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  1. I was following the FB page of the Asst. CD and he had pictures of all the tvs in the hallways and said every room was getting new tvs last March. Maybe they replaced them. He had amazing dry dock pics.
  2. They were installed in dry dock in March of 2018. I only know as I was following the dry dock as I was on the ship last summer. These were the 42" tvs. They did look oversize in these cabins. I am not sure when they got the "on demand tv" though. I just know we had it on the ship last summer.
  3. I also like the new changes. One of the better menu changes! Thanks for pointing this out.
  4. This was my experience also. I had to call and demand a refund as they told me it would show up as OBC on the ship and I didn't want that. They kept saying "you don't want OBC" and I was like "no - it is my money"......
  5. Sapphire has amazing public viewing decks! It also has a Promenade deck.
  6. It was discussed and then other people were posting that they changed it and backed off of the payment policy. So I am glad to hear what others are currently reporting.
  7. I think the Grand Class ships have an awful layout. Princess people often had that for their first ship and are used to it and it doesn't bother them. Those who have sailed other lines realize the layout on the Grand Class is not the best. If you think the Golden is crowded, I would stay away from Crown, Emerald and Ruby. They added 500 more passengers to those ships.
  8. There is no guarantee that next year it won't. There were weeks when Coral Princess did tender in Ketchikan and other weeks it did not. So just because you didn't tender doesn't mean in the future it won't either.
  9. While many years ago - I tendered in Juneau on Radiance. We had a 2-10 port stop and we didn't get off the ship until after 3:30. Any ship has the capability to tender.
  10. I did the 10 day RT Vienna on the Mozart and loved the extra time in Vienna. Loved the itinerary. I think this ship will be a success.
  11. We always arrived very early.
  12. Love that ship! I agree - I recommend it also. Sad it is leaving.
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