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  1. The double prices were good also. Again, I did not price them far out but 2-3 months before sail date.
  2. Both times I priced Crystal river cruises out as a single (one time sailed, the other time, I didn't) - Crystal was cheaper than Uniworld and Amawaterways as a single. Both were last minute cruises (2-3 months before sailing). I would not rule them out.
  3. There are not at the same level. Ama didn't start with a huge fleet of ships either. Everyone has to start somewhere.
  4. Interesting. I wonder if they are cancelling all cruises or if it is your specific sailing/destination. Even though it is expected, it can still be disappointing.
  5. With charters - they often deal with one person (organizer) verses if it is a retail ship, they have to deal with every cabin (either direct or through travel agents) in pre-cruising support. It is far cheaper to deal with charters.
  6. Two days in Seward is better than two days in Anchorage. I could easily fill two days in Seward.
  7. I loved my one day in Munich and would love to return. Thanks for posting the pics.
  8. Yea - Viking is not solo friendly at all.
  9. It looks like those in Bamberg! I like that someone stumped you for a few minutes 🙂
  10. All cruise lines do this. Usually it is farther in advance cancelled but it happens. This year is so weird in so many ways. It happens on river cruises and also on ocean cruise ships.
  11. Maybe I clicked on the wrong cruises - but I have done 2 river cruises as a solo and I thought these prices were not that great. I have not been on Uniworld though and have never priced them out.
  12. This was my thought. I wouldn't chance it. Even if I could go - I don't think it would be a great experience as those in Europe are still not visiting places.
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