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  1. RachelG

    Maybe 1st silver sea cruise?

    There will be some blue haired ladies. I personally think the observation lounge on Spirit looks like the lounge in a nursing home. that said, recommend you try one of the expedition ships. You will find welltravelled high energy people onboard. We have cruised a lot on Silversea and really like the expedition ships.
  2. Love, love your report. I love Singapore. Everything about it—the food, the cleanliness, the organization. You are bringing back good memories.
  3. Have a great trip. We haven’t made it to Cuba yet, but it is on my list.
  4. That beach looks fabulous. When our boys were the age of your grandson, we went on a lot of beach vacations. I would let them eat sand and dig around. They loved it and still remember.
  5. Those seats do look very cubical. Thank heavens they were more comfortable than they appear.
  6. RachelG


    There were definitely Argentine wines being served last week, as well as Chilean, on the included wines.
  7. RachelG

    Voyager Feb 23rd to March 5th

    Have a great cruise!
  8. RachelG

    A newbie's notes- Voyager Jan 7-17

    when they send out that post cruise debarkation form where you have to list what your plans on disembarkation day, the options for excursions will be listed along with the cost.
  9. RachelG

    Dinner companions

    We have had some great shared tables and a couple of complete disasters. One where the female of the couple was so mean to the waitress in Prime 7 that the waitress almost started crying. The lady's husband seemed pretty embarrassed, but I guess he deals with that all the time. If we hadn't already been almost finished with dinner, I would have got up and walked out. At any rate, on our recent cruise, we became friends with 2 couples who were travelling together and were at a 6 top shared table. They were really nice, and we loved meeting and visiting with them. They did not make us feel excluded--anything but!
  10. RachelG


    Usually within the first couple of days onboard, they have a wine tasting of all the complementary wines offered onboard, so that you can taste them and kind of figure out which ones you like. We didn't go to the one on our recent cruise as it was at the same time as the CC party, but it is useful if you can attend.
  11. RachelG

    Minor questions about Explorer

    We haven't been to Easter Island on Explorer yet, but have been to the South pacific and Galapagos (that was on Silversea Galapagos though). Expedition cruises on Explorer mostly go to very remote spots. There aren't usually any stores, resorts, or even people on the islands we have visited. As far as snorkeling, my husband just wears his swim trunks and a t-shirt, but some people did bring a shortie wet suit. He is immune to cold water though. Some excursions are hikes while others are more wanders along the beach. But there is always a zodiac available to take you back to the ship when you are finished.
  12. Wishing you good travels, and may the airline gods smile on you! I must say on our recent trips all flights were perfectly on time. Hope you are so lucky. we have been to some of the ports, but not all. I am anxious to hear your impressions.
  13. The culinary tour looks just amazing. just off Explorer and they did not have a wine list in Chartreuse. Though you could ask for a different one if what was included wasn’t to your taste,
  14. RachelG


    Very nice pics. I was quite amazed about how healthy the dogs we saw in Chile were, even though they seemed to be out loose. One of our guides explained that most are not strays. They have homes and get fed regularly, but people in Chile generally let them run free, like we do out at the ranch. I must say I did not encounter an aggressive dog in Chile, though I am sure they do exist. I would love a suite suite with a piano in it, but it won’t ever happen unless we get some miraculous upgrade. i did notice that you have figured out my strategy of trying to post no more than 3 pics at a time. If you try more than that, it is impossible—takes forever.
  15. RachelG

    Milford Sound on Regent

    We have been to Milford Sound twice, once on Regent and once on Silversea. It is very beautiful, but if I have the option of an overland trip then one way on the sound, I would definitely take that.