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  1. Thank you! This might sound horrible so please don't flame me, but I was hoping they could not be opened! I really want my space and my mother, who will be next door, wants my space too. She has been asking if they open. Now I can honestly tell her no.
  2. I tried searching but no luck. Does anyone know if on the NCL Joy do the doors connecting the balconies open?
  3. Thank you all for the replies. She got nowhere talking to the passport office. Talk to this person, oh no, talk to this person. No clear answer, or at least one that sounded encouraging. She finally contacted her representative and they sent her a form to sign and they will look into it. They said they have never heard of this particular problem before, but not to worry, they will verify if her passport is valid. My sister said they were very nice and "I guess I should vote for him next time!"
  4. Hi. My sister applied for her very first passport for her first cruise in January. She got a letter back from the state department stating that her birth certificate was dated wrong. Her birth date was correct, 10/24/59, however, the actual birth certificate was not recorded in the records until March of 1961. We had never noticed this. She was told that she needed hospital documentation of her birth, affidavits from 2 people that were present when she was born, census records, early school records, etc. for evidence of the reason for the date delay. They also stated that her picture was taken poorly and needed to be retaken. Well, my sister was adopted at birth but the adoption was not finalized until 1961, so that's where the date discrepancy came from, but the state department still wanted all this information and a new picture. Adoptions back then were sealed and hers still is, so getting hospital records is pretty much impossible. As she was trying to collect all of this information, her passport comes in the mail. Of course we are all confused. She has had her passport for about 2 weeks now and yesterday she got another letter stating that the information has not been received and must be before they can give her a passport! I know she should go into a passport office but she doesn't want to for fear that they will take her passport away. Has anyone ever been through this? What do you think she should do?
  5. It was on our rental car agreement. We came upon it by accident. It caught my eye while looking for a map in the paperwork.
  6. We recently booked a cruise out of New York with air from Phoenix through NCL. My brother and sister in law booked the same cruise but they live in California. We wanted to fly together, so they are coming to Arizona on their own and flying from Phoenix with us. Our PCC said no problem and booked all of us.
  7. Sorry if this is a stupid question but if you have an overnight layover, does the airline keep your luggage for the next leg of the flight or do you get your luggage and check it again the next day? Thanks!
  8. We are also on this cruise. Just out if curiosity, is there any way to find out what the very large groups is?
  9. Some insurances do cover the new shingles shots 100% even if under 60 years old. Thank goodness ours did. It is suggested for 50 and over. We also felt like we had the flu after it for about 24 hours, both times. Our pharmacist said he felt the same way. As for the flu shot, we get ours every year. I have had to have it for my job for many years or else do patient care with a mask on all season. No thank you! My son refused to get it saying he has never had the flu, which is true. I feel to each their own...
  10. What a great idea! Is this the size that would fit on the shelves of the Escape?
  11. We got the new flu shots last week in preparation for our cruise early October. They had just come in, so we took advantage of it. We usually wait a bit longer, but didn't want to cruise without it. We got the shingles shots earlier this year. We almost couldn't get the second one due to the shortage, but the pharmacist called us and put us on a list for when some came in, we could get them. Unfortunately the pharmacist couldn't put himself on the list for the second shot (customers first), so he had to start all over.
  12. We booked air through NCL one time for Barcelona. We will not do it again. Everything was all set and then all of a sudden fairly close to our cruise I was checking our flights and noticed that our flights had changed. Our first leg was going to arrive after our second leg had left. NCL never notified us of any flight changes. I'm not sure if they are supposed to or not, but you would think they would tell you to keep an eye on flights if they don't. I don't know what would have happened if I hadn't checked the flights. Thank goodness I called the airline myself and they changed the flights for me.
  13. From what I remember in Seattle, our Uber dropped us off right in front of the ship where they were taking luggage. We weren't on the Bliss though.
  14. Yep! Got all this from Amazon too! Plus cords without surge protectors to charge stuff. Multiple actually since I can't decide which one I like better. Amazon must love cruisers!
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