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  1. In addition to the stickies - there are some good books out there: https://www.amazon.com/Berlitz-River-Cruising-Europe-Cruise/dp/1785730606/ref=sr_1_1?dchild=1&keywords=Berlitz+river+cruises&qid=1634863180&sr=8-1 https://www.amazon.com/Ultimate-River-Cruising-Handbook-formula/dp/1719300712/ref=sr_1_3?dchild=1&keywords=river+cruise+guide+ralph&qid=1634863236&sr=8-3 Some friends had the same pricing with Viking as with Amawaterways. Some lines include more tours or include tips. Look at the whole picture. I would probably recommend a cruise agent who has sailed multiple river cruise lines if you can find one. Have them price a few different lines out for you after you do your research on what lines include what.
  2. Viking has a huge name reputation in the US due to all of their advertising. There are several other lines that have a great reputation for river cruises. Some are rated higher and some provide a higher level of service/food. You may be able to cruise them for a similar price of Viking. I would read the stickies at the top and maybe consider some of the other river cruise lines. They will probably provide better payment terms also.
  3. Thanks for the reminder. I spent an afternoon on her blog once dreaming of all the trips she has been on. She is an amazing photographer and writer! She has personally helped me plan how I spent time on my vacation on a trip she had recently done. Love her blog!
  4. I originally thought cruising would be one of the worst vacations during a pandemic but with requirements for vaccines, requirements for testing and reduced capacity - it has to be one of the best ways to vacation. I flew last week for the first time. Our planes were full and someone near me was sneezing a lot - I was a little unsettled. I tested before and after I got back and was negative. I am glad I have testing options where I work (and saliva testing which is easier). It was the first time I ate inside in restaurants (we tried to eat outside as much as possible) but most of the trip was outside in Colorado. I am hoping to get my Moderna booster this weekend!
  5. This was standard practice for Viking pre-COVID. I don't know what it currently is. I know some have been able to negotiate something a tad better before COVID but not much better. Other companies have much more lenient final payment dates. I avoid Viking because of this.
  6. That sounds great! I have not been to Tallinn. I was just looking at the map and realized how close we were in Helsinki to it but then when we were there - Estonia was part of the Soviet Union so we would have needed a visa. I hope you finally see the lights.
  7. How far North in Finland? I have spent a week in Helsinki once but that was it. And it was summer. Yet to see the Northern Lights anywhere. Are you going with a tour company or on your own?
  8. Hang in there! Our weather is still very pleasant for fall so I am enjoying that. It is winter that gets me. I am hoping my Moderna vaccine gets approved for a booster this week. I know way too many people who are having breakthrough cases of COVID (with all 3 vaccines).
  9. We seem to be missing @dogs4fun. It has been 3 months since they posted. Has anyone been in contact? I sent an email earlier today.
  10. One year - it seemed like everything on the menu had a pumpkin theme. I don't think they continued that the following year.
  11. Someone mentioned they had a whole turkey in the buffet on one of their cruises. This was a long time ago. I completely agree with you.
  12. The turkey is sliced turkey breast. It is a bland meal. The pumpkin pie is not good. Sometimes they have another pumpkin dessert that is decent. We usually order something other than turkey!
  13. They start disembarking people at 6 am. Mostly those on Princess tours. 8:30 is definitely do-able.
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