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  1. I don't disagree, but unless the CDC comes up with a different protocol the 14 days seems to be the standard isolation solution.
  2. Regardless, you need the crew to maintain and operate the ship. The passengers are paying guests of the cruise line. The crew are employees of the cruise line.
  3. Folks are complaining about the OBC or pre-paid gratuities they are not going to get if they cancel. Really!!! Lets get this in perspective. The folks on the Grand were on a 15 day cruise. Now they face the prospect of another 14 days minimum in quarantine. Do they have the vacation time to take so they get paid? Will they have a job when they get home? The dog is boarded. I stopped my mail, but it is only for 30 days, now what? What about my bills mailed to the house? If I miss a house or car payment what is going to happen? If I get really sick will my insurance cover it? Just be thankful you could cancel and get a refund and not go through what the folks on the Diamond went through and what the folks on the Grand are going through.
  4. Are you doing this through the airline?
  5. We are doing a b2b 3/22-3/29. Keeping an eye on the situation. Marty
  6. I enjoy wearing my tux. Although I haven't taken it on every cruise. But those wearing tuxes has become less and less. On our last cruise I noticed fewer suit coats as well. In all honesty they probably should just get rid of formal nights. Even business casual is being ignored in the MDR.
  7. Make sure you have your medallion with you when you get ready to board the ship and not in your luggage. It has happened.
  8. Anyone have any problems getting the drink package for one and then getting drinks for your better half during the cruise?
  9. SCOOTERNINJA, sorry for your bad experience. It is correct that you can only use OBC or a credit card to pay for excursions, however the person at passenger service was incorrect and it should have been elevated to a supervisor. Pre-cruise I am using Princess gift cards to pay off my account. I know you said that your cruise was paid in full. I have also used Princess gift cards to pay off our room gratuities by calling Princess. I also asked If I could use a gift card to preload my OBC and was told to do it on ship. I was able to do just that on our last cruise with no difficulty. Both gift cards had odd dollar amounts left but it took about 10 minutes and both cards were added to our account. I'm going to assume that you had an enjoyable cruise other than the experience with the gift card. Maybe in the near future you will give Princess another try.
  10. If the passengers had flight booked through Princess EZAir, Princess will work to re-book flights and hotel stays if needed. If flights booked on there own they are responsible to book another flight and responsible for all additional costs. Princess could offer some kind of compensation, but not mentioned in post.
  11. I just checked my MedallionClass app and it does include the OceanCompass information.
  12. I'm not sure about the beverage package and paying sales tax while in port, but I know I paid sales tax on a beer while in Port Everglades before we left.
  13. Since you are in the planning stage now I would recommend that you do the land portion first just as some of the others have suggested. The land portion can be a bit stressful moving between lodging and once on the ship it will be kick back relax and enjoy the scenery. Just be aware that the train ride to Whittier could be longer. There is only one set of tracks and freight has priority. So you might be sitting on a side rail for sometime until the other train passes. We really enjoyed the train. Good luck.
  14. This is what we got from the Sky Princess December 2019. 2019 Sky Princess - Tree House page 1.pdf 2019 Sky Princess - Tree House page 2.pdf 2019 Sky Princess - Tree House page 3.pdf 2019 Sky Princess - Tree House page 4.pdf
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