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  1. Maybe once you get it, you will realize it is worth the wait :)
  2. I have filed claims 2x with 2 different companies and both times I had no problem getting the mattress replaced. When you spend $$$ for a mattress, you expect them to back up their beds with their warranty.
  3. Last summer it was free on the Sapphire Princess (2018). There were groups of 8. You could sign up as a solo or put with others to make a group of 8. I think it took 30 minutes. We had to sign a disclaimer before which seemed odd as we were really not locked into a room. I would say physical objects and solving a puzzle. I am disappointing they are charging for this now.
  4. I have several allergies and always bring my own bar of soap anyway. Or a pump container of Cetaphil (or both). I have spent too many times in ERs during vacation due to using hotel soap.
  5. In some ports in the US, you don't have to leave the ship during a B2B. There was no customs/immigration to go through when we left the ship in Southampton. I hope someone is able to answer your question.
  6. I completely agree. I just don't want them to become too popular! I sort of like the hidden secret :)
  7. I sailed last year on November 20th (RT Vienna and we did not go to Budapest). The previous trip started there or visited there on the Mozart. I asked a few of them (I boarded early and they were still on the ship) if they were disappointed on how Crystal handled it and they said no - they then said "Crystal put us up at the Ritz". They were smiling.
  8. I work at a University and went to a teaching demo for a Marketing professor who was from Turkey. Her demo was on "international marketing" and that was one of the examples they used (Tide). That is funny about People. Thanks for the warning!!
  9. They use Ariel which is a sister detergent to Tide and made by the same company (Proctor and Gamble). Apparently the word "Tide" is similar to an offensive word in one language in Europe.
  10. My Amawaterways had half the ship from Australia (booked tthrough APT). There were a lot of optional tours on this cruise and the Australians had them all included. They also had their own buses so their tours were always on Bus 1 and 2 and we were on Bus 3 and 4. There was definitely a divide. It felt like an odd cruise. Even tours that I think were the same, they had their own buses and were kept separate from the rest of us. On the other hand, I had an Alaskan cruise on Princess (large ship back in the day - 2000 passengers) and approx 600 passengers were from Japan. They did have their own dining room, their own tour guides, their own tours and I barely noticed them and it didn't affect me at all.
  11. It would surprise me - there is a population of 200 people. In 2018, they only had 20 cruise ship stops. We walked around the port to the place where we would meet our private tour and didn't see anything. There were bike rentals.
  12. SEATTLE Doubletree Seattle- Tacoma Airport Hotel The perfect choice for guests needing an extra night in Seattle, adjacent to the Seattle- Tacoma Airport and 20 minutes south of downtown Seattle. 1 NIGHT FROM $169 ADDITIONAL NIGHTS FROM $119 Westin Hotel Located in the heart of downtown Seattle, close to popular attractions — including Pike Place Market and the Space Needle. 1 NIGHT FROM $199 ADDITIONAL NIGHTS FROM $129 Note: Seattle packages are available only in conjunction with Emerald Princess® and Ruby Princess® sailings. -------------------------------------- If you are going to use Princess hotels, I would book ASAP. They fill up quickly. They include transportation from airport to hotel and then to the ship. Prices are per person.
  13. I think we have to start saying negative things about Crystal as I am afraid they are becoming too popular! The problem is that everyone keep coming back with perfect reviews. Glad you enjoyed your trip! I loved my trip also. Our trip had a younger group also (I am in my 40's).
  14. Thanks for saying that. I wasn't sure if the other ships had the herb garden!
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