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  1. Please can anyone recommend a nice beach near the cruise port? Happy with 10 mins or so in a taxi. Done an island tour before so now just looking for a nice beach with loungers and a bar please. 

  2. Please can anyone recommend a beach not too far from the cruise port terminal. Happy for a 10 min taxi ride or similar. Have done a tour of Bonaire previously so now just looking for a nice beach with loungers and a bar please. 

  3. I’m booked on the Edge Hawaiian transpacific cruise in April. Has anyone got a Hawaiian cruise booked that’s had the itinerary changed due to the fires? Just wondering if it was changed to another Island or a sea day

  4. 8 hours ago, showingdiva said:


    Pre-covid, no one was allowed to roam in a secure port area.   Quite often ships need to take on stores, etc and there are multiple lorries, fork lifts etc, not just for the cruise ship but for commercial shipping.   Most ports sadly aren't equipped with large terminals and air bridges like Southampton.


    Scotland is due for an update on 9th August, so it may be that cruise ships now visiting there - Greenock, the four Firth of Forth ports / anchorages, Invergordon, Kirkwall, Dundee, Aberdeen and Lerwick - things may be different after then, which will allow independent passengers, but I think most of the cruise lines currently operating in the UK are keeping things tight to prove they can operate safely.


    Sorry it was the Caribbean ports in particular but I meant the secure area that only cruise passengers can get to where the shops and bars are. 

  5. I understand that you have to go on ship excursions to get off the ship. Does anyone know if you are allowed off the ship just in the port secure area?? Or when the trip returns can you stay in the port area before boarding again?  Seems strange when you can go on a trip and have free time at the beach etc!

  6. 20 minutes ago, ascot2012 said:

    Hi, We flew back from Barbados with TUI on Friday 10th January, we had a main meal and either afternoon tea or breakfast included, with the main meal we had the option of wine or juice, followed by tea/coffee, there was at least 1 drinks service on the return and I think it was 2 on the way out, there was beer, wine, shorts with mixers and pop all included.

    Thanks for that. Hope you enjoyed the cruise

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