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  1. RachelG

    Silver Galapagos Mini Cruise 11/7 - 10

    Wow, that is great, though only enough time to scratch the surface of what the Galapagos have to offer.
  2. RachelG

    Cloud Expedition, Lisbon to London

    Probably because we have such a large contingent of friends on Dublin to London
  3. RachelG

    Cloud Expedition, Lisbon to London

    Don't I wish. Our bank account will require a little postoperative recovery time though.
  4. RachelG

    Cloud Expedition, Lisbon to London

    So we will embark the day you get off. I have a bunch of friends on your cruise that are doing B to B. We couldn't as we have 2 BIG graduations to attend the week of your cruise--my oldest son from law school and my adopted daughter from accounting school. And will be celebrating freedom from tuition as well.
  5. RachelG

    First time traveler to Europe

    I have never had bags totally lost, but have had them delayed, usually less than 24 hours, but once for several days. Thank heaven, that was on the way home. One reason I always try to fly in at least a day before embarkation is because of the luggage issue. Wants to allow it time to catch up to us, just in case.
  6. Z, just getting caught up. I was going to correct you on the ironing thing, but then you admitted the truth. I knew this from my son being a Marine. They teach you how to iron, and no one else can do an adequate job. My son can iron a shirt and pants way better than I can.
  7. It is a regular Sunday event, though I think more elaborate on seadays.
  8. We did the same several years ago. I totally agree. Plus the lava tore up my tennis shoes. You need really rugged hiking boots or shoes for this trail. Rich and Barbara, we also stayed at the Lava House that trip. Very nice and food was excellent.
  9. RachelG

    'My Silversea' Page Problem

    Have you tried using a completely different computer? I have encountered this problem using my office computer but can get it to work on my ipad.
  10. RachelG

    First time traveler to Europe

    Also, if you have to go through customs before your final destination (which we always do coming back home since there are no direct international flights to Tulsa), you have to reclaim your bags in customs then recheck..
  11. A very happy 30th anniversary Rich and Barbara. And what a great way to spend it. congratulations, Wes and Ida on making Platinum. You will love free laundry. so many sea days— George would go crazy. wes, your videos aren’t coming through for me. I can see the pictures just fine, but no videos. Not sure what the problem is. I tried in office and at home, so two totally different systems.
  12. I have talked with him several times. He is a really nice man. We were just down the hall from him once so we interacted frequently. Go up and introduce yourself.
  13. RachelG

    First time traveler to Europe

    I have done both, but tend to check more now. If I were doing a Europe trip with a lot of rail travel, I would try to pack lighter, but in Europe, we like to shop and bring home wine which you can’t do with carry on.
  14. Congratulations to Risky as well. She is one of our favorite waiters.
  15. Yes, crimson and cream, but to me crimson and maroon look the same.