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  1. Well, I do think that Virgin Voyages can be quite successful -- especially in a booming cruise market. That being said, they'd better get 'the show on the road', IMHO. Those of us who plunked down cash for the 'pre-deposit sale', last fall, have been left to cool our heels, with very little info. In the last eight months, we've gotten a handful of artists' renditions for public spaces -- not a peep about the cabins. And, even that was on Facebook -- not the VV website. Those of us here on CC learned the ship's name a little early, due to photo posted from the Fincanteri shipyard.




    And, while I appreciate the general information that VV recently posted on their website, on the gym, spa, and eco-responsibility, I just wonder how they plan to sell cabins, without telling anyone about them -- including how much they will cost? If the Scarlet Lady really is going to launch, sometime in 2020, they need to do a better job of marketing -- NOW.




    Too true!

    I can't say I'm overly impressed with the design of what I've seen so far...

    I'd be open to trying them just to see but I'm not excited about it anywhere near as I'm about Celebrity Edge or even the new cunard and P&o ships!


    Hope you have a great cruise!

    I'm guessing they need to get the cabins perfect before they give info x



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  2. I'm a huge Virgin fan- I love the trains and planes and felt they have shifted their respective industries.


    But I'm wondering what can they bring to the cruise market that isn't there already?!


    There's currently cruises for every type of person/age/interest, food and service is generally excellent across the board.


    I'm curious to see if they'll make an impact, be successful and change things for the consumer. I'm thinking not so much...


    What do you all think?! X



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  3. Greetings all! I'm going on my first cruise (Aug westbound TA on QM2) and I am also concerned about internet speeds, but for email downloads. It will be a working cruise for me, with two reports that require data I'll be getting from work. I then would have to post my reports on the web. I assume I'll have to purchase an internet package. I'm a little concerned about getting my reports out, even to someone else to post for me. Are there business rooms with stable internet connections? Thanks for any help!




    The ships have a dedicated computer room with Apple Macs. Internet can be hit and miss, if ur on their loyalty programme it comes free hours of internet time



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  4. I have sailed on QM2 four times in the last two years and the internet speeds keep getting worse each time. One night I tried to download email at 1:30AM and watched the speed plument from 54MB to 1MB.




    Skype is notorious for hogging bandwidth and some ships specifically block it for that reason. A couple of blabbermouths can suck up most of the bandwidth and shut out everyone else.




    If you want to use your phone then that will depend on your cell carrier and the connection with the MCP satellite. Keep in mind however that data rates at sea can add up fast. Some naive first timers return home to a $2400 cell phone bill.




    You best bet would be to wait until the ship is in port. Mant cruise terminals have free wifi. Or just follow the Filipino crew members. They know the best wifi spots.




    Thanks! Will keep in mind



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  5. It seems that the Edge will be doing a 3 night Cruise from Southampton but it’s not on general sale yet. I’m just waiting for confirmation whether it will be just a TA cruise etc or whether it will go for general sale at a later date.



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    Thanks! Please update asap lol



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  6. Not too many companies give more than dividends to the owners of their stock and some don't pay a dividend. Coke and Pepsi don't send coupons to shareholders and Disney doesn't give a discount on products. No discounts on a computer if you have Apple shares. In fact, other than cruise lines what public companies give anything to share holders? In some limited cases you get up to $250 from RCL. Just take the money and run.




    Yeah, companies are kinda stingy these days. Have to say carnival have been excellent with onboard credit! Always get it!

  7. I've always believe that you should only invest when the investment furthers your financial goals. Perhaps I'm wrong, but purchasing for any other reason is a mistake. You can get $250 in OBC, but the stock can decline 3 points and you lose.




    That's true. Thankfully though both Carnival and RCCL's capital appreciation has been great- my Carnival is up 50% up in less than three years, plus regular dividend plus OBC- it makes for a great investment!



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  8. I'm on the US site.


    I looked on the UK site and I see them...


















