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  1. The usual scams - nothing new yet ... https://expertvagabond.com/common-travel-scams/ https://www.telegraph.co.uk/travel/lists/40-tourist-scams-to-avoid/
  2. The mosaics in the Chora church are absolutely stunning. I was not aware that its museum status had been revoked - what a shame. Interesting article ... https://greekcitytimes.com/2019/11/18/turkey-greek-chora-church-to-be-converted-into-a-mosque-is-hagia-sophia-the-next/
  3. Sure hope that it remains a museum so that all can fully enjoy visiting the Hagia Sophia in the future.
  4. Turkish court weighs bid to turn Hagia Sophia into a mosque https://www.reuters.com/article/us-turkey-museum/turkish-court-weighs-bid-to-turn-hagia-sophia-into-a-mosque-idUSKBN243138
  5. Same here - we did not find the Terrace Houses strenuous at all. Perhaps the tour is listed as strenuous because it includes the ruins of Ephesus? We agree with your assessment - no problem with touring Ephesus & the Terrace Houses - definitely would not rate it as strenuous.
  6. Great analogy! Wish I could simply ignore the misinformed assertions frequently promulgated by my compatriots. Unfortunately these same people are negatively impacting the lives of those of us who do not deny scientific fact. Sad
  7. Nice work with the videos, SteveinPhilly. Thanks for sharing.
  8. Yes - it is possible to visit both castles on your own. It is 35 kilometers from Copenhagen to Frederiksborg Palace. The easiest way to get there is to take a train from Copenhagen central station to Hillerød and then walk to the palace. The train ride takes 42 minutes and the walk is another 20-25 minutes. (1.5 kilometers). (Take the S-train line A to Hillerød (approximately 40 minutes from Copenhagen). From Hillerød Station you can walk to the castle or take the local bus 301 (direction: Ullerød) or 302 (direction: Sophienlund) and get off at the stop “Frederiksborg Slot”.) The timetable for the trains can be found here: https://www.dsb.dk/en/ You can purchase your ticket to Frederiksborg online here: https://dnm.dk/en/tc-events/entry/ There is a FREE guided tour of the palace in English at 11:30 or you can opt for the audio tour. You can purchase your tickets to Rosenborg castle here: https://shop.kongernessamling.dk/en/product/entrance-ticket-to-rosenborg-castle/
  9. I highly recommend a tour that includes the Terrace Houses.
  10. This is the major reason that we have enjoyed B2B cruises - especially TA cruises combined with med cruises, etc. - only had one R/T flight
  11. Impossible to say until you know your docking location as there are several (docking location should be available on the port of Stockholm website in early 2021). The Vasa Museum is located on Djurgarden (an island across from Gamla Stan, the old town) and the Royal Armory is located on Gamla Stan. I would take the HOHO to the Vasa immediately upon arrival as it becomes very crowded as the morning progresses & then head back on over to Gamla Stan (again via HOHO boat) to the Royal Palace to visit the armory.
  12. I answered this question on your other post but will copy it again here; Excellent choice - I believe that you will love the Grand Tour. We enjoyed Alla's Grand Tour - it is fantastic and offered a wonderful overview of the major sights in Saint Petersburg (we returned the following year with a visa)! The tour is well balanced in that there are times of rest between sights when traveling from one venue to another (especially the suburban estates at Pushkin & Peterhof). As I recall, the most steps that you would encounter on the Grand Tour are found in the Hermitage - the Grand Staircase (gorgeous). If you currently walk 10-12,000 steps you will have no problem with the Grand Tour. We are booked again for 2021 on the Reflection (going with friends) and have again booked the Grand Tour with Alla. Our friends want to see as much as possible & maximize their time in port, just like we did on our first visit. Regarding the lunches, the lunch at the Metropole was absolutely fabulous. The boxed lunch consisted of sandwiches, drink, snacks (can't remember everything in the boxed lunch) - it was filling & allowed us more time for sightseeing as we consumed our lunches enroute to the Catherine Palace. We also took some snacks & extra water packed in our daypacks.The packed lunch is certainly not up to the standards of the restaurants that Alla utilizes but we wanted to maximize our time in the city so the boxed lunch was a great option for us. Alla's other options all offer restaurant lunches on all days - just be aware that the restaurant lunches will consume over an hour of your valuable time. 😎 If you email Alla, she will tell you exactly how many steps are covered at each venue on the tour.
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