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  1. We bid in the lowest part of excellent and our bid was just accepted. Went from a picture window ocean view to an aft facing balcony. While the bid was high on the scale, it was much less that what it would have to directly upgrade. We are thrilled!
  2. Yes, the should be an email on your NCL page and also when I’m logged in it says something along the lines of, Let’s get you upgraded.”
  3. Done! I booked a table for 3 at Le Bistro. I will see them first day to try to change it to two.
  4. Can I book a reservation for 3 and change it to two once we’re onboard? I see options for 1, 3, or 4, but not two for the restaurant I want.
  5. I made reservations two places thinking that was all we had, but just found out we have 5 nights. I wouldn’t like Teppanyaki so that’s not a concern. We may not get there that late, just estimating since we are at the mercy of our NCL shuttle. We got their free air and arrive in Miami at 11:52.
  6. We have a 5 dinner package but have only been able to secure 2 nights since we have no desire to eat at 10 PM. I’ve read on here that they save some spots for booking on the ship. Is it very likely we will be able to get reservations for the other three nights? We probably won’t board until 2:00 or later due to our flight time.
  7. We booked the Grand Tour yesterday, but most of you recommended the ferry. We eliminated that one first because we were afraid it would be uncomfortably hot in April to be on a ferry all day. We also thought it may get boring after a while. Now I’m second guessing our decision.
  8. It’s not that, I just thought it might be fun to dress up a bit one night but not if most others won’t be. What about Le Bistro?
  9. 11 Yes we are. That is wonderful surprise! We had originally booked a 7 night and then switched to this one when it went on sale. I guess it changed when we changed cruises.
  10. We just got another confirmation email from NCL for our upcoming cruise. I thought we only had 2 meals included in our package, but this looks like 5 to me. Do we have a 5 meal package? Would that be 5 five for both of us? We did prepay service charges and have the PBP.
  11. Sorry, I know we should ask questions in the Ports of Call section, but I’m not seeing anything specific to the NCL excursions there. We can’t make up our mind on which excursion to choose in the locks because they all look appealing. They have a Railroad dome car, the Grand Tour, and Panama Canal by Ferry. Which one is best? I’d like to book today, but we don’t know which to choose.
  12. We decided to just fly in day of and recently got our flights. They are direct and good times so we’re happy we didn’t pay for a deviation.
  13. Home Departure City -Charlotte Arrival/Destination City - Miami (MIA) Airline(s) used - American Airlines Number of Connections - None, Direct flight Outbound Flight departure/arrival time - 9:36am/11:52am Return Flight departure/arrival time -12:57 pm/3:10pm Did You Pay for a Deviation (before or after cruise)? No # of Days Prior to Departure Flights Were Ticketed? 67
  14. Many lines do this as well! If it came with the suite perks, it would cost much more so people should realize that they don't.
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