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  1. We love Cagney's shrimp cocktail. Have not had it for several years so hope it is still as good as in the past.
  2. We have never noticed any bugs in our stateroom on any of our cruises.
  3. If you check the Port of Stockholm's website, the Getaway is still expected to dock in Nynashamn (SEAW SEAWALK) on June 23rd. Port website here: https://www.portsofstockholm.com/vessel-calls/
  4. We have packed chocolates (including Belgian) in our checked luggage many times in all seasons. Never had a problem.
  5. Right - if requested, your room steward will bring you an ice bucket (don't care about the towel animals).
  6. Same here. However, we would immediately mention issues that might affect our well being to the person(s) in charge (like replacing a dish/bowl wherein someone used their hands to serve themselves (yuck).
  7. Exactly - the crowds are immense in many cities (for example, Rome, Florence, Paris, etc.). Most of our European visits are not via cruise - we usually fly and spend several days in a city before taking a train to our next destination. Crowding conditions are due to a huge influx of travelers over the past decade or two and really have little to do with cruisers - many more people are traveling. Case in point ... the Chinese are now the largest middle class in the world and they, along with many other nationalities, travel extensively.
  8. We used the Arlanda Express from the airport to the city. However, we pre booked a taxi to get to the airport from the ship - we were pleased that we pre booked because the taxi queue was very long.
  9. FWIW: I have visited Russia multiple times and use my credit card almost exclusively. My card has never been hacked in Russia (or Europe, for that matter). My card HAS been compromised twice - both times for purchases made within the USA (both times from my home city in Colorado).
  10. It is against cruise critic rules to post reviews on this forum. Your post will most probably be removed by the moderators. Reviews can be posted in the review section of cruise critic.
  11. We were there via ship in 2014 and were not required to exit through the terminal. Just wondered if this was implemented since our last visit via ship - not that it really matters to us - should we decide to visit Naples via cruise, it will just take a little longer to get through the disembarkation process. Thanks for your reply.
  12. Oceania offers Baltic itineraries with 3 days in St. Petersburg.
  13. Yes, the train is very easy to use - located under the terminal. The train will take you to Amsterdam Centraal Station. From AMS Centraal, you can take the tram (#2 or #5 will take you to the Rijksmuseum stop). The express bus mentioned by Ine is also an option.
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