    • Southampton - EMBARK at 16:30 on 15/05/2019
    • At sea - CRUISING on 16/05/2019
    • Bilbao - DOCKED from 08:00 until 17:00 on 17/05/2019
    • La Coruna - DOCKED from 09:00 until 18:00 on 18/05/2019
    • At sea - CRUISING on 19/05/2019
    • Lisbon - DOCKED from 07:00 until 16:00 on 20/05/2019
    • Gibraltar - DOCKED from 12:00 until 20:00 on 21/05/2019
    • At sea - CRUISING on 22/05/2019
    • Palma De Mallorca - DOCKED from 09:00 until 18:00 on 23/05/2019
    • At sea - CRUISING on 24/05/2019
    • Rome (Civitavecchia) - DEBARK at 05:00 on 25/05/2019








    • Fort Lauderdale, Florida - EMBARK at 16:30 on 28/04/2019
    • At sea - CRUISING on 29/04/2019
    • Kings Wharf - DOCKED from 18:00 on 30/04/2019
    • Kings Wharf - DOCKED until 18:00 on 01/05/2019
    • At sea - CRUISING on 02/05/2019
    • At sea - CRUISING on 03/05/2019
    • At sea - CRUISING on 04/05/2019
    • At sea - CRUISING on 05/05/2019
    • Ponta Delgada - DOCKED from 08:00 until 17:00 on 06/05/2019
    • At sea - CRUISING on 07/05/2019
    • Lisbon - DOCKED from 14:00 until 22:00 on 08/05/2019
    • At sea - CRUISING on 09/05/2019
    • Bilbao - DOCKED from 08:00 until 17:00 on 10/05/2019
    • At sea - CRUISING on 11/05/2019
    • Paris (Le Havre) - DOCKED from 07:00 until 21:00 on 12/05/2019
    • Southampton - DEBARK at 05:30 on 13/05/2019




    Thanks so much. Any info on the 2 night out of Southampton?





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  9. Yes, the Carnival shareholder benefit has remained the same for quite a few years now.




    Sailings of 14 days or longer = US $250


    Sailings of 7 to 13 days = US $100


    Sailings of 6 days or less = US $50




    Thanks! Handy to know! It's a nice extra benefit! Heard royal Caribbean are really stingy giving it out!



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  10. I went yesterday and spent a wonderful morning in the exhibition. It is beautifully done with a wide array of images, artefacts, furnishings and materials of every type and hue. There is a fair focus on the hey day of the ocean liner and some wonderful examples of the art deco themes and items from that period. It was really fascinating and there was plenty of Cunard material and influences to keep a Cunarder happy. Look out for the Cunard influences in the design of the halls themselves. There is a very large video wall - 40 to 50 feet across - which features the QM, QE and QE2 sailing on the open seas from left to right, to left to right. Very impressive and thoroughly recommended.




    Great! So it was good then? Am thinking of going with some friends who aren't cruise buffs but interested- would it be good for them? Thanks!



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  11. Hi, no one else seems to have mentioned this but I found the solo cabins to be really noisy. I was on a four night cruise on QV in Jan in room 2016. I could hear the staff, the noise at docking etc. It was quite bad and had to wear my noise cancelling headphones! Eeek



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  12. Thanks all! I got them to resend an invoice with the original cheaper price so it all seems sorted. I knew it was a really good deal for a solo adult (in a regular non solo cabin) so I booked it. So not completely surprised but the full price thing....



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  13. Hi, it seems to be all sorted now but here's question. I got a mini cruise great price for a solo adult in a regular cabin. I paid the deposit and a few days later (today) was issued an invoice for a higher amount- which tbh is what I would've expected the price to be. I called cunard and they reassured me I was still paying the original cheap fare. My question is would they have been able to charge the higher price legally etc. I knew it was a great deal I got so not surprised by the price increase. It's all sorted and seems fine now. But if they do turn round and say I have to pay the 'correct price' what would I do? Thanks!!!



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