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  1. As I understand it, it does not matter how it is booked. What I do not know if is if the 10% refundable OBC goes to person who paid for two excursions or to each person the excursion is booked for no matter who paid for it.
  2. That would be great if there was fast speed WIFI. But the threads on the current Alaska cruises report very low speeds for Internet. So they are paying $$$ for speeds no better than when the platinum/elite minutes were free. Yes, at certain latitudes high speed is not available, but Princess charges the same $$$ for slow speed as for fast speed.
  3. But what if you purchased the excursion pre-cruise would non-refundable OBC? Would that 10% back be refundable?
  4. Before Princess started offering the PrincessPlus package which a great many passengers book, many people did not have a beverage package and paid for each drink. In that case, every drink served was additional revenue to Princess. Even for those who did purchase a beverage package, the price was high enough that Princess made $$$ from it. But with so many people now having Princess Plus, each drink served is a cost to Princess, not a source of revenue. There is no incentive to deliver drinks quickly as the slower drinks reach the passengers, the demand for drinks may go down and thus save Princess $$$.
  5. If test results are sent to your smart cell phone, then there is no need to wait around the port for the results. You can go to the airport (but not check-in) and await the results there.
  6. You both are right. I meant to say the U.K. seacation cruises.
  7. Posted in another thread by welshfamily about check-in lines on embarkation day: “I think there should be a new colour line RED for those of us who have lost the will to live trying to check in with the now infamous app.”
  8. Due to Covid, Princess (at least on the Alaska cruises) is not allowing passengers to approach the bars.
  9. Which is why is can be a big problem when a company's computer systems are hacked. That ID info cab then be out on the dark web for sale or just used by the hacker. And this has happened to many companies, from Carnival Corp. to Target to airlines to etc.
  10. Princess had applied the FCDs when I made the booking with them.
  11. It may depend on the TA. In July we made a booking on the phone with Princess. A few days later we transferred it to a TA with just a phone call to the TA who took care of everything.
  12. That is true if you booked the Princess Plus fare which requires all adults in the cabin to book the same fare which, for Princess Plus, includes the beverage package. But if you booked the Princess Savers fare, one person can separately purchase the beverage package and other adults in the cabin do not have to do the same. However, a properly designed app can detect whether or not a second person in the cabin has the beverage package and allow the ordering of multiple drinks at one time, adding to the count of each person's daily beverage usage. The app simply has to ask if a beverage needs to be ordered for another passenger in the cabin and, if so, which other passenger.
  13. You can search Cruise Critic for sample "patters" which list the types of activities on board. The digital device app may end up with a list of activities specific to your cruise, but I would not 100% count on that.
  14. If you place a call to a company you do business with, that is a normal way to verify who you are. Emphasis on that you placed the call. If someone calls you and asks questions like that, you should never answer them as you have no idea who is really calling you.
  15. And thus have Princess send two waiters to your location, each carrying one beverage and arriving at different times. No wonder people post that it often takes a long time for a drink to arrive. The waitstaff may be making twice as many trips than is necessary thanks to this great app.
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