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  1. I would think if you didn't like Caribbean Princess, you probably would not like Emerald.
  2. I have friends who have seen Northern Lights on a 7 night RT cruise out of Vancouver in September. No land trip. So Fairbanks isn't a requirement for Northern Lights. If someone is only doing 3-4 nights land, Fairbanks is really far to go. Too much transportation, not enough time to see things if going to Fairbanks for that short of time.
  3. The cruise line could care less if you have insurance or not as you are paying before you leave the ship. I would be curious what happens when one doesn't have space on a credit card before one leaves the ship.
  4. On my Allianz claim. I went to the hospital, found out the full diagnosis (had x-rays, consultation with the doctor and then decided to go home for surgery) before I called Allianz. They paid my hospital claim in full. I never even thought to call Allianz first.
  5. I remember back in the 90's when one would call the airlines and confirm a flight. I remember doing that and the next day showing up for my flight only to find it was cancelled the day before (when I called to confirm the flight). You would have thought we had come a long way since then. Though Princess's technology has never been that great (nor has their telephone support).
  6. Coral


    While not Juneau - on May 16th in Hoonah last summer, we had bubble feeding. I hadn't planned on taking pictures but did snap a few a little too late (they are not great). I always go whale watching when in Alaska in May and am rarely disappointed. We did not see Orcas last year (in Juneau or Hoonah).
  7. I am so sorry this happened. Though I am not surprised at all. I dread calling Princess. I deal with a TA who I trust. I would email Customer Relations right away. You may want to post the shore excursion you lost. There are only a few I can think of that are "Princess only". This is a great example that Princess needs to bring back their reservations and train them well!
  8. I have done both via small boat. Tracy Arm is better than Endicott Arm IMO. Overall - cruise ships can make it to Endicott Arm easier than Tracy Arm due to the twists and turns Tracy Arm has. I prefer the fjords in Tracy Arm - they are more dramatic. Though I would do either again.
  9. Have you seen any large NCL or RCCL ships sail inside Vancouver Island? In the past, these ships have been out of Seattle though they will often go to Vancouver to sail to Hawaii.
  10. The Summit is only 90,000 tonnage which isn't that large by today's standards. There are several Princess ships larger that can sail inside passage (not Royal class).
  11. I honestly think the ship is always "concerned about the current sailing". Unless they need to add food at the pier for a specific diet (Kosher, baby food) - I don't think they will do anything before ones gets on a ship.
  12. Technically - Edge is somewhere between Crown Princess size and Royal Princess size. It will be interesting which way it goes.
  13. Most lines put their big ships out of Seattle. I am trying to think of which large ships are out of Vancouver? I don't know if the large ships are out of Seattle (best ships in some people's mind) are put there to attract people on an inferior route or because they are unable to sail inside passage? Good question. Can you think of other large ships docked in Vancouver? Celebrity Edge is the only one I can see on the schedule that is equivalent in size. I don't know what route they take.
  14. I am not sure if the Edge would, with her size - if she was sailing from Vancouver.
  15. You will be pleased. I promise. I went with them again last year. People in your van will most likely come from your ship.
  16. It took me 1 minute in Vancouver for my Alaskan cruise last year.
  17. The other option is to switch your sled dog excursion to Skagway and then do whale watching in Juneau. Though - there is a chance in both ports that weather or other conditions could prevent the helicopter ride from happening.
  18. This is a booking site. I prefer to deal direct with the vendor for tours. As @wolfie11 noted, Dyea Dave is no longer alive. He had cancer and his tours hadn't run in many years.
  19. I am going to encourage you to book independently. Chilkoot Tours has a great reputation. You will not miss the ship. I personally will always try to book independently and have never missed the ship. You will be in a much smaller group (van vs bus). https://chilkootcharters.com
  20. I did find that also after @wolfie11 posted. I had to search. I honestly have never seen anyone say "I had a great whale watching experience in Ketchikan" on this board. I am not even sure I have seen anyone say they went whale watching in Ketchikan on this board.
  21. I don't live in Alaska like @wolfie11 does (so they are more the experts) but I haven't seen whale watching excursions in either of those ports. Juneau is going to be your best bet for whales. I would be afraid if you go in the other ports - you will be disappointed. Do you have time to do 2 excursions in Juneau. That would be what I would do. Expensive day, yes, priceless though.
  22. I had issues with Princess before Padgett arrived so I won't comment on that. Princess can't be blamed with the delay in the Sun Princess. The ship yard Fincantieri has been plagued with staffing challenges, supply chain and construction issues which has affected several lines, not just Princess. Read the news, it is all out there. This is a ship yard issue, not a cruise line issue. Remember - Princess (or any cruise line) doesn't take possession of the ship until the ship yard is done with it. Thus, some of the things they would like to add can't be done until possession is taken. Thus the delays in the Sun Princess experience. I have no doubt they wish they could have taken possession sooner. I am not a Princess cheerleader. I have been critical of Princess. I just can't blame them for the roll out of the Sun Princess and the delay in the Star Princess.
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