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  1. Greetings,


    We had booked a cruise on board a HAL ship a few months ago and have just made final payment. The day after final payment, the price dropped by almost $400 per pax.


    This hasn't happened to us on HAL for a while. In the past, (when priced dropped after final) we have been given OBC's, and more recently, a credit for a future cruise, but that was a couple years ago.


    Can anyone tell us what the HAL current practice is for providing any compensation for price drops after final payment?


    These drops really discourage folks from booking ahead and I'm sure the cruise line would rather keep people booking months ahead, but given the downturn in the cruise industry as recently reported, they should be doing something to take care of their returning passengers when the price drops after final.


    Thanks for any recent information anyone can provide on HAL's current practices.






    There isn't a downturn in cruising. It's the opposite. Most, if not all, of the cruiselines are building new ships to try to keep up with the demand.

  2. There has to be a certain amount of reasonableness and common sense.


    Do people really expect HAL or any other cruise line to honor the lowest price points post final payment period.


    IF people what the flexibility to select their cabins, ensure a cabin on the cruise etc. then they should be willing to sometimes pay a premium for booking early and getting this option. IF not, their other option is to book late and take their chances. You cannot expect to have the best of both worlds. After all, HAL is a for profit business, not a charity.


    We typically book inside the final payment window. More often than not it works out well for us based on our preferences, etc. Not always. This uncertainty is the price we pay for taking advantage of late booking offers.


    Carnival has a price guarantee up to a few business days before the sailing.

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