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  1. Looking at the pictures of retreat area (pool deck), I feel like a kid who just got robbed of its toy. The renderings in brochure have fooled a lot of people, showing the retreat pool that big... I personally laughed when saw this "art craft" for the first time - there is NO SPLASHGUARD on that drawing, more so, the shallow area surrounding the pool is way to wide = if this would have gone to reality, there would be multiple SAF (slip and fall) - the width of the shallow edge per rendering is about 5-6 ft! :'):'):')The actual "pool" is laughable, and the design of the splashguard/bench around it came out from the liners of the 60-s - see the cutouts: The solarium pool begs to be bigger, because if there will be just lounge chairs around it (dozens - per rendering), and not much shade or greenery, it will be crammed and stuffy, like Mediterranean beach in July. Hope they would have something to make that area more inviting. A few trees perhaps... On the account of heavily discussed location of beds in S1-S2-S3, I stand corrected - on RENDERINGS, the entrance to the suite defines the position of the bathroom door (from the corridor or from the cabin) and thus defines the positioning of the bed. That said, I looked at the deck plans and found NO S1-S2-S3 SUITES where the entrance door is shown from the longer side, as in renderings... All are shown having doorway in standard layout, from the narrow side. Time will tell, that's correct.
  2. Adding to that, IF the entrance doors to S1 and S3 will be as they are currently shown, i.e. from the "bottom" in your posted layout, there is no way that the doors to the bathroom will be favoring 'sea-face" bed locations. For the bed being placed with headboard to the bathroom wall, the bathroom door has to be on the side of it, which means that it will be DIRECTLY across from the entrance doors in S1 and S3. No one in the industry would design doors in the staterooms like that, hence they had to move the bathroom doors sidewise...
  3. If you look closer at the layout as it is presented on your cutouts, it seems that ONLY S2 will have the bed facing the window. S3 and S1 (in this configuration) will have no way of placing the bed to face the sea, because the bathroom entrance - as it shown - is located on the wall against the window...
  4. Edge brochure states the pool size for The Retreat to be 16.8 by 10.9 ft; this looks about right on that photo with worker sitting on the decked bank. Whatever rendering showed is a nice gimmick, nothing else. Ditto on your comment about the Solarium. Spacing seems to be less adequate than with M or S ships - not only because the poo is much smaller, but also there seems to be a lot more decking available (yes, there will be more chairs but I'd rather have more pool...) There is a weird thing about the Solariums everywhere: suffocating smell of chlorine... I am a chemist with decades of working in the lab, and even I cough every now and then, passing through these venues. I hope the Edge would be the first ship that will use nature-based antiseptics in Solarium! One fact from the Edge brochure cracked me up big time: " The eco-friendly, 100% recyclable Solarium roof..." Are they gonna replace it after each cruise and throw it into the dumpster?! lololol
  5. Dear Sir/Madam, I assume - and I hope - you have never had a really serious issue with your suite/stateroom on the ship. I did. I am referring not to a faulty plug or burned bulb. I mean something like a flood from the bathroom that instantly fills your carpet with sewage, or something like that. Trust me, maintenance comes and goes, but sewer smell stays... When the sash in IV glass (God forbid) gets stuck half way down, that's when the maintenance won't fix as fast as a burned bulb. Believe me. But this is not the reason I wrote the post that obviously irritated you. I am very excited to see the new ship, and at the same time I am curious - as any engineer would be - to see if all things are done right with it. That's why I write about things that could have been done better, from my point of view. If it makes you feel upset, just skip my posts, I won't be offended. As to "derogatory" statements about things made in China, I take it you don't have IKEA furniture in your home :) Good for you. For your amusement, here's something similar to the Edge closet corner supports shown in the pictures posted earlier by Lloyd: Check Alibaba website, there are hundreds of furniture fittings of this kind there. If you believe that for the Edge they used something made in the USA or even EU (and the same goes regarding particle boards, and actually any plastic/composite material within the ship...) - I don't know what else to say, I apologize in advance. I also apologize profoundly if I sound disrespectful - this was the last thing I wanted. Business is business, and what is available at a fraction of a cost in China vs US/EU - believe me, the pendulum will swing to the East, Actually, I am not derogatory, I am just realistic. I - personally - will just be extra careful not to put much weight on those shelves/walls .... And as someone just posted, I will always keep my MB ("magic box", with outlets) open - just in case. However, when things go bad, I will be the first one to give you a hand, as an engineer, as a scientist, as a good Samaritan. Enjoy your cruise. I know I will, even if I fret now.
