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  1. Unless it was used to book a cruise with a non-refundable deposit.
  2. Sometimes a GTY is all that is available in the desired category.
  3. A company should provide great customer service if a lot of business, a little business or even no business was done with them before.
  4. You can apply more than 1 FCD per person to a cruise, but only the first one will get you the OBC. The others would simply be payments towards your cruise.
  5. Yes. Just be sure the TA does not cancel your booking and make a new one. The TA should be able to just transfer the booking but it may require some paperwork on your part. Again, Princess now only allows a 60 day period after making a booking with Princess to transfer the booking to a TA.
  6. Depends if your muster station is outside and what the weather is. If it is cold outside, you probably want to wear a jacket or other warm clothing as you may be out there for about 30 minutes. We were on one cruise (not HAL) out of Galveston in winter and it was very windy and the temperature was in the 40s. We had warm jackets on. Nobody else did and they were shivering the entire time at our outside muster.
  7. Princess allows TAs to discount, but Princess will never try to match a TA's price. However, you can book on board at the Princess price and turn the booking over to your TA (immediately or within 60 days) to get your TA's price.
  8. As I understand it, yes. There have been some instances posted where someone was able to get a new FCD applied to an existing booking, but that has been rare. It costs nothing to ask.
  9. Another vote for Harv & Marv. If you take a ship's excursion you will be on a boat with possibly 100 or more people. H&V has boats with six people. Everyone sees everything.
  10. People are glued to their devices even without being on a Medallion ship.
  11. Which is what I do.
  12. The OBC from booking onboard is for new bookings only and cannot be applied to existing bookings. So you would have to cancel your existing bookings and make new ones. When you do this, it will be at current pricing (which of course your TA can apply his/her normal discounts) and with current booking perks. In other words, if you had booked originally under a promotion with free gratuities or a free beverage package, you would lose that unless the same amenity is available with current pricing.
  13. I disagree. With the last quarterly earnings report and forecast for the future, CCL Corp reported that earnings for the most recent quarter were above estimates, but for the rest of the year are expected to be lower than previously estimated, mainly due to soft demand for European brands and the effect on itineraries that no longer can go to Cuba. The market price of most stocks is to a great extent based on earnings, and a reduction in the estimate for future earnings is what caused the price to drop. As another example, 3M Corp also has an earnings problem. Its stock has dropped 21% since their most recent earnings announcement including 12% in the week of their announcement.
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