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  1. Sorry but you sound like on S or M ships there no places to hang out but around the pool area I think jcpc is right about people willing to explore the new ship. Once it becomes familiar (somewhat), then the factor of puny stateroom sitting area/lounge will kick in and the pool area will get crowded... I can't believe that on the ship with ~3K pax there normally should be that many empty chairs around the pool during sea day!
  2. Speaking of the suite balconies, I looked at several pictures of these which have partitions on a background, and by eyeballing the partitions I could bet that the depth of the Edge balconies, unless they are aft or top suite, is not as big as on S class. Even on WonderMan3 (OP here) pics of their balcony with rocker outside it is clear that it is quite a bit more shallow than the S class standard balcony... I also believe that IV "sitting room" is even smaller. Any thoughts on this?
  3. Thank you for doing such a thorough and detailed coverage. Incidentally, since someone was asking about the prices of drinks around the ship (bars) - I checked the I-net for drink prices on other X ships... Even a year back (if I am not wrong) Martini bar cocktails were 10$ (plus 18% of course), beers around the S class ships were 5-7 bucks and a shot of vodka somewhere at 7-8 bucks. Somebody please tell me how in the whole bright world the prices FOR THE SAME DRINKS, FOR THE SAME VOLUMES, made FROM THE SAME INGREDIENTS are 20-25% higher on Edge??? Christ, even BOTTLED beer is more expensive, and by hefty 3-5 dollars... What, they deliver those bottles by Amazon drones??? One thing I fear - once the "Edgefecation" (sorry for a mean word!) of S ships happens, the alcohol price increase there will be imminent. It is really saddening to see how X tries to catch up with the losses during recession times. I looked at the prices for cruises for 2019-2020, and for the same itineraries as 4-5 years back, for the same cruise lengths, the prices are higher - yet the ships gone older. This actually is a trend of the whole industry, so we should brace ourselves for a few years of cruise industry revenge. Inflation has little to do with this. I know some people will probably object this fact. Let's wait for 2-3 more years, come back to me then. We will laugh together. Hard and bitter.
  4. AHAHAHAHA sorry - I laughed so hard that I sprinkled tea from my nose This is totally priceless...
  5. I bet some (myself included) may not remember what they ate two weeks back lolololololol
  6. Funny and strange, but I have only a few overlapping entrees/appetizers in my "stuck-on-two-days" menu Not matching and not entirely different. Really odd. Beta version in full bloom! (I mean, I am sure they will rotate, it will be silly for X to hope that people will sail for 7 days and dine from the limited menu - I do get your point about 4 different dining venues, however, for those who have fixed seating, such arrangement would really kill the buzz... I may be OK with NY strip steak nightly, but c'mon 🙂 ) Interestingly, the length of 7 day vs 14 day rotation menu is a choice of cruise line. I can't recall precisely but I think Oceania at some point had 10 days rotation, or 14, but not 7 for sure. My longest cruise with O was 39 days HK to Athens 10 years back, and it was great to have a re-run of your favorite entrees 2-3 times over that stretch. And you are right, sometimes they shorten/skip the rotation if they run out of supplies.
  7. Thanks, Jim - however, I installed app a few weeks back and for my Jan cruise it shows the same menu for every dinner (still)... must be a glitch - I actually can't go past Day 2 of my cruise in menus. Weird. But thanks 🙂
  8. VT, thank you for your comment - I know all that, in terms of how it SUPPOSED to rotate, of the regional items/signature items, of the app beta version and so on - I was asking someone in the current first full length commercial cruise about the rotation... your thread here is very popular 🙂 and I hope that someone onboard would see my comment and clarify. I will be there in early January, and many things that were unclear from the inception are understood now thanks to you and others. These two my inquiries, albeit not vital, are essential to me in order to prepare my wallet in case that there is no rotation and I need to hit the specialty joints... As to your confidence about X staying in business, I have no doubt they will, but competition is catching up, and so far all I see is not entirely a full slam dunk on the account of Edge, it's hit or miss overall - from external/internal design to entertainment to layout to the use of space etc. Personally, I am going anyway, and I feel excited, regardless of the misses... 90% of us are enjoying cruising no matter what, and even if something is out of line, it will not spoil my homecoming and joy of vacation 🙂
  9. VT (and citrucruiser!), thanks for posting up the CC drinks menu for breakfast, it is in Tuscan, right? How about the menu for plates/entrees for CC Elite breakfast - is there a change in the Edge menu for that, or are these the same platters as before on S/M class ships? I am still unclear - and no one actually had commented on this with certainty - about menu changes in MDRs. Are they rotated as per industry standards (10- or 14-day rotation menus), or stay the same in all 4 MDRs for the length of the cruise?? Somewhere in the booing reviews I've seen the comment that they are NOT changed daily, and this is not about Signature dishes or Specialty dishes but the bulk menus... But the reviewer was on 3-day cruise, and I am wondering about this first commercial trip. Sorry to be inquisitive but food during the cruise is a big deal for me as this is perhaps 2-3 times a year chance for me to eat restaurant quality meat; where I am now (SE Asia), meat is over the roof expensive and even if one can afford it, the way they prepare it here is not as tasty as back in the sweet home... So I try to thoroughly enjoy steaks-fillet mignons-ribs etc etc while onboard, and if the MDR menu is the same every night, it will be a huge minus in my book for the value of this Edge "innovation". I know that X had added a number of "pay extra" eating venues, but (as with the increased pricing for all alcohol-based drinks on Edge and skimping on the Elite CC member happy hours) this is nothing but the obvious way to rip more bucks from cruisers. As many of you have already said, with the jacked up cost of the over-hyped cruising on the Edge PLUS drinks PLUS specialty restaurants PLUS water/juices cost it almost certainly makes sense to deviate to Oceania/Azamara or even to higher all-inclusive lines...