  6. @Mcampo: Thanks for the link, it's nice to see how things are shaping up. I found this segment to be quite interesting: the shade seems to be adequately thick; I am wondering though if one could stop it at any given height. Then another interesting thought came to me. Like any other motor-driven gadget, this thing could get broken, or jammed in the rails. There is no manual override, as far as I can see in multiple pictures/videos. That's why the good old drapes would have been a good idea... because statistically among several hundred of IV staterooms there will be a fairly good chance for some of those shades to get jammed or broken. (Yes I am a cynic, especially when I look at the cabinet photos and see those cheap China-made white plastic brackets holding China-made paper-thin particle boards :'):'):')). And while a failure of the motor operating the shade may not be a big deal, a failure of the motor operating the sash (upper part of the IV glass) WILL BE for sure, so I hope that they have a manual override at least to close the gap... and that the Edge will have a few "full size spare tires" for situations like that - back-up cabins :D Can't wait to get onboard!
  7. ...and that's why there are no (and will not be any) standard voltage outlets in the bathroom, so folks do not hold your breath on that extra socket there. Those who are physically and (pardon me for saying that!) psychologically fit to move the bed around the room in the search of an extra outlet behind it - don't do that, because once the stateroom attendant finds your neatly taped (duck-taped) extension cord, it is a fire hazard and it will be treated as such :p;p:loudcry:
  8. @Bo: I don't know why partly negative, partly sarcastic comments like the one you have replied are being considered in a way that I am upset over something )))) I cruised a lot, and have seen many ships, so the minor details that I notice are just a matter of helping others to be aware of something that potentially could be useful or to be ready for. I am telling you Sir that on each and every of my cruises I thoroughly enjoy myself - even on that dreadful one on Infinity, when on the second day of 14 day cruise to Hawaii I have learned that I lost my job - AND MY DW AS WELL! Even then I had fun and loved the Infinity... Small things, details, yes. Like this one: There is no clothes drying thread in the bathroom on S class (there is one on M class, on Millie at least); so in the Caribbean cruise it is essential to have one - for drying bathing suites after the beach. Thus, on half a dozen of Caribbean cruises on S ships I managed to improv and to tie a thread between the hook on the shower wall and shower head. When weather allowed, I use balcony chairs for drying. On the Edge IV, there will be no chance to dry clothes after beach outside, like on the standard balcony... But since there is a rod in the shower and - I assume - the hook on the opposite wall, I will take a piece of rope to connect those two... Sorry for my lengthy reply. Again, I can't wait til January, when I set sail on Edge - rest assured!
  9. In terms of the nightstands, the "curved" one seems to be an odd piece on the picture posted by Lloyd, from several angles. This rounded cabin corner called the stand to follow the curve, but the only place this stand could be used is right there (in the cabin layout with bed next to balcony). When the bed is next to closet, only two rectangular ones will be used, like this one: Someone asked how this curved stand could be used in cabins with separated beds; the answer is they will swap those, using two rectangular. While I was looking at these recent IV pictures, I found an interesting detail. The alternate bed placement actually affects the a/c outlet positioning, and - I believe - will affect the airflow in the room. In all cabins, the a/c outlet is positioned on the wall right next to the closet, regardless of the bed position. It means that in rooms where the bed is closer to the closet, the a/c duct will be above the bed, blowing in the wall across the room and bouncing back to bed; also - as some of you may have noticed - in humid climate the a/c duct tends to accumulate moisture and sometimes drip a bit, so the drops would fall on the bed :) However, when the bed is at the french door, the outlet is above the couch, like here: Not that it is a big deal, but just an observation. I am sure it is a quirk of the marriage between interior design and tech design, but as you remember, on S ships the a/c duct is located above the closet and the position of the bed is not affected by that. To sum on, if I would choose now the IV cabin, I'd take the one with bed near the balcony. Bigger nightstand, less airflow from a/c.
  10. I am still dumbfounded by the french doors... The purpose of any door is to partition rooms, spaces, for one. It usually serves the purpose by light, air, and sound insulation, right? We pretty much established that for IV (picture above) the french doors will not separate the rest of the cabin from the light. Now it appears that they won't be either airtight or soundproof - look at the gaps... So what's the point of having those? Some are swearing to bring the curtains with rods. Now duct tape seems to be appropriate to seal those edge gaps...
  11. Thanks, Lloyd! Interesting that when closed, the french doors have sizable gaps along the edges - you can see it clearly. This makes it not airtight - I thought that was the purpose to have them in the first place? When one sits on the balcony with the glass sash down, the cabin can be insulated from the wind - in case it is cold outside. But this appears to be not the case... The closet space is nowhere near the M and even the S class. Basically, it is about half of a size that is on S class closet for hanging clothes, and there is almost no space on the bottom, for shoes/shoe boxes. (Younger clientele wears jeans, sweaters and tees, these don't need hangers? That's the idea? lol) One night stand - at the french door - is reasonably sized, but the other one is twice less in volume. Pack light, guys. I am dusting off Levi's Strauss circa 1974.
