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  1. Posted in another thread by someone on a B2B booked as two cruises: " If using your Internet minutes, the system initially gave me just 250 minutes rather than 150 minutes for each 7-day cruise. Not a big deal but it took a trip to the Internet Cafe Manager to add the 50 minutes for a total of 300 minutes. "
  2. Use the shaver outlet in the bathroom.
  3. Colors cannot be at their peak in every port. If you go early, the more southern ports will have the best color. If you go late, it will be the more northern ports that have the best color.
  4. I have a CapitalOne debit card that has a pin number. I have it mainly for ATM withdrawals overseas, but it can also be used for purchases. Of course you need a CapitalOne checking or savings account that the debit card can be connected to.
  5. You can share the one device unlimited plan. Just have to only one of your devices signed on at a time.
  6. You do not turn Elite until the first segment has been completed and if there was to be a new medallion, it would have been made before the first segment ended. Be sure to speak with the Captain's Circle person during the first segment to make sure you will be set up for the Elite benefits on your 2nd segment.
  7. Did you book this as two segments, each with its own booking number or as a single booking. If booked with two booking numbers, one for each segment, what DH wanted should have been possible.
  8. PrincessConmnect -- the old (slow) system that Princess has had for years. In the past sold packages of minutes. Now only offer three unlimited use packages based on usage demands (social, surf, stream). Platinum/elite passengers still get free minutes but are offered a paid upgrade to an unlimited package once onboard. MedallionNet -- the new very fast system. Only a single unlimited package is sold as it is fast enough to handle all of the past options. Platinum/elite passengers still get free minutes but are offered a paid upgrade to the unlimited package once on board. A ship will have either PrincessConnect or MedallionNet. It does not have both.
  9. That means someone at the late seating cannot go to the first show and has only a slim chance of making it to the second show.
  10. OP needs to get back to Southampton (I assume to continue on the cruise). Does International Friends offer that option for a tour of London that starts at the port?
  11. Has anyone tried (and been successful) using a Travel Agent for this?
  12. http://pescadoamarillo.blogspot.com/
  13. Because Princess wants you, unlike laughing husky, to dress up.
  14. That would not be a refare. You are cancelling the cabin class you are booked into. To book into a different type of cabin will be a different booking with a new booking number.
  15. I guess this is one problem with bringing larger and larger ships to Alaska ports (or any port). Certainly it is quicker to get off the Island Princess which has 2200 lower berth passengers than the Royal with 3560 lower berth passengers.
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