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  1. Because the onboard price for bottled water can be 10 times or more what you can pay for it on shore at a supermarket or other store. Even soda does not have a markup like that.
  2. All the M&Gs I have attended have been at the time and venue that was arranged for and posted on the roll call weeks before the cruise started.
  3. On the ship we were on last January, the sign up line was hundreds of people long and there certainly were not enough sessions to include everyone in line. We got on the line about 15 minutes before the signup started, but 45 minutes later when we had to leave the line for another event, we were not yet very close to the front of the line. Charging for this may lose most people (including myself), but the line to sign up may be of reasonable size then.
  4. Table size also can determine how long it takes to finish your meal. The more people at a table, the longer it takes because the waitstaff usually brings the next course for all at the same time, so it is based on the speed of the slowest eater. If you skip ordering an appetizer and order a main dish, you will usually not receive your main dish until the person who ordered two appetizers has finished both of them.
  5. Do you know if the soot problem on aft balconies on other Royal class ships has been resolved for the Sky?
  6. Brazil requires one if you came from a country that has had yellow fever, so of your itinerary stops at Devil's Island, you need the immunization for Brazil. As I remember it, the immunization was not required for the stop at Devil's Island itself.
  7. Yes, that is it. Not all ships have a Sabatini's, so they renamed it. On ships that do not have a Sabatini's, they serve the suite breakfast in a different specialty restaurant.
  8. From the Princess web site: OceanNow™ is a feature that allows you to easily order food, drinks and more from your MedallionClass app or your stateroom TV and have it delivered to you. Your Medallion tells crew members where you are and sends them directly to you so you won't miss a moment of relaxation and enjoyment. If you can order it from your cabin TV, that indicates that it can be delivered to your cabin or it could mean you could order it from your cabin TV and have it delivered elsewhere. As I remember the earlier marketing about the Medallion, it said you could order a beverage from your cabin (or elsewhere) and have it delivered to the Princess Theater once you arrived there.
  9. Be sure to also pack straws if you use them.
  10. Actually I posted it because it is the first time I have seen this type of information listed for Princess. I wonder if this is preliminary to Princess having the same type of arrangement that Royal Caribbean and Celebrity have where you can sign up online with a link from a roll call and the meeting set up automatically once 25 people have signed up, as described by Bruin Steve in an earlier post.
  11. If there is a guest lecturer on board, I usually invite him/her also. They usually appreciate meeting the roll call people .
  12. How far in advance of the cruise do you see the schedule for shows, lectures, on-deck parties, etc?
  13. Probably because the actual time has not been 100% determined. I just consider the early/late requests just to be a place holder, not a specific time.
  14. Just came across this link https://www.cruisecritic.com/rollcall/cruiselinel2.cfm?cruiselineid=28
  15. Go to https://www.cruisecritic.com/rollcalls/?cruise_line_id=28 and locate your cruise
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