  12. Kearney, what are the "approved extension cords"? Are these approved by Celebrity? :D Or are these some mason society made, with secret signs that allow them to pass through security? (But seriously, I've never used extension cord on any of S class ships, and I am afraid I have to get one now, particularly since all my appliances/chargers do have a dreadful three prong Singapore/UK plug that eats ton of space...)
  13. " But wait! There's more!..." :cool::p I hate autocorrect as well :) no issues, Kearney
  14. One of the luxuries I enjoy is that I can usurp this thread while you are sleeping :) I live in Singapore, and the time difference is exactly 12 hours, hence don't be surprised to see my posts coming in bunches!
  15. I would be quite surprised to see any area on Edge with the shelves holding ANY books :) sorry Steamboats :) I feel sad that the old-fashioned reading goes away. (I say this as a published writer...) I sailed a lot with Oceania as well, and I can tell you that on the former R ships of theirs (Nautica-Regatta-Insignia) the library is a great place to relax and to read a few pages - either from Kindle or from the real book. Marina and Riviera have an interesting combination of open (curved) space that includes computer room, barista coffee and library - it is a nice idea, and there are people who seem to enjoy all three venues... I felt that library concept on S class (open space) is somewhat less private considering the glass wall elevator stack in the middle, but even that seemed to cater to many cruisers. Not sure why the Edge has no dedicated library, but - correct me if I am wrong, I can't recall it - the photo gallery IS STILL THERE... If anything, this had to go way before the library, if you ask me. We all switched to Kindles/iPads etc., but does X seriously believe that in our digital age anyone would buy photo prints for 20-50 bucks?!! Come on...
  16. I asked this very question a few weeks back - with a different angle:if the Edge would have changes in standard X happy hours... On S ships (as you know), it held mostly in Sky Lounge, but I am curious to see where this would be hosted on the Egde as well.
  17. This a actually the first time I realized that the view is DIFFERENT for M and S class ships! (thanks for pointing this out - we were on three different cruises with M class), and I can tell you why - we usually walk on deck 5 promenade after dinner, when it is obviously dark outside, just to take a breath of fresh air (except the area where the smokers enjoy themselves ha ha). Thus in the dark it does not matter if the tenders/lifeboats are obstructing the view... The air is what matters :)
  18. Eroller, thanks for a detailed comment, much appreciated. A few points that I wanted to highlight from it. I am unsure what did you mean about eliminating the traditional promenade deck on S class ships - do you mean a full loop-around the haul? DW and I enjoy walking on deck 5 of S class ships after dinners, if the wind is too rough to walk on the upper deck - all you need to do is to cut through the ship at the theater to reach the other side, and you walk into opposite direction, then cut through again at the specialty restaurants to the other side :)))) I mentioned several things, surely not all of them, but those that came to mind when I wrote that comment, and they are not that insignificant (read it again if you'd like), but even with that hideous outlet box the gripes that people will - I guarantee that - express after first trial runs of the Edge, it is a thing that pokes the eye, and makes the much-touted slick design torpedoed... It's as if on a Bugatti car all of a sudden you find wooden panels from Ford Wagoneer... Does it make it less functional? Obviously not, but it DOES make it look hideous, and that's why people talk about it... Again and again, yes, we all are going to enjoy and to love Eden, but these small points - taken into account by designers - perhaps would make the next ship better... Thanks!
  19. Thank you for clarifying this, I actually knew the capacity of tenders because it is written on their sides :), but thanks to your comment and Kearney's follow up I went further and looked at the Palfinger Marine page, where they say this: "In 2015, PALFINGER MARINE won the impressive contract for delivery of 24 tenders, 12 lifeboats, 36 davits and six rescue boat stations to a series of cruise ships being built by STX France. The complete lifesaving package is now in production, and April 20 2017 marked a huge milestone for the project: the crucial full-scale boarding test of the new MPC 49 – the world’s largest and PALFINGER MARINE’s flagship lifeboat (able to fit 450 pax)" I assume that Edge is one of these ships, because STX France is at the St. Nasaire shipyard. What's interesting, Tall-Cruiser refers to six tenders on Edge, which then should bring the lifeboats (supposedly, MPC 49) number to six as well. Then the total capacity of lifeboats alone will be 2,700 pax - only 200 less than a full passenger list of the Edge... And there are six more tenders with 223 seats each! (I am joyous because as Palfinger Marine folks state, in the current cruise industry there is a tendency to skimp on the lifeboats because of the precious spacing... Who is curious if this is true, read here (https://www.palfingermarinestories.com/selling-the-sea/): "...Alternative evacuation systems provide the exception that only 75 percent of all passengers onboard need to have a seat in a lifeboat.... In my experience, most of the new passenger vessels are built in accordance with this regulation, because their design simply doesn't allow enough space to accommodate more lifeboats. As you can imagine, this rule is not very popular among us lifeboat manufacturers." On other hand, the review at Seatrade Cruise News says: "...The Magic Carpet sprang from the desire to improve the tendering experience. In place of standard tenders/lifeboats, Edge has eight luxurious launches engineered for a quiet ride, with air conditioning and thick, blue leather seats. ..." (http://www.seatrade-cruise.com/news/news-headlines/first-look-at-celebrity-edge.html) Of course, if there are 6+6 tenders+lifeboats, who would complain? :) But I am curious - what's the real number of those?
