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  1. I asked and was told that once processed, you could leave the ship and not have to wait until everyone was processed.
  2. Those on HAL shore excursions were scheduled to be the first to be processed by immigration/customs and did not have to follow the timing for decks. Of course by skipping Key West, this was done at Port Everglades the regular disembarkation way.
  3. Same on the Pacific Princess recently. But the scones, etc (but not the small sandwiches) are available every afternoon in the buffet area.
  4. Each passenger received refundable OBC of $17.10 in refunded port charges for missing Key West.
  5. There were two. One Friday on the scheduled sea day and a second Saturday on the unscheduled sea day. The person conducting the ATK on the NS is leaving HAL after this cruise.
  6. Although poorly marked, they are marked. On the top of each shaker is S or a P to indicate the contents. Hard to make out that it is there, but it is. By the way, at our table someone tried the technique of grinding some of the contents in the hand. No matter how hard he tried, nothing came out. He took it apart and found that it was 100% empty. Hard to check unless taking it apart.
  7. I heard one of the officers telling someone that it was 73.
  8. I have used it on several free cards, but not all of my free AMEX cards get the offer.
  9. I now know why they needed three hours between the start of the 1st dinner seating at 5 PM and the start of the 2nd seating at 8 PM. We did not get out of the first seating until about 7:35 PM. Two hours in at 7 PM, we were still waiting for the dessert menus.
  10. We were told that passengers on the Nieuw Amsterdam were given a choice of taking a cruise on an itinerary they had not planned on or given a refund for the cruise. I do not know how many went on the NS or K or if there was enough space for those that chose that option.
  11. That is what it already means on some Princess ships. Just big containers of liquid soap and lotion.
  12. Did you get a better offer than the rest of us? Our offer was spend $500, get $100 back. You indicate spend $500 get $125 back.
  13. Can you provide the link to where your pictures/scanned items are posted? I missed seeing it in earlier posts. Thanks.
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