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  1. I have used the heated floor to dry a bathing suit or wet shoes!!!
  2. random thoughts...newer ships ( I think Sun forward) have the ability to turn the "heated" bathroom floor on/off, which is perfect! Also when we were on the sun there are additional drawers built into the closet, a great bonus as short things can still hang above.
  3. Great idea about the chair location!!! Will definitely try it when next onboard!!
  4. I do get emails, admittedly don't always read them. I have not seen an offer for FREE Silver Spirit Package. If someone sees that please POST!!!
  5. That is what we have expected to hear.....I would reschedule now, however, we have booked our own air! Delta not letting us re-schedule that far out yet! I have not checked with Insurance about covering the air if the cruise is canceled. I know for our canceled TransAtlantic (air and cruise booked through Viking) I can move the insurance to a future cruise. We may never book our own air again. Also have air to China for the fall. but that cruise may happen. Trying to be positive but realistic.! Now back to Explorers Lounge....just finished a great breakfast with a waffle smothered with fresh berries... I think the "naturalist" has spotted a pod of dolphins....what fun to watch! ahhh some birds too....land ho!
  6. We were asked not to give specifics about what is done while transiting the area while on WC in 2018. I am guessing that is still the request.
  7. There are different levels of being able to "book" reservations both for excursions and specialty restaurants depending of DV category. The lowest level also does not get the "mini" bar replenished. But as far as I know size is exactly the same. I usually found it very quiet on the second level of the Explorer's Lounge for gazing about and reading.
  8. We were suppose board the Sea to do the TA from San Juan to Barcelona on March 12....cruise canceled at the last moment. Fortunately we had decided to cancel an the 10th before our flight to San Juan on the 11th. My best guess is that she left for Barcelona with only crew aboard!
  9. Nippie Sweetie, has your country been told you will be "at home". for 12 weeks. Just trying to figure out if our Viking "Into the Midnight Sun" will be cancelled. :(.
  10. hopefully Rio in future!!! Bora Bora done!
  11. Stockholm was a wonderful sail-in. As was Sydney!!!
  12. Honey Bunny....( I can't remember his "real" name ...Inaugural WC...Explorer's Lounge... )The best Old Fashion ...no wait maybe I will have an Expresso Martini...or a Caprihina! They were all yummy. I did not discover The French75 until our Amazon trip! Although not on VO the lady bartender on last fall's "France's Finest" VRiverCruise made the BEST I have ever had...not sure what her secret is! photopro2, We are supposed to fly into London June 22 to spend some time exploring London before boarding the SUN for the "Into the Midnight Sun". Cruise. I am still wishing but not hopeful this will happen! Staying at St. Ermin's we thought it would be a good location for walkig.
  13. Our library is closed 😞 except for ebook access!! But Amazon is still delivering
  14. deec


    The great English gentlemen...we had dinner with them later in the cruise!!!
  15. WOW ...$10,000 you were going to spend a LONG time and 5star hotels in Europe! Will no one refund your deposits?
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