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  1. My travel agent has an Allianz policy that allows for coverage of pre-existing conditions at final payment.
  2. I am just not into fast food. Alaska humor or not.
  3. I think the teens are too old for Generations and I don't think the older group would be happy with U.
  4. I did a Crystal Christmas Markets cruise 2 years ago. It was amazing. The only thing I used the butler for was to ask for bubble wrap to wrap something I bought at the end of the cruise. He offered to wrap it for me (and did a great job). Others had him deliver meals and daily menus. I also sent laundry out (after pre-cruise stay) and he brought that back. Mine was very luxurious. It was a perfect trip in every way (and we did have snow one day). Welcome to Cruise Critic!
  5. I would recommend checking out 2 books: https://www.amazon.com/Berlitz-Cruising-Cruise-Ships-Guide/dp/1785731386/ref=sr_1_7?crid=2RJJHHT06X1TW&dchild=1&keywords=berlitz+river+cruise&qid=1596931902&sprefix=berlitz+river%2Caps%2C177&sr=8-7 https://www.amazon.com/Ultimate-River-Cruising-Handbook-formula/dp/1983943231/ref=sr_1_1?dchild=1&keywords=grizzle+ralph&qid=1596931991&sr=8-1 This will give you a good idea of different lines in Europe (assuming you mean Europe). Also what does "late teens" mean? For example, Viking requires every passenger to be 18. I don't think many others have that requirement. If you are looking at another location - specify. I would narrow down the river you want to go on an then look at cruise lines. I would also order brochures from the major companies. Figure out if bike riding is important to some, is all inclusive important, etc... Also, look at getting a TA that knows river cruises so that you can get a group rate. Good luck and welcome to Cruise Critic.
  6. There are plenty of great restaurants to eat at in Alaska. Why eat at a chain restaurant? And I don't even eat at the Sonic near my house.
  7. No. Just reading all the problems people had with gift cards, I am going to continue to use a credit card that gives me better protection. Plus, I don't want my money tied up in a gift card. I have a few restaurant ones but nothing over $100.
  8. There is no way I am buying Princess gift cards.
  9. I work with teens/young adults. I agree - they are not interested in this type of vacation. They may do it if is part of a family vacation but it is not their first choice of European travel when traveling with friends. Uniworld keeps tweaking this division trying to make it work. It is not going to work. There is no way it has been profitable. In their second year, they cancelled one ship all together. This year is a bust. I seriously doubt U by Uniworld will be around 2-3 years from now.
  10. Coral

    Research time!

    Fishing in May in Ketchikan - ask the vendor what their success rate is. I have never met anyone who has had success with fishing in May there. Maybe catching something isn't important but if it is, check with them.
  11. Except for their ice, not sure why I would eat there.
  12. Though if you cancel for medical - is it pre-existing condition or not. That opens up an entirely different discussion. Princess's coverage for pre-existing is complicated (look back). Why would you need to cancel?
  13. It provides a future cruise credit if you cancel for any reason. Thanks for clarifying.
  14. I often do both also. I cover the cruise with cruise line insurance and then cover hotel and other things (pre and post, private shore excursions that don't allow cancelling, maybe air if bought independently) with Allianz. That way - Allianz covers the medical for the entire trip. I would never rely on cruise line insurance for medical. Too minimal. It would barely cover a weekend in a hospital (not including surgery).
  15. Everyone's situation is different. Some have pre-existing conditions, some do not, some need cancel for any reason and others do not. Some need higher coverage or want higher coverage if they are farther from home, others do not. I would figure out what you want out of a policy and then look around at the policies. Also look and see what your current health insurance covers - some cover well outside of the US and others do not. Some include good evacuation coverage and others do not.
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