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  1. The Churchill's on Princess is also a cigar lounge, but cigarette smoking is permitted there. Often there are more cigarette smokers there than cigar smokers.
  2. The testing time in the Vista Lounge is before the B2B passengers still on the ship usually need to meet to go through immigration. So unless immigration is also being done on the ship, you will need to get off at some point. I am surprised you did not receive a letter addressing procedures for B2B passengers.
  3. To some extent, Princess may have created a feature that may cause problems. On the existing cruises which are at a greatly reduced capacity, sometimes the beverages and/or food ordered via the app is delivered in a timely manner and sometimes it takes a while. Once cruises again are at full capacity, the demand for deliveries may exceed the ability of the staff to make them in a timely manner. I do not think Princess has added any staff to make the many deliveries that were not a part of the pre-Medallion experience.
  4. That wording is pre-medallion. However, some have posted that now with the package they could call instead of using the app and still have the beverage delivered to the cabin at no charge.
  5. Step 1: Restore the functionality that the Personalizer used to have. Do this ASAP. Step 2: Add additional functionality. Not all at once, but as each feature can be developed and adequately tested before being announced to the world. They can take the time to do this properly.
  6. Yes, is does not matter which cabin the user is in. However all users must use the same log-on information reflecting the cabin number that the purchase was made for.
  7. Is it showing it as non-refundable or just not giving any status to it? A printout from the Guest Services desk or from the do-it-yourself kiosk should indicate which OBCs you have are non-refundable.
  8. It means you can do anything with your phone over WIFI on the ship that you can do at home via WIFI from your phone. It does not mean you can do everything on the ship you do through cell phone service (not WIFI) at home.
  9. I have not seen anyone post in any thread that they ever were able to select a disembarkation group with the app. Not pre-cruise. Not on board.
  10. I am disconnected a different way. I do not have a smart phone.
  11. First two have no corkage fee if not brought to dining room. Others after the first two have pay the corkage fee (charged to your onboard account during the pre-boarding process) whether you bring them to a dining room or not.
  12. Not on a ship, but having these same problems at home on a PC using Firefox. What works every time for me: Log off of CC. Close browser. Open browser. Lon on to CC.
  13. You are missing the main reason to wear a mask. It is not to protect you (although it can help), it is to protect others in case you have Covid-19, are infectious, and do not know it. So having it on when walking to your table can help protect those you walk by. You might not know it because: a) You had it when boarding, but not enough yet to be detected by the required test. b) You caught it on board or at a port stop and it has not developed to the point you have symptoms or you are asymptomatic but still contagious.
  14. Yes. If there are two people in the cabin, each will get one "coffee card" on their account. When you purchase an specialty coffee, the Medallion will "tell" the bartender/server that you have the "card." The app for the Medallion will not tell you how many "punches" are unused, but any bartender can.
  15. I do not know the answers to you questions since I have not had to do this. Other threads have had posts that indicate there is no problem getting the test from Princess when required for onward travel and this included B2B on Princess for a different Princess ship.
  16. I agree with you. The post I was responding to said wearing masks anywhere on the ship should not be required.
  17. Shareholder OBC is non-refundable OBC. Hard to give you something that is non-refundable after the cruise is over.
  18. Low occupancy is due more to a lack of bookings than it is to Princess limiting capacities.
  19. Testing negative on embarkation day means you have no detectable levels of Covid-19 at the time of the test. But you could still be infected without enough infection to be detected. At a time when Covid-19 is running rampant on shore, a little extra precaution (mask wearing) on board can prevent potential spread.
  20. Testing is now done on shore on disembarkation day after you have claimed your luggage. No cost to you.
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