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  1. There is a 5 hour Giants Causeway and a 9 hour one (slightly different, one has a meal, etc..). I booked the 5 hour one which would get me back to Belfast at 2. Titanic closes at 6. I wonder if it is possible to do both? Does anyone know the distance between dock and Titanic exhibit?
  2. After reading - it sounds like people like and dislike both......
  3. For those who went - was it worth it for one night of viewing? I have been to Norway during the summer (during midnight sun). So I have seen Norway's beauty when it is light out :)
  4. That was my first thought when I saw the menu - this meal would be wasted on me.
  5. I think the cruise line may have another train.
  6. I have had Princess stop there (it is not far out of the way) if someone asks early on. They have to cut lunch by about 10 minutes. No guarantees.
  7. A friend of mine who has seen a ton of Viking River commercials expects a river cruise to be relaxing and being on deck looking at castles. I think their advertisements have lead people to believe this.
  8. One tour is Titantic Belfast and Belfast City drive. The other is Giants Causeway. I know they are entirely different. I probably won't make it back to this area again. I am interested in both and wish I had 2 days here. I have a coworker who spent quite a bit of time here and suggested the Titanic Belfast because it is closer and less time on the bus. He likes both of them. Giants Causeway looks pretty cool also. Any feedback?
  9. Our Crystal pool was indoors. Though I didn't see anyone use it. Our trip was very port intensive and I think everyone left the ship most of the time.
  10. I always use my VPN on cruises.
  11. Seattle sounds like the best bet. You can always ask a taxi driver to stop by a grocery or drug store from the airport.
  12. They get the same pricing rules as PVPs do. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. Some promos are for new bookings only and applies to PVPs also. Princess will not undercut travel agents. They would go ballistic if they did. Since most cruises are booked with agents - it would be stupid of Princess to allow PVPs to do one thing and not TAs. Princess needs travel agents.
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