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  1. and their response and service was excellent and though it was expensive, I submitted the charge to Medicare, suppliment carrier and when I get their response, I then submit the unpaid charge to my cruise insurance carrier. Medicare has a special form for reimbursement while on a cruise.

  2. The captain announced that failing to attend the muster will cause passengers not to sail. There was on situation on the 4th and another on the 11th. He kept requesting several passengers to come to the muster and be checked in and had to repeatedly ask for quiet. Some people never shut up during the muster as they felt they were sppecial. I think the couple on the 4th didn't sail.

  3. That's a lot to pay to get a label and I doubt that the rum is even made in Cayman. It's probably bottled and labeled elsewhere and then brought in like Tortuga from Jamaica (Appleton) or Cruzan in St. Croix. For that price I would want a good aged rum.

  4. I was given a bottle of Dutch vodka from Fockink distillery, French Armanac from Condom brand and of course we all know about Mt. Gay rum from Barbados. I am sure there are more out there but I haven't been given them.

  5. is for shore excursions, specialty restaurants, flowers and pre ordered beverages. The HOLD is easy to handle if you have a good credit history. Just call your credit card company and request an increase to cover it. Unless you plan to max out your card before you sail, you shouldn't have a problem either.

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