  10. Thanks VT, I got this from your review a few days back 🙂 It does not say, however, if there will be a place for Elite CC to gather, like in the Sky Lounge. The restaurant option (as OP stated) seems to be a good alternative. Speaking of the restaurants, remember, we discussed the fixed/changed nightly menu for MDRs? Someone in the posted reviews mentioned that the menu does not change nightly (??). Again, I am not talking about the 25% specialty entrees, but that 14-day rotation menu... It looks like at least for the 3 day legs they kept menu the same?
  11. Thanks, Kearney - I couldn't stop laughing while read this press release. They should nominate their PR guy who wrote that for Pulitzer's! "We’re also changing up the Elite Cocktail Hour to give you more flexibility." This is truly awesome. We had a nice venue for Elite Happy hour - Sky Lounge - they took it away. We had unlimited drinks at our disposal (not that I liked it as a mean to load myself to the brim, but this was a nice gesture, a recognition of the loyalty) - now they give us more flexibility... restricting the drinks to three per evening. Great ahahaha. VT had maple syrup in her suitcase, and they "arrested" it because they suspected it was booze. And the pricing for ANYTHING with alcohol in it went up on the Edge by 20%+ - beer, cocktails, liquors, aperitifs. I am not a drinker, thus I don't see the use for me/us in buying drinks package, but I am quite sad, as this actually shows where X cheapskates. You can use any slick wording trying to mask it but the content won't change. Cheapskating.
  12. Hi Kearney, thanks for replying - I was on Silhouette last year when X changed the policy to 3 drinks/day (and I mentioned that above 🙂 ). There were restrictions as to what bar(s) you cannot get the drink from this sacred "3 per day" rule for CC members. Since DW does not drink more than one per evening, I use (gladly) her remaining two, and this is alright for us, so no need to buy drink package... Coming back to my question to OP, even with this new limitation on Silhouette they still ran the main gig at the top lounge, where you were able to get the same 3 drinks but they also served nice o'deuvres, which you can't get in other bars... that's why I asked if the CC member's nightly gathering was in the Club 🙂 I guess I will find out in less than a month!
  13. Hi - great to know - finally - about the OV; so far there were no pictures or any info at all. Was there a 5-7 pm Captain's Club happy hour at the Club daily, or since this was a 3 day only they did not run it? How about 3 drinks/night perk - any restrictions on which bars won't honor this? Thanks!
  14. In the most of the modern days airports, train stations, even schools etc. there are touchless water bottle fillers; they have sensors that initiate water pouring when you place the bottle on the podium under spigot. Once the bottle is filled, you take it out and the water stops pouring. No contact at all. I am very surprised that X - and other cruise lines - are still using the old-fashioned push-lever filling stations for drinks in the OVC... This is where the germs are spreading well...
  15. You know the answer to this question yourself - they want to make a profit from everything, including the water... I don't know the price of those aluminum "sustainable water bottles" yet (but I bet they won't sell it cheaper than previously used Evian (1.0 L) which was - correct me if I am wrong! - about 5 USD a pop...) So why would X encourage to re-use these aluminum bottles, if they easily could cell the new ones for 3 USD or so "for a noble cause" of recycling???
