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  1. I was on the ship summer 2018 in Norway and she was in great condition.
  2. I have cruised many times in May with very few kids (students are often still in school). Schools in our area end at the end of May.
  3. Viking does: https://www.vikingcruises.com/oceans/cruise-destinations/caribbean-americas/alaska-inside-passage/index.html
  4. I had a RCCL Alaska cruise from hell that had a ton of tweens whose parents did not provide them limits or advise them on how to behave. RCCL ended up having to put security through out the ship to control them. I have seen it both ways - kids and no problems on a ship and kids who have no boundaries. Anything can happen IMO. Maybe it was a RCCL thing. I have had no problems with my dozen or so cruises to Alaska with Princess and kids.
  5. RT Seattle and RT Vancouver will have more kids than one way between Vancouver and Whittier.
  6. Viking is 18 and over so you can rule that out. You may want to look into American Cruise line. I think at least one person in the cabin must be 18. Though I found this on another site, not American Cruise line's site. I can't find any age requirement on their site. I find the same with American Queen Steamboat Company. Nothing on their website but other sites saying it is allowed.
  7. I don't understand how there can be regular tourists that stay at hotels and have no restrictions but it is possible that cruisers may have to be in a bubble. It doesn't make sense.
  8. I was going to mention CLIA but I didn't know how far that extended (river boats, etc...)..... I agree - I would be upset about not being able to visit my friend @notamermaid when on a river cruise and very close. Or having an overnight in a cruise port and not being able to eat off ship and see the sites at night.
  9. I am hoping once vaccinations get ramped up - that it becomes nationwide/world wide. It obviously will be something that will probably be needed to show in a variety of situations (flying, cruises, events, possibly school, etc...).
  10. It may be related to "country or state" rules. I have read about Alaska is discussing bubble tours in Alaska excursions. It is possible that Germany or another country may have rules in the future. It may not be "company" but more "regional". This is still pre-mature as we won't know until closer when ships start sailing what the restrictions will be.
  11. We have had a mild winter so far also. Heck - it was in the 50's here the other day. Not a lot of snow today but very high winds. Yes 1C is mild 🙂
  12. She is adorable! I have always had large dogs - I would be afraid I would step on her. Glad she has an "attitude". Have fun potty training (the part I am not a fan of with dog ownership).
  13. We have a blizzard going on right now.... Love Midwest winter. 56 degrees two days ago, blizzard started last night at 12 am until 6 pm today. Driving to work was fun.
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