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  1. We will be finishing a DIY French journey in Marseilles and flying home to USA in November. Looking for recommendations for airport hotel so that we can turn the car in the evening before we depart.
  2. deec

    Drink packages

    Please...the free SSPackage is worth more than an onboard discount!!!
  3. We plan to do a week of DIY touring after Viking's France's Finest Tour....we will end in Marseille to go home. Has anyone stayed at a hotel close to the airport? We would like to turn in the rental car in the afternoon and go to a close hotel for the night and head to the airport in the morning.
  4. that sounds perfect traveljems...I hope someone has some ideas...we will be there mid October
  5. we are doing Roof of the world in fall of 2020....I solve some bathroom issues by wearing a skirt! We don’t fly first class🙁🙁and I think airplane bathrooms are the worst!
  6. If you go down to the spa they can find a bigger one
  7. Visited in Spring of 17 from ocean Viking Sky. The gardens were beautiful but very crowded...we chose to wander by ourselves and not stand in line to see the house. The nice gift store simply could not handle all the people! Looking forward to hopefully an earlier day this fall when we will visit from a Viking River Cruise....maybe less crowded but probably not the stunning flowers.
  8. I like the new time... this is the first I had heard this! No more getting up in the middle of the night. Thanks, Viking.
  9. thankfully none of our group (6) got sick during the World Cruise however we did have at least 2 outbreaks of “something”while onboard....seemed to happen after large groups left the ship for a few days. And then brought new germs back. Viking worked hard to contain it. Removed pillows and blankets from common areas. When the hacking coughs were rampant Viking implored people to stay out of public areas. Hacking coughs on long bus rides with poor hygiene was irritating. On our our last cruise the ship had to close the pools, serve in the World Cafe etc. near the end of the cruise. I blame inconsiderate passengers on this cruise. I overheard 2 conversations on excursions about how sick someone was but did not want to miss something ....a little later the woman vomited all over the deck of the excursion boat. I get that the cruise was $$$ but so inconsiderate to the other passengers.
  10. we are doing France's finest in the fall and hope the weather stays a might warmer as we sail South!!!
  11. with a good recommendation we are happy to try other smaller more botique like hotels suggetions??
  12. deec

    DV1 vs PV3

    vineyard view, great to "see" you on the boards again. What have you booked?
  13. I have been away from the board for a few weeks and WOW what I missed...lots of questions for our mid October cruise. thanks to Peregrina for the live blog...awesome information! As an American will I be satisfied with doing the Commonwealth tour? I would like to see the tapestry (especially after Viking Ocean cruise introduction on the staircase )? Ronni....can you please post your great Paris rental? We are traveling with another couple so may be too small. Murphy 27 ...who did you use for your driver to lePecq and how was fountainbleau? Was Uber easy to use in Paris? and to LePecq...still figuring that out.
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