  16. I am sorry to reply to this noble experiment with a touch of skepticism... I am a PhD chemist with an initial degree in plastics, I also do know a thing or two about the pollution of the planet etc., so I do not really get it - how "incinerating everything" concept of which LLP so proudly states in the cited link is better for using aluminum bottles vs plastic ones? You burn it anyway! Mind you, these bottles are NOT CANS, they are thicker and harder to melt... And this is the key difference - aluminum cannot be fully incinerated at least in the sense of zero footprint (in green planet sense). Anyway, I do not want to lecture you ... but the last thing I wanted to mention about the advantage of aluminum over plastic ON LAND is that aluminum cans can be recycled FAR BETTER than the currently used plastic - 50% vs 10-20% in favor of the metal. All the rest about incineration - I truly beg your pardon - makes me chuckle... You wanna see HOW and WHY the planet will suffer from the plastic in the World Ocean?? Come and observe how the modern days Asia dumps their wastes EVERYWHERE in the waters. You live in the US and think that a pinch of that plastic that travels from LA or NY to the ocean would make a difference... Try Philippines or Thailand or Vietnam, or Indonesia... I am not talking about China. THIS - NOT YOU - WILL BRING THE OCEAN DOWN. Sorry for being bitter but I live in Asia for over 10 years and I know for real that all the noble efforts out in the West are just a cry in the forest. And currently there is no way to stop this pollution...
  17. Makes total sense from the point of fragility of the shade, but not in terms of convenience...
  18. I believe the question was related to the suites with bed with headboard-by-the-bathroom configuration, there wasn't enough space to accommodate the split beds - at least based on the renderings/pictures available so far... Interestingly, placing of the beds in adjacent staterooms is alternated, but placing of the a/c outlet is not. In your re-post from the Instagram the bed is by the balcony, but the a/c outlet is above the couch, closer to the entrance... in other pictures (where the bed is near the closet) the outlet is above the bed... Weird - and for some could be a nuisance.
  19. Note to myself... - Shades can be completely/fully opened or closed via: - phone app - touch panel at the entrance - buttons at the veranda - Captain from the bridge - Chief Housekeeper from undisclosed location by code request How I am gonna miss the good old curtains - hard to convey... Somewhere above (steamboats?) had mentioned that the blinds are "paper like"... I am wondering how often these have to be replaced when IV stateroom has the glass panel open, and the "paper like" shade is all the way down - then someone suddenly opens the entrance door... Do you remember how strong of a draft is in the "standard" staterooms when the balcony door is open, and you open the entry door?
  20. Steamboats = thanks for clarifying, but this is quite disappointing. I would prefer the other way around - the glass panel ONLY up or down but the blinds stop anywhere I want (kearney!). If it is only up or down - it means fully closed in ports like St. Maarten etc. where the boats are parked like in the Disney parking lot! = meaning close it down and use elegant (half-lit) lighting inside the room. Really odd engineering solution...
  21. If I may change the (somewhat heated :)) subject back to the more curiosity-based, I still did not find any of the confirmation - unless I just missed it somehow here... - regarding the possibility to close the motorized blinds in IV staterooms partially down. All what I saw so far (videos) shows either all the way up (open) or all the way down (closed). Meanwhile, this (partial) closing could be quite useful... Same goes about the sash (outside glass panel) - although that one I would have preferred to have only fully opened or fully closed for safety considerations (and not by the master from the bridge!!! )
  22. Thanks a lot 🙂 - always hoping for the best...
  23. Thanks, hcat! We tried to book Select dining together with booking, but it was already too late (wait list, which we took). Previously, on M and S class X ships, we never had a problem even if we did not officially apply for Select dining - once onboard, we talked to Assistant M'd, and we ALWAYS had a table of choice at reserved times. I think that the current hold-off for the Edge is related to the split of MDR into 4 venues... Thanks again!
  24. We booked in August, and yes, we are on a wait list; and I said about screaming just for fun, I am a charming 6'3" 250 lb guy with big smile )))) so I always deal with services in a good way 😂😂😂 Thanks Bo, we shall see!
  25. Edgies, I need an advice. We are on January 13th leg, and it seems impossible to get a free sitting for dinners at this time - even though we are with Elite status. Could anybody please suggest a way to get it before embarkation? I know that many would suggest to get to the MDR (either one of the four...) and to try to arrange it immediately upon embarkation, but is there an option to write-talk-scream at anybody to arrange this in advance? (we suspect that X does not want to release all of the free sitting booking for later cruises BEFORE they figure out how to keep up with the calamity of free sitting split on four restaurants - I think it would be disappointing if they set it up the way that "free sitters" will be bound to only one restaurant and for fixed sitting... but time will tell) Anyhow, if you know a good way of arranging it remotely and in advance, please let me know. Much obliged!
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