  20. This is a good point, Kearney, but I am afraid that X takes a huge leap of faith in the attempt to build the ship this different. People who were referring to the bitching and moaning prior the Solstice went to inaugural sailing - complaining about the oddities on that ship compared to the rest of X fleet or other ships - were complaining about much smaller things... I distinctly remember reading multiple posts about the faucet in the bathroom: it is non-swivel and raised up too high, as you all know now. And, just as many of you, I hit my forehead oh so many times on it... Then were the others - fixed shower head, the shelves above the bed, the sliding closet doors that jammed our fingers often... But Edge has far more different things, bold things, that are changed from the standardized approach in the industry, and that's why people are concerned more. No Sky Lounge, no main (really main) restaurant, no shade in the pool area (well, that's what many are fearing and complaining so far... until we see it). New types of rooms, no blind curtains (it is a big deal for many, as you noticed), odd furniture in the "balcony area" (how else to call it?), and so on... I repeat myself again: I enjoyed the first cruise on Solstice (third after inaugural), and I sure as hell will enjoy my first on Eden, regardless of my expressed concerns here, and I feel that people who say "stop nitpicking and enjoy the cruise!" are quite different in their approach to cruising, to say it roundly, but I am not reacting on that. What I meant by saying "huge leap of faith" is that someone in X management must have analyzed the market trends pretty well to risk spending such money on pioneering concept for a cruise ship. I hope they are right. I hope that millenials will buy in this approach and will make cruising their pasttime, like we did. Because if not...
  21. http://www.seatrade-cruise.com/news/news-headlines/first-look-at-celebrity-edge.html Some of you perhaps have seen this report, it came out on last Thursday. most of the facts are known but there are some interesting ones...
  22. @jsea - thank you for pointing out to these, I honestly didn't even notice these "lips" in the pics :) You are right, I think they could barely stop anything taller than 3-4 inches from falling down (unless one uses additional boxes or pouches etc.). Interestingly, I am fairly certain that in the earlier youtube video made by one of the TA in the IV demo unit - not in the real stateroom of the Edge - the shelves did not have even these small lips; but I might be wrong. From that very video I remember that under the sink they have a big - side to side - open shelf, which could be useful for storing odd things, e.g. snorkeling gear (I always have trouble with finding a proper space for it!) and so on.
  23. @kearney - I am somewhat confused; does it mean that there will be different types of "boats" on Edge - tenders AND lifeboats? So far what was shown on Lloyd's pics and USA Today pics is a single-deck big tender/life boat, which can hold about 90 (give or take, it is hard to count the rows but I figured there was 11-12 rows by 8 seats) people inside the boat, and it seems that it does not have a staircase to the "upper deck"... (the second photo shows the front - just to confirm that there is no stairs to the upper deck outside...)
  24. No, I did not, I know that you have said the right thing :) I appreciate your comment, sincerely. I used it to reply because your post was the last dealing with the "negativity" and "positivity" of recent posts on IV layout and furniture... (and my apologies for double post, it happens every now and then)
  25. I do voice concerns, not cheers, because this is my nature as an engineer and as a scientist. I am with Celebrity for many, many times (Elite Plus), and will sail on Edge in January - pretty certain that I will thoroughly enjoy it. I do enjoy cruising just as much as all of those who - perhaps - would find my comments bitching and moaning. I do want to find a discussion of things that, from my point of view, could have been, or will be eventually done better on Edge, this is the sole reason of my critical points. For those who prefer to be cheerful but who would take with you to Edge things to enjoy the cruise even more, specifically: - Duct tape - Blind curtains with rods - Extension cords - Eye blinders - Collapsible storage boxes - Folding lounge chairs etc etc etc... ...I wish you to enjoy the cruise and just skip my posts! :p:p:p
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