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  1. I’ll be doing ZipRider at Icy Strait Point in May. It’s the largest and highest zip line in the world. It’s a super quick ride, about 90 seconds, for approx $150 USD per person. The view is what makes this zip line amazing.
  2. Welp, I got the LL Bean backpack that was mentioned and it’s really big on me. It’s 22L. Waiting on another backpack to arrive and compare it.
  3. OP, Im also sailing with Celebrity, but in May. I always go to TripAdvisor to see which activities are rated high in each port. Even if Celebrity’s excursions are sold out, check with the vendor directly because they may still have space.
  4. Definitely try going in Skagway. I have the same fear as you. My itinerary has me in Skagway before Juneau. As much as I would love dogsledding on the Mendenhall Glacier, I’d rather try to go in Skagway, and if it does get cancelled, there is a chance of rescheduling in Juneau.
  5. Thanks for your suggestion! I ordered some backpacks to see which one fits best but I’ll definitely keep this in mind if they don’t work.
  6. Agreed! I’m getting into Vancouver at 930pm two nights before my cruise (I’ve been before and LOVE Vancouver!). Im actually renting a condo downtown via AirBnb. OP...that may actually be a good idea to look at an Airbnb due to their affordability. I just stayed in one last weekend, which was my 5th time using that service, and it saves you a lot of money.
  7. I totally misread that, my apologies! I thought he was LEAVING after midnight. Well that drastically changes things. In that case OP, you will be in for a very long night if you don’t want to get a hotel room.
  8. I actually drove to Orlando this past weekend to the closest REI, but I didn’t see too many backpacks I liked. I may just have to order a few online and see which one fits the best. REI is an AWESOME store! It was my first time in one.
  9. It’s not like the OP is flying at 3AM. My flight leaves at 11pm. I’ll be doing a 7-hour post-cruise tour after my sailing. Once it’s over, I’ll be at the airport around 6ish. There are many people who do not feel the need to buy a hotel for several hours. To the OP...you’ll just have to wing it with finding a place to catch some Zzzz’s.
  10. I do have a question about liter size. I saw the Eddie Bauer backpack was 20L. Will that be a good size for someone who is 5’2? I was also looking at the L.L. Bean, but that is 22L.
  11. WOW...thank you for all your suggestions! Pricing is so much better than The North Face. They look more comfortable too.
  12. That actually looks really cool! We are using them for the Vancouver Delights tour after the cruise. We will definitely consider this though!
  13. Thanks so much for your detailed response! It’s always appreciated! I’ll be staying near The Executive Hotel Vintage Park, so close to a lot of attractions. The post-cruise tour is with Landsea Tours, so we can’t swap out the itinerary. I still think we will have a great time with them 🙂 As for the aquarium, I’ve been to one of the best aquariums in the world (Georgia Aquarium), so that is a bummer it’s not a “must” see. My mom and I are pretty easy going with attractions. I guess we want to see unique spots around the city that you can’t find anywhere else, especially scenic locations, like the Sea to Sky Gondala someone else mentioned. We would like to find some cool shops (especially a store that sells ornaments!) so we can buy some souvenirs that can only be found in Vancouver.
  14. I won’t be taking my everyday purse to Alaska, so I want to get some recommendations of what type of backpack I should bring. I don’t need anything big, but comfort is a big deal. I was looking at The North Face and before I spent $$$$, I’d like to see what others have used. A big plus is if I can use the backpack after Alaska. Thanks in advance for any suggestions!
  15. I’ll be arriving into Vancouver late on May 7, 2019 and my cruise leaves May 9th. After the cruise, we will be doing a sightseeing tour to kill time before we head to the airport. The tour will visit Stanley Park, English Bay, Gastown, Chinatown, Granville Island, Vancouver Lookout, and Capilano Suspension Bridge. What would you recommend to do the day prior to the sailing, on May 8th? Is the aquarium worth visiting? It will just be my mom (53) and I (30).
  16. It definitely would be nice to have a better option for zooming in on wildlife, but I can’t see myself spending $400 on a camera that I’ll hardly use.
  17. So many great responses! Thank you! After reading the posts, I think my iPhone will be just fine. Please feel free to keep giving advice as other cruisers can benefit from the information.
  18. I have an iPhone XR. I’m probably making way too big of a deal about this...I’m sure people use their iPhones all the time. But if it were to drop, that would ruin the trip big time.
  19. I’m wondering if I should rent a camera or just use my phone. The camera on my iPhone XR is pretty dang good. If I were to rent a camera, it needs to be a simple, one lense type of device. Which one is better in the long run? Also, if you do recommend something other than my iPhone, what camera would you personally use?
  20. Thank you for the rental suggestions!! I never knew there was such a thing. I may also consider renting a nice camera for the overall trip. The only thing is I’ll need to rent the item for 12 days, but the price should still be low I’m assuming.
  21. Did you record your trip? Did you see what other people were using to record?
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