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  1. I had an email directly from Viking but perhaps it is only a USA promotion.
  2. hoping to use it on gratuities and excursions...I am surprised it cannot be used to upgrade flights...can it be used on extensions? my original fees to Viking included an extension.
  3. Received an email yesterday that states SSP will be included if you book July 1-8!!! Might be time to book for us...however we usually book lowest cabin category and small print seems to say that the $1500 OFF is not available on that level. Am I reading that correctly? My vouchers are burning a hole in my pocket!!!! Might be time to re-book!
  4. Here is my wish list if they are doing interiors....increase the size of the gyms in the oldest ships, add the closet drawers in v/dv cabins like on the SUN and I am guessing all ships after her, make all bathroom floor heat able to be controlled by the passengers...do NOT put in planetariums ( I haven't been on a ship with one but from what I read i would rather preserve space in upper Explorer Lounge!!!)...and I know this is NOT part of a re-fit but VIKING please include gratuities in our cruise fares!!! oh and make the virus go away and find a vaccine so I can travel again safely!!!
  5. Curler Rob...we also sail on Lake St. Clair....one of our favorite things to do is anchor out next to Peche Island....NOT this year we can't even sail into Canadian waters without being shooed away! Strange times for sure. Always know that "rule of tonnage". takes precedence with those freighters!!!
  6. I wonder what "re-fitted" means...or is that just the always used word for typical drydock? Deep cleaning etc no significant changes?
  7. ships and social distancing almost seem to be an Oxymoron!
  8. I wonder if there will be new"tweaks" on the inside of the ship!!! I have liked the new things each time!!! Bigger gym, ability to regulate your own bathroom heated floor, drawers in the closets for DV cabins...I have not been on a ship with the planetarium but that maybe a miss....did I read that there will NOT be one on the Venus?
  9. It sounds like they put the Noodle BAr in my favorite place for breakfast when it was too chilly to be outside
  10. Yep, we are Silver Spirit cheerleaders!!! We even ordered it on the River Cruise last fall.
  11. Has anyone ever compared US prices to UK or Australia fares? My brain is too foggy from "quarantine fatigue" to attempt all the currency conversions and trying to find costs outside the US. I agree include this "tax", so that all passengers pay it...Viking please stop asking for "gratuities". If these funds truly are not going to staff of the ship I am on, I may forego paying them!!! It seems that there is no penalty to the hard working crew and I will save on the cruise fare....all port charges and taxes truly included. Just not sure I would not feel "guilty" about not tipping.
  12. That would GREAT...we were told that we would LOOSE the remaining voucher value.
  13. We live in SE Michigan. I would not do this cruise in May unless you prefer cool weather. We have a sailboat and it was put in the water May 6th! We have 2 snowy mornings and record breaking cold since. Yesterday was finally warm and dry enough to venture down to marina to start washing the the decks! Rain in the forecast today so we can't finish. It will be a great cruise!!!
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