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  1. Thanks, for looking! Dottythe CAt...we will be in Canada primarily. Crossing Lake Huron and then to what is known as the "North Channel" ! We love Traverse City! usually combine that with Harbor Springs vacation. Michigan is beautiful in the summer!
  2. I will look for the "china" thread! We were in Rouen on a VO cruise and I totally missed that this restaurant was there!!! Will definitely find it during our Viking River cruise this fall. Again thank you everyone for all the great information!!!! October is closer than we think!!! About to leave for 3 1/2week DIY sailboat cruise in Michigan and just said to my friend who is also taking their sailboat that Viking trips are sooooooo MUCH simplier! They were with us on the WC!!!
  3. JKRSTL...saw on another forum that you have just retruned from southern France on your own.....Any new thoughts for this forum? We will be doing the post cruise this fall in Nice.
  4. I don't know your ages gretschwhtfalcon, but we are 69 and know that we want to do the most strenuous trips while hips and knees are working! We are scheduled for "Roof of the World" next fall. We did Machu Picchu without issues but as has been talked about Vantage took us up slowly. We then went to Lake Ticacata. The hotel had oxygen for those who needed it. Hopefully China will too.
  5. I think the location would be grand!!! Also there are a few DV1's on the stern that I think I would enjoy. But we always opt for v and use the $$$toward SSpackage!
  6. Do NOT miss the balloon flight! We did not go to Inle Lake but those that had said it was great!
  7. We did the Irrawaddy River Cruise with Vantage. It was probably my favorite river cruise...but we had the absolutely best guide. Each day he built on what we had learned or seen the day before. We went before the current political mayhem. probably would not go now.
  8. Thanks, everyone. I was pretty sure the cocktail chatter was not based on real information!
  9. heard a rumor last night ....has Viking been banned from docking in Budapest? I said I had read nothing about that on CC and thought that I would have seen that post if it were true? Anyone recently embarked or disembarked in Budapest since the collision?
  10. Still hoping the dates we will be in Paris will open up.
  11. Are water levels on the Rhone or Seine a major consideration (worry) like the Danube? Anyone done the post trip to Nice recently?
  12. Cocopico, I will be VERY interested in your SA cruise...please let us know once you return!
  13. So glad to hear that Viking is offering full refunds!!!
  14. We have found wines at the CT that I have been able to order in the MDR and most of the bars have been able to find them. Usually the WC is clueless!
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