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  1. The difference is that this time they are trying to get an effective and safe vaccine ready for the public in less than a year. No previous vaccine made it to that point in less than four years, much of which is field testing in humans. There is, for example, no way a vaccine just entering field trials now can be proved safe for a soon-to-be-pregnant woman and her future baby in just 6 months.
  2. Not working seriously yet with the CDC is not just my take on what Carnival Corp told the analysts. From a report by Stone Fox Capital about what CCL Corp said: "The sector isn't even working with the CDC on restart plans."
  3. The EU has issued a set of guidelines for each country to work with in order to restart cruising. The CDC has not done anything close to this yet. Once guidelines are issued by the CDC, it will take months for the cruise lines to put them into effect. Waiting months to issue these guidelines means an even longer time until they can be implemented. It is like the reopening of the schools. You can't wait until September to issue guidelines on how to open schools in September. The cruise lines in the USA have paused cruises until the end of September. Without CDC guidelines now, cruises will not be able to resume then.
  4. The AIDA plans are for three ships to cruise from German ports and visit no ports during the cruise, what we call a "cruise to nowhere."
  5. Definition for those of us in the colonies: delay making a decision
  6. Does the BB pricing go up as you get older? Or is it like Princess Platinum which is the same for all ages?
  7. CDC says that up to 50% of infections are caused by people within two days before showing any symptoms. In effect, taking temperatures is like locking the barn door after the horse has been stolen.
  8. Princess (and the other Carnival Corp brands) do intend to start out at a reduced capacity while they implement all the new and necessary procedures. But they plan to ramp up to full capacity as soon as it is practical.
  9. Is The Rowboat big enough to allow two people on it with six feet separation?
  10. Countries that require a yellow fever vaccination will accept a letter from your medical provider that for medical reasons you should not have that vaccination.
  11. Less a "cure" than "cure-ish." The FDA's announced that it'll consider a COVID-19 vaccine effective if it prevents infection, or makes infections less severe, in 50% of patients. In theory, a vaccine could gain approval even if it offers no protection to half the people who get it, and just keeps the other half less sick than they would have been without it. Clinical trial data will help us see whether approved candidates exceed that threshold, but as it is, the FDA's minimum definition of "success" seems somewhat less than the world expects.
  12. Regal and Royal: a) Fixed seats in stadium style. -- Relatively uncomfortable -- Hold games such as trivia there. Teams cannot turn seats around to face each other. No table to put answer sheets on to write on them. b) When TV camera are used, block the view from many seats c) Only one entrance/exit. Makes it harder to leave when the event is over, especially when the hallway is full of people waitiung to enter. Sky Seating more like the rear lounge on Grand class ships. Comfortable chairs.
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