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  1. Personal opinions not based on anything but own thoughts: The cruising public is really composed of different groups. a) One group are those who have cruised a number of times because they like cruising. I see these people likely to continue cruising once it is "safe" to do so again. b) Another group are those who have cruised a couple of times but do not see it as the best way to take a vacation. Many in this group will decide that cruising in the future is not for them. c) The third group are potential cruisers. These will be the hardest to convince to take a cruise. There have been a number of posts saying that they will not cruise until a vaccine is available. That may not be for at least a year, but it will be longer than that until the effectiveness of the vaccine is truly known. The annual flu vaccine is rarely even 75% effective. The first shingles vaccine was (if I remember correctly) only about 60% effective and those who had this vaccine are encouraged to get the newer vaccine which is significantly more effective. The risk of catching the virus on a cruise ship is not necessarily higher than other places such as the high number of those who tested positive after a choir rehearsal recently. Those who want to avoid cruising had better also avoid choir rehearsals, religious services, movie theaters, concerts, Broadway plays, etc. as someone with the virus and contagious can be in any of those venues in the future as easily as they can be on a cruise ship.
  2. Many commercial flights that are still scheduled are so empty each person can have a row or two to him/her self. Although there was one AA flight the other day with just 11 passengers, but because they all purchased economy basic fares, AA forced them to sit together in the last three rows of the plane. https://news.google.com/articles/CAIiEFfgPDwpfHuAZilNd2Vu6b8qGAgEKg8IACoHCAowhK-LAjD4ySww-9S0BQ?hl=en-US&gl=US&ceid=US%3Aen
  3. I think it is too many ships for too few customers, not too many brands.
  4. I though the worldwide policy was it could be used for any cruise sailing by the end of 2021, so it could also be used for a cruise sailing later in 2020, not just in 2021.
  5. People in authority should be doing the best possible in this situation, but the best possible means basing decisions on scientific and medical information, not on emotion. Too many important decisions are not being made based on the science of the situation. Too many promises made that cannot be kept also reduces trust in those in authority.
  6. Depends on the source of the OBC. For example, if it was from using a FCD, the FCD would be restored in your account and you would get the appropriate OBC when you use the FCD the next time. But if the OBC was part of a booking amenity, such as from a 3-for-free promotion, then that OBC is "lost" as you no longer have a booking with that promotion.
  7. Do you have any info how Ford or GM total sales were after the brands were eliminated? Did Ford and GM keep there overall market shares? They eliminated brands that were not selling well. Carnival Corp brands are aimed at different markets. Eliminating a brand would mean fewer customers from that market.
  8. Reminds me of a company (I will call it the XXX company) that we once did business with in Florida. They had a big sign outside their office building. When they moved to a different office building, they left the sign there rather than pay to have it removed. After all, any publicity is good too have, right? Well, one day the police raided a business in that former building and the headlines read "Prostitution ring busted in XXX building." At that point, the company decided that maybe it was time to have the sign removed.
  9. If you booked the flexible fare, you should get a refund if you have made the final payment. If you did not book the flexible fare, then airline cancellation policy would apply.
  10. Unfortunately, Wednesday's posts do indicate there are now cases of Covid-19 on the Coral.
  11. Scam e-mails will often include legitimate information to make the e-mail look more like a real one. The senders count on someone to click on the embedded link, not call the real phone number. In any event, if this was really about the Princess medallion, it would not say Carnival Corporation but would instead say Princess.
  12. Shelter in Place: (a) In a home setting it is for an outside event such as a chemical leak. Yes, do not go outside at all, even to your back yard. Also, turn off any air conditioning or heating to prevent outside air from being drawn inside. Make sure there are no leaks at doors or windows that would allow outside air to be brought inside. (b) In a public setting. Could also be (a), but also called for in event of a public danger such as an active shooter. Definitely do not go outside, but also stay as far away from windows as possible.
  13. The problem is that you cancelled being on the cruise, not that the cruise line cancelled. Most private tour providers will give a full refund (not a future credit) if the ship does not make port which is the case if the cruise line cancels the cruise. But since you cancelled while the ship still had a possibility of making port, their T&C for a voluntary cancellation applied. You should have waited for Princess to cancel the cruise.
  14. Just a guess on my part, but if final payment would have been made, then it would have included all the port taxes and fees. But a deposit is not broken down into part cruise part taxes and fees. It is simply a deposit. If the deposit is to be refunded, I would assume all of it would be as an FCC unless for some reason all of it could be in cash.
  15. The cancel up to 48 hours before sailing is not to indicate the cruise industry does not see it ending soon. It is to encourage people keep their bookings or make new ones so that if the cruise does take place, there will be passengers on it.
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