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  1. I would hate to buy one and rarely use it. I’ll look into it though! I have seen people use selfie sticks! No way would I ever do that. I was thinking if there was someway to latch my phone to me, that would be my preference.
  2. I’m not sure if anyone will chime in but wanted to ask just in case. I cannot wait for this excursion and definitely want to record it. However, I’m nervous I will drop my phone or camera. Any suggestions on safety bands, straps, etc.?
  3. What’s the temps like mid-May? I’ll be on my cruise from 5/9 - 5/19. I’m assuming mid-50s for a high?
  4. Agree. As much as I hate it, my mom and I are splitting up in Skagway so I can do a heli/dogsledding tour and she will be doing a dogsledding tour in the forest. My bucket list item is to dogsled on a glacier, and I offered to pay for her to do it, but she refuses to get on a helicopter. We will be doing our own thing for just a couple hours and will be together once the tours are done.
  5. I can believe it! I know my family in Pittsburgh had a heck of a winter, and the mid west was even worse. I’m a baby now when it comes to cold weather since I live in South Florida. I still feel it will be very pleasant weather as long as the right clothes are packed 🙂
  6. I’m going May 9th for the first time and the only issue I had was finding one tour operator not open. No biggie, I just selected another excursion. I got my hotel and cruise at a really great deal and I found airfare for $300 RT from Miami to Vancouver. The only thing I may not be prepared for is that it may be chillier than if I went in June. I say go for it!
  7. I’m on the Celebrity Eclipse on May 9th. I know that’s her only 10-night sailing for the season and I “think” it’s the only time she stops in Victoria. If you start/end in Vancouver, you can always take a tour to Victoria.
  8. As always, thank you for your detailed response martincath! I actually contacted Butchart Gardens and they said it will be Afternoon Tea they will be serving. Does that make a difference with time? And yes, we will most likely use CVS as the tour operator.
  9. I hope it’s ok to ask this here since this is a Canadian port. During my Alaska cruise, we will be in Victoria from 9:00am to 6:00pm. My mom and I are going to Butchart Gardens on a DIY tour and want to do High Tea at The Dining Room. I want to make reservations for High Tea but I have no idea what time to make it for. Departure times for this tour are from The Fairmont at every hour. Can anyone give me a realistic time to leave the pier? I’m not sure where The Dining Room is in relation to the gardens. Also, how far is the The Fairmont from the pier?
  10. Thank you to the both of you with the advice! I checked to see if we could go whale-watching in ISP, but it won’t be possible if we do ZipRider, which we both want to do. The Juneau tour company that we are seriously considering allows us to whale-watch, hike in Tongass National Forest, and let’s us have great views of Mendenhall Glacier and Nugget Falls. If the weather is good, we thought about checking out Mount Roberts Tramway. I also heard Red Dog Saloon is an interesting stop. I completely agree with jamminlion that I hope we don’t burn ourselves out. When I did my Hawaii cruise, I needed a vacation after my vacation as our port days were very intensive.
  11. You are correct! I misunderstood the package the tour company had listed on their website. So for Juneau, it's visiting Mendenhall Glacier and whale-watching.
  12. I’m starting to finalize all the highlights we want to see in every port and would like your feedback of anything “not to miss,” like visiting historic buildings, watching cultural dances, etc. Ketchikan We will use public transportation to view Totem Bight and SE Alaska Discovery Center. Also, we will visit Creek Street. Sitka We will use public transportation to visit the Raptor Center, Fortress of the Bear, and Sitka National Park. Skagway I will be going on a Heli/Dogsledding tour and my mom will be visiting a Sled Dog and Musher’s Camp. Icy Strait Point We will be doing ZipRider. Juneau We will be doing a tour that includes the Mendenhall Glacier, whale-watching, and a trip to the Yukon. Victoria We will be visiting Butchart Gardens and also experience High Tea in The Dining Room.
  13. This may get better responses on the Princess forum.
  14. My mistake. Didn’t reread what I wrote. You’re correct that not “all” public spaces, just some.
  15. Oh I’ve had a bad experience with AirBnB and had to leave and stay in a hotel. I have a good feeling the place I’m staying at will be great 😊 If not, I’ll have to let martincath know so he can tell me “I told you so!” Lol
  16. I just thought of a good item to pack and wanted to share with the forum. Hand warmer packets.
  17. Keep in mind the Millenium just received a massive refurbishment. The cabins are 100% completely different and the public spaces have all been updated. She even got a new paint job on the exterior.
  18. Unfortunately I don’t belong to an airline club. I’m going to take advantage of a post cruise tour and spend 5-7 hours sightseeing.
  19. I live in Miami now, so I won’t be flying from PIT. I did score an AMAZING deal. $300 RT and all taxes included! I’m flying United to Vancouver, and flying home on WestJet. I am coming into Vancouver 2 days prior to the sailing.
  20. Is it recommended to take your passport off the ship?
  21. After much research, we decided to go with this company. We are doing the 2 tours in 1 package which includes the whale watching, visiting Mendenhall Glacier, and driving to the Yukon. It will be an awesome day! Thank you for the recommendation as I was about to book something else.
  22. I almost chose the Millennium for May due to its one-way itinerary and she is currently undergoing a MASSIVE renovation. The only reason I changed my mind to the Eclipse is due to her awesome 10-night itinerary. If you like RC, I can almost guarantee you’ll like Celebrity as RC owns Celebrity. Also, Royal is more of a contemporary line whereas Celebrity is considered premium.
  23. I’m a little confused. Should I not use my credit card to pay for a tour that only accepts CAD?
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