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  1. Which means if you are off the ship in a port at noon, you will not hear what the next day's weather will be. Not good.
  2. 2 booking numbers, one for each segment = $100 per segment = $200 1 booking number that includes both segments = $250.
  3. I agree on choosing deck 3 over an obstructed view on deck 6. It is a very low traffic area, so only those with cabins there and the cabin steward go down that hallway. Although it is the tender deck, passengers access the tender down a different stairway/elevator and do not walk past the cabins. A view from the porthole window is shown below.
  4. I have had a sideways cabin twice on that size Princess ship. Once there was a small sofa. Once there was not..
  5. With MedallionNet being the only faster Internet that Princess has, I would expect the old slow Internet for us. If you are Platinum or Elite, you can turn in your free minutes plus a good bit of $$$$ for unlimited Internet.
  6. It will not be until closer to January that the information will be known. However, 'Judy' is playing on a cruise we are taking in December, so since all the Princess ships have the same movies, it is also on your ship this month and, being a recent movie, will likely still be there next month. About two weeks before your cruise, you should receive an E-mail that would have information about some of the movies on your cruise.
  7. Cab drivers in Shanghai will likely not be able to speak or read English. If you are booking a hotel on your own, ask the hotel what they suggest for getting from the airport to the hotel. At the very least, they should be able to give you instructions in Chinese that you can give to a cab driver. When we had a Princess cruise out of Shanghai we did let Princess book our hotel. It included transportation from airport to the hotel as well as from the hotel to the ship and we were glad that we did. Of course a Princess booked hotel may be more expensive than if you booked one on your own, especially if there is a single supplement, but remember that the transportation is included in that price from Princess.
  8. Our practice on turnaround day is to always disembark and tour the area and thus not have to deal with waiting for those who remain on board to gather and be processed (either on board or on shore).
  9. I have found at home that I can point my remote away from the TV and the remote still works, so direct line of sight is not always required.
  10. Another option is to take a Princess disembarkation day tour that ends up at the airport. Your luggage will be kept on the tour bus until the airport.
  11. The EZAir guarantee is that in case of problems (including weather delays) that prevent you from reaching the ship on time and if the airline cannot assist, then Princess will work to get you to the next practical port without any additional charge to you for airfare involved.
  12. No. It is usually announced months in advance.
  13. The free Internet from Platinum/Elite status is for a number of minutes. The Princess free Internet being offered is for unlimited Internet use. If the number of free minutes you (and your cabin-mate if also eligible) is enough, then you do not need the unlimited package. When you first sign onto the Internet to use your free minutes, you will be offered the chance to give up your minutes and instead purchase an unlimited package at a discount.
  14. I am on the Pacific later this month. There so far is no indication that MedallionNet is installed.
  15. And Princess may have changed their software in the interval, breaking what once worked.
  16. Celebrity does it differently from Princess. Celebrity markets the "perks" in wording that suggests they are free, but in most cases you can book the same cruise for a lower price that does not include any of the "free" perks. Princess (and other Carnival Corp brands) have a different way of doing this. a) In the past until a couple of years ago there were many sales which were sales with lower pricing. b) Because of this, many people wanting to book a cruise waitrf for the right priced sale to come along. c) So Princess now tries to maintain "price integrity" meaning that the price for the cruise will not vary much from sale to sale (other than fluctuations up or down depending on supply and demand) and offers perks as part of the sale which in effect lowers the cost of cruising without lowering the posted cruise fare. This has worked as ships get booked earlier since people do not wait for a sale with lower prices. d) Does Princess purposely increase the price when a perk is added? Probably not often. Posts on other threads when sales have been announced have shown that -- Some fares do go up. -- Some fares stay the same. -- Some fares go down. So basically the fares themselves come back to supply and demand. Prices will go up on sailings that have a high demand and will be lowered for sailings that have a low demand. There was a recent post where someone said they booked a cruise in the morning and several hours later checked and the fare was higher for new bookings. No change of perks involved. Just higher demand for that cruise. Of course the new ability to have optional add-ons to existing bookings is a change for Princess, but it is not hidden in the fares nor being promoted as "free" perks. Of course, for those who like the beverage package, the add-on which also includes WI-FI and/or gratuities is a bargain compared to the price of a beverage package by itself, assuming that the beverage package that is a part of these purchased perks is the same one sold by itself.
  17. a) If the gratuities are "free" as a perk for booking, they cannot be removed. b) If they are not "free" as a perk, if you remove them and hand out your own gratuties then whatever you give your dining staff and cabin steward must be turned over by them to be put into the tipping pool.
  18. Not really idd. The pre-cruise price is for everybody and has no special option for Platinum/Elite passengers.
  19. You can arrange this at the Guest Services Desk. They will probably give you a 2nd Medallion** for the other cabin just like they used to give a 2nd cruise card when Medallions did not exist. ** Or possibly a cruise card for the other cabin.
  20. You may want to post your request on roll calls for the ships involved.
  21. It is basically the new name for Horizon Count.
  22. As I remember it from other posts, at least one time in the past it went by the airline's policy. In other words, the tickets must be used on that airline within 360 days of when the flight was booked. Any change fee should be covered by the insurance. Anyone who has had this happen recently and has a different memory of it, please do correct me.
  23. That is the best option in your situation.
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