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  1. Is this only on the Breakaway? We will be on the Pearl over spring break.
  2. I always take lactaid with me so I can enjoy whatever I want. I still can't go crazy, but they aren't 100% in my case if I overdo it. When I get coffee, I ask for almond milk. If it's not available I take a lactaid.
  3. We didn’t have any problems with our safe opening.
  4. I’m so happy to read this because we just booked 6145 for April 2021. We just got off the Summit today and booked while still onboard. We’ve never had anything higher than a mini-suite (no perks). A friend of ours had a Sky Suite on our sailing. I thought their room was lovey and she never complained once about their accommodations. I’m fact, she told me I needed to try it and that once you try it you don’t go back. We were perfectly happy with our C2, but their room was much larger and I loved the suite areas. To the OP, thanks for all the photos! They were quite helpful and I’m sure we will enjoy it.
  5. We booked this while onboard the cruise we just got off of. We only have 573 days to go and I’m already excited! 😂 We will be doing a Southern Caribbean out of San Juan. The gentleman that helped us book this cruise said this suite was better than the other Sky Suites. Our friends had a sky suite on this cruise so we know what they look like, but does anyone have a picture of 6145? We tried to see it before getting off today, but they wouldn’t let us. Also, we were shocked at how fast everything to do with debarkation went. We’ve never experienced anything like it before! No dealing with customs, no passports, just a photo and we were off. It was literally less than 5 minutes! Is that because we only went to Bermuda? We are accustomed to long lines waiting to clear customs.
  6. You’re welcome! If you have any questions, I’d be happy to answer any I can.
  7. I did. I wore them yesterday around the ship, but changed for dinner since we were invited to Luminai. I noticed the women in Luninai were dressed up more than those in the main dining room, especially considering it was the last night. I saw others wearing similar jeans around the ship, and some were even in yoga pants. Thanks! Enjoy your cruise!
  8. They just started self assist (almost 9AM), so we would have made the early flight. Based on the announcement yesterday we were afraid we wouldn’t have made that.
  9. Not bad at all, I believe they said the highest we experienced was 15’. Some people, us included, looked drunk while walking because of the ship rocking, but besides that we didn’t have any difficulty. I did see a woman getting sick in a sink in the Oceanview Cafe during breakfast today. Thank you! We did. Enjoy your cruise!! We did. 😊 Thank you!
  10. We called the airline and they changed our flight to a later one free of charge.
  11. They said we will get there at 9:15 tomorrow. That’s an awful tight timeline, especially if customs holds up the ship.
  12. This is our 11th Cruise, our first with celebrity. We are in Concierge Class. Our cruise got off to a great start! While being escorted to the priority waiting area for Concierge Class, I saw one of my friends sitting in the suite waiting area. I asked if it was okay to go say hello to her and they said we could just join them so we were first group on the ship! We went to the embarkation lunch in the MDR, which we enjoyed. We both had the short ribs and they were quite tasty. We were invited to the helipad upon arrival and departure in Bermuda, which was a nice treat. My husband ate some of the canapés they brought to our room, nothing looked appealing to me, but it’s not like there wasn’t plenty of food available on the ship. Next time I think I would ask for them to bring us fresh fruit or cheese instead. We had assigned dining, but after the first night we asked to be moved to Select so we could go whenever we wanted. Besides, we were assigned to a table for two. I have to say, Celebrity does a better job of making sure our wine glasses were never empty than any cruise-line we’ve sailed with! We also found their buffet food the best. We have been on Carnival, Royal, NCL, and Princess. We ate at Tuscan Grille for our Anniversary dinner and loved it! We both had the filet and it was delicious and paired quite nicely with our bottle of wine, Châteauneuf-du-Pape. I also got the crab cakes, a Caesar salad, and the best garlic mashed potatoes I’ve ever had! The lemon (I don’t recall the exact name) cheesecake was amazing! I wish I could order it without going back. Another night we joined friends from our roll call at Q’sine. We had a wonderful evening and enjoyed most of the food. We left completely stuffed! If it were just the two of us and choosing between the two, I we would definitely choose Tuscan Grille. Speaking of Tuscan Grille, we were surprised they allowed a man in there wearing shorts and flip flops. It didn’t bother us in the least, just surprised because we did see them turn away a man trying to enter the MDR in shorts and most were dressed nicer in Tuscany Grille. We were blessed with an extra day in Bermuda, which was a nice treat. It made it very relaxing and we never felt rushed. I got to know two ladies from our roll call before the cruise and we have hung out with them quite a bit on this sailing. It has made our trip even more fun! I would love to sail with them again! The other two couples are in suites and we are all celebrating Anniversaries. Janice and Patrick have made reservations for 6 and invited us to join them in Luminai tonight to celebrate their Anniversary. We are really looking forward to that! Speaking of them being suite guests, they showed us their rooms (a Sky Suite and a Celebrity Suite), and their lounge and sun deck on our first day here. After seeing all that, we decided to splurge on our next Celebrity Cruise and booked a Sky suite. 😁 I hear once you do that you never go back... I don’t know, we could sail twice in Concierge class for the same cruise, but I do want to try it once. We are are awaiting an update from Captain Matt about tomorrow’s arrival in Bayonne. Last night he announced we would arrive about two hours late, hoping today he says we will be on time. Poor planning on our part, our flights home are at noon tomorrow. After his update, which is expected any minute, we will visit guest services to see if they can call our airline and try to get us in a later flight. I will say we have learned our lesson and will never book a return flight that early again. Kudos to the ships sommelier! We wanted to order the Châteauneuf-du-Pape in Celler Masters that we had at Tuscan Grille, but they didn’t have it, although it was on their wine list. It took him a while to track us down a bottle, but he did and then didn’t charge us the upcharge for our first glass, I assume because of the wait. Service has been excellent our entire cruise and I would highly recommend Celebrity to anyone traveling without children. Finally I would like to thank all of you that helped us in the planning of our cruise. I would say my only disappointment is that I was so looking forward to the Riedel Comparative Wine Tasting. We decided to wait and book it onboard so someone could get credit for it. However, I assume nobody booked it because it wasn’t offered once we were on. Next time I won’t wait if there’s something I really want to do. I almost forgot, there was one other disappointment as well. My husband and I booked a foot/leg massage because we were in a lot of pain from walking around NYC the day before we embarked. While the massage was great and we have felt better since, it was described as 50 minutes, but was only 35! That’s quite a big difference and we wouldn’t have paid $106 (or something like that) for such a short massage. I almost forgot, we have enjoyed the entertainment in the theater. Both comedians were hilarious and the singers and dancers were fabulous! It sounded cheesy, but we had a blast at the silent disco. There’s not much going on around the ship, at least not what we’re used to, but always managed to find something to do until today. I would have spent it by the pool, but it’s closed because of the rough seas. Of course, that’s for our safety and no fault to anyone.
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