/ There are many other options as well - some less expensive, some more. There are many options for transferring from Rome to Civi. Taxi, bus, shared shuttle & train. A shared shuttle is an inexpensive option from FCO to Civitavecchia. Check-out Romashuttle.com: http://romashuttle.com/ The cost is only 70 euros for a couple (or 35 each) and they drop you off at the cruise terminal. If you can manage your own luggage, the most inexpensive option would be the train from Rome to Civi.
  11. How old are your children? Will they enjoy 6 hours in a van (it takes approximately 3 hours to reach Berlin and another 3 hours to return to port). In all honesty, tours to Berlin from the port of Warnemunde offer only a taste of the city. Factoring in the travel time to/from port, there simply is not enough time to actually visit inside any sites unless you are not interested in seeing much of anything else in the city. Berlin is a large, fascinating city that offers much to see and do - IMHO it is best visited by spending at least a few days there. The excursions offered for cruise ship passengers are comprised mostly of driving by the more famous sites with photo stops at some of them. Since you are booking a private tour, you can skip the drive by portion (if that is your wish) and actually visit one or two places of interest to you.
  12. To be clear ... I think it is great that the ceremony is free and that most find it enjoyable and feel privileged to attend. No disrespect meant as I was posting my opinion only and offering suggestions to the OP for other London nighttime activities as the Keys Ceremony was sold out a year in advance. (BTW, am I correct that there are after hour tours of the Tower available on Sundays?) We are history buffs and not necessarily tradition buffs (although I realize that there is a fair amount of overlap between these two and we do enjoy pomp when impressively displayed). We love visiting the 1000 year Tower of London as it is simply bursting with history – it’s a mini London village with residents (Beefeaters), home to the crown jewels and even sports a pub. We have enjoyed the Yeoman Warder tours and even rented an audio guide on our last visit. Honestly, although many find the ceremony a highlight, we did not feel overly impressed while attending this London ritual (although we have enjoyed the Changing of the Guard at Buckingham Palace - much more impressive display of pomp). The ceremony was simple and short (the actual ceremony took less than 10 minutes although our entire time from entrance to exit was about 30 minutes) beginning with entry to the tower and an explanation of the event by a Yeoman and then the brief ceremony itself (the locking of the doors and passing of the keys replete with a short dialogue between the sentry and the Chief Warder). A disappointing note during our tour (about 50 in the entire group) was that there was chatter emanating from the group for almost the entire time – we did not expect this and found it rude and inconsiderate of those in the group that wished to enjoy a solemn experience. Although it is understandable that tourists are not allowed to visit, we would have loved the opportunity to visit the Yeoman Warders private pub (aptly named The Keys) - we would have found it quite interesting (especially all of the items on display within the pub).
  13. Agree with above posts - with that much luggage, the train would not be a good fit for you. We like taking the train as it is fast and inexpensive but added to the fact that you are overloaded with luggage, there are stairs at the Civi train station on which you must schlep your luggage up and down. A shared shuttle would be your most economical solution - there are shuttles from FCO to Civi and shuttles from hotels to Civi - a Google search will reveal such services. Regarding Rome vs Civi before your return TA, this is entirely up to you. IMHO, there is little to see/do in Civi but a return to Rome (we always find tons to see and do even after our many visits) would require transportation back to Civi at the end of your stay in Rome.
  14. As JB stated, all ships tender in Santorini. As for the "it depends", we tendered in Mykonos & Kotor.
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