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  1. If you have decided to buy the SS package on a River Cruise depending on the current rate of USD to Euro you should pay for the package before leaving and will be charged in USD if you wait to board the ship it will be Euros!
  2. We have free time in each city during cruise extensions and would like names of private tour/guides. We will have had city tours provided by Viking and are looking to fill our days
  3. deec


    We are on a 2 VO cruises in the upcoming months and I really don't know what to do....certainly we are NOT a non-tippers...but the thought that Viking is just pocketing the extra money is upsetting!
  4. me too! Those of you with great TA's giving "full" OBC are these TA's from on-line agencies or do you have a personal relationship with a local agency.
  5. deec


    I am wondering WHY Viking has not responded to this thread! I want to TIP crew.
  6. http://www.privatetoursbudapest.com/. we used Gabriella about 5 years ago for 2 days...she was wonderful..we were a group of 8 spent one day touring the city (she knew what we would see with Viking) and another visiting Eger and some wineries....these days were one of our BEST tours ever!
  7. Bbtonddo.....I NEVER see the SS package on an incentive other than the WC. Next time you snag one or see it posted please alert us on the board or was the package/perk from your Travel Agent?
  8. 3 year old information but our friend had IV antibiotics administered daily for 5 days for an infected gallbladder that was diagnosed in Copenhagen. Thankfully Viking allowed him to continue the cruise. The hospital charged him nothing for a day filled with cardiac workup, CAT scans and blood work. As an aside ...I had a history of gallstones too so we both had our gallbladders removed before our World Cruise....really did not want surgery in most of the places on the itinerary!!!
  9. deec


    Service fees are usually mandatory at resorts . I am hoping Viking will clear up this confusion. We always have done the suggested gratuity and then left something for favorite staff...room steward, bartender, wait staff. Always tipped room service too but not as much as I thought they were getting from my $$$ auto payment.
  10. deec


    If this is indeed true (and I do trust Jim) We will no longer pay auto gratuities ...we will give it to room stewards and in restaurants if we frequently sit at one station. I liked concept of auto gratuities and not running around with envelopes at the end of a cruise BUT I truly thought staff was receiving our money not Viking. Jim what about bar staff and the $$auto add? I think Viking does good job with the staff...they seem happy and I know living quarters are better than on some other lines, they have free internet and I love that some of them get braces through Viking. BUT I thought we were supplementing their wages. Do you suppose this is for both Ocean and River?
  11. It s very unnerving....best to find a group of locals and follow them closely across my husband got gently "bumped" by a scooter crossing from a busy market but it was his fault he hesitated! He was fine thankfully! Amazing seeing a family of 4 on one scooter!
  12. great idea!!! I suggested that on our last evaluation form.
  13. thanks for the endorsement of London Walks...I have been reading about them. Disappointed that the summer tours of Buckingham Palace will not be when we are there in June!
  14. Thanks for the restaurant suggestions!! SpeedyJane any suggestions for small group or private tour guides?
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