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  1. Yes, a bit creepy - to my eye, not aesthetically pleasing (but what do I know?). I see lots of rebar and some chains. What is that metal plate around the eye? Very strange recycled metalwork sculpture (probably worth a fortune 😏). I have absolutely no idea where it is.
  2. Is that a reindeer sculpture? Plate on car - it is Netherlands or French? Guess it could also be British as it is a rear plate.
  3. We actually stopped at this pub @notamermaid and enjoyed some adult beverages. Small world.
  4. Go for it @notamermaid - hopefully @Renmarwill quickly reply.
  5. You are quite crafty @Renmar . It is Zierikzee but not the Old Harbor gate. 😆 As notamermaid said, you brutally shaved the roofs. I have not seen this in person - very cool gate & I can see a windmill on the other side.
  6. Hmmm ... the Old Harbor in Zierikzee looked like a likely candidate but alas, no cigar. I give up.
  7. Yes, at least what is purported to be the little street - Voldersgracht (there are other candidates as well but I think Voldersgracht is the most widely accepted candidate - who knows). There must have been many such passageways in Vermeer's time as the one portrayed in his painting. I find his paintings absolutely fantastic and, in fact, enjoy most Dutch paintings from that general period. I am quite a nerd - I once searched for Ayn Rand's childhood home in St. Petersburg (finally found the apartment above a pharmacy at Moscovsky & Klinsky). While attending university, she lived in
  8. No idea - there are many such gates in the Netherlands. At first glance, I thought it was Delft - Oostport East Gate. Further checking revealed the error of my assumption. 😏 Delft - home to my all time favorite artist.
  9. Thanks for your efforts @Canal archive. There is a workaround that I found on youtube. There are two episodes currently on youtube with Bill Nighy as the narrator, the Niagara River & the Moselle - I don't know which aired first. Beautiful photography! Here are the links: Niagara: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9EbG4Vf8nUs and Moselle: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bdSHFG1WZ84
  10. I fervently hope that this is only temporary. If permanent, my cruising days are over.
  11. Ah, I think I may have found it - the program is listed as "DocFilm" - no description.
  12. Oh - that looks very interesting. The Romanesque is showing on PBS tomorrow (according to CPT website) but I can't find it on my cable lineup. 😟
  13. I love channel 5 programming (and British documentaries in general) but, unfortunately, I also cannot access the programs on the site. From what I read online, it appears that the series will also be available in Canada (doesn't help notamermaid or me though). https://www.tv-eh.com/2020/12/07/saloon-media-signs-on-to-co-produce-worlds-most-scenic-river-journeys-with-argonons-britespark-east/
  14. Nice photo @jpalbny Don't you just hate it when you have a couple of centaurs fighting over a fish? 😊 I believe that this fountain represents a competition between the fishing industries of two cities. I will wait for someone else to identify the fountain, city & river as I have no photos to post.
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