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  1. On 1/10/2019 at 10:24 PM, nyk24 said:


     Pretty sure the zip line is either 10 bucks a go or 50 bucks per cabin unlimited per day or per cruise not sure someone on here will know better than me.



    Thank you for your help.  I am most frustrated by the inability to find  a concrete answer.  I see many many people reference this per cabin zip line on these boards and elsewhere, but can't find it anywhere on MSC's official channels. $50 a cabin is going to be much more doable for a family of 4 then $10 per ride.

  2. 39 minutes ago, hamrag said:


    The best advice I can give you, as group leader for presumably approximately 140 people, is to get answers to such questions directly from MSC......in writing. That way you minimise the risk of getting 'egg on your face'!


    The funny thing is, I have talked to MSC let's say 100 times over the last year while setting this up.  The answer is never consistent.  I just learned today about the drink package changes that went into effect on December 1st, so the "correct" information I had several months ago is now not accurate.  So frustrating!


  3. I have a large group of 70 cabins sailing on the Seaside in April.  I am the group leader and am trying to find answers for a few questions.  I have tried to scour old posts, but it seems as though things are always changing and I want to try to give my group the most current and accurate answers.


    1- I read that there is soft serve at the family buffet on deck 16.  I understand this is not soft serve and that you have to ask the attendant to get it for you.  As I am looking at the new drink packages the non-alcoholic package lists soft serve as one of the things that is included.  I am wondering if this means that they have discontinued "free" soft serve from the family buffet?  Or, is it available in more locations with the beverage package, but just on 16 for everyone else?


    2- In posts from mid-2018 I see reference to an unlimited zip line package for everyone in your stateroom.  In recent posts I am only seeing the "Fun Pass" where a zip line ride is $10, and you get some bonus money if you preload your card.  Do they not do and unlimited zip line card for a cabin anymore?


    3- The only non-alcoholic drink package I am seeing is listed at $29 per day.  Is there such thing as a "soda/soft drink only" pass that is less than that- $10ish per day like is available on other lines?


    Thanks for any help


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