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  1. I have wondered if English is not his native language. Sentence structure and lack of clarity lead me to suspect that there is a disconnect somewhere - I’ve wondered if it is due to language.
  2. I initially thought I recognized it @jpalbny but now realize that I have never seen it. I know that I’ve seen something visually similar (or, at least, I think I have). Great choice - really had me running around in circles. Note to self: must get a life 😉 And now, time for a WILD CARD!
  3. This was difficult to locate! Countless Google searches with a host of permutations on the descriptive features of the ensemble yielded no satisfactory results. Sheer dogged determination was rewarded as I finally found it by checking a listing of cities/towns along the Rhône & cross referencing the villages with searches for the ensemble. Certifiably OCD! Tartarin de Tarascon - the accompanying writer is Daudet, the author of the novel.
  4. Do I detect the remnants of a medieval wall in the background? The style of gent's garb leads me to think that he might be a French peasant? Seine? Rhône? This is driving me crazy as I suspect that I have seen this ensemble - for the life of me, I can't recall where.
  5. Hmmm... I have a feeling that I have seen this - or something similar. A man standing atop a lion - the seated gent appears to be writing in his book. Perhaps a writer’s story is illustrated by the man atop the lion?
  6. I would contact MSC for the most reliable information and, like the previous poster suggested, get their answer in writing. Also check with your airline - for some carriers there is simply no mask exemption at present.
  7. It’s difficult to discern from just a reflection but I am reminded of Ulm Minster.
  8. Wow @deec - that was a speedy solve. I just checked-in to see if the previous photo by jp had been named & vada’s photo is already solved! 🙂
  9. Okay - I found it. Been to the city several times but never noticed the sculptures in the park. Also not familiar with the sculptor but just familiarized myself with the central theme of this particular work - learned something new.
  10. First thing that came to mind was Vigeland Park - all the nudes. I honestly am stumped.
  11. Archduchess Valerie was the daughter of Franz Joseph I and Elisabeth (the famous Sisi). Valerie was born in Budapest (the only of four children to be born in Hungary) & was reported to be Sisi's favorite.
  12. I just Googled the name of the bridge and I believe I am correct - at least it looks like the bridge. An exchange student that stayed with my brother's family was from one of the cities in which the bridge is located - thus, when we visited, we had a wonderful tour of the area with a local. I vaguely recall her telling us about the history of the bridge.
  13. I think that I recognize the bridge - believe that it is located on the Danube & is named after one of the offspring of a very powerful emperor. Won't say more - will let others name the location. 🙂
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