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  1. They are under the umbrella of a large organisation and thus compared to CMV are a 'biggie'.
  2. We have no idea if the cruise lines will be buying in privately sourced vaccine for the staff or if the possible late Spring sailings, Cunard itineraries, is desperation or a desire to resume a skeleton schedule in preparation for semi normal operations. Any talk of the biggies going the way of CMV is premature.
  3. If Cunard follow that protocol, it might make for an aged passenger profile for the first couple of cruises!
  4. I don't know about consistency, but I'm in favour of whatever Cunard decides, with the caveat under performing aircon resulting in a very hot restaurant allows overheating passengers to go against jackets required, and remove them on the very few occasions it happens.
  5. I am in complete agreement, but there is a huge difference between obvious extreme heat and pleasant temperatures and unless Cunard change their approach and start to allow wholesale personal interpretations of their dress policy due to individuals requirements, pleasant temperatures are and will continue to be acceptable to diners, in QG at any rate. As I said, it's not up for me to comment on anyone who has problems in those circumstances.
  6. If the area is too hot for the majority of diners in any given area, the Maitre'd [QG here now] is often aware of the problem and has no problem with jacket removal. As to others removing jackets in what most would describe as a pleasant temperature, that is not for me to discuss.
  7. Thanks. You are of course, quite right and although that's what I meant when I used 'medical', it was obviously clumsily written but at no time did I want to say 'fat'. Different builds can include the super toned athlete as well as those, such as myself, who are cannot be called sylph like. I did think of saying differing metabolisms but thought that might get jumped on so medical was a catch all. Obviously not 'all' enough!🙂 Heat happens. Passengers affected deal with it as best they can. Let's leave it at that.
  8. Thank you for confirming. Maybe now the whole 'it doesn't happen' theory can be put to rest. Some people. like my husband, have an inner core which can cope. Others, like yours find it difficult and I put that down to human biology and without going into Grey's Anatomy [ the textbook, not the television series] I included that in my medical category. No slur intended whatsoever.
  9. Confusion is annoying isn't it. I'm afraid as it obviously hasn't happened on your watch, you'll just have to accept the fact air-con loses the battle against the elements very occasionally. May I help clear any remaining confusion by adding the air-con under discussion is most definitely inside, not outside on deck as I don't think the bean counters would countenance the outside decks being air-con misted, which would be most welcome occasionally when in the Tropics. 🙂
  10. Repeating a comment I have made many times, unless you happen to be on a ship at the time when the air conditioning is losing a battle with the heat in certain parts of the ship, you will not appreciate how hot it can get. It happens occasionally. Not often, but it does happen and I have experienced such heat on all three ships. Some guests can't cope, either for medical reasons or maybe let's say, of a different build to my husband, who can cope and never takes his jacket off when dining onboard. A guest upholding the jacket code but with beads of sweat on his face, or the sa
  11. And here’s me thinking casual was unusual, which is why I took a photograph. Not experienced more than a handful of over nights in port other than Baltic and Iceland, but jackets were still required. We live and learn every day. 🙂 I think most Cunard passengers would expect that within the usual dress codes, jackets to be worn by a person rather than a chair unless the heat really does get uncomfortable for a few.
  12. I have heard the code can be relaxed first night on some fly cruises, but the only time the code has been casual for us was when Victoria put her skates on through possibly pirated areas and made a very early entry into Oman, late afternoon rather then the midnight scheduled. We guessed the announcement, no jackets or ties required, was made as passengers could go ashore for the evening. So saying, when the restaurants get very hot [and they occasionally, contrary to what some might say] we have found the senior wait staff don't admonish those gentlemen in danger of heat st
  13. The fact I managed to upload a photo is more exciting for me than the actual sunrise, except I hope to do both, again. One definitely sooner than the other, sadly!
  14. Just after sunrise, approaching The Bridge of the Americas
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