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  1. when we were in San Juan before a cruise to the Amazon we learned to float some Baileys on a Pina Colada. Don't roll your eyes just try it sometime!
  2. will insurance companies "cover" a cruise that has been paid for by "credits'... I think it is a gamble but we have just insured medical for our future cruise. hoping Viking can survive!
  3. ccwinelover....will meet you in the Explorer's Lounge to take advantage of the Silver Spirits....I wonder who our bartender will be....and what what will her/his favorite libation to share!!! fingers crossed we will find out!
  4. I have just re-read this thread....I sure hope we can do this trip 2/22....keeping fingers crossed!
  5. viking can be inflexible! but the pros outweigh the cons for us!
  6. You guys should go snorkeling I heard it was once of best on our WC...we were sorry we didn't do that instead because the snorkelers even go to see the dragons briefly without the LONG HOT WALK!!!
  7. we have dropped Viking but only BEFORE ticketing
  8. at least they are telling us the truth as they know it!
  9. not sure I want to try cormorants...probably taste like chicken! thanks everyone for your comments! TayananaLorna, my husband has NOT done our WC photo book ....I think the numbers of outstanding photos has him flummoxed about how tackle the projects.
  10. I really hope we get to do this trip....we have put together 4 cruises for a number days onboard the Jupiter!!!
  11. Those of you who are taking the South American Chilean Fjords in late 2021/22 and are beginning to think about excursions, many past passengers on this board have given great reviews of Patrick Watt's tours to see the Penguins while we are in the Falklands. He is now booking again and wrote me that his drivers/guides will be vaccinated. https://adventurefalklands.com/ He offers 2 different tours and answered my emails promptly. He does not require a deposit. I am hoping that Viking will mandate that all passengers/crew be vaccinated but I also hope that we will be allowed to
  12. I never knew that the original SUN was a River ship!!! amazing 121 days of my life aboard the SUN!!
  13. although we did not book separately it might have made sense in case we cancel we would have 3 smaller FCC rather than one big one??? I had not thought about that previously. Hoping that it make no difference and cruise goes according to plan!
  14. Maybe they can have "designated" cruises....Yes I am vaccinated and will do a saliva covid test daily or NOPE not for me !
  15. thanks for the great answers...fortunately we will be in the same cabin for the entire trip!
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