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  1. I am just saying because someone is on a ship doesn't mean they are affected with COVID-19. Likewise with individuals in NYC or Washington state - they are not all affected. I personally don't want to fly right now but people have to get home.
  2. Why would this be any different from being next to people from NYC where there is a large number of people sick? I think it is wrong.
  3. Coral


    We were told 90 days.
  4. I have never cruised with a child (so no real experience). I have read several reports that the pack and play fits into the closet area very well (in any cabin type). It also provides some separation and darkness for the young one. I agree about the bath tub in the mini suite.
  5. Coral


    Good idea. I haven't sailed Viking previously so am not used to their website. If you have the Invitation letter, you can use any visa service. Both times I went to Russia - the company forwarded the invitation letter to the visa service so I never saw it. Thanks for posting.
  6. I think I just crossed Scenic off my list of future cruise companies. Hope Scenic sees this as it doesn't look favorable for them as a potential customer.
  7. Coral


    I would take guidance from Viking. When I had to get my Russian visa - I went through a company (ZVS) that this company acquired: https://visacentral.com You can see if Viking can send the invitation to them or to you to provide to them. There are other visa services out there. You are in a weird situation as you need to get a visa and it takes awhile to get a visa. You may not be traveling in September. I believe Russia now allows for a multi-year visa. I would advise getting that in case your trip doesn't happen so you don't have to go through this process again at a later time.
  8. I think there is a difference when flights start and when river cruises start. I don't think the 2 dates will coincide with each other.
  9. Yep - still no refund, not even port fees/taxes. Cancelled on the 6th of March. My cruise was 26 days (with pre and post cruise hotels) so it was not a cheap cruise either. Hopefully with the money CCL raised will help with refunds.
  10. Many tourism places in Alaska only work 5 months out of the year. They work long days and 7 days a week to pull them through the remaining months.
  11. dog - I suggest emailing: customerrelations@princesscruises.com and asking them directly. Email me...
  12. I just wanted to let you know that I cancelled 6 days before this. It was the last day where I could get 25% of my money back. Though I do fall under "the pause on March 12" as it went back to a February date. My TA was surprised that I haven't got anything back such as the 25% or taxes and fees as most of the time, those come very quickly. I am waiting. My guess is with call centers and employees in LA area and Seattle area - those areas are hit hard with COVID-19. Plus I am sure they are getting a ton of calls.
  13. I knew it was a valid email. Carnival is the one who brought the idea of "Ocean Medallion" to their ships and ocean.com is a valid domain. While Princess ships were the first to use them, it is a Carnival Corp technology. Other lines most likely will adopt this technology once they are done with Princess ships. As odd as it sounds, I look at emails all day from my users who question the validity of the emails. I knew it was valid and posted such yesterday - just poorly done.
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