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  1. Can someone who has been on the Quest recently tell me what cable new channels are available on the stateroom TV (i.e., FOX News, CNN, CNBC etc.). Sailing will be in Alaska. Thanks!
  2. I just returned from a 15-night Transatlantic cruise on the Regal Princess. This was my first experience with the Ocean Medallion. Prior to the cruise, I read hundreds of postings here on CruiseCritic. There were reports from passengers who had already experienced the program, and commentary from passengers who had yet to experience it (and were giving their opinion about the technology). One of the more prevalent lines of thought that ran through those postings, was that the medallions were just "glorified cruise cards" and that the Carnival Corporation had wasted tens of millions of dollars developing and implementing this program. I though about this a lot during this extended cruise, while observing how I was using the Medallion, as well as how the other passengers were using theirs, and hearing verbal comments made about them. I came to the realization they are FAR more than "glorified cruise cards". While they do provide some passenger benefits, the real beneficiary is the cruise line. Those tens of millions of dollars were actually a fabulous investment, in a program to gather tons of information about what each and every passenger is doing (and has done) every minute of the day, from the second you board the ship, till the moment you disembark. Every dollar they spent, will yield significant multiples of value in the long run. Here's how. Each medallion is a GPS unit linked to your identity. Somewhere on the ship is a computer that knows where every passenger is located every minute of the day. And, depending on where you are, they have a pretty good idea as to what you are doing every minute of the day. Now, armed with terabytes of data (information) they never had before, the data-mining begins to feed the statistical analyses of a myriad number of management and sales programs. DATA = GOLD I seemed to have a lot extra time to kill, so I decided to see how many different ways I could come up with, to monetize all this data. I'd love to test my hypotheses. Maybe Mr. Donald (CEO of Carnival Corp.) would let me play with his data, if I ask nicely. Dr. J
  3. So, you are wearing your medallion, walking down the corridor towards your room. When you get close enough, the sensor screen outside your door recognizes you and unlocks your door. Great! Now you are inside your room, still wearing your medallion, and you walk close to your door, on your way to the bathroom. Does that sensor just outside the door, sense the presence of your medallion (since you are again in close proximity to it...only your are separated from it by the door itself) and unlocks the door...not realizing you are only making a trip to the bathroom? That wouldn't be safe, because anyone who would happen to be outside your door could come in. Or, another what-if. Normally, when one walks out of their room, they check to see that the door is closed and locked by manipulating the door handle. When wearing your medallion, and walking out of your room, you are again in extremely close proximity to the sensor screen. Does it again keep unlocking the door while you are standing there...until you get far away enough from your room to stop doing so? If that is the case, you wouldn't be able to be sure that the door is really locked. Would anyone who has sailed with the medallion system fully functional, and has paid attention to what happens in these situations, like to comment on your experiences. Your input would be greatly appreciated. I couldn't find anyone high enough at Princess who had any in-depth knowledge about the specific workings of this technology. The only thing the front-line on-land Princess employees know is "Your stateroom door unlocks when you get near to it.". Inquiring minds want to know...
  4. Recently Royal Caribbean's Deluxe & Refreshment Beverage Packages changed to include shakes at Johnny Rockets. However, because of the unforeseen high demand that resulted from this change, RCL has already "modified" the program to the following. A milk shake is complimentary for passengers holding a Deluxe or Refreshment Beverage Package ONLY if they pay the normal Johnny Rockets COVER CHARGE. If you have one of those two packages, and pay the cover charge, the shake is free whether you are dining in the restaurant or taking the shake to go. If you DON'T pay the cover charge, and want the shake to go, they will charge you for it...whether you have one of those drink packages or not. This is the policy as of today's date. However, the RCL representative stressed that this and any of RCL's policies are subject to change at any time without prior notice. Just for curiosity...does someone know what the current price is for a shake at Johnny Rockets? Thanks!
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