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  1. If someone paid by credit card are those refunds happening?
  2. On the other hand, Viking has been outstanding with prompt credits or refunds for those individuals that I personally know! We had 3 trips cancelled since March with Viking.
  3. We have taken 3 very extraordinary Vantage trips: Irrawaddy, Mekong, and Peruvian Amazon with Sacred Valley and Machu Pichu. We have been seriously considering a couple of segments on their new Expediation Ship BUT with the problems that are surfacing on this thread we will definitely NOT book with them unless very close to departure. Please let us know if issues get resolved.
  4. When we went you could get off the inflatable and someone could hand you your camera/ lenses. "WET" landings were not knee deep.
  5. Planning is so fun...you will love every single moment...but some are spectacular and life moments.......it was probably 4 of the MOST awesome days of our lives...waking up together and saying we are in " " can you even believe it!!! If we win the lottery we would go again!!!
  6. is this going to be World Cruise #2, vslparis? Or did Viking already send you the awesome map? Our map lives on our refrigerator and I fondly remember the great places we explored!
  7. we just wore Keen waterproof sandals and if they got wet OK.
  8. I think they tried to get the Super Bowl!!!!
  9. I think the discussion was about the out side exercise equipment . I am pretty sure NO ONE has been on an older ship than the SUN that has drawers in the closet.
  10. deec


    Spring of '22 we have 50 days on Jupiter.....Santiago,Chile to Bergen, Norway....we are in a V1...........how awesome to be visited by the upgrade fairy for the trip!!! Viking are you listening?
  11. I was pretty sure BUT my memory sometimes has its own filters, delete buttons and trash :)!
  12. I don't think the SKY had it...maybe only the first two but I don't remember them on the Sea in 2018....maybe Viking removed them when Sea was in her first drydock. They had NOT installed drawers in the DV cabins at that time. I hope they are doing that for all ships during this drydock.
  13. oops...where was the proof reader!!!
  14. Sky and Sun also have the larger gym and smaller salon. Starting on Sun ( i don't remember the if Sky). also allow passengers to control floor heating....I think this is huge as I turn it on/off frequently and did not like having to call attendant when we were on the Sea!
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