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  1. Ah, I found this on the website here: https://www.portodelisboa.pt/en/planeamento-de-cruzeiros1 Cruises planning Information Due to the COVID 19 pandemic situation, cruise planning is available only for the next two weeks.
  2. Nor do I. I just went to the Lisbon port & could find nothing listed for Oct 26 https://www.portodelisboa.pt/en/navios-em-porto There are ships in port today, but I can't find any future cruises.
  3. Unfortunately, this is true but Istanbul is a magnificent city that is well worth a visit. Yes, quite a few. A quick review of an online TA sites will show that there are still cruise ships visiting Istanbul although there has been a marked decrease in the number of mega ships that port there.
  4. I also extend my heartfelt thanks! I am so sorry that you are stuck in limbo - especially after taking a risk for the good of us all.
  5. I was wondering about the amount of tourists - I assumed that the crowded conditions of previous years would not be in attendance this year but there are so few cruises that it has been difficult to find an answer to my questions. Did you notice if most shops/restaurants are open? How about the museums in Venice - did they have any special Covid protocols? Thank you so much for providing your review and answering all these questions!
  6. Good news - hope you have a wonderful cruise. Please report back after your cruise.
  7. First question – where will your ship dock? You can find docking information on the port of Lisbon's website (note: no ships are scheduled at this time – you can check back a few months prior to your cruise). https://www.lisboncruiseport.pt/ I haven’t seen the Rick Steves video but I believe the tourist trolley that you describe is Tram #28 – information can be found here: https://www.tram28lisboa.com/ We docked at Alcantara by the 25th of April Bridge and, as my friends wanted to visit Belem (Mosteiro dos Jerónimos, the famous Pasteis de Nata, Museu de Marinha - Maritime Museum, Torre de Belém, Padrão dos Descobrimentos - Monument to the Discoveries, Museu Nacional dos Coches - Coach Museum) We took tram #15 (just a 5 minute walk from the cruise port to the tram stop). You can also take tram #15 in the opposite direction to the city center (interchange at Praça do Comércio). We had some time left before returning to the ship & took the tram to Praça do Comércio as the crew wanted to ride the Santa Justa Lift. Busy day.
  8. Good to know. I was not aware that one cannot see signatures on a phone as I have never accessed Cruise Critic from my iPhone. Signatures are visible on my iPad and, of course, my laptop.
  9. Hi Karen, I have used Alla Tours - her tours are excellent & the guides are top notch. Yes, you can certainly customize the itinerary on a private tour.
  10. The messaging system on cruise critic is disabled - it doesn’t work for anyone. As I said, my email address is included in my signature. At the bottom of each post you will find my signature - click on Expand signature. At the bottom, in red, there is a link to my email - click on it.
  11. If you will contact me (my email address is included in my signature), I will be happy to email the directions to you. Even if you don't make this particular cruise, you can always use them on a future visit. 🙂
  12. Just so you know - the instructions are already done as I created them for a family member. So, should you decide you want them, it is no trouble. 😉
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