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  1. The judge did not require use of single use items, just that any trash be disposed of properly. I think the movement to single use items by Princess is due to two things: a) Bulk item is less expensive than single use item. b) Makes them seem environmentally friendly for good PR.
  2. My definition of "slightly slower" may be different from theirs.
  3. Did they say what the problem was that it was not processed without your calling them?
  4. Yes, that is an interesting link https://www.princess.com/careers/shipboard-cruise-jobs/ with information such as shown below
  5. Viking, which has both ocean cruises and river cruises has announced much of the protocols that will be in place when they resume operations. Some of the things that are not covered or are not obvious in the slides below are: o They will start with reduced capacity at first o There will be no buffet. All meals will be served in a dining room o Entertainment times may be split to allow smaller attendance o There will be no seating at bars o They will hire more shore-side tour guides to allow smaller tour groups o The ability to be on shore withou
  6. Jones Act does not apply to cruise ships.
  7. Actually, it was quite nice on board on the way to FLL as there were no crowds anywhere. The only downside was that the dinner menus on the way to FLL were repeated so that those who boarded in FLL could enjoy them while we got to enjoy them a second time. When we got off the ship in FLL to go to Walgreen's, we passed a bunch of passengers sitting in the terminal waiting to board. They had been there for hours and were not looking very happy about it.
  8. Just one of my favorites. I also liked the Ocean (nee Tahitian) Princess and the previous Royal Princess.
  9. I think the real reason is that all the other cruise lines require pre-payment for excursions booked pre-cruise. Just part of Princess gradually eliminating everything that differentiated them from the competition. Other recent examples: o Moving final payment for most cruises from 75 days to 90 days before embarkation o Limiting transfer of a reservation from cruise line to a TA to 60 days from initial bookiong.
  10. But there is a manual lock that requires a key to lock it or unlock it, just like with every other balcony cabin on the ship.
  11. Arnold Donald, President & CEO of CCL Corp., was interviewed during a financial seminar. Among his comments: o The business basically has no income. The pandemic shut down travel and CCL Corp is in the travel business. o Have raised more that $19 billion through borrowing and new equity and have enough to go through 2021 with no revenue. o If needed, have additional availability for debt and more equity raising. o Return to cruising may be slower than return to normality in other industries. o Destinations must be comfortable wit
  12. HAL does not give reciprocity with the Princess Captain's Circle program. However, as once who has cruised on Princess, you will be considered a HAL past passenger with zero HAL cruises. This entitles you to (a) attendance at a lunch for past passengers (very limited menu, very short speech by the Captain) and (b) a commemorative tile with a HAL ship theme.
  13. Alaska ports do depend on cruise ships. So if Alaska wants cruises this year, it can work with the US Congress to get an exemption for just 2021 to suspend the foreign port requirement for cruise ships that are round-trip USA. Obviously the one week one-way Alaska cruises from or to Vancouver would not be possible this year.
  14. I have never been on a Princess cruise that had Key West as a port of call. I also do not remember ever seeing a Princess itinerary that included Key West, but I could have just not looked at the proper itineraries.
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