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  1. Anni, are you okay? Tried to access your website multiple times - no luck. Receive message: HTTP ERROR 503 Hoping you are well 🤥
  2. Have you considered a sauna? Shopping at the old market hall Biking on the trail that runs along the waterfront Suomenlinna Sea Fortress Seurasaari Island Visit Uspenski Cathedral Nuuksio National Park tour (you can book a half day tour that will return you to Helsinki in the afternoon) Visit Uspenski Cathedral Ride the vintage tram Visit the Vallila district (several of the cool painted timber houses are now homes to the artistic community - lots of green spaces, trendy pubs & shops) https://www.myhelsinki.fi/en/see-and-do/sights/puu-vallila-wooden-house-district
  3. You can send a message directly through their website - just click "help" and it will automatically take you to the "contact us" form. http://premier-inn-west-quay.southampton-hotels.co.uk/en/#contact
  4. Hijack alert ... Didn't you have a flight booked with Norwegian Air? Did they issue a refund? Or ... do I have you confused with another person?
  5. I have wondered about this very issue. We have a friend who is extremely sensitive to fragrances - she carries an EpiPen for acute allergy attacks. I witnessed one of her acute attacks caused by cologne worn by a person seated near us at a concert - it was very frightening. Thank goodness she had her EpiPen!
  6. A prudent and necessary decision. The article states that US and Canadian markets make up 95% of the guests and, unfortunately, the infection rate in the USA is far too high to safely commence cruising.
  7. We have a Baltic cruise scheduled for August 2021 - a L&S from September 2020. We will adhere to all rules but we really need to know the rules before we sail. The deal breaker for us ... shore excursions - if X mandates that cruise tours are the only available way to disembark in ports of call we will cancel and rebook for a time when DIY is again a possibility. Those that do not wish to adhere to the policies imposed by the cruise lines (or airlines, etc.) can simply elect not to sail. I am quite fatigued by the entitled minority that feel their desires trump the safety of the majority. I am hoping that a vaccine, when available, is a requirement for boarding.
  8. This would be an excellent time to cruise 😎 IMHO.
  9. We prefer the shoulder seasons - we particularly like September and October (we enjoyed perfect weather on our most recent Danube cruise). Full disclosure, we are Colorado residents so we are acclimated to a cooler temperature than that of CA. Crowds are most intense during the height of the summer months - as the popularity of river cruising has continued to increase, so have the crowds. We avoid Europe during the months of June through August - most of the tourist 'hot spots' have simply become too crowded. There is more daylight in the summer months with daylight decreasing on either end of the solstice. However, as the ship travels at night, you are usually back onboard your ship, enjoying dinner in the early evening as your ship prepares to get underway. One recommendation: if you have the time and inclination, I would contemplate a pre and/or post cruise stay in Amsterdam and Budapest. Both cities offer much to see and do - you need not book an extension with your cruise line. We spent a week in Munich prior to our Danube cruise and a week in Budapest at the culmination. We DIY - it is much less expensive than what Viking offers plus we see exactly what interests us rather than what appeals to the group. Is this your first visit to Europe? Are you booking the Grand European - 15 days, Rhine & Danube? What a wonderful gift from your dad - hope you have a marvelous cruise!
  10. What you are describing is rafting - it occurs only when docked at a port and is very common on the busy Danube. Rafting shouldn't be an issue unless you intend to spend your entire day in port aboard ship. It is a crapshoot where your ship will dock in any port on the river (the dock master assigns the ships - usually a function of their departure times). There is a higher frequency of rafting during the height of the tourist season. Rafting does not bother us at all - we are off the ship exploring/touring when we are in port. Generally, high water occurs in the spring & low water occurs in the heat of the summer (usually August - September). We last cruised the Danube to Budapest in October, 2018 - a year in which the Danube experienced record low water levels. Many of the cruises (Viking among them) were unable to navigate the low water and resorted to bus trips - this was still an issue in October, 2018 (so, way beyond the usual low water months). Usually, the entire Danube is not affected - just parts are not navigable. Viking did a great deal of ship swapping in 2018 (ship swapping involves being bussed from one port to the next where you board a sister ship to continue your cruise). In rare cases, the cruise is cancelled. Water levels are unpredictable & often times you may not find out that a particular stretch of the river is unnavigable until just a day or two beforehand. Unfortunately, low and high water conditions can exist and throw a wrench into you cruise expectations. If this is a real concern for you, river cruising may not be a good option for you. Although we were disappointed that we were bussed to one of our ports, we understood the possibility of low water and made the best of it. We still had a wonderful trip. Budapest and Vienna are two of our favorite cities!
  11. I love the UK - particularly Scotland (two of my great grandparents were immigrants from Scotland). In fact, on one trip many eons ago, I spent 3 months in the UK (with a good portion of the time spent in Scotland). I have visited the UK only via land - never via cruise (exception being Southampton) & I loved our drives through the Lake District, the Loch Region, etc. I would, however, not be adverse to a British Isles cruise as I am sure that there would be sites of interest I have not yet experienced. 😎
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