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  1. I checked into this 3 day sale. What I show below is based on what I saw for pricing on a cruise I already have booked with a different TA. The pricing below is what I saw without signing in and without requesting a quote, but adjusted for the $100 Princess EBD which I assume would apply. I do not know if signing in, requesting a quote or calling would have had different results. OBC: Up to $700 depends on type of cabin, length of cruise, and number of people in the cabin. To get the maximum of $700 you would need to book a balcony or above for four people on a voyage of at least 15 days. For two people booked in a balcony or above on a 7 day cruise the OBC is $250 total. Deposit: Both Princess Savers and Princess Plus came with a non-refundable fare and with a higher cost refundable fare. For my type cabin on this cruise, it cost $150 more/person to have a refundable fare. Pricing: The pricing I saw was less than Princess pricing so I assume that is the actual "sale" pricing. For the cabin I had booked with my discount TA, the pricing was exactly the same. However at that price the deposit is refundable with my TA but non-refundable with this promotion. The OBC did not apply to the non-refundable Princess Savers fare. Neither did the reduced deposit. If picking the refundable Princess Savers fare, then for two people there would be $500 OBC, but would have to pay $300 more to get that OBC.
  2. My post used to be #90, but it went poof.
  3. He may not be surprised by the public response, but until there is herd immunity from a combination of those who have the vaccine and those who recovered from Covid-19, a mask, social distancing, etc. will still be the best way to stop the spread. If the public refuses to follow these protocols, then more will needlessly die from Covid-19.
  4. If you accept the offer to take the deposit back as a $100 FCC (refundable if not used within a year) plus a $100 bonus FCC (not refundable), then you will have received a bonus of $100. If instead you had it restored as a $100 FCD, then the OBC you would get when it is applied to another cruise ranges from $15 to $150 depending on length of cruise and cabin category. Only if you would have used the FCD on a voyage of more than 16 days would you receive more than $100 as OBC. So unless you would have used it on that longer cruise, you do not lose anything by accepting the $100 bonus FCC.
  5. If you had made final payment, then the TA would be compensation. Otherwise, no.
  6. Thanks. Was your tour group people the only ones in the church at the time or was there a possibility of interacting with others when using the rest room?
  7. From a "Futrure of Crusing" webinar earlier this month: o Rapid result testing is a “game changer” allowing testing at the pier and not requiring passengers to get tested on their own several days before the cruise. Since, at least for the USA, there is expected to be a number of people who will not get a vaccination once it is available, this on-site testing might allow the cruise lines to not require proof of vaccination in order to cruise, but it is too soon to know for sure.
  8. Op is not asking about travel between airport/hotel and the ship. Is asking about between ship and town at each port on the cruise.
  9. Neither. That is the entire photo posted and these boards have no way to zoom in or out.
  10. At a webinar the other day Princess said that Discovery would be in Fort Lauderdale by 12/21/21. They did not say what (or when) it would be doing before that date.
  11. Sounds good as long as people both have the extra vacation days to do this as well as the $$$ to pay for the extra days of hotels and meals. Also must be willing to risk having traveled to the port city only to learn there that the test is positive and they cannot cruise.
  12. I think you are referring to shuttles from ship to port entrance. Op is asking about shuttles to town from the port. My experience is that it is rare for Princess to offer a shuttle (not talking about an excursion) to/from town. If one is offered (whether free or for a change), it is by the port or an independent bus company that has arrangements with the port. The Patter will usually have information about these shuttles.
  13. For just the basic fare Least I have paid in last 8 years: $33.27/day/person. Highest I have paid in the last 8 years: $192.07/day/person
  14. I asked that question at a webinar Princess had the other day with a TA. Response was that if cruising restarts in mid-December as currently planned, itineraries would stay the same unless ports on the itinerary were closed to cruise ships. That does not rule out the possibility of having short cruises as you suggest, but the Princess Development Manager who was on the webinar said that is not in current plans (which we all know can change).
  15. In a webinar that Princess and a TA had the other day, cruises on the Pacific Princess were promoted for several areas of the world. Offhand, I do not think there are current plans to dispose of this ship, but economic conditions can change significantly before the Pandemic is brought under control.
