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  1. Thanks -I thought that was it (my picture) but didn't have time before work to look it up.
  2. Assuming you get into Tracy Arm. Many ships never make it, so much so that many lines changed the stop to Endicott Arm which is just ok. It is not too late too switch itineraries. I would not do that itinerary, especially for a first and possibly only trip to Alaska. You are traveling all the way from Europe - pick a better itinerary!
  3. If you want your cabins to stay in the same location, make sure you mark the 2 cabins for "no upgrade".
  4. If you go to Skjolden - there is a Stave Church nearby.
  5. College Fjords shines on a sunny day! It can be spectacular. On a foggy day - it is very disappointing.
  6. For NB - starboard is supposedly best. For SB, Port. RT - doesn't matter. IMO- it doesn't matter. I have done B2B and don't notice a difference. For glacier days - be out on deck for best views.
  7. Sorry - you mentioned the changes applied to ocean and river cruises and I was trying to find out if the benefit was for private transportation or all transportation. I couldn't figure that out from your first post. BTW - no one on the river cruise thread knows anything about Crystal.
  8. From looking at websites, it appears Avalon does provide transportation to and from Zurich airport (not sure if it is free but a friend did it and it wasn't $750 - she thought it was complimentary.) I am not a travel agent and am not able to find any other line's info off of their website. I was surprised Crystal didn't due to Zurich not being that far away and offers more flights to the US.
  9. Keith - hopefully you can answer this. When I went on the Mozart (river cruise) last year, they provided free transfers (not private) from the airport to ship and to the ship to the airport on embarkation and disembarkation day only in Vienna. I only took advantage of the one at the end of the cruise - it was a bus. It was fine and it was free. Are they still doing this? Are you referring to private transfers only? Oddly -I looked at an Amsterdam to Basel river cruise for this year and they offered a free bus to the Basel airport but was charging $750 (I assume US dollars) to Zurich for a private sedan. No free bus option to Zurich was offered. Some other lines do provide transportation to Zurich. As always, thanks!
  10. I have to say I have been impressed with the Med Center. My Mom had an issue and they did blood work, did an ECG and a few other items. The doctor was amazing. We were charged quite a bit for the first visit (which was probably normal for what they did) but then the doctor wanted us to check in daily for the next several days. He did not charge us for those visits. Only for additional medications. He also provided detailed reports and a CD of her ECG for us to take home to give to her doctor. Long story short - her GP was thrown by the details of what we gave him and agreed completely with the steps he took to deal with her issue. I did have issues with her medical insurance and submitting it - they didn't pay or deny the claim, they just kept it hanging out there for months until I called them multiple times. They did pay a portion and travel insurance paid the rest.
  11. I am guessing you will eventually hear back from Princess. I bet there offer you an onboard credit on a future cruise.
  12. I have found that if you ever want to file a claim against the warranty - you better have the box spring that is sold with the bed.
  13. 72 hour $200 off Airfare to Europe offer expires: September 19, 2019 Reference promotion code: N9C/K9C/U9* 3 for FREE offer expires: October 31, 2019 Reference promotion code: N9*/K9*/U9*
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