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  1. Our NCL spring break cruise got canceled and we requested a refund. We aren't planning on booking anymore cruises at this time, but are looking forward to our Celebrity cruise we have booked for next April. This year have decided to do land vacations,
  2. I filled out the form to get a refund for our canceled cruise. Half of the money went to my husband for FCC, as per their policy. Does he also need to fill out the form? I did notice there was a blurb at the bottom saying I was authorized to cancel for everyone so I'm thinking not, but want to make sure we get all our money back.
  3. We got our email today too. The offer is tempting so I’m looking at late July/early August but I’m so scared they won’t be sailing again by then. We already have a cruise booked for next year with Celebrity I don’t want to cancel. My husband thinks we should just get a refund and enjoy some land vacays this year. He’s already booked one for August.
  4. I’m a teacher. I will be back to work by then. Who knows. I may not have a summer break this year if we don’t go back to school.
  5. We booked our April 8 cruise with two CN certificates, they expire July 3. Our PCC just got back to us and said, “We do not extend them until we have another cruise picked out and ready to book. That is when we will extend to that date. It is a one time deal.” Also said what FCC wasn’t use to book our next cruise would be rolled over. Umm, a lot of that money was prepaid gratuities, and charges on our free beverage and dining package, port fees and taxes. I want to apply it to the same again. At this point I’ve now changed my mind and just want a full refund. You would think since this is out of our control and no one has any idea when cruising may resume again, they would just give us a 2 year extension. I guess we will just take our loss on that and be thankful we won’t have to deal with NCL again. Looking forward to our 2021 Celebrity cruise!
  6. My question is can we use the excess FCC to prepay gratuities, service charges on beverage and dinner packages, excursions, etc. If not I will take a refund because we had paid all those things I mentioned.
  7. Thanks! I had no idea since we’ve never done one before. If we book one I will do that. I’m still trying to convince my husband we should. He’s wanting to take the security on a refund and I like the idea of 125% FCC, especially since we have Cruise Next Certificates we booked our April 8 cruise with that I believe expire around the 4th of July.
  8. This summer: Italy, France, and Spain or Greece and Turkey We would be using cruise next and FCC to replace our spring break cruise.
  9. I doubt I still have an email that old, it’s been almost 4 years I think. I did ask my NCL rep. I forget what they call them. Mine aren’t because they are still listed on our canceled cruise. 😏
  10. No idea what our numbers were. How do I find out?
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