  16. Could be the policy once the Pandemic started, but many late 2020 and early 2021 cruises were being sold before the pandemic started and may have been at a high occupancy by the time the cruise industry had to stop sailing this year.
  17. From a stock market news site: Norwegian Cruise Lines CEO Frank Del Rio told CNBC that bookings are solid with all things considered. "Pricing has held up well. No one is discounting the product, rightfully so. And so we're hopeful that 2021 can be an OK year. It won't be a record year by any means, but it certainly won’t be the disaster that 2020 has been," he stated. A similar theme is out from Royal Caribbean CEO Richard Fain. "Bookings in general have been much better than I think anybody expected, particularly as we get into the year, and people feel more and more confident that we'll be able to be putting the corona virus more and more into the rear-view mirror," he noted.
  18. But if the results do not come back by the time you arrive in Hawaii, then you must quarantine at your own expense until the results do come in, hopefully negative. If doing the testing for a cruise, you will not be allowed to quarantine on the ship until results arrive. You would be denied boarding. So the problem remains -- how can you take the test wherever you are in the world pre-cruise and be
  19. But likely not at the same price you had for the cancelled cruise.
  20. Theoretically the cruise line will verify that their tour providers guides and drivers are well tested for Covid-19 as well as any vehicles used for tours properly disinfected. I just do not seeing a cruise line doing the same for independent tour vendors as well as any taxi-cab drivers. And, as you point out, Princess would not send a rep with you on an independent tour or in a taxi. Also, as you can see in the MSC report, no shopping experience at all. Of course I would expect these restrictions to be temporary for an unknown period of time until destination countries are confident that passengers are not bringing the virus on shore and the cruise line is confident that local control of the virus is to the point that the local population cannot give it to passengers.
  21. This post on the MSC board can answer some of the points you bring up: As planned a couple of days ago, in Palermo, we took our only ship (like there were another choices...) excursion. So, here how it worked out. It was described as a three and a half walking tour of the city. On the ticket we found out that the meeting point was at the pier at 9:45 so five minutes earlier we reached the ship exit but we were stopped by an officer that told us it was not our turn yet(!?...) and left waiting in the hall were of course other people were already standing and more arriving since many had our same tour ticket. Ten minutes later we were allowed to exit and we noticed that on that deck as well, near the elevator, more people were standing waiting to be allowed to exit. We didn't think it was a smooth process, perhaps would be better to gather people for groups at theater or other ship halls as we are used than stop all people around the exit. At the pier we met with our guide and collect headphones and receivers, we were 20 in our group. An MSC hostess went with us as well, she walked at the end of the group while the guide was at leading the group. During the tour we stopped at several sights and while the guide explained what we were looking at we could wander around, for instance the square we were at and take pictures, headphones worked very well, we could hear her at several meters of distance, the important was that we were always in sight. The times we are living in allow social distancing by default anyway, I'm sure those tourists' places would be crowded one year ago. We went to the cathedral as well and it was the only monument we saw either outside than inside. Then we were offered a small cannolo and a bit of granita as a break, that we had standing outside the cathedral. Of course it was mandatory to always follow and stick to the plan and we were repeated several times we must wear properly the face mask, that is that it must cover nose and mouth, I saw at least a couple of time the MSC hostess approaching personally people of our group asking them to adjust their face mask, there is always someone that never learn, or do not want to. The other major rule you must follow during excursions is that you are not allowed to shop anywhere, the guide reminded us that a couple of time as well since there were people trying to sell us tourist stuff. In the end the excursion lasts just over three hours, we were a bit tired since it was really hot but it was nice and we definitely would do it again, a good way to see a glimpse of a city for the first time. https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/2759896-live-from-msc-grandiosa-genoa-september-6-13-2020/page/4/?tab=comments#comment-60350913
  22. Not a surprise as no TA can publicly post a price different than the Princess price. (By the way -- thanks for all your past work on photos of obstructed views. Now that the info is on a different web site, is there a procedure for adding photos to the data base for existing or new ships?)
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