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  1. We are leaning heavily towards the Celebrity Apex June 20,2020 of the Mediterranean. They are having a pride sailing. Looks like it’s open to all, but will be having pride events.
  2. I’ve only sailed the Getaway out of the two, but absolutely loved it. However, I do hear the Escape is very popular among th fleet and is on my list. I would highly recommend looking at the thermal spa passes. Definitely adds the relaxation to the vacation. Good luck!
  3. I just sailed to Alaska on the Bliss in August. Definitely one of my favorite vacations ever! If jersey boys is still on, make reservations ASAP. My only regret is not taking advantage of he speciality dining rooms. The included ones got old.
  4. Bliss has been my favorite so far, but I do want to do the Escape.
  5. How was the Antarctic cruise on Celebrity? I just did an Alaskan cruise last month and dream of that Antarctic cruise.
  6. Off subject a little.... I just did the memorial yesterday and it’s very well done. Spent about 3 hours there and could have spent another 2. Very authentic and informative. The museum takes you through every aspect of the WTC and the events leading up to and including 9/11. Once you enter into the area of that day, it walks you through as it was happening. It’s a lot to absorb.
  7. This would be a dream cruse of mine. So many beautiful destinations. thank you for this review, along with the fantastic pictures.
  8. This is amazing!! I just did a cruise to Alaska and now want to start saving for this! Think I’ll be saving for a while. Stunning scenery!
  9. So glad I gave you a glimpse of Alaska Victorious8. It exceeded all of my expectations. Definitely purchase the thermal spa package for those floor to ceiling window views. It was tough to decide whether to take a nap on the heated loungers or stay alert for wildlife. It is definitely worth seeing.
  10. You can pass and they encourage slower drivers to keep to one side.
  11. The one on the Bliss really impressed me and this one looks like a ton of fun!
  12. I’ve been on the Sun, Getaway, and Bliss. Bliss wins hands down. The observation lounge is a winner!
  13. Going through cruise withdrawal. Anyone at work asks me about my trip and I can go on for an hour... A friend from the trip sent me another group photo from Juneau. So many good memories. I’m
  14. I fly out of Philadelphia and interested in this as well. Although, I’m debating whether or not to switch it up and use Celebrity. Is the $699 a significant savings?
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