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  1. I have not seen fitbits for sale onboard. That is actually a good idea though. The other thing they didn't have that I needed once was reading glasses because mine broke in route. You would think that, given the age demographic, they would stock at least a few pairs. Plenty of sunglasses, but no reading.
  2. We are doing Rome to Barcelona on Splendor in June 2020
  3. We have been to Israel once with Regent and are scheduled again in 2020. Not concerned about the recent unrest as the trip is over a year away. I sort of liken the missiles being fired in Israel to our tornados in Oklahoma. Yes, you could get killed or injured by one, but the odds are really very small. And I don't want to miss Israel because of something that might happen.
  4. Enjoying your posts. George could probably collaborate on the book about doing nothing if you need help.
  5. We did our own flight to Quito. And had the Silversea flights to Galapagos
  6. I can’t imagine sailing in an inside cabin, but we have friends who do all the time. I just think I would miss a lot, as I don’t want to have to leave the cabin to see the scenery all the time. Just like I would have my master bedroom with no windows at home.
  7. I think that food on both Regent and Oceania is good to excellent. Not a lot of difference there. And as far as onboard activities, not much difference. Entertainment is slightly better on Regent, particularly if you are comparing to the smaller Oceania ships. Both lines work work for us. Like I said, once I got over thinking I could save money sailing on Oceania, I was fine with either.
  8. Ok,now I see the H category on Explorer. It is tiny. As I recall our TA saying, it was originally meant to be a single person cabin. I could definitely do that if sailing as a single, but with my husband, no way. He needs his space. We both work while onboard any ship, so need a bit of space.
  9. Ak1004, Look at the Alaska cruises. Apples to apples. June12. Both 7 day cruises. Cruise only on Oceania in a penthouse is $4599. On Regent $6199, but with $600 credit for airfare, that brings it to $5599 and excursions, drinks, and tips are included. So no significant difference to Regent being slightly better deal. I sail both Regent and Oceania, currently have cruises scheduled on both. Once I got over thinking Oceania was less expensive, I was fine.
  10. One thing that I like about Regent is that they try to substitute a port if one is missed. Not saying it always happens, but often does. They seem foamier an effort rather than just have another day at sea, which is not the case on many other lines.
  11. I don’t know where you are seeing 219 sq ft as the size of a Veranda on Regent. If it even exists, we would not sail in that small a cabin. The lowest level cabins on regent voyager are 306 sp ft I believe. Penthouse suite on Oceania is equivalent to the lowest level suite on regent voyager. Maybe not on the other ships.
  12. But we wouldn’t go for a Veranda cabin on Oceania. We would at least go for a penthouse suite. Veranda cabin on Oceania is not equivalent to the lowest cabin on Regent. And your excursion cost is on the low side. Plus we have free laundry on Regent (not everyone does, but it counts toward the cost).
  13. If I had have been on board, they would have had leftovers as I don’t eat raw oysters. Now a good oyster Rockefeller, I could go for that.
  14. American business class to Quito is like domestic first. But still way better than coach.
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